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Chapter Directory 145 Chapter 43—Duel
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 43: Showdown

     Chapter 43: Showdown

     There is no time to dodge.

     Ye Ci took the arrows alive.

     Fortunately, her level is not low. Although I don’t know how far the level of Fleeting Time is from her, she is not terribly high in terms of damage. A few arrows down only hurt one-fifth of her life. value. However, it is calculated that only one-fifth of the blood has been lost, Ye Ci still feels a bit uncomfortable. The Multi Arrows released by Fleeting Time just now, Multi Arrows will not all fall on her body to cause damage, only 3, 4 arrows are only, if he releases a series of arrows, I am afraid that his own tube of blood will go down even more.

     With this consideration, Ye Ci feels that the damage ratio between himself and Fleeting Time is still about the same, and requires 120,000 points of caution.

     Battle between two hunters and two master-level hunters has never been a boring game.Compared with Fleeting Time, Ye Ci has a passive skill-accumulation of strength. This skill allows Ye Ci to use the skill without fear of the consequences, basically as long as the cooling time is up, she will use it immediately. And Fleeting Time is different. Because he does not have the ability to accumulate this skill, he is very precise in controlling blue. Moreover, his own equipment has the attribute of enchanting and sucking blue. Although it is not as exaggerated as Ye Ci, it will always be full of blue, at least Blue is also very slow.

     Such two opponents are really loath to part that meets Liangcai at every match.

     With such two hunters fighting, other players, especially other hunters, will inevitably be distracted. Especially those hunters who have unfortunately fallen to the ground are even more happy. Watch the teaching film.

     The hunter is alone.

     Because they have always been with pets, they can all be done on their own in a single brush for killing monsters and leveling. This feature is destined for hunters to rarely participate in unnecessary team activities.

     Hunters are lively again.

     Because hunters are the only profession in Fate that can capture battle pets. Unlike Warlock’s summoned monsters, hunters’ pets can communicate with their owners. Therefore, hunters will never be alone. They will always be Have partners.However, the hunter's companion-pet, is not in the same rule as thousands articles. They each have their own quirks and their own attributes, so they will have their own different reactions after encountering things.

     It's like a tortoise is generally more docile, unless the owner gives an order, it will never take the initiative to attack the target. Bears are stupid. Although they have thick skin and thick flesh, they sometimes have problems in understanding the commands issued by their masters. As for wolves, leopards and the like, they are also quick and cunning, and they tend to be wise in battle. There are also relatively rare creatures of the opposite sex. Their tempers are often uncertain. The important thing is that the taste is rather strange. It is relatively troublesome to prepare food for them.

     But creatures like dinosaurs and bats are rarely kept as pets on weekdays. It’s not that they are stupid, unintelligent, and unable to attack, but that the intimacy of these creatures with their owners is too slow. The intimacy of the kind of pets has reached 100, and the other pets have basically brought out 3 or 4. In addition, these creatures are notoriously difficult to serve. Not only do they eat very picky, but the owner who raises them must be very character. If the character is a little bad, it is easy to be abandoned by them...

     Facing the same alternative pets, Ye Ci’s Ol’ Four and Fleeting Time’s giant vampire bats showed the same characteristics.Critical, irritable, and aggressive.

     It's like two kids grabbing candy, fighting you die, I live in the battle arena.

     Ol’ Four has a huge body. Although the two small front paws are really useless, the huge mouth, long tail and powerful hind paws are the most colonial weapons. The giant vampire bat, although not as rough and fleshy as Ol' Four, is a arrogant flying pet, flying around with a pair of huge wings. The front and hind paws are unusually sharp, often resembling It was the flies that circled around Ol' Four, rushing up from time to time, gnawing at the weak place of Ol' Four, sucking some blood, and making Ol' Four called a thunderstorm.

     However, don't look at these two guys now fighting fiercely in a group. However, as an active attacking pet, they also have a little Quest that the system grants, which is inevitable. That is, their own aggro is easily attracted. If any player in the opposing team's aggro value is suddenly higher than their default highest aggro value-childe ">you and Fleeting Time, they will immediately change their current goals and go straight to the highest aggro value Guy.In the hunter rally, aggro was originally not high. In addition, Fleeting Time and Ye Ci were mainly for the flag. It was not a skill followed by a skill, and aggro was even lower. It is so easy for both teams to surpass them aggro.

     Therefore, from time to time, I saw two bats and dinosaurs holding First Squadron shaking their heads and rushing towards the opposing team. After a burst of blood splashing down a few players, they ran back and continued to fight First Squadron.

