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Chapter Directory 144 Chapter 42—Ambitionist
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Chapter 42 The Career

     The punch was indeed empty. However, Fleeting Time did not dodge, but raised his hand and squeezed Ye Ci's wrist, and pushed hard behind him.

     Ye Ci only felt that the fingers of his left hand had touched the flagpole of the flag, but at that moment, the whole person was pulled to the front left by a huge force, and one person rushed over with can't help.

     After blinking, Ye Ci found himself being thrown out. She is gnashing one's teeth. This man is too far to throw himself out of the range of drawing the flag by relying on the power gap between men and women.

     If it is someone else, there is probably no way at this time. Seeing the other party, the flag is about to be drawn. You know, that flag only needs a cup to be drawn, and it's even more difficult to grab it from the other party. However, this is someone else, this is not Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci is Who? Ye Ci is a person who will never give up unless he achieves his goal. Ye Ci is a person who can do everything to achieve his goal. For Ye Ci, one thing is the result, and the process is not too important.As if now, she turned over in the air, raised her hand towards Fleeting Time, which was about to pull the flag, and threw a cat's claw. This cat's claw is absolutely different from the one used in the dragon dance competition. In the past period of time, Pea Cake has gone through a lot of research on three cat's claws, and his own engineering level has been rising. Now, not only is the power of cat’s claws much stronger, but it also cannot speak of two things on the same day.

     Ye Ci really feels that he has the potential to be a rogue. Of course, she absolutely didn't want to show this kind of thought to anyone. If it weren't a rogue, she probably wouldn't immediately think of such a shameful way, nor would she do anything that would harm the dignity of the hunter.

     Has anyone ever seen hunters use their bows and crossbows in decisive battles instead of using dissenting religious sects?

     However, it seems that dissenting religious sect is also very useful now. I saw that the three-headed cat's claw flying out of her right hand was about to hold the flagpole at Fleeting Time, and it firmly hooked his belt, and then Ye Ci tried hard, while still in the air. The inertia of Fleeting Time actually pulled the Fleeting Time into flight. She shook the cat's claws again in the air, and at the moment she landed, she actually threw the Fleeting Time severely behind her, only to hear a muffled sound of "touching". It is estimated that she was hit somewhere.It's a pity that Ye Ci doesn't care about the life and death of Fleeting Time. Her goal is not to lose to Fleeting Time in the drawing of the flag here. At the moment the Fleeting Time was thrown away, he had already put away the three cat's claws and ran towards the flagpole.

     When childe ">you threw a punch at himself, Fleeting Time’s chest shrank back subconsciously, and his hand stretched out faster than his chest retracted, and pinched it accurately.了childe ">Secluded wrist. As for the next movement, he didn't even think about it, and his body responded directly to the most fundamental.

     Fleeting Time moved the childe ">you to his side, and with the inertia of the rushing, he threw her whole person out. After dropping her out, Fleeting Time realized what he had just done Suddenly, I felt that it was not very authentic. After all, the opponent was a female, and being thrown out by him so unmannered, I was afraid that it would be ugly to fall.

     It's just that, under the current situation, even if Fleeting Time has such embarrassing thoughts, it just flashes by. Moreover, thoughts are always thoughts, and he did not take any redemptive actions, so he flew directly to draw the flag. I just thought, today this childe ">the quiet operation made him somewhat disappointed, he felt a sharp hard object hung on his waist, what is this?I haven't reacted to it yet, and even too late to look back, what's the matter with a person being pulled up so high?

     Just as he was about to land, the hard object behind him seemed to have added a tremendous amount of strength, causing him to fly toward the side of the cave wall like an arrow. While falling, Fleeting Time can see clearly, childe ">you is holding a long rope in his hand, and the head of the rope is a three-claw hook. There is no such thing in the weapon, it seems, It may be a product of engineering.

     He was sure about the childe ">What kind of strange thing Yu was using to get him over, and the next moment he slammed into the cave wall. He only felt a burst of back pain pierced into the skin and bones, but he A few smiles appeared on the contrary, because he saw that childe ">you had put away the three-claw hook while rushing toward the flagpole desperately.

     It seems that today this flag is not the first to be drawn.

     The fall was brutal enough. Although it did not cause any trauma, it caused Fleeting Time to lose hundreds of points of blood.Standing up from the ground, Fleeting Time looked at the back of childe ">you is pulling the flag, not hurriedly. He stood there, looking at childe ">you's back, the corners of his lips slightly twitched. The character generation in Fate is based on real players, and is debugged from 15 up and down. The woman facing her now, thin and thin, wrapped in the hunter's close-fitting armor, made it even more so weak to stand up to the wind.

