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Chapter Directory 147 Chapter 45 Prepare For A New Copy
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 45 Preparation for the New Dungeon

     Chapter 45 Preparation for the New Dungeon

     Regarding the final outcome of Bilis Cave, Ye Ci is really not ashamed to ask Fluttering Red Feather.

     On the day she played against Fleeting Time, Fleeting Time dropped at the last second, but the flag was in Fleeting Time's hands, and the system finally judged it as a tie.

     For a Dungeon like Bilisi Cave, if it is judged a tie, there are only two outcomes. First, both teams get up and fight again. Second, as long as one of the two parties gives up, then both parties will be sent out of Dungeon. Come on another day.

     This time, Dungeon was very exhausted by both parties, so the final choice made by both parties was to come back another day.

     Come again another day.

     Ye Ci originally wanted to follow it again, and wanted to fight to the death again with Fleeting Time, but Fluttering Red Feather gently discouraged Ye Ci's thoughts. There is no reason, because the news from Ming Zhen Tian Xia is that Ming Zhen Tian Xia decided not to invite Fleeting Time again, the gains do not make up for the losses.

     In this case, Ye Ci gave up the idea of continuing to fight the Black Plum Guild in the Bilisi Cave. Anyway, for her, playing Dungeon is nothing but indifferent. Her goal is to fight against Fleeting Time. Although the result of this matchup made her dissatisfied, thinking about it, the sudden drop of Fleeting Time is probably even more unpleasant than her.As long as the thought of Fleeting Time is unhappy, Ye Ci doesn't know what to do, and suddenly feels happy.

     Rarely, she would go on a small errand during class, indulge in flights of fancy, and didn't even listen to what the professor said. After class, she was packing her books while humming untuned songs, and was about to leave the classroom to go to the cafeteria for dinner. Fang Susu caught up with her a few steps, and laughed when she heard her humming, "Yo-yo-yo, what's the matter? Yes, you still sing today?"

     Ye Ci turned to look at Fang Susu, she found that Fang Susu has become more and more beautiful recently. She was originally a very good-looking girl, although she was not the skinny and skinny beauty that is popular nowadays, but she has a mellow and lovely classical beauty on her body. During this period of time, her face is even more peach blossom, her brows and eyes are full of spring. No wonder people say that women in love are all luminous. Although Ye Ci doesn’t have any experience, it’s true from Fang Susu’s face. See clearly.

     "Yeah, what kind of skin care products have been used lately, this face is as good as rouge." She couldn't help but squinted her eyes and started teasing.

     "Ah? No, I just use the usual ones." Fang Susu didn't understand what Ye Ci meant, and touched his face.

     "Who said it's useless, I looked at the brand of cosmetics called Deep-rooted Love.""You dead man, what are you talking about?" Fang Susu realized what Ye Ci meant. Her face became more and more red, and even her neck was stained with a thin layer of rouge, chasing Ye Ci Ci ran.

     The two jogged for a while, and Ye Ci couldn't help but wonder when seeing Fang Susu also entered the canteen with him: "Oh? If you don't go to dinner with Qin Churuo today, why come with me?"

     "Who would say that I also eat with my classmates in the cafeteria every day? It's you. I have to go back and eat with your cousin every day. I think you have a problem."

     Ye Ci doesn't deny this at all. Bai Mo doesn't have as many courses as her, and this person is keen to invent and create in the kitchen, so she can't help but cheer. She shrugged her shoulders: "No, the cook who was cooking today went to watch the e-sports competition. No one cooked for me. I only had to come to the cafeteria to eat."

     "Hey? Your cousin actually went to watch e-sports." Fang Susu looked curiously: "Chu Ruo went to see it too, and even nagging me, this year there will be no king participating, so the fun will be much less."

     King is king again.Ye Ci doesn't know much about the e-sports industry. Because the holographic game has been rolled out for many years, Ye Ci has been playing the holographic game from the moment he came into contact with the game, so I am not very familiar with e-sports competitions and games. On the contrary, Bai Mo is different, because Ye Ci's uncle was a fan of e-sports when he was young, but his skills are generally at most provincial competitions, and he has never participated in national competitions. Bai Mo used to brag to himself that he grew up sitting on his father's lap to watch him play e-sports, so he has a hobby of e-sports that Ye Ci can't understand.

     "Do you know who King is?" Although Fang Susu also plays games, he has always been a low-level PVE player, and he has never been in contact with e-sports. Therefore, he is not very clear about the celebrities in e-sports. Compared with her, Ye Ci knows better. Although she doesn't play e-sports, but games, no matter how they change, they are all superficial changes but no departure from the original stand. She knows more or less.

     "A god-level master who has won the world e-sports championship for five consecutive years." This is the most information Ye Ci can know. She can't know sth like the back of these e-sports players like Tan Polang or Bai Mo. of one's hand, even some big sesame mung bean farts can be clearly remembered.

