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Chapter Directory 168 Chapter 66: A Surprise Attack On The Western Continent! !
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 66: Western Continent surprise attack! !

     Chapter 66—Western Continent Surprise Attack

     that matter? In fact, Ye Ci was slightly startled when he heard this, and then immediately realized what was going on. But she didn't plan to tell Black Night White Day. After all, for this kind of thing, it's better to be an outsider. Otherwise, if you don't get any benefits in the end, it's not worthwhile to make a show.

     So Ye Ci started to pretend to be stupid, even boasting that he was a little bit smart, "What's the matter?"

     Black Night White Day quietly looked at the childe in front of you ">You, I saw that her somewhat pale face didn’t even have a trace of expression on it, as if it was a toy made uniformly in a doll factory, and there was no happiness or sorrow. , Let alone what she was thinking about. Black Night White Day was a little helpless. It would be difficult for him to tell him this kind of thing again. After all, he is not a god, and there is no way to do it. When you say that you have something, you definitely don't bring yourself any emotions.

     He lowered his head and took another sip of wine. Fate's game is really good. Even the slight astringency in the wine is exactly the same. At this moment, this sour taste has been hovering on the tip of the tongue, and I can't swallow it anyway.However, sometimes, the feeling of shame can't overwhelm the huge doubts and curiosity in my heart. He finally raised his head and looked at the childe ">Quietly said: "Remember the last time you told me to quit the team before you said something? ".

     "Oh oh." Ye Ci slapped haha perfunctorily.

     When Black Night White Day saw Ye Ci, he still refused to open his mouth and simply gave up. He suffocated his face and asked, "It's what you said about the fire in my backyard."

     what exactly is it? Ye Ci absolutely doesn't believe that Black Night White Day hasn't even known until now. He may have known some things a long time ago, but he didn't dare to say it or admit it. And now he asked Ye Ci, he just wanted to find a strong reason to force himself to believe it anyway, and Ye Ci said that it was the strong reason.

     However, Ye Ci does not want to do that arduous and thankless task, harm others without benefiting oneself. She turned her head and stopped looking at Black Night White Day, but said faintly: "There are some things, it's better not to be too curious."

     Her voice was low and soft, so that Black Night White Day did not hear clearly. She just heard the sentence in a trance, but was not very sure, so she immediately asked, "What did you say?"

     Ye Ci turned his head and looked at Black Night White Day, with a smile on the corners of his eyes and eyebrows: "What did I say? I didn't say anything."Black Night White Day smiled bitterly. He thought, Ye Ci's attitude has actually confirmed all his guesses from another aspect. Since childe ">Secluded and Secretly told him that there was a fire in the backyard that day, he suddenly felt that all the things that he had always felt wrong before had found explanations.

     Why did he always feel that Yu Wandering Cloud was in Guild and talked to Xiaodu Xiangwan all the way weird? Why did he always feel that Yu Wandering Cloud was so strange about Yu Wandering Cloud all the way. It's just that he didn't think too much, or he didn't dare to think too much. He always thinks that Glistening Snow is a pair with Yu Wandering Cloud, so Wandering Cloud has nothing to do with Yuu Xiangwan. Or, the war between the three of them had already come to an end. He was the final victor, and he was the one who stood beside the night towards the auditorium.

     He had always thought so, even if there was a little doubt in his heart sometimes, the heavier persistence immediately overwhelmed it all. Until the childe ">Yu raised this matter, did she even an outsider see it? Or did she know something at all?At that moment, Black Night White Day felt that everything he insisted on was completely broken, and the strong castle he had built collapsed in such a moment. He is still strong on the outside, but he is defeated in his heart. So, he threw away his helmet and armor, and even didn't care about the things in Guild, and ran to a place where birds don't shit on his own.

     Although Ye Ci could guess these things, she didn't know it very clearly. She just remembered that in the last life, Wandering Cloud was the winner in the end, and he won Tang Dynasty and Xiaodu Xiangwan all the way. The so-called hero does not ask where he comes from. Although he is the Guild guild leader with the most negative news on the forum, there is still no way to make him strong. But, who will remember the true creator of Tang Dynasty and the silly woman who is so infatuated?

     The past is really unbearable to look back. Ye Ci feels ashamed to just think about it like this. As long as she thinks that she has been mentally disabled, she can't wait to chop herself into meat sauce and throw it into the toilet and flush into the sewer. To be honest, although she said to let it go, she still felt a little gnashing one's teeth when she looked at Yu Wandering Cloud publicly.

     Okay, well, she has to admit that she has never been a broad-minded person, and the realm of tolerance is not related to her. From beginning to end, she kept a careful eye on small things for a lifetime.Although it was a previous life, although things changed with the passage of time, she still felt unhappy.