     Sure enough, one can never be judged by appearance.

     Fleeting Time remembered the first time I met her. Her pale skin, thin body, even a little short in his opinion, but with such stubborn and decisive eyes. Her persistence and unyielding opened the first battle between herself and her.

     Although she was a little strenuous in this battle, she also didn't ask for any advantage. She used her everything to tell herself that in the world of the strong, it has nothing to do with gender.

     She is not a good hunter. If the hunters are also divided into three, six or nine classes, then this female hunter called childe is definitely not like the impression left on him on the first side-a gorgeous and somewhat hostile assassin. Until. After being overshadowed by her for a while, Fleeting Time realized that the huntress in front of him was not a guy who was absolutely proud of the dignity of a hunter, but she was an ambitious careerist who did everything.

     He suddenly felt a little excited.It was a long-lost feeling. It was the excitement of a master who happened to meet his opponent after years of loneliness.

     It turns out that in Fate, he is not it's lonely at the top, at least, he has a goal. Perhaps, this goal is suddenly far and near, but after all, it is there.

     The blood that had been calm for many years in his veins boiled completely at this moment. Every cell in the body seems to be clamoring, they are eager to fight to the death with the huntress in front of them

     That's right, he prefers to oppose each other with equal harshness compared to a well-behaved hunter. Because as a hunter, he can easily guess the actions of the opponent, but he will never guess what an astonishing move an careerist will make in the next second.

     Fleeting Time took a deep breath and looked at the childe who was still pulling the flag. The smile on his lips became even stronger. He opened the bow, swished towards Ye Ci's back, and released a few sharp blades.

     The time to draw the flag is five seconds. During these five seconds, if the person drawing the flag receives any attack, it will fail.

     These five seconds are also five seconds that makes Ye Ci very nervous. Therefore, Ye Ci has no time to care about the life and death of Fleeting Time. You know, in Fate this game, it is true that all wins and losses are only a momentary thing. All operations are calculated in seconds.

     Time faster, faster.Facing the team battle on both sides, facing a strong enemy like Fleeting Time, even Ye Ci could not help but sweat dripping out of his forehead. While pulling the flag, she had to be vigilant about all the circumstances around her, not to let her hard work go to waste in vain.

     Suddenly, she only felt that the 36,000 pores on her back shrank suddenly. There was a bad cry in her heart, I'm afraid that Fleeting Time, who was thrown out by her, has now risen up and is about to attack herself.

     Of course it is. Ye Ci was so accurate. In addition to her sense of sensitivity, what is more important is that she made predictions based on her own occupation and habits.

     But the time to draw the flag is 1.5 seconds...

     Can you make it? Can you make it?

     Ye Ci took a deep breath, suddenly called Ol’ Four out, and gave the order to guard.

     Ol' Four just came out, and he was about to flick his tail and play coquettishly with Ye Ci and get some snacks by the way, but didn't want to. A few sharp blades were stuck on the hard skin, which immediately provoke him for a while. Furious. Immediately turn your eyes to the first person to bury funerary dolls, throw your ass away and run

     Fleeting Time froze again, this time he really got a black line.Hunters enter Dungeon without active attacking pets. This is almost an established by popular usage rule in the game, and every hunter knows it. He didn't believe this childe at Fleeting Time. However, she dared to recruit her huge pet directly at this juncture, and she was still aggressive.

     Fleeting Time can’t help but want to laugh, childe ">You absolutely know that recruiting such a guy in such a group P’s venue is definitely causing trouble for herself, and even for the team, but she still recruited. Should we say that she cares about the life or death of others, or should she say that she cares about the life or death of others?

     However, it seems that he is not much better to go, because the moment he saw Ol’ Four pop up, Fleeting Time also whistled and recruited his pet. It was a huge vampire bat, and now it flew towards Ol’ Four.

     When the two different pets came into contact with each other, the screams were not far behind Ye Ci. To be honest, she was a little uncomfortable. Fortunately, the flag has been successfully started and is automatically worn behind her by the system, alive like a moving target.

     She turned around, and saw that Ol’ Four was facing a giant vampire bat and she was slightly stunned. Good fellow, this is not a simple pet either.At the moment when she was stunned, the blade of breaking wind flew towards her again...

     Chapter 42 The Career

     Chapter 42 The Career