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Chapter Directory 162 Chapter Sixty
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 60 The Cheating Second

     Chapter 60 The Cheating Old 2

     Sir Ditty ">It seems to be here to ask about this. Besides, he didn’t mention anything else. The two people exchanged a few words and hung up. But Ye Ci always faintly felt that this guy must have other things in his heart. However, since Sir Ditty ">n’t mentioned it, she would naturally not catch up and ask, she would naturally find herself again when he had something to do.

     This is nothing. After the two people took up the line, they heard that the people in the team were excited. It turned out that there were some good equipment. Milu was dividing the equipment according to DKP. Because Ye Ci rarely mixes, DKP is very poor, so even if there is She was too embarrassed to ask for the equipment she could use.

     In this regard, Milu is selfless. He did not give priority to everything because Ye Ci is a guild leader. He has taken everyone to the First Kill. In his heart, naturally, the player with the most effort and the most DKP will be given priority. Get equipped. Regarding this, Liu Chang had privately embraced injustices for Ye Ci, but Ye Ci felt that Milu had done the right thing. Therefore, he just comforted Liu Chang and explained to her that there was a strong relationship. Make Milu sad on the spoils.

     Playing games, equipment will be available sooner or later.Although many people know this sentence, few people are truly open-minded. Everyone trusts Upward Ho, and they all come here. In addition to harmonious interpersonal relationships, there is also a very important point that the DKP system is relatively fair. Otherwise, even if there are more First Kills, how can Gold Group be opened early, and Dungeon will be Clearance sooner or later. The game designed and planned cannot be difficult for players for a lifetime. If the harmonious relationship between the system and the interpersonal relationship is strong, Sooner or later, Guild will suffer a loss in people's hearts.

     Ye Ci is a reborn person. She played games from her youth to the heyday, from First Squadron to people rebelling and friends deserting. Naturally, she knows the so-called powerful relationships most clearly. So in this life, Ye Ci put the most important things in the last life in the most inconspicuous place. In this life, her goal is to start again, not to be a top person, but to be a team.

     For Ye Ci’s approach, not only Bai Mo understands, but Milu is even more grateful. He originally thought that according to Ye Ci’s dedication to Guild, even if there are not many DKPs, players in Guild should be given priority. Won't say anything. However, Ye Ci has never broken this case, let alone gaining some benefits for the group of relatives and friends.Therefore, in the entire Guild of Upward Ho, Ye Ci has unknowingly become a godlike existence in everyone's mind. Of course, this situation was not foreseen by Ye Ci from the beginning.

     Ended the battle of the old one. Everyone corrected it and started to march towards the old 2.

     In fact, going directly to fight Lao 2 is undoubtedly going to die, but Ye Ci still hopes that everyone will fight. She can't always use what she got in the previous life to lead Upward Ho. If it still happens, Upward Ho will sooner or later. To become Guild alone with her, this is definitely not what Ye Ci would like to see. Therefore, she is more willing to let everyone entangle themselves, destroy the group by themselves, and keep studying by themselves, so that they can make greater progress in future battles and have more ability to respond to sudden events.

     No matter how powerful the mobs along the way are, when facing a fifty-man army, it is only a matter of time before they fall. Soon, the group had already marched in front of the second boss.

     No. 2 BOSS is a very special BOSS in Ruined Castle. There are six BOSSs in Ruined Castle, but the No. 2 BOSS can be skipped or not, because it does not control the opening of the Dungeon gate behind it. See if everyone wants a very special achievement.However, as Ye Ci who wants to win the Ruined Castle First Kill, he must play the No. 2 BOSS, because only when the No. 2 BOSS is played, the team that gets the Dungeon First Kill can get the more heaven-defying title. ——People who are colder than winter. This title does not add any attribute points, and there is no experience bonus, but this title comes with a skill-freezing. It can make 9 random people within 10 yards of one's side be frozen by ice, causing the place to be unable to move for 8 seconds.

     In fact, Sorcerer also has this skill, which is a Control Skill, but Sorcerer can only control it for 5 seconds, which is 3 seconds less than the skill attached to this title. Moreover, this skill has no professional requirements, as long as it is the first First Kill Ruined Castle and the team that overthrows No. 2 BOSS may have it, so it must be obtained.

     Ye Ci couldn't forget that he was killed. When he was besieging a lower-level Rogue in his previous life, he threw Frozen and didn't kill him. Instead, the opponent lost a title of Skill Frozen, and finally tortured herself alive. Then this video was posted on the Internet by this Rogue, so that Ye Ci, the first Sorcerer, didn't know where to hide.

     Old 2 is really hard to play.This is a guy who is much smaller than other bosses. It is said that it is a small pet under the seat of the Ice Queen Ahn'Qiraj. It is white all over, with sharp claws on all fours, and it moves quickly. Its own dodge rate is higher than that of all monsters in Fate.

     In fact, there is really no skill to fight it, that is, to surround her in a specific area and consume her alive.

     Not only that, this guy exempts all Physical Attacks, and has a very high evasion rate for Spell attacks. Therefore, to fight this BOSS only let Magic based Classes drink potion to grind it to death. This BOSS really tested Guild's financial resources. Ye Ci remembers his last life, playing this BOSS, at least Guild also spent nearly 100,000 gold coins in potion money. The equipment obtained may only be 10,000 to 20,000 gold, so after opening up wasteland, no Guild is interested in this BOSS anymore.

     Of course, only Ye Ci knows this, and she will never tell anyone. Whether the road ahead is tortuous or not is the deepest way for everyone to experience it by themselves.

     Sure enough, a pair on this ice ferret, the team immediately whine on for days.

     "Oh my God, this guy is so fast, I can't catch up with it"

     "Don't say you Warrior, I can barely keep up with this Rogue.""It's hard to catch it. It's actually Physical Attack immune to Magic based Classes. Hurry up and lock it. Boom it, and it doesn't have much blood."

     "No, even Spell deviates. I played only one of the five Fireballs, and the damage was halved. How can I fight this? It's a waste of medicine."


     Chapter 60 The Cheating Second

     Chapter 60 The Cheating Second