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Chapter Directory 156 Chapter 54 The Poor Moon Hill (Part 2)
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 54 The Poor Moon Green Hill (Part 2)

     Chapter 54 The Poor Moon Green Hill (Part 2)

     Oh my God, she thought how much a large amount of liquidated damages...

     In the end, there was only more than one hundred gold. For a person like Ye Ci who has at least nearly 10,000 gold coins every day, it's really...

     After a heartless smile, Ye Ci suddenly began to think about another question. What kind of expression should she use to face Moon Green Hill? Although in the last life she met Moon Green Hill, this guy was already alive, but she didn't know what it was like before this guy was alive. But judging from the current situation, a person who can describe all a hundred gold coins as a huge sum of money does not seem like the word bring out the best in each other.

     Of course, Moon Green Hill is a miser, which is beyond human control. You should know that in the previous life of Moon Green Hill, it was the Moon Green Hill that Ye Ci knew, although it did not reach squander money like dirt. The extent of this, but it will definitely not be a stingy person. So in this weird situation, the only thing that Ye Ci can think of is-Moon Green Hill now has no money, maybe he is still struggling on the poverty line.

     But... this situation is really unacceptable.Ye Ci has always thought that Moon Green Hill has been very impressive since entering the game. Although from the Quest request that Moon Green Hill hangs out, his own equipment and conditions are really average, but Ye Ci But she thought this was a cover for Moon Green Hill to be a low-key person, but she didn't even think that this might be another situation she hadn't even thought about.

     Suddenly, Ye Ci became very curious. Before he knew Moon Green Hill himself in his previous life, how did he live? It's a pity, now even if I am curious, I can't go back and ask that guy. The only thing I can do is to review his life again in this life.

     Ye Ci didn't say a word for a long time, which made Moon Green Hill's heart go up and down again. Although it is said that more than one hundred gold is not much, but no one is willing to give money to others for no reason, not to mention that they are still a pair of strangers who don't know each other. However, Ye Ci didn't speak, and Moon Green Hill didn't know how to talk, so he continued to suffocate with Ye Ci, so that he felt a long-distance running on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

     Finally, the other party's words came in his message column: "I sent you three hundred gold, which should be enough to pay the penalty, right? Few words."Ok? Shrimp and shrimp? Moon Green Hill stared at the message in the message box, then rubbed his eyes vigorously, thinking that he had read it wrong. After watching this, he suddenly heard the sound of letters flying in his ear, "You have new mails, please check them as soon as possible."

     There is a certain period of time for mailing items or letters in Fate. Generally, it takes one hour before the other party receives them. The post office in Fate absolutely does not accept express delivery. Of course, there are exceptions, such as mailing money...maybe the post office does not want to bear the loss of money. Therefore, if money is mailed in Fate, it is usually mailed one minute after the other party can receive it.

     Moon Green Hill heard the system prompt that the mail arrived, and immediately turned around, rushing to the mailbox non-stop. Standing in front of the mailbox, he was a little nervous, wouldn't that person really send him three hundred gold? Open the mailbox with few words, there is only one mail, it is an anonymous letter. Moon Green Hill looked at this anonymous email and wanted to scold his mother from the bottom of his heart.There is no other reason, just because the postage of anonymous mail in Fate is very expensive, and it is the same price as the mail item. Of course, some people have said that it is not a loss to mail an Epic Level equipment and mail it anonymously! You silly, did anyone mail Epic Level equipment anonymously? Let’s take a step back and talk about it. Even if someone is like this, they must do such a good thing, but Epic Level’s equipment is only expensive to trade between players, and the system pricing is not high, so it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

     However, mailing gold coins is the same. That's the price of a penny in the mail!

     Now that this person has mailed three hundred gold coins, it is equivalent to saying that he has used three hundred gold coins for the postage! ! !

     God is unfair! ! Moon Green Hill just wants to look up to the sky at this moment, how can there be such an unpleasant person, will he die if he reveals his name? How nice it would be to give him the extra 300 gold postage directly!Although there were all kinds of envy, jealousy and hatred in my heart, Moon Green Hill still took the money out as quickly as possible, rushed into the Mercenary Guild, and received 5 Quests. All failed. As expected, I lost money. A breach of contract for more than one hundred dollars. After finishing all this, he had no time to catch his breath, and the guy's message popped up again in the information bar: "The matter is over. Come to the Mercenary Guild in Red Lake City within an hour. Don't be late, otherwise..."

     Seeing the ellipsis, Moon Green Hill shuddered. Judging by his 25-year life experience, the words after the ellipsis must be nothing good.

     Therefore, he immediately rushed towards Red Lake City. Fortunately, the city he is now in is very close to Red Lake City. It didn't take him much time to arrive at the Mercenary Guild in Red Lake City. Although Red Lake City is not a super big city like Champion City, it has attracted many Guilds of all sizes to station here because of the official disclosure of the distribution of Dungeon in its later period. It's so lively outside China. Walking on the street, if you don't bring the universal translator equipped with the system, you are afraid that you can hear many different languages.Moon Green Hill doesn't have much money, but it doesn't mean that he is a novice online game. On the contrary, although he has always been playing games in general, he has been exposed to this stuff since he was in elementary school, and he is considered a senior player in the online game industry. Even if he has never been to Red Lake City, Moon Green Hill still press After so many years of experience in online games, I soon found Mercenary Guild.

     Standing in front of Mercenary Guild, he couldn't help but get his tongue. This Mercenary Guild in Red Lake City is really gorgeous...

     "Excuse me, are you Moon Green Hill?". An NPC came over and interrupted Moon Green Hill's observation.

     "Yes..." What is the situation? Moon Green Hill looked at the monk Zhang Er, the NPC in front of him, puzzled.

     "Someone is waiting for you, please come with me." After the NPC confirmed the identity of the other party, not saying anything further, took Moon Green Hill towards the VIP room where Ye Ci was located. There was no half a word along the way. Regardless of Moon Green Hill's endless chatter behind him.

     Finally, Moon Green Hill walked to a huge carved gate, and the NPC motioned for him to enter. At this moment, his various emotions have collided into one of the most dazed reactions. He just reached out his hand and opened the door.

     Lifting his eyes, stood a thin figure with a straight back, arrogant and obstinate at the window of the room.Moon Green Hill squinted his eyes. I don't know why, it seems that there is some light stinging his eyes...

     Chapter 54 The Poor Moon Green Hill (Part 2)

     Chapter 54 The Poor Moon Green Hill (Part 2