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Chapter Directory 160 Chapter 58 The Birth Of The Dark Pastoral Jelly
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 58 The Birth of Dark Priest Fruit Jelly

     Chapter 58 The Birth of Dark Priest Fruit Jelly

     After spending half an hour, and finally there were 5 or 6 people left, Ye Ci made a decisive decision-to get out of the war.

     Everyone was resurrected and rested. They all sat on the ground to eat and drink. Milu sat next to Ye Ci and said, “It’s the same every time. When the time comes, two-thirds of the blood can be knocked out."

     "What's the difference between knocking out two-thirds of the blood and not knocking out a little blood?" Ye Ci cocked the corner of his mouth, looking at Milu and said lightly.

     Of course Milu understands the meaning of Ye Ci. He nodded and sighed: "I know, I have even gone to the black market to inquire about the progress of other Guilds. It seems that I am stuck here like us."

     Ye Ci nodded and turned to look at the BOSS who was still standing not far away. After thinking for a while, he said, "Have you tried the Control Skills of Rangers, Druid, Priest, and Cleric?"

     "I've tried all of them, and none of them can interrupt the reading." Milu sighed: "I almost doubt whether this Dungeon is a BUG, or not at all.""It can't be a BUG. The oldest one on the forum about this Dungeon has already been screaming. If it is really a BUG, the official has already released a patch. However, the official hasn't moved up until now, which means that the BOSS must be overthrown. , It’s just that we haven’t thought of a good way until now."

     "I think my head is going to burst. Not only me, but everyone in First Squadron has already lost countless brain cells for this BOSS. I still can't see it can be overthrown. It's too hard." Milu stretched. He straightened his legs and looked at Ye Ci with a wry smile: "guild leader, I invite you to come today, but I'm all counting on you, you must think of a way for us."

     "You really are my gods?" Ye Ci twitched his mouth, lowered his head, and thought for a while before saying: "I still think this has something to do with the Control Skills of several control classes."

     "I have really thought about this, but until now, all the professional Control Skills have been thrown on him. He is anxious and anxious. He tells Ye Ci the results of his back and forth experiments, hoping to judge the entire BOSS for Ye Ci. Get some help during the battle.

     Ye Ci just smiled, and then said to Fruit Jelly not far away: "Hey, violent girl, come here."Fruit Jelly's reputation as a violent doctor has already begun to a little bit. It should be said that when she started to join the team, she still treated well, then in the following days, she would basically be lazy in treatment, as long as she caught the opportunity to export Go up and export, and the person she is in charge of heal is basically not full health, and is always hovering between the death line and half blood.

     Although this has made many players in fear at any time, the player in charge of Fruit Jelly has a relatively low rate of falling down. Such a result makes it difficult for Leader to say anything, so he has to open one eye and close one eye and leave her alone. Since Fruit Jelly's behavior was condoned by the Leader, she used herself as a DPS more and more. She even regretted that she should choose Sorcerer when she chose a career. How enjoyable it is to be a DPS. It’s just that those players who were healed by Fruit Jelly have to fight wholeheartedly, and they have to stand in their place, but they also have to be distracted and afraid of their own lives.

     Therefore, every time when the Leader assigns a treatment, players who are not assigned to Fruit Jelly will cheer, and players who are assigned to Fruit Jelly... basically the highest quality-quiet.

     It is conceivable that you can ask a Cleric whose DPS is hovering around the top five at any time to guarantee more life?Probably from that time on, there were fewer people named Fruit Jelly, but more people called her Violent Girl. At first, Fruit Jelly was relatively dissatisfied with this title. Although she loves DPS, it doesn't mean that she sincerely hopes to be called that way. After she repeatedly protested to no avail, she was at ease when she came.

     This is not the case. When Ye Ci called her the nickname, she immediately ran over: "Call me, childe ">. "

     "Do you particularly like DPS?"

     "Yes, yeah, every treatment has a DPS heart, and my heart is beating all the time."

     Ye Ci nodded, and then said: "Go and wash your talents, wash into Dark Priest."

     "Huh?" Fruit Jelly's eyes widened, and she felt dizzy from being hit by a meat pie falls from the sky.

     "Guild leader guild leader, our DPS is enough, not lack of output, but lack of treatment, now we are still taking treatment..." Milu was taken aback, and immediately protested, joke, that big skill was dropped, Cleric I'm busy with replenish health. If I continue to remove Cleric and go away, it's not... This is too, too crazy.

     "I can't make it anyway, try." Ye Ci smiled and rejected Milu's proposal.The most excited person of "Really bleat, really bleat" is probably Fruit Jelly. Now she seems to have been dreaming of winning the lottery and finally winning, and she is so excited that she is already incoherent speech.

     Ye Ci nodded, but asked her to come over and whispered in her ear, "Can it be done?"

     "Yes, yes. As long as I can cut DPS, anything is okay." Fruit Jelly's head was like pounding garlic, and he rushed out of Dungeon back to the city to wash his talents.

     Milu looked curious: "guild leader, what did you tell her?"

     Ye Ci intends to sell off, you will know when it starts.

     Sure enough, when the fight started, the answer was revealed.

     "Everyone pays attention to the BOSS but read the article, everyone enters a defensive posture" Milu yelled when he saw the old one and started reading the article.

     At this time Ye Ci kept Fruit Jelly private: "Silence"

     Fruit Jelly was also a top Cleric in her previous life. Of course, she wouldn't have to wait until Ye Ci reminded her to lose her skill. Ye Ci's voice has just sounded, and she has quietly thrown out her silence. Although she is still a little worried, after all, before she has the talent of Dark Priest, the silence she throws will be deviated by the BOSS. Although Ye Ci just asked her to fill the three talents of strengthening silence, she has to My heart is still up and down.

     The reading bar under the BOSS portrait suddenly turned red and broke.This phenomenon made the entire team stunned, not knowing what was going on, even Milu started to be in a daze, "No, is it because my eyes are blurred"

     "Why do you output quickly?" Ye Ci screamed when they were all there.

     The action that was interrupted for a few seconds was finally picked up again

     Two minutes later, the BOSS read the skill again and was interrupted again. Milu expected Ye Ci to say something to Fruit Jelly. Although he didn't know, he had only one thought in this situation. This boss definitely got First Kill.

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     Chapter 58 The Birth of Dark Priest Fruit Jelly

     Chapter 58 The Birth of Dark Priest Fruit Jelly