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Chapter Directory 150 Chapter 48—Friends?
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 48 Friends?

     Chapter 48 Friends?

     Ye Ci was stunned, Bai Mo was stunned, and Liu Chang was completely stunned, just looking straight at Dong Yin, as if looking at a stranger.

     Dong Yin watched Ye Ci without speaking, and glanced at Yi Cang secretly, while Yi Cang nodded at her imperceptibly. Dong Yin turned his face back, looked straight at Ye Ci, took a deep breath, and continued: "We have been preparing for a long time, it's really only a little bit short. We have already hit the old one. Ye Ci, as long as you are willing to help us, as long as you are willing, our Steel Blooded Battle Spear will definitely get First Kill this time. So, Xiao ci, you can help me again, okay? Can you help Yi Cang and me?"

     Ye Ci just looked at Dong Yin without speaking or moving. She sat there quietly, her eyes were dark and quiet, she couldn't see emotions, let alone happiness or sorrow.Dong Yin swallowed, got up, walked quickly to Ye Ci's side, then squatted down and took her hand tightly. It’s just that Ye Ci’s Bingling fingers made her palm hurt. She shivered, looked up at Ye Ci’s white face, and whispered again: "Xiao ci, I know He Xiao has a lot Something is wrong, I know that He Xiao is biased towards you, and I also know that you have made you a lot of wrongs in Steel Blooded Battle Spear, but, Xiao ci, please count me, I don’t ask for help, but I I beg you now, please help He Xiao once, okay?"

     "Why?" Ye Ci looked at Dong Yin quietly, and after a long time he pulled the corners of her mouth open, and squeezed out a few cold words from her lips.

     Dong Yin paused for a while, and then said in a low voice: "I don't know what the specifics are, but I know that if He Xiao doesn't show some results this time, his status will definitely be affected first. "At this point, Dong Yin bit his lip. If he decides what to do, he continues to say in a lower voice: "You, you may know that He Xiao's home is, yes, it is very rich. However, he is not the only heir, if, if..."

     Dong Yin said this and did not continue. She believes Ye Ci understands what she means.

     "You, do you understand what I mean?".Ye Ci really understands that this kind of struggle for the right to inheritance of the rich and the rich is not at all flatter than the battle for the throne in the TV series, "I understand."

     "That...then you..." Hearing Ye Ci's words, Dong Yin looked at Ye Ci with a bit of surprise. "You are the same..."

     Before she finished her words, she saw Ye Ci raised her eyebrows and smiled faintly: "But what's the matter with me?"

     "Ye Ci" Yi Cang frowned when he heard Ye Ci's words, and then he wanted to say something, only to see Dong Yin shaking his head again and again before closing his mouth and not talking again. On the other hand, Bai Mo raised his mouth, raised the teapot to fill Yi Cang's quilt with tea, and said flatly: "Young people, don't be impulsive when you speak or do anything."

     Yi Cang raised his eyes and glared at Bai Mo, then snorted bitterly. Liu Chang was so angry that he was about to stand up. Bai Mo, who was sitting next to her, grabbed her hand, turned and smiled and said to her, "You also want to drink more water."

     "Bai Mo" Liu Chang was originally a violent temper. Today she was originally proposed by Dong Yin for a matchmaking meal. She just wanted everyone to grow up not to be so stiff. This is so positive, but she did not expect Dong Yin and Yi Cang. This is actually the purpose of Yi Cang, which makes her feel betrayed. Now Yi Cang is doing such a performance. It is not even more so that she will not be angry. I can’t wait to pounce on Yi Cang’s clothes and He had a fight.However, she didn't expect to be held by Bai Mo. How could she not be angry, so she waited for Bai Mo in a blink of an eye. However, he saw Bai Mo shook his head slightly, and his soothing eyes, this time he pressured his spleen and finally sat down, but he turned his head madly and stopped talking.

     Dong Yin didn't even dare to look at Liu Chang. She knew that what she did today was a bit unkind. I'm sorry for Liu Chang's enthusiasm before and after the run, but she had no choice but to be sorry.

     She took a deep breath, held Ye Ci's hand tighter, and said in a moving and sentimental voice: "Ye Ci, I know what you mean, maybe you think this matter really has nothing to do with you , But, Ye Ci, we have been in love with sisters since we were young">, we are brothers and sisters, maybe you think my request is too much, but since I was a child, I have not asked you anything, can you promise me once. Maybe there are too many misunderstandings between you and He Xiao, but can you let it go for me? Think about how we were better when we were young. As long as you want, we can still be as good as we were when we were young. Isn't it bad to be stumped? "."Are you threatening me?" Ye Ci raised an eyebrow. She quietly looked at the face of Dong Yin in front of her. Since childhood, Dong Yin has always been beautiful. Her beauty is as soft and affectionate as a dodder. This seems to have never changed since then. She was willing to protect her since she was a child, because she really liked them, but when did this kind of love and protection actually change? When did Dong Yin, which resemble dodder grass, actually change its taste?

