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Chapter Directory 152 Chapter Fifty
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Fifty Severance

     Chapter Fifty Severance


     This is a slap in the face.

     This is a clear and loud slap in the face.

     The slap is Ye Ci's, and the face is Yi Cang's. These two things that had nothing to do with each other, now they have just touched intimately and made a beautiful sound. Then, it created a quiet place around.

     This was originally a snack street food stall. Many people came to eat here. This slap made many people stop eating and quietly looked at the five overly young men and women. Their eyes revealed different guesses about the relationship between these five people.

     Yi Cang's family background is good. Although he is not rich and wealthy, he is the best among the four families. He lives well and his parents are very fond of them. Although he is not a child of a rich family, he has an incredible personality. Child of heaven, when has he been slapped like this? He was stunned for a while, unable to recover for a long time, just staring at Ye Ci blankly, and then his eyes were exaggerated with a layer of anger, and he was about to get angry.

     Ye Ci moved faster than him. He reached out and grabbed the Coke bottle on the table, smashed it with a slap, then held the bottleneck in his hand, and pointed the other side of the fragment directly at Yi Cang, and said coldly. : "Go away, don't let me see you again."Although Yi Cang is domineering and arrogant, most of these people have a weakness. When they meet a strong one, they immediately become weak. He looked at the broken glass bottle in Ye Ci's hand and pointed it straight at his neck. He couldn't help but swallow. Slobber, I can only severely say: "You wait for me"

     "Waiting?" Ye Ci raised his brows, and the glass bottle in his hand stuck in his direction: "What I mean is, don't show up in front of me for the rest of your life. You still let me wait, then I am now It ended up with you"

     At this level of trouble, Dong Yin and Liu Chang were both scared. Bai Mo stood up calm and unhurried, and smiled at Dong Yin: "Since this matter has not been negotiated, then I will pay for the meal. Everyone If you don’t think it’s good, you can make an appointment.” He turned his head and shouted at the boss who was already standing aside watching the excitement: “Settle the boss.”

     "Come here," the boss froze for a moment, and walked over quickly.

     But Bai Mo walked up to Ye Ci without a word or movement, took the glass bottle in her hand and threw it aside, and laughed: "Isn't it just the rehearsal for next week? Ah, are you all talking to each other for dinner?"

     When the onlookers heard this, although they didn't quite believe it, they disappeared.Forget it, five people walked out of the food stall, Dong Yin and Yi Cang walked in front, Bai Mo Ye Ci and Liu Chang walked in the back.

     Liu Chang lowered his head, but the tears had long been falling. Yi Cang's words really hurt her. There is not much difference between the four of them since they were young, but Yi Cang's family became very rich because of an opportunity to start a family. The Dong Yin's family was close to Yi Cang's family, and it was a lot of light. Ye Ci's family and Liu Chang's family's parents are both at home wherever one is, so they have always lived relatively poorly. Especially for Liu Chang's family, because her grandmother is in very bad health, as the only child's father, in order to treat her grandmother, he emptied all his savings, so it has been very difficult. This is why Liu Chang has to go out to work and make money since high school.

     In fact, Liu Chang has a hot temper, but he is a soft-hearted person. Although as the age of the four people grew, the family background of the four families gradually changed, but this did not affect the relationship between the four families. And Liu Chang has always believed that this will not affect the relationship between their four children. What's more, she has always had a feeling of incomprehension towards Yi Cang in her heart.

     However, she didn't know until today that in Yi Cang's heart, she has always been a poor man. How can this make Liu Chang not sad? She just feels that her heart has been severely thrown on the ground and stepped on a few feet.Ye Ci knew what Liu Chang was thinking, and her heart felt like a fire was burning. She squinted at Yi Cang, wishing to beat up the kid. Liu Chang kept his head down and crying, but his gasping voice was heavy. Ye Ci sighed, put his arms around her shoulders, and whispered: "Why cry? If this is the case, there are too many people crying in this world."

     "No." Liu Chang's voice was muffled.

     "Then shut up, a second bastard, you can treat yourself as if you had played with a dog, why? If you were bitten by a dog, you still want to bite the dog?"

     Finally stepped out of the snack street, Yi Cang still stood arrogantly there, but Dong Yin had already turned her head, her face was very bad, and she could see that what had just happened made her very uncomfortable. In fact, she didn't want to see such a situation. She looked up at Ye Ci, pursed her mouth, and said slowly: "Ye Ci, I'm sorry, I know it's a terrible thing to say I'm sorry now, but really, can you think about what I just proposed? ."

     Ye Ci suddenly discovered one of Dong Yin’s advantages, that is, he never gave up easily. After the farce like the one just now appeared, I was afraid that no one would insist on her proposal anymore in her position. However, she never gave up. Otherwise, she continued to stick to her point of view.Ye Ci also stopped. A few steps away from Dong Yin, she took a deep breath, trying to ignore Yi Cang on one side, and then said in a calm voice: "Dong Yin, as a child For the two people who grew up together, I also told you that it’s tranquil and even-tempered, it’s impossible. You know, we have our own Guild. Although we Guild don’t care about First Kill, we started Gold Group. , This is destined to be our First Kill..."

     "You don't need First Kill. As long as you can give us First Kill, I promise we will give you money..."

     "Dong Yin, we really started the Gold Group to make money, but we don’t make money for me. We have many young people like me and Liu Chang in Guild. We want to earn living expenses for ourselves. We are not rich. We just want to live better through our own labor. These are not things that rich people like you can understand.” Ye Ci said sharply. She looked at Dong Yin and sneered: “Besides, in Eastern Continent, it’s still There are Wolf Clan, Tang Dynasty, and World Conqueror, and there are so many and so many strong clubs. Even if we can't win First Kill, do you think that First Kill will definitely fall into your hands?".

     "Xiao ci..." Dong Yin shook his lips, his face pale."Dong Yin, this is the last time I call you. From now on, don't bother me again, and don't bother Liu Chang again, we..." Ye Ci bit his lip and finally said: "Never count as a friend. "

     Dong Yin stood at the entrance of the street, watching Ye Ci and the three people walking towards the bus stop, lowered their heads, tears could no longer help falling. She didn't know, whose tears were this for. For Ye Ci? For He Xiao? Or for yourself.

     Chapter Fifty Severance

     Chapter Fifty Severance