     According to the rules of the game, the time to carry the flag is five minutes. And within these five minutes, the side carrying the flag must eliminate all members of the opponent's team so that it can enter the next stage of the battle against the BOSS.

     Seeing the time passing by, Fleeting Time hasn't grabbed the flag yet, and the world-famous people are a little anxious, especially Starbucks, which has been lying on the ground. He basically didn't participate in the battle today, and he died so wronged. Seeing that the whole team's treatment battery life was not enough because he fell at the beginning of the game, he played very hard and made him a little anxious.

     Even the voice can not help but improve a lot, especially seeing that there are fewer and fewer people left in his team, and Fleeting Time has not let down the childe ">Youhou is even more anxious. He can’t help but rush to Fleeting Time. Called: "Fleeting Time, can't you do it, can't I let the other DPS in the team fire this huntress to death." "Fleeting Time kept calm and unhurried in the tug-of-war with Ye Ci, and glanced at Starbucks lying on the ground. Although he only works part-time, he still understands Starbad's mood. After all, how many people can calm down at such a juncture?

     He twitched the corners of his mouth, and replied in a calm and unremarkable way: "Men can't say no."

     Although the situation is very urgent now, the sentence of Fleting Time still made many players in the team couldn't help but laugh low, especially those players who were already lying dead.

     Starbucks is probably anxious to get angry, and has not yet reacted to the joking meaning in the words of Fleeting Time, and the voice becomes a little anxious: "If you can do it, you can quickly push her down. Look, look, her. That damn dinosaur is here again..."

     How about saying that China’s culture is vast and profound? How about saying that the Chinese language is really meaningful?

     There is really no ambiguity about Starbad's words under normal understanding, but if there are idle and painful corpses all over the place, they will inevitably be misinterpreted by them. Several players who lay corpses even joked: "This MM is a bit cruel, not a loli, it's a bit difficult to push down."

     "It is not difficult for Lolita to push down. It's just this kind of imperial sister to push down to make it tasteful...""Fleeting Time, if it wasn't for you to be overthrown by Sister Yu..."

     Fleeting Time listened to the ridicule of the "dead", he couldn't help but twitched the corners of his mouth, looking a little boring, and then said: "A few more DPS sets the fire, and she may not be able to hang her." Then, he paused. There were some uncompromising persistence and warnings in the voice: "Moreover, she is my opponent, you should not interfere."

     In the end, Fleeting Time is only for the famous world to work, not under their control. Moreover, it takes a lot of trouble to invite the famous Fleeting Time to help. For example, Cleric like Starbucks is still for Fleting Time. He had three points of respect and seven points of fear, so it was naturally not easy to refute what he said.

     He looked at the situation on the court and couldn't help sighing, knowing in his heart that it is absolutely impossible to get through this Dungeon today. Don't say that there is not much difference between the two sides on the court, even if both sides are dead, but now the flag is still on the other hunter's body, I am afraid that once the fifth point is reached, the outcome will be determined.

     Thinking of this, Starbucks could not help but sigh: "First Kill, First Kill..."

     When he talked so much, the other players couldn't help but feel heavy. At this moment, Ol’ Four and the giant vampire bat separated again and ruthlessly sent the remaining players on the ground to the corpses."Fleeting Time, the only thing left is you, hurry up and grab the flag, we all rely on you" Starbucks looked at the current situation, inevitably a little sad and heavy.

     "Childe ">, childe ">, don’t hang on, hold on, we Black Plum Guild all depends on you. Because Ye Ci was invited to join the war today, Fluttering Red Feather did not leave anyone outside. All the players have gone into battle. And now all the players were lying on the ground, and he couldn't help but instruct Ye Ci over and over again, who was still cheering happily in the arena.

     Ye Ci rolled his eyes and told the truth: "Don't put pressure on me, be careful when I flash people~~"

     "Childe ">You, come on," I don’t know who yelled, and all the Black Plum Guild players lying on the ground began to yell in unison.

     How could the world be famous for losing, seeing the Black Plum Guild shout again, they also shouted loudly: "Fleeting Time, we must win"

     Compared with the excitement of a pot of porridge next to the court, the two people on the court fell into a stalemate and calm. This battle reduced the blood of both sides to about one-third. They were expressionless and sharp-eyed, staring at each other's movements, hoping to find a flaw and immediately put them to death.The heartbeat became more and more gentle and powerful. At this moment, Ye Ci's eyes were only left with the silver-haired man from the other party. Every expression and every subtle movement of him, as long as she was given a chance, she would definitely kill with one blow.

     Suddenly, Fleeting Time moved slightly...

     Chapter 43: Showdown

     Chapter 43: Showdown