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Chapter Directory 148 Chapter 46—Epic Tasks
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 46 Epic Level Quest

     Chapter 46 Epic Level Quest

     At the request of a large number of Life Players, the prodigal son Not a Vegetarian moved from the living area in the northeast of Guild to the southwest area, leaving the living area with the greatest distance and limitation. For this arrangement, Life Players clapped their hands and praised, while Not a Vegetarian expressed no pressure.

     Ye Ci felt that this matter would be over at this point. I didn't expect it, but a few days later, many Life Players found Ye Ci again and continued to ask Not a Vegetarian to move. However, this move is not asking Not a Vegetarian to move further, but asking grandpa to tell him to move back again.

     However, this time Not a Vegetarian was arrogant, and he couldn't go back to his death. He looked up, the corners of his mouth were tilted up 45 degrees, and he hummed a small tune and said: "You let me roll and I will roll. Now you let me roll back. I'm sorry, I'm far away."

     For this reason, everyone immediately rushed to Ye Ci again, looking for her to solve the problem fundamentally.

     Ye Ci was sitting in the corner outside the Guild meeting room rubbing arrows, and when he looked up, he saw the mighty group of Life Players coming towards her. None of their faces are not sad or angry, and none of their expressions are bitter and hateful, which makes Ye Ci's heartlessness.

     What is this? Ready to riot? Ready to strike? Or are you ready to declare independence?"Guild leader" Ye Ci was looking cautious and solemn at the many Life Players that had surrounded her, while thinking about how to speak, he heard a loud shout from a Pea Cake standing in the first place. This guy has never been big or small, what happened today? Ye Ci's heart is even more bottomless.

     She twitched the corner of her mouth, looked around the dozens of Life Players, and said indifferently: "What's the matter with you? Going out of the city to buy materials collectively?"

     "The guild leader is not the time to make a joke." Pea Cake opened his eyes, and the expression on his face seemed to have reached the crisis of the country. He shouted: "Now is the time for Guild to survive and die."

     Survival? Ye Ci was slightly surprised? What happened? She usually doesn't care about Guild's affairs. Is Bai Mo to keep her from worrying about what things are always hidden from her and take care of herself? Thinking of this, her heart became more and more uneasy, she stood up suddenly, and asked a Pea Cake solemnly: "You said Guild is alive or dead?"

     "Yes..." Before Pea Cake finished speaking, he saw that Ye Ci had turned around and started contacting each management. He called Ye Ci again and again, but couldn't get a response, so he had to watch her eagerly. Guild thing."Xiaoshou, what has changed in the auction house? Is there any change in the price of the things that I have you hoarding? A big price increase or a price reduction? Or has it crashed?" Very talented. In Guild, he is mainly responsible for purchasing and hoarding these things.

     "Ah? No, I just came out of the auction house? I just bought a bunch of things, all within the normal price range. Did you get any internal information?" When Xiaoshou Bingliang heard Ye Ci's question, he suddenly felt like this. Tensed, "If it weren't for me, I'll go in and have a look."

     A few minutes later, the news from the cold hands of the little hand dispelled the matter at the auction house.

     Then she contacted several middle-level managers such as Diplomacy, United Front Work, Dungeon Leader, etc., and the news that she got was that everything was calm and there was nothing unusual. It was only at this time that Ye Ci exhaled a long breath and felt relieved. She is not to blame for being nervous. After all, Guild’s affairs are basically Bai Mo's care. She belongs to the hands-off shopkeeper. Now Bai Mo hasn't been online yet, she can't find anyone to ask about the situation, so she has to check with your middle-level management. ."One Pea Cake, everything in Guild is normal, and the life and death from there are alive and dead. Don’t frightening words to scare people." Ye Ci relaxes and feels better. After speaking to a Pea Cake, he is not harsh, even with A little joke: "Be careful I organize the hunter in Guild to engage in a shooting competition. You will be the live target."

     After listening to Ye Ci’s words, Pea Cake immediately yelled, but he didn’t necessarily get angry: “guild leader, why are you unfair? Whenever you mention the life and death of Guild, you first think of procurement, united front, Dungeon, and diplomacy. Have you thought about anything else?"

     Ye Ci squinted her eyes. She probably understood what a Pea Cake was talking about, but she sat down a little bit badly, continued to rub her arrows, and deliberately said, "Isn't this the big thing that can affect the life and death of a Guild?" Is there anything else stumping?".

     "The embankment of a thousand miles collapsed in an ant's nest..." Hearing that Ye Ci didn't pay so much attention to what he had put forward, Pea Cake immediately made a generous statement and vomited, as if he was about to participate in the presidential election speech of that country.

