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Chapter Directory 167 Chapter 65 How Do You Know
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 65 How Do You Know

     Chapter 65 How Do You Know

     The wind was blowing, not just in one direction. Sometimes it's toward the northwest, sometimes it's toward the southeast, with no intention of stopping at all.

     Ye Ci's long, pointed ears quivered in the wind a few times, and she found that there was always a different sound in the wind. That sound is not the natural sound that is accustomed to the map, nor the gurgling sound made by the cyclops from time to time, but a sound that Ye Ci feels very familiar.

     She sat quietly on the hillside for a while, and then realized that the sound was only coming from the southeast wind, but it was not when the northwest wind was blowing. It seems that there is something different in the southeast direction.

     After feeding Ol’ Four, Ye Ci climbed onto its back and ran towards the southeast.

     All the way to the southeast, this is really easy to say, but it is really not easy to realize this in a place like Blade's Edge Hills. After all, the steep mountains are everywhere here, and if you want to go to the southeast, you often have to go around one mountain after another.

     However, Ye Ci was not in a hurry, because the more he ran toward the southeast, the voice became clearer. She carefully recognized that it was the scream of the Cyclops when it fell, and the noise caused by a professional skill.But what kind of occupation is it?

     Ye Ci closed his eyes slightly and analyzed it carefully.

     This is the ice ray, this is the burst flame, this is the big Fireball... With each skill used by the opponent, Ye Ci can accurately judge the opponent's skill through the sound of the opponent's skill. There is no doubt that the other party is a Sorcerer, and it is precisely because of this that Ye Ci, the top Sorcerer in the previous life, can feel so familiar with these skills.

     I'm really ashamed to say it, because I've been playing hunter in this life and I haven't played Sorcerer for a long time. Now I'm a little rusty with that profession. It's just that hearing such a voice in such an environment now reminds Ye Ci of a lot of the original things.

     Listening to the current situation, the people who are leveling around here are only alone, and being able to come to this environment alone to get Sorcerer, I have to say that there is some luck and some skills. Ye Ci didn't want to disturb this leveling person, but he didn't find any secrets when he wandered around the blade hills, so he just went to join in the fun, maybe it would be nice to find something.

     It was with this idea that Ye Ci ran all the way towards the place where the sound came from.

     After climbing over steep mountain peaks, the direction from which the sound came was finally close in front of my eyes.This is an open basin. On a map like Blade's Edge Hills, it’s really rare to have such a basin, but the basin here is really small, and the Concealment is very secretive. If you don’t find it by looking closely, it’s impossible to find it at first glance found.

     There are few green plants growing in the basin, but it is very mild in the dry and bitter cold place of the blade hills, but there are some low ferns growing, and from time to time there will be a few azaleas that are not tall and tall. Those azaleas were blooming in twos and threes, and it seemed a little lonely at a glance.

     And just in such a desolate place, there are actually a lot of cyclops. They are not like tribes living in groups, but wandering alone without disturbing other people's territory. It is really a place for solo practice.A Sorcerer wearing a pale blue robe was standing on a corner of the basin's backer, holding the Magic Staff and singing Spell non-stop. First go to the Control Skill, then go to the skills that continue to drop blood, and finally a few high-attack single skills. The release time of all the skills is less than 20 seconds. It happened to be a cyclops who walked slowly and approached him before crashing. Ground. Of course, sometimes when he gets Spell, he will unfortunately deviate. At that time, he will immediately make up a few big moves, and quickly blast off the Cyclops. Although he will be beaten one or two times, he can still support it. Gotta live.

     However, as long as the blame falls to the ground, he will immediately sit down and eat to restore blood and blue. Although this level of leveling is not very efficient, but fortunately, he is the only one here, no one robs the blame, and no one disturbs his process of attracting and killing monsters, so that he can easily solve the nearby cyclops. , Can be regarded as a quick way to level up. Especially here are all 40 monsters. Although the playing process is slower and more dangerous, the experience bonus is very high, which makes him level up slowly.

     Sometimes Ye Ci feels that having good eyesight is not a good thing.

     It seems like now, facing such a Sorcerer, Ye Ci can turn around and leave, but when Ye Ci first saw him, she already clearly saw who he was, so she didn’t want to leave again. Up.Speaking of which, this person can be regarded as her acquaintance. Although she is not very familiar, she has fought several times and had several conflicts. More importantly, he and this person know a person who does not have a good impression.

