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Chapter Directory 170 Chapter 68 Opponents
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 68 The Opponent

     Chapter 68 The Opponent

     Xinhua Zidian and Literary Mountain are also some of the biggest Guilds in the western mainland, United Front Fame, however, United Front Fame meets the current situation and makes people a little no time to deal with it. I could only hear Xinhua Zidian yelling embarrassedly in the Leader channel: "I was just trying to push toward the palace. I don’t know what happened. A bomb fell from the sky and it happened to be thrown into my main force. All the main players are hanging."

     "It's the same on my side." Literary Mountain sighed, feeling very aggrieved.

     "Bombs dropped from the sky?" Absalom felt a little bit big, which sounded really disturbing. "What is the bomb falling in the sky, please make it clear, don't just increase your panic." He said while looking up at the sky, but because Ye Ci's flight is relatively low, and the tall buildings in Champion City are too big. Too much, even if Absalom looked up, he didn't see Ye Ci, so he couldn't understand the words of Xinhua Zidian and Literary Mountain even more."Just now there was a person who flew over Champion City in a huge flying machine, and then dropped bombs while flying. Now Champion City is full of people. She came quietly. We didn't expect such an event at all. So, when she threw the bomb out, we were directly killed." Literary Mountain was still relatively calm, and he immediately observed the surroundings the moment he was killed.

     Now he was seeing a man flying a kite past the crowd towards the east and north areas. So he immediately reminded Absalom: "If I guessed correctly, she should fly towards the east and north areas now. I don't know if the aircraft was controlled by her or how it came. Anyway, you should be careful and evacuate quickly. ."

     Before the leader Absalom made a request, Western Continent players in the East and West of Champion City, Leaders Xuanzui and Mo Xiaomoyan, have already posted the news on their respective Leader channels. However, this situation is really happening now. Suddenly, there is no way for everyone to make the best response in an instant. Even if you can react, it would be good if it was only Western Continent's own players, but now there are Eastern Continent players where the two soldiers meet. This kind of you squeeze me, I squeeze you so that Western Continent players can even hear it. The Leader issued an evacuation order, but there was no way to react immediately.At exactly this time, I saw a black appearance, as if a ghost with huge wings spread across the sky in the Eastern District.

     As the leader of the Eastern District, Xuanzai knew what was going to happen just when he saw the shadow. He shouted in the Leader channel shout oneself hoarse: "Everyone is scattered, don’t hug, don’t hug people from Eastern Continent. mixed together……"

     It's just a pity that he hasn't finished speaking yet, and the color of the screen in front of him has changed to black and white.

     "You are dead." The cold prompt of the system immediately rang in his ears.

     Xuan Zui lay on the ground and swallowed all the words he hadn't finished. He looked at the already black and white vision, and rushed out of his throat in anger: "Wipe."

     Absalom was also in the Eastern District, but he was not in the middle of the large army. He was on a relatively high terrain. After hearing Xuan Zui's words, he immediately realized what had happened: "Xuan Zui? "


     Absalom took a deep breath. The current situation made him a little passive. He looked up at the huge kite that had drifted away and moved towards the only surviving North District Leader, Mo Xiao Mo Yan, and said, "Mo Xiao Be careful yourself and watch that the direction of the aircraft is towards your side.""I know, I have been evacuated here, but now people on both sides are crowded on the street, and soldiers patrolling in Champion City are also chasing and intercepting. The temporary evacuation did not see much effect." Mo Xiaomoyan was silent. Absalom's heart was lifted by the lack of sound. A few seconds later, she heard Mo Xiaomoyan's sigh: "It's still too late. We are all human on the ground, but only in the sky. Then one thing can fly at will, our speed is not better than him, we were blown up, but the loss should be a little bit smaller than yours. At least I didn't kill it."

     This time even Absalom couldn't help but started cursing. The problem that is causing him headaches is not just such a heavenly thing, but the problem of resurrection that bothers him most. For this kind of siege situation, the system has already prepared a resurrection point for them. Of course, this resurrection point is not the same as the resurrection point of Eastern Continent players, and there is also a certain distance. But the biggest problem now is that they have killed too many people. The players on the Western Continent that were originally guarding the resurrection point are afraid that they will not be able to withstand the attacks of so many Eastern Continent players.Not only that, but the most important thing is that if so many people are resurrected now, running from the resurrection point to the original block will never be as easy as the initial capture. This makes the advantage he just gained disappear all at once. They were originally The four blocks have formed a very perfect battle line. As long as you hold on, this royal city will be captured sooner or later.