     Oh, love is so great.

     Maybe it really is in the eyes of a lover appears Xi Shi [Xi1 shi1], she really doesn’t understand, what is the charm of Thousand Sunsets, it’s hard for Dong Yin to betray his past, betray his feelings, and even betray his dignity for him. But Dong Yin didn’t know. When she made such a request to herself today, in the eyes of her Ye Ci, is Dong Yin just a sell only for a good price product?

     Goods have value, and Dong Yin is no exception. For Ye Ci, Dong Yin’s value is nothing more than recording her simple and happy childhood. Is she so sure that these things are so important to her? Does she really think that these memories that are too far away are precious to herself, a rebirth who has already died?

     No, neverShe does cherish the past, but it is not refuse nobody. She just wanted to find the most cherished things in the life she had to do all over again. Whether Dong Yin is within this range is really not important to Ye Ci.

     Dong Yin was stunned by Ye Ci's words, her lips trembled slightly, she, is she threatening Ye Ci? No, she won't, how could she, how dare she threaten Ye Ci? Since childhood, Ye Ci has always been the calmest, deepest and most powerful child. She seems to always be their center, their backbone, she, how dare she threaten Ye Ci? But, just now, what did she do just now?

     The two of them kept doing this for a long time, until Dong Yin felt that her legs were numb, and she slowly exhaled, her eyes were moist, but her dark eyes It is full of perseverance and bravery. Her voice is not loud, but if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound: "Yes, I am threatening you. I threaten you with our feelings for the past eighteen years, and I threaten with all the beauty we have ever had You, I threaten you with my friend"

     Ye Ci looked at her and suddenly praised her a little. Actually, Dong Yin is fine now. At least she doesn't have to stand behind her, at least she can say what she thinks, good.Ye Ci just laughed for no reason, her smile is rarely so brilliant and unconcerned. The smile was as brilliant as the current warm spring breeze, which made Dong Yin's eyes dazzle. Then she realized that Ye Ci, who used to smile, looked very good, even better than herself.

     Afterwards, Ye Ci drew his hand from Dong Yin's palm, lifted it up, and gently sorted the broken hair beside her under the tie. Her slender and white fingers slid down Dong Yin's round face to her jaw, and then pinched Dong Yin's chin in a thunderous manner and lifted it up.

     Her eyes seemed to have crushed ice, and she was chilling like a knife. But her voice, her words were even sharper, as if a hidden weapon quenched by poison, flying over to make you unable to fight, just fell so dimly: "How dare you think that I will be threatened by you? "

     "Xiao ci..." Dong Yin's chin was pinched by Ye Ci and her eyes became more and more damp.

     Yi Cang on one side wanted to get up and help, but Bai Mo held him down, making him unable to move, so he had to shout in a low voice: "Ye Ci, you let her go, Ye Ci, don't bully her."Ye Ci didn't seem to hear Yi Cang's voice, and opened the corners of her mouth, smiling coldly and cruelly: "Dong Yin ah Dong Yin, how can you be sure that I must not bear you?" Then she squinted her eyes and raised her head, and then severely Throwing away her chin, she turned to look at Yi Cang, and sneered: "I bully her? Is it difficult to look at the weak, will you be bullied?".

     Dong Yin sniffed, biting his lower lip severely, feeling ashamed and unbearable.

     "You admire Thousand Sunsets. If you like Thousand Sunsets, I have to enter Steel Blooded Battle Spear for you, right? Just because we were young? Friends? I have to help Steel Blooded Battle Spear for free because of you. First Kill again and again, but still run by others? Just because we are friends? I have to tell you all my secrets? Whether it is PK or SOLO? Just because we are friends? Even if I leave, I still have to endure them in silence. Dirty water? I have to endure being wronged and stolen? Just because we are friends? Okay, no matter if I am troublesome or not, I will use First Kill video to exchange your freedom for coming and going. You all decide to take your Yangguan Road, I will go with me It’s a single-plank bridge, what is it to make this one now?" Ye Ci didn't make a big voice, but it was like a steel pin stuck in the heart of Dong Yin and Yi Cang."If you don't agree, you won't get a friend to do it?" Ye Ci sneered: "Oh, I don't even know, you still treat me as your friend. Is this your friend? Do you dare to ask me to help Thousand Sunsets take First? Kill? Is it ridiculous for you to help him keep his inheritance, or am I ridiculous?"

     Her voice was sharp, as if cat's claws were scratching on the smooth, cold glass, harsh and uncomfortable.

     Chapter 48 Friends?

     Chapter 48 Friends?