     This kind of unhappiness caused Ye Ci's gaze to look at Black Night White Day to show a trace of calculation, but this calculation only flashed by, and his face changed in an instant. Ye Ci smiled lightly: "I think you are lucky. A big guild leader can abandon Guild and come out to level up by himself. It's a joy to throw away the shopkeeper."

     "Aren't you?" Black Night White Day is very depressed now.

     "I'm different from you. Although I'm hanging up as a guild leader, I didn't build this Upward Ho. I didn't take the people. I don't care about things. I'm just a follower. Boring people. We Guild naturally have guild leaders and middle-level people. People like me are basically dispensable. Are you too?" Ye Ci said without thinking.

     "I'm not here. All the operations of Guild are handed over to Wandering Cloud. He has always been able to..." Black Night White Day suddenly closed his mouth, his face turned ugly, and then he stood up abruptly. Tie Qing said to Ye Ci, "My medicine is not enough. I have to go back to the city. I guess I won't be here for now."

     "Oh, yes, then there is a chance to team up next time."

     Black Night White Day took out the stone back to the city, and said as if thinking of something: "Don't tell anyone that you and I have teamed up here?"."I know, if you let the people at Upward Ho know that I'm teaming up with you to level up here, I might be strangled to death by Remote Depths." Ye Ci said exaggeratedly, she squinted her eyes in a happy mood, but didn't even pay A small handkerchief waved goodbye to Black Night White Day. It’s just that all she has in her mind is another question. Will Bai Mo dare to choke herself? He absolutely dare not.

     "Well, goodbye." Black Night White Day began to rub back against the city stone. He raised his eyes to look at the childe ">you, the corners of his mouth moved, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he didn't say anything. A green light flashed. After that, Black Night White Day disappeared in front of Ye Ci's eyes, and also disappeared on the map of Blade's Edge Hills.

     Fortunately, the two of them have added friends to each other just now, so that Ye Ci can now clearly see the location of Black Night White Day-the city of Duras when he opens his friends list. The corner of Ye Ci's lips evokes a beautiful arc, which is the Guild-bound city of Tang Dynasty.

     Hey. Ye Ci exhaled, feeling really good.Black Night White Day is standing in the city of Duras, but the childe is thinking of just now. This woman... is too shrewd. If she says that her shrewdness is too deep, I don’t know. Although she is not Reconciled, but now he was led by her nose. Although he was somewhat unwilling in his heart, but in the face of gains and losses, an outsider like her has made Black Night White Day out of consideration. He sucked deeply. With a sigh of relief, he raised his head and glanced at the sky. The weather with billowing clouds was really annoying, just like his current mood.

     Ye Ci had already observed it carefully when she was igniting strangers. Although this small basin is rarely seen in the blade hills, there is really no strange mechanism. It seems that this is still not what she is looking for.

     Climbing Ol’ Four, Ye Ci intends to look at other areas.

     After walking a few steps, I suddenly saw a message passing by on the World Channel.

     "Champion City was counter-attacked by the Western Continent players. Champion City was counter-attacked by players from the Western Continent. All Eastern Continent players should quickly return to Champion City. Let go of your past grievances and speed back to defense."

     The message was sent by Sir Ditty ">, and then several Guild leaders of the big Guild responded, and Bai Mo’s message followed closely behind sb or sth."All Upward Ho combat players will immediately return to Champion City. All logistics players will put the supplies in the Guild warehouse. If you don’t have them, you can pick them up at the Champion City warehouse.”

     The Guild channel is even more silent, and only Bai Mo’s voice can be heard: "Everyone goes to Champion City at a fast speed. If anyone does not go, then leave Upward Ho forever."

     "Yes" everyone's shouts mixed together to swallow the mountains and rivers with anger.

     "Ice cold, you and Fruit Jelly go to the voice channel of Tang Dynasty and ask who the united front is for a while and which team we are on"

     "Okay, go now." The two MMs who are usually responsible for diplomacy immediately switched channels.

     "Childe ">you" Bai Mo ordered something more, and then he suddenly now Ye Ci is still in Blade's Edge Hills, so he roared in Guild

     Ye Ci naturally wouldn't talk back to him when he was planting.

     "Why are you still in that place, hurry up and race to Champion City, or you can wait and see for me"

     "I know what I'm doing, don't worry, I will definitely be in Champion City in a while." At this moment, Ye Ci is riding Ol' Four through the blade hills. Her goal is the sharp mountain, the highest peak of the blade hills. Top

     "Ol’ Four, hurry up, don't drop me the chain." Ye Ci dashed and threw the barbecue into Ol’ Four’s mouth.Actually, the Western Continent was attacked. This was too fast, so they opened up the passage when it was troubled? How did they do it

     Chapter 66: Western Continent surprise attack! !

     Chapter 66: Western Continent surprise attack! !