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Chapter Directory 166 Chapter 64—Blade Hill
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 64 Blade's Edge Hills

     Chapter 64 Blade's Edge Hills

     The life of this second son is very much like the prostitute in the novel and movie. He was born unruly and rebellious. He vetoed the marriage of the family, and left the house in spite of it, and went across the ocean. Later, I found a waitress from a fast food restaurant overseas to get married and gave birth to a son. Such behavior made the old man impossible to restrain one's anger, simply assuming that he had never had this son.

     So after the second son left the house, the old man gave all the business to the eldest son. He thought that the eldest son would have more heirs for him to choose again, whether he could have a more suitable heir, but he did not expect that the eldest son would only have one son. , And died because of a car accident when he was young and vigorous. The sorrow of the white-haired man sending the black-haired man made the old man devote all his energy to the care of his grandson, but... this grandson is really not very satisfying to the old man, he always feels that he lacks a bit of business shrewdness.

     At this moment, the old man received another bad news. His second son, who had been overseas, was killed because of a fire in the place where he lived, leaving only his fifteen-year-old son.Although he used to be very angry about the behavior of the youngest son, he must have menstrual blood thicker than water. In addition, the old man also wanted to see how talented the child was, so he came quietly to a foreign country and met the child privately. After a few months He found that this child had more qualities as an heir than the eldest grandson, and he was very happy. However, he was afraid that he would develop from frugality to extravagance, so he has been fostered by ordinary people, but he is more cautious in school selection.

     In this way, the two children grew up without knowing each other. Studying, working, until Fate's opening test.

     The old man who has always been in traditional business, was very optimistic about this emerging industry before Fate started testing, and even planned to put all of his 60 assets into the game. He let Thousand Sunsets enter the game first, and at the beginning of the development of Steel Blooded Battle Spear The old man was very satisfied. He even made up his mind to hand over the inheritance rights to Thousand Sunsets, but he did not expect that Thousand Sunsets would collapse with Ye Ci at this time. If this is to make the old man a little unhappy, then drop a thousand zhang in later. The prestige of Guild in one fall and the complete tearing of his face with Ye Ci made the old man furious.He expressed extreme anger at the stupidity of Thousand Sunsets. It was also at this time that he announced the existence of another child, another heir, and let him enter the game. From then on, the two began a formal confrontation.

     And this time, Ruined Castle’s Clearance does not determine the existence of two people as heirs, but it is also an extremely important weather vane, so both of them be determined to win.

     "This person is Mad Willow." Ye Ci patiently listened to this gossip, which had nothing to do with her, and yawned.

     "Yes, yeah, it's him." Moon Green Hill nodded: "That's why I said they were enemies."

     Ye Ci nodded. Sure enough, this gossip had a huge impact on her entire plan, and even overturned her original plan. Suddenly she thought of another question: "Who is Zero Arsenic anyway?"

     "Oh, he is the head of the old man's secretary room, the old man's number one confidant."

     "He is not from Thousand Sunsets?"

     "Of course not, he is the old man's person."

     "Then I thought he was so loyal to Thousand Sunsets."

     "He is only loyal to the heir chosen by the old man." Moon Green Hill held up the cup in front of him, took a greedily sip of the aroma inside, and he really made Ye Ci anoint your head with the purest cream.No wonder he is not by Thousand Sunsets today, that's how it is.

     Ye Ci couldn't help laughing.

     "What are you laughing at?" Moon Green Hill looked at the opposite childe ">you, the sun outside the window through the stained glass to make the light colorful, hit her face, that shallow smile made that one too sharp in ordinary days His face looked very gentle, and there was also a shocking beauty.

     "This story is really tacky." Ye Ci curled his lips: "Let me make up and I can make it too. It's the same in novels, TV and movies."

     "It's quite vulgar. How about art comes from life and is higher than life?" Moon Green Hill agrees with Ye Ci's statement, but now he obviously prefers the glass of wine in his hand, and he squinted his eyes. The appearance of vice enjoyment.

     "The troubles of the rich are really something ordinary people like us can't understand."

     Moon Green Hill knew what Ye Ci meant, and he laughed haha: "Money is not a good thing, if it weren't for him, it would really be..."

     Ye Ci lowered his eyes, took out the remaining 500,000 gold coins, and threw them on the table: "I am very satisfied with this gossip. Come on next time."

     Moon Green Hill also rude, his expression is very indifferent, and he put away the money: "That is."His overly indifferent expression made Ye Ci strange: "You seem to be quite sure that I will give the final payment."

