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Chapter Directory 153 Chapter 51—A Safe Road
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 51 Safe Trip

     Chapter 51 Safe Trip

     After sending Liu Chang to the car, Ye Ci took a deep breath.

     Although it is already bright and beautiful, Ye Ci still feels that the cold air makes her all over her body, extremities and bones are so cold and painful. Or, it wasn't that the weather made her feel cold, but the chilling talent would really push himself into the cold dark abyss.

     She put the hat on her coat over her head, blocked her hair and half of her face, lowered her head, and couldn't see clearly the expression on her face.

     In fact, she is far from being as strong as her performance. Even if the results of some things have been known for a long time, they will still feel uncomfortable and distressed when they experience it again. She knows that she is a selfish person, but she is not without heart, and she is not really cold-blooded, she just loves herself very much.

     This time, it was really cut off.

     Once that Ye Ci, once that eighteen years of long-lasting love.

     After this time, everyone is really strange. For no reason, she felt very cold, so cold that her nose became sore. Why, even if she lives again, the results of some things will not change? Even if the process is different, even if the mood is different, the result of renunciation will still be the same.A strong and warm arm wrapped her shoulders, and then that hand gently pressed her head into the warm embrace. The hat covered Ye Ci's company tightly, and she could only look out through a gap.

     Look at that, the sun shines brightly, look at that so close, yet worlds apart.

     "Everyone will experience something that he doesn't like. These things will make us gain something, but also make us lose something. Calmly, the growth process is painful, and the past is just fine." Bai Mo's voice seemed to be The burning charcoal warmed to comfort Ye Ci's cold from his bones.

     Yes, growing up is painful, how could she not know? It’s just that the older you are, the more timid you will be. When Ye Ci, who is actually 28 years old, once again walks through the gully and gully of 19 years old, she can’t help being timid and shrinking. Because she already knew what awaited herself on the other side of the gully.

     If you can, people really don't want to grow up.

     "Bai Mo..." Ye Ci sighed thinly. She turned around and put her whole body into Bai Mo's arms. It was her familiar taste and the taste that made her safe. She blinked Eyes, thinking of the pain of separation in the previous life, the eyelashes couldn't help but become damp. She whispered in a voice that only she could hear: "No, don't leave me anymore...""This time, you have to stay alive, always, well. No, just leave me alone..."

     "What?" Bai Mo only knew what Ye Ci was muttering, but he didn't understand a word or a word clearly, so he couldn't help but ask carefully.

     "Nothing." Ye Ci sniffed vigorously, pushing the tide in his eyes back, and then resolutely left Bai Mo's embrace, looking up at him with a confident smile: "Let's go home"

     Bai Mo actually knew Ye Ci must have said something, but Ye Ci didn't want him to know about these things, so he would never ask them. He reached out into Ye Ci's hat, rubbed her hair, and smiled: "Okay, go home."

     I was lucky when I went back, and there were seats in the last row.

     Sitting by the window, Ye Ci silently watched the scenery outside and receded, as if she had walked through the life.

     Suddenly, Bai Mo said a word.

     "You just rejected Dong Yin, are you not afraid of Thousand Sunsets' revenge? I think Dong Yin came to you today. Thousand Sunsets came here either expressly or impliedly. If you let her return without any achievement, will this make Thousand? Sunsets plus the fact that the warehouse was stolen before fly into a rage out of humiliation directly...""He won't." Ye Ci turned his eyes and looked at Bai Mo, with a certain look that made people unable to doubt.

     "Why?" Bai Mo really didn't understand: "After the warehouse was stolen last time, you were so cautious about his retaliation, but this time why are you not afraid? The last time you just doubted you, this time you just rejected him head-on Ah. He is such a cautious person, he shouldn't let you go for so long."

     "Indeed, according to his character, he will never let me go, but..." Ye Ci's lips suddenly curled up with a weird smile: "Thousand Sunsets nowadays I'm afraid I will be overwhelmed."

     After speaking, she stopped talking, and Bai Mo was just a little hesitant but didn't ask any more. The two people seemed to have the most tacit understanding, and no one mentioned this matter again.

     Ye Ci continued to squint and look out the window, but remembered the events of the previous life.Thousand Sunsets quickly lost power after her defection that time, so fast that he had no time to trouble himself. As Dong Yin said, the inheritance rights of these wealthy children are above all else in the family. Those with inheritance rights are like princes. If they lose their inheritance rights, they are afraid that even the extra people will be It won't take care of it, and the situation will be more miserable than ordinary people. In addition to giving you some basic living expenses, the family will no longer have any rights and powers. At that time, the gap between before and after is enough to destroy a person alive.

     Originally, Ye Ci was not clear about this matter, but in her last life, she witnessed the end of Thousand Sunsets from a generation of arrogances to beggars, and that time was only a day or two. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, Ye Ci would not believe that in the world of these rich people, the choice of heirs is so cruel.

     Think about it, it's better to be a little rich, at least...not to lose your parents and relatives.

     What happened to Thousand Sunsets after losing everything? Ye Ci can't remember it anymore. It's not that she didn't pay attention, but that after losing his power, he was like the morning dew, and instantly disappeared from everyone's sight. Go looking for it.However, now Thousand Sunsets ushered in its own ending ahead of schedule because of his own rebirth. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Ye Ci couldn't judge, but she thought of one thing, if Thousand Sunsets collapsed, what would Dong Yin do? What about Yi Cang?

     Then she couldn't help laughing, this, it seemed that she had nothing to do with her anymore.

     Life lies in choice, they have chosen a different path, and now, she can only wish them a safe journey.

     Yes, safe journey.

     She decided one thing, Epic Level Quest will be released, now she has to do another thing. Since now is the crucial moment for Thousand Sunsets to retain the right of inheritance, she must not let go of this opportunity.

     Take advantage of your illness to kill you.

     Chapter 51 Safe Trip

     Chapter 51 Safe Trip