     Probably for this reason, Ye Ci finally decided to say hello.

     So she rode Ol’ Four down the hillside, easily managed the cyclops on the road, and rushed in front of the Sorcerer.

     I finally found a treasure land for leveling. I originally thought that no one had discovered it. Suddenly someone came. It's hard to describe how uncomfortable I feel at this time. It's probably hard to describe with pen and ink. If you find that this person is not very friendly with yourself, you will be even more upset. If it were to be discovered again, this person who had a feast with him would have no way to deal with it. This kind of depressed feeling, it is estimated that even the most clever language master in the world would not be able to say it.

     And now Black Night White Day is like this. He looked up at the childe standing in front of him riding on the dinosaur ">you, watching her twitching the corners of his mouth at him put on a fake smile, he just wanted to scold him. Damn, what kind of luck is this? , How could I meet such a guy in such a place.He waved his hand generously at Black Night White Day and greeted him. To be honest, she is in a good mood now, especially when she sees Black Night White Day looking at her from uncomfortable to surprised to tangled.

     Night and day dispirited and downcast returned a greeting: "childe ">you, what a coincidence, how could I meet you here. "

     "Because I happened to be passing by." Ye Ci answered honestly. Of course she just happened to pass by here specially, there is nothing wrong with it.

     You cheat, just passing by in a place where birds don't shit, you think I'm a fool. In Black Night White Day, there are tons of grass and mud horses galloping past at this moment, but he can't tell what he feels in his heart, so he has to laugh with Ye Ci's smile a few times: "What a coincidence, what a coincidence."

     "It turns out that you found such a good place." Ye Ci jumped off Ol' Four's back and stood not far from Black Night White Day: "No wonder the level is fast, but it's been a long time since Tang Dynasty is advancing. I've been saved, and they were all leveling up."

     Seeing that Ye Ci had mentioned Tang Dynasty, Black Night White Day simply said, "What? "Ye Ci raised her eyebrows and sneered: "Why, I consciously have no enmity with you." When she said this, she put a smile on her mouth again, very sincerely: "Thank you, you will retreat that day , Continue to fight, our Upward Ho must suffer serious injury."

     Thinking of that day, Black Night White Day's face became a little ugly. He turned his back and said in a deep and indifferent way that a woman could not understand: "I was not thinking about teamfights at the time, and it was useless."

     Ye Ci looked at the back of Black Night White Day and squinted his eyes. He always felt that Black Night White Day seemed to have something to say. Not only that, but it seemed that he was still very unhappy. That kind of unhappiness is the kind of unhappiness that Ye Ci can't explain clearly. Although Ye Ci is not interested in other people's troubles, she can guess that the unhappiness of Black Night White Day should be related to her vaguely pointed out that Yu Wandering Cloud and Lu Qiang Xiangwan's adultery that day.

     May I ask, which man suffers from being tied up with a woman and a brother? Even if he didn't confirm it, but was just so suspicious, I was afraid that if he wanted to subside, it would not be easy to make a decision.

     Although Ye Ci does not regret what she has done, even if she really hates Yu Wandering Cloud, she is not willing to use things about the length of people. After thinking about it, she sent a team invitation to Black Night White Day.Black Night White Day turned his head to look at her strangely: "What team do you form?"

     "You can't finish so many cyclops by yourself. Team up with two people and level up faster."

     Black Night White Day saw that Ye Ci spoke sincerely, and didn't mean to seek revenge from him. If you think about it, Ye Ci is right. childe ">He has seen the quiet attack power, and this person's operation is very coquettish, and team training with her will only be quicker than slower.

     Thinking of this, Black Night White Day didn't think much about it and passed the team invitation directly.

     Ye Ci's level is already forty-two, and these cyclops can't cause too much damage to her, so she rode Ol' Four with a bunch of leads, and then directly culled with Arrow Net. The experience is really up. It is enjoyable.

     However, during this long leveling process, neither of them spoke a word.

     After clearing all the cyclops in the basin again, the two sat down to rest. Black Night White Day is no longer astonished when he saw Ye Ci spawning monsters for the first time. He looked calm. Silently took out a pot of wine and threw it to Ye Ci, and then took a big sip, then took a breath, looked at Ye Ci seriously, and asked each word: "How do you know? What about that?"

     Chapter 65 How Do You Know

     Chapter 65 How Do You Know