     But now, too many people died, and the front was collapsed. Even if they were resurrected, it would be difficult for them to form the front again. Under such circumstances, there was originally a 50% chance of winning the palace, but now only less than 10% is left. Absalom began to hesitate, whether to retreat or fight hard at this time.

     Even if these problems can be solved perfectly, he still has to pay attention to the guy who has been hovering in the sky. What if she raided the resurrection point?

     He kept silent, but the four leaders were waiting for him to speak.

     "Boss, stop thinking, hurry up and tell me what to do now? Are we all resurrected or resurrected by districts?"

     "Boss, after we are resurrected, shall we rush out together or how?"

     "Don't rush you two. No one wants such a sudden situation. Let him think about it."While the four Leaders were waiting, Absalom suddenly received a secret message from Fleeting Time: "Don't think so much. Since you are here, you will be brave even if you die and will never retreat."

     The words of Fleeting Time made Absalom's hesitating heart suddenly make a decision. He deserves to be his best brother and friend for many years. What he is thinking, even if he doesn't say it, he will never hide it from him. He took a deep breath: "I understand, I'm just worried about the one on my head..."

     "You only have to worry about how to fight below, how to resurrect everyone, how to attack, that person..." A playful smile appeared on Fleeting Time's lips: "Leave it to me."

     "Can you deal with it yourself?" Although he knew that Fleeting Time's personal abilities were beyond his reach, Absalom was still worried after encountering such a violent emergency.

     "Leave it to me." Fleeting Time didn't say much, just repeated it again.

     Absalom knows the temper of Fleeting Time. Since he said so, then he is sure, so he doesn't talk too much, but just faintly asked: "Be careful, don't hang up, I will rely on you to take the palace It."

     Fleeting Time only smiled softly: "You don't need to lift me up, you have more remote DPS guys."Absalom just chuckled, not replying. With Fleting Time, he would no longer worry about what the birdman would do. Even if he can't predict the situation, Fleeting Time has such a magical power that can make people believe that he will bring the greatest hope in impossible adversity.

     Absalom believes in Fleeting Time, unconditionally. From the acquaintance to the present, because they are friends who have made life and death.

     Fleeting Time jumped onto the roof of the nearest place, and began to use its balance to leap on the roof of Champion City. He had to move light and sharp, but not slow at all, closely following the huge flying kite in front of him.

     In fact, this is the first time Fleeting Time has used balance to do such a run. Before getting to know childe ">you, Fleeting Time was very disdainful to put the hunter’s super high balance on the escape run. In his opinion, this is just a gorgeous move that makes people visually very refreshing, but there is no What's the effect. But when he learned to do this in a childe ">you video today, he had to admire that woman, she was a person who could do everything, and even a little bit of useful things for him must be done. Maximize the play.

     He couldn't help smiling.

     It's great to have such an opponent.Fleeting Time is very fast, but it is still a bit slower than a kite flying in the sky. Fleeting Time is naturally not stupid enough to chase Ye Ci’s kite directly. He chose a place closest to Ye Ci and jumped onto the roof to chase after him, and Ye Ci’s gliding circle became smaller and smaller, and soon She turned the corner, saying that it was too late and then soon. At this moment, Fleeting Time checked the timing, and immediately rushed up. When Ye Ci was included in his attack range, he drew his bow and shot an arrow.

     Strengthen Hunter's Mark, strengthen the Snake Venom Needle, and strengthen the serial arrow in one go, which quickly caused considerable damage to Ye Ci's body.

     Ye Ci was planning to throw a bomb towards the resurrection point on the western continent when the kite was turning, but she didn't expect that before she pulled the fuse, her health bar would drop one-third of it after a few strokes. She immediately turned her head and looked around, trying to find out where the attack came from. And the system prompt sounded in the ear: "You were attacked by the player "Fleeting Time" in the western continent"

     Fleeting Time is actually Fleeting Time

     Ye Ci really saw a figure jumping towards him on the roof. He ran and attacked him easily.And until this time, Ye Ci felt that he was too passive on the kite, because it could not fly according to its own ideas at all, it only flew according to the path set by the system. This caused Ye Ci to be very inconvenient. She couldn't choose the attack position as dexterously and mobile as Fleeting Time.

     Too cheating, so cheating

     When will it land?

     In that moment, Ye Ci, who avoided the Fleeting Time attack, felt like a tens of thousands of grass and mud horses galloping past...

     Chapter 68 The Opponent

     Chapter 68: Right