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Chapter Directory 154 Chapter 52 The Moon Hill
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 52 Moon Green Hill

     Chapter 52 Moon Green Hill

     Moon Green Hill feels that it has been utterly unlucky lately.

     Not only was he fired by the boss in reality, but the resumes submitted for more than a month did not respond at all. All of them throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea. If this continues, he will be cut off.

     Sitting on the floor in front of the game room, Moon Green Hill laid out all the money he had left and counted it over and over again. There is nothing wrong. It was only thirty-nine and fifty cents. In this day and age, less than forty. The money is based on the minimum consumption for eating steamed buns every day, and he can only stick to it for a week. This is still not letting go of his stomach to eat. If he let go of his stomach to eat, it is estimated that he will go to the street to beg in three days

     "Oh my god, I am so dead." Moon Green Hill wailed, leaning on the game cabin, and looking at the shiny game cabin shell, there was infinite sadness in his heart. Your sister, it would be nice if he bought a game warehouse with the lowest configuration, at least 20,000 yuan. He has to spend all his savings to buy this one hundred thousand yuan high-end game warehouse. What does he really do is from head to tail? Dead pigAt first, when he had just graduated, what the teacher said, he had to leave room for everything and couldn't block himself to death. He even secretly laughed at the teacher's look forward and backward in his heart. At that time, he thought that to be a man and to do things would be to die, and that this is a young man, but what about now?

     It’s dead, but the younger generation doesn’t seem to see it at all.

     After sighing for a while, Moon Green Hill decided to go to the game and check it out. He wanted to see if anyone responded to the message he posted.

     Moon Green Hill must admit that he is a person who can't make money, let alone a person who can save money, and he is not a person who can spend money wisely. This situation has not changed in the game, so... to put it bluntly Now, Moon Green Hill is also a poor man from head to tail in the game.

     He looked at the meager dozens of gold coins from Quest Reward, and felt that he was really too poor. After closing the package, Moon Green Hill habitually went to Mercenary Guild to see if the boss had taken the bait in the information he posted.Mercenary Guild is a new content that has only recently been updated. This is a place where players release Quest themselves. The Quest here is much more diverse than the Quest released by NPC. From childhood to running errands Quest for finding things to deliver letters, to the impossible to complete SSS-level Quest for slaying dragons, players only need to pay a small amount of money to the system to hang your Quest in the union. Of course, if all Quests are completed, in addition to the gold coins and items rewarded by the player, you can also get the Mercenary Guild reputation. When the Mercenary Guild reputation is accumulated to a certain level, you can purchase Mercenary Guild-specific equipment and Items too.

     There are rewards for Quest Completed, and of course, there are penalties for Quest failure.

     For example, compensate one-tenth of the publisher’s Quest Reward, or simply deduct the corresponding Mercenary Guild reputation, or limit the period of time not to receive Quest from Mercenary Guild. In short, it is a punishment that makes players very headache.

     Because, a player can only release one Quest within a period of time. If someone wants to mess with the Quest and does not complete it, it will cause a lot of losses to the player who releases the Quest. Therefore, this rule is to ensure that each player's Benefits, to avoid some malicious retaliatory players from disrupting the entire market.Of course, this kind of regulation also restricts another situation, that is, if you fail to complete the Quest and fail, then the failed player can only consider himself unlucky and choose one of the three punishments.

     Unfortunately, Moon Green Hill has not only been unlucky in reality recently, even in the game, it is still unlucky. He is very enthusiastic about the Mercenary Guild recently. After receiving several Quests in a row, he made a few small money, and then he took a big Quest with a group of people to deal with a relatively difficult in the wild BOSS, this BOSS was not difficult at first, but it was Moon Green Hill's face that was so dark that he actually completed this Quest with a group of pig-like teammates.

     The last of his life failed this Quest that could be completed successfully. The consequence is that everyone has been deducted by the system a large amount of money, and this large amount of money not only lost all the money Moon Green Hill made a few days ago, but also lost his own money. Finally, it took a few more days before he had these savings.Since this time, Moon Green Hill has learned well. He didn't dare to rashly group strangers to complete those difficult Quests. Instead, he took some simple errands Quests to earn a meager income. His biggest wish now is to quickly save 1,000 gold coins and exchange them for real coins, so that he can tide over the current difficulties. (The minimum lower limit of the gold coin exchange system in Fate is one thousand real coins or one thousand game coins)

     Of course, when accepting those errands Quest, Moon Green Hill also hung up the Quest request. Quest request is a very special mode of Mercenary Guild. It is neither a released Quest nor a Quest that it seeks. Instead, it releases its own conditions, and then attracts players who are Quests to find teammates. This method does not have the risk of Quest failure, and can obtain a certain amount of income. , Is the favorite welfare of many poor players.

     However, Moon Green Hill has a mediocre level, mediocre equipment, and even a class is a marginal class, which makes him no one came to him after he was hung up on Quest. Over time, Moon Green Hill resigned himself to his fate. He only hoped that he could quickly accumulate a thousand gold coins with the Mercenary Guild, and never count on anyone to reveal the brand. (In Fate, the accepted Quest request made the player jokingly called the unveiling)On this day, after Moon Green Hill entered the game, he habitually went to the Mercenary Guild to pick up some Quests he could do, and the Quest he hung out by himself asked him to take a look at it. Anyway, in Moon Green Hill's cognition, that thing will never be selected by anyone, even if he is very diligent in changing his own conditions...

     Each player can accept Quests released by five players at one time. Moon Green Hill chose five Quests that can be completed in the same direction and the same route in the relatively simple Quest, and then planned to leave. At this moment, he received a prompt from the system.

     This prompt sound is very unfamiliar, at least Moon Green Hill has never heard of it. Similarly, this prompt sound made Moon Green Hill stupid.

     "Your Quest request has been selected by an anonymous player. According to system restrictions, he will contact you within 24 hours. Good luck."

     what? What? Was someone like yourself unmasked? Today is not April Fool's Day, right? Moon Green Hill looked at the blue sky and felt a little at a loss.

     "Within an hour, come to the entrance of the Red Lake City Quest lobby." He was in a daze, and suddenly received an anonymous message...

     Chapter 52 Moon Green Hill

     Chapter 52 Moon Green Hill