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Chapter Directory 165 Chapter 63—The Gossip
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 63 People's gossip

     Chapter 63 People Get Gossip

     "Of course not." Zero Degree Arsenic laughed hehe, but in his eyes he clearly didn't believe Mad Willow's chance encounter. "I think childe ">When the adults are so idle, they actually take care of other people's affairs. "

     "Are we familiar? You know me so well." Ye Ci smiled coldly and turned to look at Mad Willow.

     Zero Arsenic doesn't care about Ye Ci sarcastic comments, he just cocked his mouth and didn't talk.

     Mad Willow has a smile on his face. He obviously didn't think as much as Zero Arsenic, and the surprise that happened made him not think too much. "I have been looking for you again, thank you for helping me fight the giant tortoise that day, and also helped me get the sword back frame." He said, patted the shield behind him.

     Hearing this, Zero Arsenic chuckled, and Mad Willow didn't know that. Anyone who is familiar with childe ">quietly knew that she was so dark that she wanted people to jump off the building.

     Mad Willow was embarrassed by Zero Arsenic's smile. He looked at Zero Arsenic with some confusion and then said to Ye Ci: "childe ">, thank you so much. "Ye Ci squinted her eyes, she said word by word, her tone was very flat, it seemed that she was just talking to Mad Willow. However, only Ye Ci knows that these words are for the old fox Zero Arsenic to hear: "When did you join Steel Blooded Battle Spear? It was obviously not that day."

     "This..." Mad Willow has some important matter that must be kept secret about this question.

     But Ye Ci didn’t want to know the answer. She just raised her eyebrows: “You have done well and have good consciousness. Have you ever considered switching to Guild and come to Upward Ho. Although Guild is not rich in Steel Blooded Battle Spear, we take First Kill is good at it. Do you want to come over and I will open the back door to let you into First Squadron?"

     "This, this..." Mad Willow didn't know how to answer Ye Ci. He originally doubted whether Ye Ci knew about his relationship with Thousand Sunsets and followed his trail to find him. By the way, he gave him a favor. But what he heard now was nothing like it, and he didn't know how to answer for a while.

     Sometimes there are dilemmas, just like now, Mad Willow feels that no matter how he answers, he will fall behind. It is absolutely impossible to agree to Ye Ci, but if an ordinary player has the conditions given by a person like childe ">you, who would be unwilling. But if he does not agree, how can he refuse?When it’s not right around Mad Willow, Zero Arsenic smiled and opened his mouth: "Hey, hello, I said childe ">, you are too much, right in front of my deputy guild leader, you are digging for me. Corner, can you give me some face anyway? This is the powerful Warrior that we just received. You can't be so kind. "

     "我childe ">You never do imitate the dog and steal chicken, so digging walls naturally has to be fair. "Ye Ci like a smile yet not a smile, looked down, swept across Mad Willow, and finally landed on Zero Arsenic's face.

     Now that Zero Arsenic has spoken, Mad Willow is not so embarrassed, he smiles guiltily at Ye Ci: "I have agreed to Arsenic first, but I still have to thank you for shielding me..."

     Ye Ci doesn't want to talk nonsense with them anymore. At this time, the more you talk, the more mistakes you will make. It is a good thing to separate early: "If you care so much, remember it and go." Then she pulled up Ol' Four and shouted. A burst of smoke and dust was in everyone's eyes.

     "She has always spoken rude, but don't care." Zero Arsenic patted Mad Willow on the shoulder, although he still doubts the childe now ">you know something about their Guild, but they can’t get any evidence. , I had to leave him alone for the time being."Well, she is the kind of person called the Great God in the game, the Great God will eventually have a little arrogance of his own." Mad Willow retracted his gaze. Although he has only been in the game for a while, he still knows some titles in the game.

     Zero Arsenic smiled and said, "What can be done in the game no matter how famous the game is, people can't play the game for a lifetime." He said that he was a bit disdainful of the word Great God: "The so-called Great God of scenery generally has a reality that is not very beautiful world."

     When Mad Willow heard Zero Arsenic say this, he didn't immediately answer. He just turned his head and looked at the direction of Ye Ci's disappearance. He cocked his mouth and said nothing. In fact, he doesn't disagree with Zero Arsenic's statement. It's just that in this era when online games are equal to another world, he has always kept one sentence in his heart and didn't say it.

     childe ">This woman, whether it is a game or reality, is by no means a thing in the pool.

     If so, if he had such an opportunity, he would definitely not be as stupid as Thousand Sunsets, and would get such a person to become enemies.

