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Chapter Directory 161 First Kill? Wujia?
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 59 First Kill? First five?

     Chapter 59 First Kill? First five?

     Everything went surprisingly smoothly, as if all of this went well for the first Kill of Ruined Castle to be specific. Milu's heart was agitated. Although he had experienced First Kill many times, he couldn't help being agitated every time he went through a new First Kill. This kind of excitement seemed to affect his limbs. There was also a little trembling.

     "Keep this rhythm and don't slack. Cleric pay attention to blue control. If there is no blue Priest, then push one if there is extra. If there is no extra, eat the blue." Although Milu's voice is still stable as usual, it can still follow him. There was a faintly suppressed excitement in his voice.

     The health bar of BOSS is getting shorter and shorter. When there is about 2 left, Milu is already very excited. Even his usual everything steady and stable voice has become louder: "Stay steady, hold steady, everyone Don't give me face, let go of all the courage and output. Don't be afraid of OT, OT counts me."

     Although the situation was very tense at this time, Milu's statement still caused a lot of people to chuckle."Congratulations to'Wolf Clan'Guild for killing the No. 1 BOSS Gru of the ordinary fifty-man team Dungeon Ruined Castle, rewarding Guild with 300 reputation, 4,000 reputation with major cities in the world, and 1,500 gold coins. Let us remember The name of the hero"

     Just when there was only a trace of the health bar of the No. 1 BOSS Glu, an announcement suddenly sounded on the World Channel. Behind the announcement were countless names of people swiping on the screen. As soon as such an announcement came out, Milu was stunned. He stayed in place, as if all of his thoughts and emotions were gone.

     Not only him, but many people in First Squadron were stunned, stopped their movements, crow and peacock make no sound. It was like a firework that was about to explode, suddenly being drowned in a basin of cold water, and it became deadly silent.

     Seeing this situation, Ye Ci felt bad. If the group is destroyed because of everyone’s slack at this time, then that’s the gains do not make up for the losses. She screamed, “I’ll output the speed if it’s lost at this time. Group, 200DKP per person"

     Ye Ci deserves to be a god-like existence in the minds of everyone in Upward Ho. Although everyone feels lost at this moment, after Ye Ci yelled, the interrupted attack rhythm was immediately picked up, less than ten seconds. The No. 1 BOSS, but fell down.The system immediately issued an announcement "Congratulations to the "Upward Ho" Guild ordinary fifty-member team Dungeon Ruined Castle No. 1 BOSS Gelu First five, rewards Guild with 200 reputation, 3,000 reputation with major cities in the world, and 1,200 gold coins. Let's remember Live the hero’s name"


     Although First five will also be announced and screened on the World Channel, but at this time, the entire First Squadron people are in a depressed mood, and they can't feel the excitement of First five. They all kept their original positions, standing or sitting, and no one spoke. It seemed that this experience really hit them a lot. Ye Ci turned his head and looked at Milu. Although Milu did not have a decadent image, it was not difficult to see how unwilling and uncomfortable he was from his white face.

     Such emotions must not be condoned.

     Ye Ci of course understands this, otherwise this emotion will soon become a kind of low pressure affecting Guild. At that time, it would be too difficult to improve morale.

     "What's wrong? Are you unhappy with First five?". Ye Ci sat down with a rock and looked at everyone with a smile.

     The responses to her were sighing voice, wailing breath and silence. It can be seen that Ye Ci's speechless search for words didn't make everyone feel much emotional."No one touches the corpse? If you don’t touch me, I’ll be rude. You know, I’m not very popular, but I’ve always been keen on touching the corpse. So, what happens later, you guys. Don't blame me," Ye Ci said as he stood up from the stone, and walked towards Gelu's corpse while clapping his hands.

     Seeing that she was about to reach the corpse, Bai Mo grabbed her and sighed, "Auntie, don't hit everyone, okay? Is it easy to overthrow a boss? Let you black out again, I guess a lot tonight. Nobody eats anymore."

     Bai Mo also knew that such an atmosphere could not last. He raised his eyes and exchanged glances with Ye Ci, and the two were planning to perform the show.

     "I don't understand, it's the first five, and still don't eat? What do you think?" Ye Ci laughed.

     "Isn't this passing by with First Kill, why are you not at all sad? Could it be that you were sent by Wolf Clan?" Bai Mo also joked.

     After he told the lumps in everyone's hearts, one after another, someone began to talk together: "guild leader, we almost got the First Kill."

     "Yes, it's just a few tens of seconds away."

     "It's all my fault. It would be nice if I called to gather earlier today." Milu blamed himself.

     "No, it's all my fault. I wish I could arrive on time.""No, it's my fault..."

     Suddenly, the whole team changed from the depressed mood just now to the confession meeting. Although it was still regretful, it was much better than the death.

     Seeing everyone arguing, Ye Ci waved his hand to make everyone quiet for a while, smiled and said, "I know, our Upward Ho is little Guild, so every First Kill is very important to us, but don’t Think of this as our Quest. First Kill is good, but First five is also good, even if it’s not First five, it’s good to be able to knock down the BOSS." She had to smile as if there was a calming emotion in her face: "Don’t be too extreme. Just calm down. Wolf Clan is Eastern Continent’s No. 1 Guild, a galaxy of talent. It’s okay to lose to them this time. The game is only fun to have competition. Besides..."

     She paused, and as expected, everyone was watching her intently: "Even if we didn't get any of these BOSS First Kills? What if we are inferior to the trouble? It won't require everyone to do their best. What he should do, Fate will not treat us badly."

     She had to say something. Everyone bowed their heads for a while and began to adjust their emotions. Soon, a few cheerful people had jumped out of the gloom, talking and laughing."Childe ">Sister paper, what occupation did you use to interrupt the skills of the older one? "Suddenly, Sir Ditty, the boss of Wolf Clan, ">'s whisper came.

     Sir Ditty ">Because of the battle with Ye Ci and Tang Dynasty on the Blu-ray Coast, they are also congenial. Although there are many Guild interests in the relationship, it does not affect the existence of friendship.

     "Then what kind of job did you use to interrupt the old one?" Ye Ci squinted, knowing that the old fox was coming to find out about him, and she didn't answer directly.

     "I asked you first."

     "I'm a female, you should respect my problem."

     "Well, we are using Druid."

     "The Priest we use."

     "Huh? So Priest can also interrupt the old one's skills?"

     "Yeah, yeah, it turns out that Druid can do it too? I don't even know."

     Two equally cunning foxes said that in full swing, the fox's tail would be thrown away. But Ye Ci was secretly crying: Bah, she was reborn from the previous life, and she has never heard of other professions other than Dark Priest that can interrupt the old skill. This bitch doesn’t tell the truth.

     Actually, is she herself? o()o alasYesterday I had a fever. I didn’t know the day and night in the bed for a whole day. There was no update. Because of my own reasons, I always break the watch, which makes everyone anxious, I'm sorry~~

     Chapter 59 First Kill? First five?

     Chapter 59 First Kill? First five?