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Chapter Directory 159 Chapter 57 Ruin Castle Old One
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 57: Ruined Castle Old One

     Chapter 57: Ruined Castle Old One

     It's different from ordinary people.

     Her self-introduction did not say "My name is XXX", but "I am XXX". Mad Willow knows a little about psychology. He thinks that people who introduce themselves in this way are indeed more confident than ordinary people, because they subconsciously believe that everyone should know them.

     In fact, it is true. People who play Fate, especially those who play Fate on Eastern Continent, if you don’t know the name childe ">you, you’ve never played this game. It’s strange to say that this person’s operating skills belong to Excellent, but what really made her famous was not technical, but rather the inexplicable gossip in the game.

     Putting it on ordinary people, what happened today is definitely a rare opportunity.

     It is rumored in the forum that childe ">you is a selfish guy who only sweeps the snow in front of the door and does not care about others’ swelling of the cream. Although there are some different voices, this has become the general direction of the entire forum. Let’s ask, if This rumor is true. Is the person who proposed to help him knock out the giant tortoise really a childe ">you? Or is it just a person who does things under the name of childe ">you?

     What to do?pleasure from helping others?

     Mad Willow suddenly felt that he was a bit too mother-in-law, because during his indulge in flights of fancy, childe ">you kept watching him quietly.

     Of course, these are not the reasons for Mad Willow's real surprise. But the real reason is...

     He lowered his eyes slightly and was stunned, then raised his brows and looked at the child again. He quickly denied the reason for the real taboo in his heart. All this was just a coincidence. How could it be possible. Thinking of this, he stopped. Hesitated, met the childe ">secret gaze, and sent out a team invitation.

     If it is said that Mad Willow was still wondering whether the huntress in front of him was a real childe, then after they started fighting, all of Mad Willow’s doubts were wiped out. Childe ">There are a lot of quiet operation videos on the Internet. However, due to the location of the photographer, the detailed process of her operation cannot be clearly seen.

     The huntress in front of her was so good that Mad Willow had no other thoughts except to extend her thumb. This time against the hard-shelled giant tortoise, whether Mad Willow wants to admit it or not, it has changed from a situation in which he was embarrassed in the past to a personal exhibition match.The entire battle lasted for more than an hour. She followed Mad Willow who was playing behind the giant tortoise and took a closer look. Childe ">You unexpectedly never got close to the giant tortoise, let alone lose blood. The whole process, she has been In the kite, I have never stopped, let alone said a word. There is such an illusion that Mad Willow feels that she is actually immersed in this atmosphere and enjoys the whole battle. Or, childe ">you originally It's not an exaggeration to be a warlike person.

     The hard-shelled giant tortoise crashed down.

     In this cooler night, its huge corpse collapsed on the snow-white snow, the moon was shining with snow, and everything here was coated with a layer of cold snow.

     "Touch it, it doesn't matter if I am lucky." Ye Ci walked to the edge of the bonfire, looked at Mad Willow and smiled.

     Mad Willow nodded and said jokingly: "If it does, I will be willing to sacrifice everything one has to divide your money."

     Ye Ci didn't say a word, but quietly glanced at Mad Willow, then turned his head, not paying attention to Mad Willow.

     Mad Willow walked over to the giant tortoise's body. He was moving awkwardly, looking a little nervous. After standing by the corpse for a while, he bent down to touch the corpse, and after touching the corpse, he didn't speak immediately, only exclaimed softly after a long time.


     "Ok."Ye Ci smiled and couldn't help feeling sour. ***, it's a person who is more lucky than her. Such a hard-to-explode shield can be seen by this guy as soon as she touches it. If she touches it, there is absolutely nothing left. Anyway, she is not for this shield. Come.

     "My friend told me to have something, let me go first." Just when Mad Willow was about to talk, Ye Ci stood up and interrupted him first. Without waiting for him to say anything, he rubbed the stone back to the city. Disappeared in front of Mad Willow.

     "The player ‘childe ">you’ left the team. "

     "Your team has been disbanded."

     Several consecutive messages made Mad Willow a little confused. He was taken aback and immediately sent a private chat to Ye Ci, but he did not expect that childe ">you actually set the private chat to refuse to talk to strangers, and he did not add childe ">Quiet friend, so there is no way to send him a private chat.

     In this way, it basically announced that Mad Willow could not contact childe ">you, unless they could meet again next time, or childe ">you took the initiative to contact him. If not, he might never be able to contact this person actively. This made Mad Willow very upset, not being in debt is his highest goal in life, so he must not allow himself to owe childe ">you such a big favor.Ye Ci flew back to Red Lake City, it was almost early in the morning... Speaking of it, after rebirth in this life, except for the warehouse where the Steel Blooded Battle Spear was stolen at this time, it was the first time she went to bed so late. After stopping her character in a safe place, she immediately went offline.

     It seems that the class tomorrow morning is going to sleep on your stomach, but... it's worth it.

     The second day was Ye Ci's first participation in Ruined Castle's wasteland reclamation.

     In fact, Upward Ho’s First Squadron has opened up Ruined Castle for a long time, and I have studied the old style of play almost, but I don’t know what’s short of it, and I always can’t make it. So today Ye Ci is the No. 1 player in Upward Ho. The alternate participated in the reclamation of Ruined Castle.

     In front of the old one, Milu, as the leader, told Ye Ci about their usual style of play, and then looked at Ye Ci longingly: "guild leader, do you think it's okay to play like this?"

     In fact, Milu's style of play is very similar to the correct style of play, but Ye Ci can't say that for everyone, she entered Dungeon for the first time. Wouldn't it be too much if she said the correct style of play now? Up. So she nodded: "Play once, I haven't pushed this BOSS yet, so I'll have a look at it once."Sure enough, the old one will call the name every 2 minutes, and then throw a large-scale damage group skill. The damage of this skill is not high, but it will be accompanied by a DEBUFF ---stiffness. Let all players stop in place for 3 seconds, the old one will randomly kill a player or choose to rest during these three seconds.

     If the team’s character is relatively good, they will always meet the boss to rest, but unfortunately, the character of Fate players is not very good, basically no team encounters two breaks in a row, so the players are like this One by one was *dead.

     This year, it was very early in the cold here, so I have been paying attention to it, hoping not to catch a cold. But the more I am afraid of something, the more I am coming. I still have a glamorous cold.

     This time I can’t take medicine for a cold, so I can only stand it hard. I don’t know how long I can survive. Dear dears, if I can still move, I will definitely update. ...Please bless me if I catch a cold soon. Crying, the most bitter cold when pregnant

     Chapter 57: Ruined Castle Old One

     Chapter 57: Ruined Castle Old