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Chapter Directory 157 Persevere Just Because There Are Not Enough Chips
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 55 Persistence is Just Because of Not Having Chips

     Chapter 55 Persistence is Just Because of Not Having Chips

     "Close the door and come in." This was the first sentence Moon Green Hill heard. In all fairness, her voice is not good, at least it is not the kind of soft and waxy voice that is unique to women, but a bit sharp and cold. It sounds like someone is holding it under the eaves of a cold sky. Bingling is piercing your skin and flesh, making you unforgettable that feeling for life.

     And her face is also unforgettable. This person is really not a beauty in the absolute sense, her eyebrows are too flying, not the kind of soft and delicate, on the contrary, it looks like the official calligraphy drawn by a superb calligrapher. The power of compromise. Her eyes are not beauty's almond eyes, but the most admired phoenix eyes in ancient China. The tails of her eyes are raised, and the flying eyebrows give people a sharp feeling of no anger and power.

     The skin is white, but pale, and people are thin, but you can feel a kind of faint pressure that cannot be ignored in that thin body. You may even feel that once this kind of pressure breaks out, not everyone can bear it.At this moment, she was walking from the window to the only reception desk in the room. It was a long solid wood desk with a gorgeous shape. Behind the table is a comfortable high-back seat. She walked to the table and chair and did it. Then, she looked at Moon Green Hill again, and then her unforgettable voice of make people rang softly: "Please sit down." "

     There are many questions in Moon Green Hill's mind now. For example, it was a woman who revealed the brand. For example, who is this woman? For example, what did she do to find herself? Wait, wait, everything in disorder, dimly. So many questions entangled him, but it made him a little slow to act now.

     After slowly walking to the table and sitting down, Moon Green Hill hadn't figured out how to say the first sentence when he saw the other party throw a pocket of money on the table.

     Moon Green Hill's eyes suddenly widened. He knew the size of the money bag. In Fate, in addition to directly entering the amount of money in the transaction box when trading with the player, there is also a situation that is more similar to real-world transactions, that is, directly letting the other party see the money.Of course, this real object is not a big push of money, but a pocket of money. In Fate, according to the amount of money, different sizes of money bags will appear when they are taken out. These money bags also show different appearances in the texture of the pockets because of the different amounts of money in them.

     For example, the money bag left by Ye Ci on the table, for example, the money bag that is now placed in front of Moon Green Hill. It has a large capacity, a bulging bag, and the texture of the pocket is Made of gold wire. Although I have never seen such a bag in person, according to Moon Green Hill's official knowledge, there are at least one hundred thousand gold coins in a money bag of this size.

     One hundred thousand gold coins...

     Moon Green Hill suddenly felt that he was very disappointed. He felt dizzy now. After staring at the bag of money for a long time, he found his own voice with difficulty, and slowly raised his head and looked at the corner of the mouth sitting opposite him. The woman with Serene's smile also laughed a few times and said, "Are you going to let me help you save this bag of money in the bank?".

     "Here are one hundred thousand gold coins, for you." Ye Ci said a word without changing his expression. This is really plain, as if what she was talking about was not a huge sum of money, but...chicken feathers and garlic skins.Sure enough, Moon Green Hill's legs were even weaker. If he hadn't grasped the armrest of the chair tightly, he might have slipped under the chair now. He just felt dry mouth and tongue, and his heart almost jumped out in his chest. He took a deep breath, and finally found himself bluntly, desperately calming himself before speaking. But the tremor in his voice still revealed his emotions at the moment.

     "What the hell is going on?"

     "One thing you can do."

     "What can I do?" Moon Green Hill looked wary, doing one thing for 100,000 yuan, what is it? He stared at the woman on the opposite side. This person was so familiar. Where did he meet him?

     "Check someone for me." Ye Ci didn't want to go around with Moon Green Hill, so he went straight to the point. "It's absolutely legal, it's not a kill and burn thing."

     Find someone? Moon Green Hill was taken aback for a moment. His actual profession, it should be said that his former profession was indeed a private investigator, and it is not difficult to investigate people. However, he has never mentioned to anyone in the game that he has this profession, so how could this woman find herself to check people?By coincidence? No no, no, this woman must know something. But Moon Green Hill did not dare to accept such a Quest rashly. You must know that this kind of personnel investigation must sign a very strict contract in reality, because private detectives are a very marginal and dangerous profession in the real society. If you are not careful, you will cause unnecessary trouble for yourself.

     This is true in reality. In the game, in the face of a virtual data, Moon Green Hill will never put himself in unnecessary danger for one hundred thousand gold coins.

     So he immediately refused with a haha: "You should find Guild in the end of the world if you want to check people, how can you find me? I am a little Rangers..."

     Ye Ci just squinted his eyes and watched Moon Green Hill hit haha, if others would be fooled by him, but Ye Ci would not. In the last life, Ye Ci and Moon Green Hill had a good relationship. Although it was an interest relationship, this relationship was the strongest in the world. So what is Moon Green Hill’s background is very clear about sth, otherwise she Nor would it be the first person that comes to mind when deciding to bring down someone.

     "Two hundred thousand."

     "I'm really just a little tour..."

     "Three hundred thousand.""This thing, this thing really can't be done^..." Moon Green Hill's face has changed, his heart is suffering, he almost wants to cry when he looks at Ye Ci. Sister, don’t test my endurance, my willpower is actually very weak, really, really...

     "Five hundred thousand."

     "Boss..." Moon Green Hill's face flushed red, and tears were about to fall.

     "After everything is done, I will give you another half a million." Ye Ci looked at Moon Green Hill's crumbled face leisurely and smiled. She suddenly remembered a sentence Moon Green Hill once said to her. There is no such thing as persistence in the world. Persistence is only because of insufficient chips.

     She wants to see now, how long Moon Green Hill can last.

     Moon Green Hill's face suddenly flushed red, and then he stood up with a brave expression, and let out a long sigh of relief: "You want to check Who?"

     Ye Ci stopped talking, and the corners of her mouth cocked fully showed that she was in a good mood.

     Chapter 55 Persistence is Just Because of Not Having Chips

     Chapter 55 Persistence is Just Because of Not Having Chips