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Chapter Directory 164 Chapter 62—Mess
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 62 The Mess

     Chapter 62 The Mess

     What surprise?

     What does it mean to send such a message without thinking?

     Ye Ci was a little weird, but he looked around subconsciously, but found nothing unusual, so he responded with a message from Moon Green Hill: "What surprise? Don't tell me, sunshine, rain, spring, flowers, autumn and moon are all your surprises. This is not what you gave, it was made by God."

     "Oh, my boss, don't be so lacking in sense of humor." Moon Green Hill laughed a few times, then began to mutter in a low voice, "Actually, they should have arrived at the time. It's hard because something has been delayed on the road?"

     "What the hell are you talking about? I'm going back to Guild, if you don't have anything to do, don't bother me." Ye Ci is very cool. She always doesn't want to talk about Moon Green Hill.

     "Farewell, you are still outside Ruined Castle Dungeon."

     "Well, why are you so upset that you have taken other people's money and are always monitoring my movements."

     "Well, I have a professional ethics. Even if I need to monitor, I will take other business after you have to do it." Moon Green Hill smiled hippiely: "You look around, it should be almost here, I believe this This surprise you will love it a lot."After saying that he was not speaking, it was as if he had never appeared before. Although previous life has dealt with this guy, when dealing with Moon Green Hill again in this life, Ye Ci still feels that his temples are bulging a lot. This person is really annoying. If you have something to say, I don’t want to say anything. ?

     Although she was so dissatisfied in her heart, Ye Ci looked around according to Moon Green Hill's orders. Suddenly, she noticed that there was a lot of smoke and dust on the road leading to Dungeon, and it seemed that many people rushed over in unison.

     No, this is the surprise Moon Green Hill said. Ye Ci only feels that there are black lines all over his face. Doesn't this guy think he hasn't seen so many people walking right away? Besides, he just collects his own money to investigate people and matters, so he wouldn't be so boring to make such a case.

     Although Ye Ci wanted to shake her black face back to the city stone, but when the group of people formally stepped into her field of vision, she suddenly gave up this idea. Because at the front of the team, the Warrior riding a white horse, she really happened to know him.This person is now wearing a complete set of plate armor. If she reads it correctly, it is the bone of the current top Warrior Set. Behind him is a big sword that shines with white light-the snowy field. Nail, that is the treasure of Dungeon produced by the last BOSS in the ruined city. The explosion rate is so low that no one of Ye Ci and Upward Ho has had a chance to see it.

     However, in three days, it was really bird shotgun replaced by cannon. If it weren't for the dangling sword back frame behind him to remind Ye Ci, if she didn't admit the wrong person, she would really have to treat herself as an eye.

     The visitor turned out to be Mad Willow.

     If this made Ye Ci really unexpected, then the people behind Mad Willow made Ye Ci stunned. That person is really an old acquaintance, a guy who is too familiar with him, but Ye Ci is most surprised how he appeared next to Mad Willow.

     "Oh? Childe ">? Why are you still here? "The first person to see her was not Mad Willow, it was this person. His white face was full of surprise, just like Ye Ci's face now.

     She felt that her face was going to be stiff: "What is it, why am I still here?""No, I heard from the person Guild who came up first said, Didn't you Upward Ho have been out of Dungeon long ago? You came out?" That person naturally felt that he had missed his mouth and smiled embarrassingly.

     "Ah, it's you, childe ">you" Mad Willow only saw Ye Ci. It seemed that his eyes were really not good: "I've been thinking about how to contact you again." He said as he said, To Ye Ci sent a request to be a friend.

     However, what is more inconceivable than this is that Mad Willow and the man asked each other in surprise at the same time: "Mad Willow, do you know childe ">you? "

     "Arsenic, do you know childe ">you? "

     As the focus of the two people, childe ">you but yelled in the privacy of Moon Green Hill: “Moon Green Hill, you bitch, why don’t you tell me Mad Willow is from the Steel Blooded Battle Spear”

     "I thought you were so smart you would have thought of it." Moon Green Hill has an expression that doesn't matter to me at all, but if Ye Ci sees his face at this time, he will definitely not look at him. Jian's smile was just a punch, which made his face full of blossoms."You just said that Mad Willow is the enemy of Thousand Sunsets, but you didn't tell me that he is also the person of Steel Blooded Battle Spear. How could I know that the two opponents of each other are actually Guild's. This is not in line with common sense, OK?" Ye Ci looked at the two men who were looking at him, and felt that she was going crazy. She had never been so passive before, and she would have been taken to this point by a bitch like Moon Green Hill.

     "You are so innocent. Do you think the opponent I am talking about is the opponent in the game? Do you know that Mad Willow is Who? He is the person who threatens Thousand Sunsets' current status in the family and business the most. Tell me, they Is it a deadly enemy?" Moon Green Hill still has the tune of a dead pig doesn't fear scalding water, it seems that he is going to fall into Ye Ci and endure a thousand catastrophes.

     "Why don't you say this kind of thing at the beginning?" Ye Ci felt that her temples were jumping so hard, who she had all met?

     "Oh, oh, it's not that you forgot when you get too much." Moon Green Hill is still very cheap.

     Ye Ci almost didn't take a breath. She took a deep breath and calmed down her current manic mood. Then she said to Moon Green Hill blankly, "Very well, you ended up with 500,000. Don't even think about getting it.""Oh no, boss, boss..." Ye Ci didn't care how the bitch Moon Green Hill screamed and put this person on the temporary blacklist. In this case, she would not listen for at least seven days. Arrived, saw all the information about this person.

     "Why? I can't know the two of you?" Ye Ci looked at the two of them with hesitant gazes and smiled lightly. She called out Ol' Four and climbed up neatly, sitting on its back, looking at them like this Two people are better. If it weren't for these two horses, she would stand on the ground and need to look up at them. Ye Ci didn't like it. She liked it so much that she looked down, just like now.

     Although the position is now comfortable, but how do you deal with this mess?

     Chapter 62 The Mess

     Chapter 62 The Mess