     Ye Ci looked at him amused, not talking or asking, letting him go around.After saying this for a few minutes, the Life Players standing behind a Pea Cake couldn't bear it. They all began to ask him to hurry up and talk about the important points, especially the cute Little Lemon, and kicked his ass directly. And then said: "Hey, focus, focus, don't waste everyone's time"

     When Pea Cake was kicked so much pain, he turned his head and glanced aggrievedly at the colleagues who had already begun to glaring at him, and finally inserted the topic. It turned out that since Not a Vegetarian moved to the southwest corner, they thought that everything they produced was preserved, but they didn't expect that Not a Vegetarian would be more convenient this time.

     At first, when they were still in the living area, Not a Vegetarian asked them to take things with smiling faces, picking up some less expensive equipment and going back to practice gem setting, but now it's better. Not a Vegetarian did not harass them anymore, but he went directly to Timely Rain this time. The amount of equipment to be eliminated was much more than that of the living quarters.

     Originally, Life Players were thinking about whether the obsolete equipment should be sold at a low price, or could be recycled, disassembled, and reused. Now it’s fine. It’s okay if it falls directly into the hands of Not a Vegetarian, and it’s okay to be able to inlay successfully. , If the inlay is unsuccessful, this equipment will be scrapped directly, why not make people feel distressed?Because of this experience, in the end, after all the Life Players discussed again, they asked Not a Vegetarian to move back. At least the equipment could be used under their attention, but this matter was strongly opposed by Not a Vegetarian. People already feel that the sky is high and the emperor is far away life is very pleasant, of course they don’t want to go back to lodge under another person's roof, so a group of Life Players came to Ye Ci mightily, which meant to let her do this the first person to bury funerary dolls to clean up the mess.

     After listening to a description of Pea Cake, Ye Ci didn't lift his eyes: "You can directly find Timely Rain to solve such a simple problem. Just ask him to give Not a Vegetarian the equipment that is eliminated and cannot be sold."

     "But, but... that's all our painstaking effort," a group of Life Players whispered.

     Ye Ci paused slightly, raised his eyes, took a cool look at the Life Player around him, put on a fake smile, and said: "The materials you use to practice skills are also the hard work of all Guild players. What..."Although this matter has gone through many trials and hardships, it is considered to be a complete success under the mediation of Ye Ci stepping back. Although Life Player is still unwilling, he is more or less willing to spit out some equipment to practice skills for Not a Vegetarian. Although Not a Vegetarian is accustomed to using good equipment to practice skills, he is not used to suddenly lowering the standard, but he also knows Too much waste is not a good thing.

     Therefore, the two sides expressed a reconciliation.

     After dismissing the group of people, Timely Rain came out and touched his nose: "childe ">, you still have a way, but I also said that why they didn't agree at the time? "

     Ye Ci thought for a while before grinning, "Carrots and sticks."

     The two looked at each other and smiled.

     While the entire Guild was actively working on the prerequisite Quest for the new Dungeon Ruined Castle, Ye Ci received an unusual Quest from the Mayor of Red Lake City. The Quest was not issued by the mayor, but by the city lord Sarkargel, who saw the divine dragon without seeing the end.

     Quest is also very simple, just an errand Quest. As an excellent citizen of Red Lake City, and a very popular confidant of Lord Lord, Lord Sakagel hopes that childe ">you can visit the Lord Moore of Black Mud City in the east of Wound Swamp on her behalf, because they are good friends. .

     Ye Ci was taken aback when receiving this Quest, and then she was so excited that her fingers trembled.Isn't it that Quest, which was hailed as one of the top ten Epic Level Quests in the previous life, just appeared? It's too much to take any effort at all

     In Fate, the entire Quest system is a very unique system. Although, since the beginning of the game, there has been a Quest system, but Fate has still made considerable efforts in the expansion of the Quest system. In addition to the traditional Gathering Quest, Exploration Quest, Leveling Quest, Hidden Quest and Dungeon Quest, there are Battlefield Quest and Random Quest.

     Random Quest is a very unique Quest proposed by Fate. The existence of this kind of Quest is very small, much smaller than Hidden Quest. According to the division of Quest in Fate, Random Quest generally only has two levels, one is Legend Level Quest, and the other is Epic Level Quest.

     In fact, these are nothing. The most peculiar thing is that these Random Quests are all branch Quests of the main line of the game. That is to say, the completion of these Quests and the different choices of players to complete will cause more or less to the main line of the game. Impact.

     This setting allows players to feel more of their influence on the game, and to have a sense of belonging to me as the master. Of course, in addition to these spiritual rewards, players who can achieve Random Quest will receive extremely rare material rewards.The trigger of Random Quest is very strange. Maybe you need to reach a certain level of prestige for a certain power, maybe you need to do some adventures that ordinary people can't imagine, or maybe, Quest is hiding in which inconspicuous corner of the house. in.

     In short, all this is to be explored by the player himself.

     And the way that Ye Ci received this Quest now is really ordinary, because she is the first city resident who has achieved respect in a certain city...

     Chapter 46 Epic Level Quest

     Chapter 46 Epic Level Quest