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Chapter Directory 149 Chapter 47 Request
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 47 Request

     Chapter 47 Request

     School has started for a while, and the weather has gradually warmed up. Ye Ci put away all the heavy winter clothes, carried them home, and came back with a change of spring and summer clothes by the way. Although she was born again, she still felt that her mind had been left in that hazy night, so she was more resistant to wearing the fresh and tender colors of girls, but opposed to those thick and deep colors.

     This made Zuo Xiaolan very dissatisfied. Several times he expressed contempt for Ye Ci's choice of clothes: "You are only nineteen years old, so you can make these black colors. They are not ugly and not ugly, and they are not black crows..."

     Unexplainable Ye Ci had to twitch the corners of his mouth and blew all over the sky: "This is called fashion."

     Zuo Xiaolan rolled his eyes even more: "You think I'm not over ten years old, right? You think I'm just as old as I was born."

     In this situation, Ye Ci usually closes his mouth and never responds, because he will be said to be even worse if he responds again. When she returned to the rented house with a bag of clothes, Bai Mo was humming a song I don’t know what to cook, he stretched his head from the kitchen and looked at the bag in Ye Ci’s hand. And the coat he was holding, curled his lips: "Do you really think you are young and invincible, (of a woman) lovely as a flower? Me? Just dress yourself up to forty?"This is the second time Ye Ci has heard about the blow to her dress in one day. She rolled her eyes and snorted rather uncomfortably: "I am the twenty-eighth year of China, I am the invincible youth, what are you doing, jealous what?"

     Bai Mo obviously didn't bother to show up with a little girl on this issue. He just snorted and hummed his nose and said, "Yes, yes, twenty-eight girls, youth invincible. That huh, it's no longer the same in twenty-eight girls. During the time I was there, the cell phone of the 28th girl rang many times in the room. I wonder if the 28th girl should move back and have a look? "

     "My phone"> didn't bring it? "Ye Ci hurriedly touched her pocket and bag, and she didn't see the trace of the phone">. It seems that she didn’t bring the phone"> home this morning. She said while carrying it. The clothes went into my house, and I saw the mobile phone as soon as I entered the door.">Throwing it on the bed, she put down the thing and picked up the mobile phone">Looking at it, I saw that there were 27 missed calls. Her battery ran out. No one else was doing this, but Liu Chang.

     She was about to answer the call ">Go back, the phone"> ticked again, and indeed it was Liu Chang calling"> here again. Busy answering, there came Liu Chang weakly and without strength Voice: "Your aunt's grandmother is finally willing to answer my call">? It’s hard to wait for me to see you even call me">Don’t answer? ""What's the matter? I went home this morning to get my clothes for the season, without my mobile phone">. "

     "Bai Mo went back with you?"


     "Then why didn't he take it and let me fight from morning till now, making me almost depressed to death" Liu Chang was very angry about this, and she immediately issued the strongest condemnation of Bai Mo's irresponsible behavior.

     Ye Ci smiled and continued to talk nonsense with her, and soon the two of them cut into the subject.

     "Hey, Xiao ci, come out for dinner."

     "AA system?"

     "No, I'm a treat." Liu Chang smiled happily, and then explained: "I am not a part-time work-study student today, so give me face."

     At exactly this time, Ye Ci heard Bai Mo's slurping sound when the food was cooked, and was a little embarrassed: "Forget it, you finally pay your salary, keep it for yourself, Bai Mo on my side has started cooking. Now that he says to eat out, he will pinch to death."

     "Then you bring Bai Mo together." Liu Chang grinned unwillingly: "Although I am very angry at his irresponsible behavior, I am not a stingy person. Ask him to eat and let him know that he is What a mistake the lady made.""Then I will ask him." Actually, according to Ye Ci's current financial ability, Liu Chang can be invited to eat out every day, but she doesn't want to do that. She thinks that friends are the most important thing when they are genuinely relative. Money is not necessarily a good thing in the pure feelings between friends. Therefore, every time Liu Chang asks to invite herself to dinner, she never refuses. Although she usually invites Liu Chang to dinner more often, she always thinks that the two of them are best friends. Don’t think too much about things.

     After Ye Ci asked Bai Mo's intentions, he went on to say to Liu Chang who was waiting for the news on the phone: "He agreed, but he has to give him some time to change his clothes. You know this person is very stinky. "

     "Okay, see you at half past six." Liu Chang and Ye Ci made an appointment with an ordinary place, which is inexpensive and lively. They used to like to go. Yes, they, four of them.

     The two changed clothes walked from the rented house towards the nearest bus stop. As they walked, Bai Mo asked: "Today's call ">Is it all from Liu Chang? "

     Ci squinted her eyes and put her hands in the pockets of her coat, expressionless, unable to see what she was thinking."Twenty or thirty calls a day"> just to invite you to dinner? "Bai Mo chuckled a few times, saying that he didn't believe this statement at all.