     "That is, as if I'm sure I will meet you somewhere." Moon Green Hill stood up, turned around, walked out, and waved as he walked: "Go, don't miss me too much. "

     He is indeed a smart man. Ye Ci looked at Moon Green Hill's back and smiled. She likes to deal with smart people. Of course, it would be better if this guy had a thinner skin.

     Looking at the closed door, Ye Ci cast his gaze out of the window. The golden sunlight was really dazzling and unforgettable. However, this is just an ordinary afternoon.

     Ye Ci retracted his gaze, looked up at the beautiful mural on the roof of the room, and raised the corners of his mouth. This news is really good.

     Life always flies so peacefully.

     When Upward Ho didn’t open up wasteland, Ye Ci was always idle. What she did the most at that time was to explore the maps that were rarely visited by people on weekdays. If she could run into Treasure Chest that had not been opened before I'm even more fortunate.

     Blade's Edge Hills.

     This map can really be regarded as the most unattended place in Eastern Continent. Although the monsters here are highly experienced and Quest is also rich, few people come here.The reason is actually very simple, just like its name implies. The blade hills are not only mountainous hills, but each mountain peak is as sharp as a blade. Climbing on it will easily fall off, and the result is mostly a black and white hanging in front of you.

     Therefore, this map was once called the most useless but a pity to give up map in the entire Fate game. First of all, the monsters here are all 40, and they are scattered. It is really suitable for good remote single training. However, there are many gaps and there is no place to stay. It is necessary to go from one weird refresh point to another. Very difficult thing. If you want to come and go smoothly here, I'm afraid it will be after level 80.

     If Ye Ci remembers correctly, in the last life, after everyone's level reached level 80, Fate roll out a patch. Not only did the level limit increase to 120, but also the flight system was withdrawn. In that version, It is truly achieved without any obstacles.

     However, if the flight system is turned on at level 80, it means that this map will not be able to come and go normally after level 80, and the monsters here are all 40, so it is worthless to say that it is almost useless but a pity to give up. . Ye Ci absolutely believed this statement in the previous life, but in this life, Ye Ci began to doubt that statement.Fate is a cross-epoch game made by top players in all fields of the world. How could such a stupid thing happen? In the last life, everyone thought it was so, and didn't realize it at all. Therefore, after rebirth, Ye Ci had to carefully consider this matter, and felt more and more suspicious, so he must come and have a look.

     Riding Ol’ Four Ye Ci cautious and solemn through the steep mountain peaks, so as not to accidentally fall into the deep ditch below and cause unnecessary losses. As she ran, she thought, maybe someone in the previous life discovered the secret of this map, but it was never announced, amass wealth while keeping a low profile, so she didn't know it. This time she definitely can't miss it.

     Along the way, you can see the unique monsters of Blade's Edge Mountain, the Cyclops. They don't move fast, but they attack very high and they like to live alone, so if a capable remote class uses them to level up, it will be very fast.Every time I meet Ye Ci, I will never miss it. After several days of careful investigation, although the secret has not been discovered, Ye Ci's level has jumped to level 42. For Ye Ci, who hasn't practiced for a long time, it is really rare diligence. Of course, in addition to investigating the map of Blade's Edge Hills, the reason for stimulating Ye Ci's leveling is that the first person on the ranking list has become Black Night White Day, and I don’t know what method he got. It took a few months to reach level 34, which immediately put Ye Ci under a lot of pressure.

     You know, for a reborn person, for a reborn person who has almost insight into all the secrets of this game, if the level is overtaken by a person who has never been reborn, wouldn't it be ironic?

     After a long lap, there was still no clue found in the blade hills. By coincidence, Ol' Four was already hungry and rolled, Ye Ci found a relatively gentle hillside and stopped, and began to feed the debt collector Things, by the way, also make up for your own stomach.

     This blade hill is located to the northeast of Eastern Continent. It is a relatively high map of the entire Eastern Continent. The wind is not small. Sitting on the hillside, Ye Ci only felt that the whirring wind was blowing fiercely. She raised her hand and pinned the messy hair on the side of her face to her ear, lifted the spring water and took a sip into her mouth.

     Suddenly, her ears moved.The elves have a better insight into the surrounding environment than other races in the sky, and even a little bit of trouble can't hide them from their senses.

     Just like now, Ye Ci tilted his head slightly and listened carefully to the oblique rear...

     Chapter 64 Blade's Edge Hills

     Chapter 64 Blade's Edge Hills