     He always had a gentle smile on his lips, just like his tepid character in the eyes of outsiders. After a while he turned his head to look at Zero Arsenic and smiled: "I have Quest, is it?""Eastern Continent, the master is like a cloud, it is impossible for a novice like you to get First Kill. The old man means that you want to get the First five of Ruined Castle."

     "Conditions or opportunities?"


     Mad Willow stopped talking. His legs clamped the horse's belly and pulled the reins. The horse's head was raised high, making a long neighing sound, and his front legs were also raised high, looking from a distance. It was really heroic and unusual, and then he rushed into Dungeon without looking back.

     When Ye Ci returned to Red Lake City with the stone back to the city, the characters just appeared, and she saw Moon Green Hill's mean smile appeared in her vision. Seeing him rubbing his hands and feet and rushing towards her, Ye Ci just wanted to turn around and disappear immediately, but it turned out to be unfulfilled. Moon Green Hill grabbed her arm and smiled flatteringly: "Boss, Boss, I've been waiting for you for a long time."

     "Let go, otherwise you will die ugly." Ye Ci said that he had touched the scorpion blade on his waist, threatening with a hum.

     The most terrifying person in this world is Who? Are you someone who is not afraid of death? That's right, it's terrible, but for those who are not afraid of death, you can solve it with one stroke. Did you know Who is more terrifying than not being afraid of death? In fact, the answer is so simple, it is shameless people.Only shameless people can do so many shocking things that make you prostrate oneself in admiration.

     Ye Ci now feels that he shouldn't provoke Moon Green Hill. Although he is indeed well informed, his mouth is strict enough, and he is a nice person, and he is a previous life with her, none of these advantages can conceal Moon Green Hill. Essence-This is a shameless master at all. For Ye Ci, the most annoying and sophisticated dealing with people, dealing with this kind of person is really the will is there, but not the strength.

     "Oh, oh, don't you be angry, I just want to win the relationship between us, there is absolutely no point in teasing you" Moon Green Hill laughed like spring wind and rain, as if he was torrent of abuse of abuse by Ye Ci just now Things simply don't exist in general.

     Ye Ci pulled out her arm directly, turned around and left. She didn't want to deal with this guy at all, at least for now. Because the appearance of Mad Willow just now gave her the biggest impact on what she had planned well, she has to think about it now and see if the original plan is feasible.If this allows Moon Green Hill to leave, then he is not called Moon Green Hill. I saw a big celebrity childe in Red Lake City ">walking quietly down the street, followed by a male elf wearing a shabby mask and trotting along all the way, this was originally very strange. But his face was full of spring flowers. The appearance is in sharp contrast with the frost on Master You's face, which makes people have to look at him.

     "Boss boss, just listen to me."

     "As I said, I'm not paying the balance. I would rather pay the system liquidated damages than I would pay."

     "Boss, don't be angry. In order to make up for my mistakes, I decided to tell you a gossip, which must be useful to you."

     "I have never been interested in gossip."

     Ye Ci had walked into the Mercenary Guild when she said this and rushed towards her room.

     Moon Green Hill was not to overlook, nor spare followed her: "Don’t, listen, maybe you will be interested." When he saw Ye Ci, he still ignored him, gritted his teeth and stomped his feet: "This way If you’re not interested, I’ll just ask to cancel the contract without the balance payment."It is really red rain for Moon Green Hill, who is greedy and shameless, to say such words. No matter what kind of gossip it was, and Moon Green Hill was so favored, Ye Ci suddenly became a little interested. She stood at the door and slammed open the two carved doors, then looked back at him with a cool look: "Then come in and talk about it."

     Moon Green Hill was immediately happy and excited as if he had received an amnesty.

     Sure enough, she would be interested in gossip.

     Ye Ci originally only asked Moon Green Hill to find out who Thousand Sunsets was and what kind of bad situation she encountered. She had to know clearly so that she could judge where the best place to start. Unexpectedly, I got more information from Moon Green Hill.

     Thousand Sunsets’ family is indeed rich. In Ye Ci, their city is also a well-known consortium. Their business involves many industries, and they have branches in many cities across the country. Their family has decades of history. Now they are at home. The patriarch in power is not someone else but the grandfather of Thousand Sunsets, but his grandfather is still healthy, but the choice of heir is also impatient on the agenda.However, the more such people are more cautious about the choice of heirs. It's just that the Thousand Sunsets family seems to have very thin heirs. His grandfather only has two sons. The eldest son is the father of Thousand Sunsets. The second son is a very rebellious child. I heard that he broke off with the family early. It is said that this matter made the old man very sad, so all the family properties were prepared for the eldest son.

     In fact, of the two sons, this youngest son is more talented in business, but it's a pity that he doesn't care about it...

     Chapter 63 People's gossip

     Chapter 63 People's gossip