     Ye Ci looked up at Bai Mo, a weird smile appeared on his face, and did not answer him right away. Instead, Bai Mo was frizzy with Ye Ci's smile. He rubbed his arms and shivered: "I said you Can you please laugh like that? It's human."

     Ye Ci turned his head, and a few words leaked from his lips: "Do you think I'm a fool?".

     Bai Mo was stunned, "Then why go there?"

     "Curious." Ye Ci sighed, turned to look at Bai Mo and said, "Although I am not curious, it doesn't mean I don't have one."

     Bai Mo thought for a while, then asked faintly: "Do you know who else is?".

     "Dong Yin, or Yi Cang, or He Xiao there." Ye Ci curled his lips, then said: "Why do you think I would call you?"

     Bai Mo sighed and stretched out his hand to rub Ye Ci's hair: "I found you are quite duplicity."


     "Didn't you say that it's the end? But when it comes, you still can't let it go.""Who knows." Ye Ci was very anxious. She even burst out a foul language before getting into the car, causing Bai Mo who was behind her to smile. About this time, Ye Ci, who was overly calm, looked like a ten** year old girl. Although Bai Mo expressed helplessness for those annoying interpersonal relationships, he felt that Ye Ci in this state is quite good.

     At least, her eyes wouldn't reveal a dimness that he couldn't understand.

     When I came to the place to eat, it was not only Liu Chang, but also Dong Yin and Yi Cang, but there was no He Xiao. I think so, people like He Xiao wouldn't eat at such a roadside stall.

     Ye Ci stood on the edge of the table, squinted at a few people, with a weird smile on his face, Liu Chang hurriedly pulled her to sit down, making a round. Dong Yin was also very enthusiastic to talk to her, and even Yi Cang called for a bottle of iced Coke and put it in front of Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci looked down at the bottle of iced Coke and suddenly felt very far away. This kind of drink seemed to be her favorite drink when she was seventeen or eighteen. Later, she seemed to prefer drinking water, that kind of bitter ice water. However, there is nothing wrong. In everyone's eyes, isn't she at the age of ten **?

     "Thank you." Ye Ci squinted again and looked up at Yi Cang and smiled.However, Yi Cang's smile was a bit awkwardly stiff, but she just couldn't see it.

     Bai Mo said that he was here to serve as a foil. Sure enough, he didn't say a word during the whole process, just sitting next to Ye Ci, as if he had disappeared. The dishes on the table were ordered by Liu Chang and the three of them, but they all ordered Ye Ci's favorite dishes. Looking at the steaming dishes on the table, Ye Ci suddenly felt a little desolate. How could it be considered rebirth, even if she worked hard in another direction, but the final result was still the same as before?

     Ye Ci didn't speak much, Dong Yin was less talkative at first, and Bai Mo was unfamiliar. In the end, only Liu Chang broke out in a cold sweat and Yi Cang talked about something not funny at all. The whole atmosphere was extremely embarrassing.

     Ye Ci lowered his head and grabbed the rice. After eating 70% full, he raised his head and looked straight at Dong Yin who was sitting opposite him. He twitched the corners of his mouth: "Let's talk, what's the matter."

     Her voice was not loud, but it was enough to make Liu Chang and Yi Cang shut their mouths immediately and cast their eyes on them quietly.

     Dong Yin hurriedly raised his head and looked at Ye Ci. To be honest, Ye Ci now feels very far away to her, or Ye Ci has always been there, but she left too far. In short, the current Ye Ci makes her feel very stressed."It's nothing, just come out and sit down." Dong Yin subconsciously avoided the question.

     "Really? Then I have something to do, so I'll leave first." Ye Ci said as he stood up and tried to leave.

     Seeing this posture, Dong Yin couldn't hold back anymore, and quickly said, "No, no, no, I, I have a little bit of something."

     Ye Ci turned his back to Dong Yin, but there was a sneer on his lips, and the indescribable cold fell into his bones. She slowly turned half of her face to the side, and looked at Dong Yin with a shallow smile, which was empty and distant. She immediately sat down again, raised her eyebrows, with an unpredictable expression on her face: "Okay, let's talk about it, what kind of little thing is it?"

     Seeing Ye Ci sat down, Dong Yin hesitated for a long time, and finally summoned the courage to say: "Xiao ci, for the sake of our relationship for so many years, please help me."


     "Take He Xiao to get the First Kill of Ruined Castle, and let Steel Blooded Battle Spear get another First Kill." Dong Yin flushed, and said his request like a bamboo tube pouring beans.

     Deathly silence in the air.

     Chapter 47 Request

     Chapter 47 Request