     "Is it amazing?""Well, it's amazing." Nonsense, a world-class champion, that is tantamount to the overlord of the e-sports world, for five consecutive years, the great god among the great gods.

     "Then, who is better than you?" In the eyes of lovers, they generally think that their lover is the most powerful, but with a jade like Ye Ci in front, Fang Susu has never felt how powerful Qin Churuo is. In fact, Qin Churuo is already a master, but in Fang Susu's eyes, Ye Ci is the most powerful master, so he immediately asked this question.

     "There is no comparison." Ye Ci shook his head: "It's not a range at all. E-sports is a game rule, and holographic game is another game rule."

     "Huh?" Fang Susu obviously didn't quite understand the difference between the two.

     "It's like between Professor Luo and the stock market crocodile, who is more powerful?" Professor Luo is a fierce man in Ye Ci School. It is said that he has won ten world patents and put into production scientific research results, one scientific maniac.

     Fang Susu nodded again and again. It seemed that this metaphor made her very clear about the difference between Ye Ci and king.

     Bai Mo went to watch the e-sports competition and didn't enter until the beginning of Hua Deng. At that time, Ye Ci was just preparing the meal. He repeatedly said fortunately: "When I came back, I ran into a ready-made meal.It can be seen that Bai Mo is very excited about today's e-sports competition. He roots Ye Ci at the dinner table and talks non-stop, wishing to share all the experience of the entire e-sports arena with her. Although Ye Ci is not much interested, but since someone is so willing to share happiness with her, she never refuses.

     "I think Noland has a great chance of winning this year. He has been suppressed by King for so many years, and finally he has come to an end." Bai Mo said here with a long sigh: "It's a pity that King didn't have a game this year. "Speaking of this, he seemed to think of something again: "By the way, that kid Polang seems to know King. I will ask him next time I go home."

     Ye Ci saw that he was almost done, stood up and let himself digest: "How is your Gold Group playing? What is the progress of the game?"

     "The Gold Group is very hot, and our recent second group is also very good. The city will soon be defeated. As for the progress of the opening, it depends on your decision.

     Ye Ci thought for a while. After the cold ruined city, there is a long Dungeon prerequisite Quest. The prerequisite Quest needs to be done by the team because it wants to kill in the wild BOSS, and then the next Dungeon ---Ruined Castle will be followed. After Ruined Castle Clearance, you will get a key, which is the key to open the next Dungeon group, the Scorching Plains."If Guild is not short of money, the Gold Group will take a moment to relax and form a group as a prerequisite Quest of Ruined Castle." Ye Ci groaned for a long time before finally speaking.

     "How about you?"

     "I'm going to prepare something else. If I have time, I will do a prerequisite Quest with you." Ye Ci smiled mysteriously.

     Ye Ci hasn't returned to Guild for a long time, and it hasn't been a long time to hang out in Guild. So when she appeared in the living area, in addition to causing all the Life Player collective onlookers, she was caught by Moon Star. Crazy hugs and complaints with cute Little Lemon, as well as washing her face with colorful tears.

     "What's the matter?" Ye Ci dragged the two guys away with everyone lending a hand (eagerly but somewhat chaotically), took a long breath, and she was suffocated by them.

     "Sister, elder sister, I beg you, take that guy away, I beg you" Moon Star sniffed, seeming to be crying again soon.

     As for the cute Little Lemon, although she is a bit older, she doesn’t necessarily go somewhere calmly. She also replied with the strongest approval for Moon Star’s proposal: "Yes, yes, childe ">childe ">, I beg you, Your old man Kane will be fine, put that guy far away and stop wandering around in our living quarters, okay?"Ye Ci followed the direction of their fingers and looked at them, and then said aloud for joy. Who is she still talking about these two guys? It turned out to be Not a Vegetarian.

     Gem inlays, to put it bluntly, are refined equipment. The more advanced the inlaid equipment, the more advanced the gems will explode. And I heard that Not a Vegetarian is currently rushing to the elementary 40. This is a hurdle. The best way is to use blue equipment to rush the level. Now Moon Star and cute Little Lemon can just produce blue equipment, which is not enough. Did you hit the muzzle?

     Not a Vegetarian took the finished product from the tailoring factory and the foundry factory every day, and then took it back and took it for a few times, and then came back to take it. This made the two distressed in the extreme, but Guild had this gem set in it. The teacher gave the greatest degree of freedom, which made the two of them daring to be angry but not talking. They just wanted to find Ye Ci to pour out bitterness.

     Ye Ci smiled: "Really don't let him be in front of you?"

     The two shook their heads together.

     "All right." Ye Ci nodded: "Just let him..."

     Chapter 45 Preparation for the New Dungeon

     Chapter 45 Preparing for the New Vice