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Chapter Directory 171 Chapter 69: The Enemy Is The One Who Knows You Best
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 69 The Enemy Is The One Who Knows You Best

     Chapter 69 The Enemy Is The One Who Knows You Best

     The kite hired by Lily is obviously for sightseeing. The route chosen is all with beautiful scenery and you can see the most majestic buildings on this map. If Ye Ci were to visit Champion City from high altitude today, you might still think of this. The kite is flying a bit faster.

     But this is not the case today. Now Ye Ci is using a kite to harvest lives. If no one is chasing her, it would be fine, but now there is a Fleeting Time chasing after her. In fact, it is reasonable to say that the speed of human movement can never catch up with the speed of this kite. Unfortunately, the route designed by Lily's kite in Champion City is a shrinking spiral. Therefore, as long as Fleeting Time finds a suitable location, you can see that the kite that Ye Ci rides is spinning round and round in the sky according to a fixed route, and the turning is getting smaller and smaller, and it is about to fall.Ye Ci has never felt as passive as he is now, at least not after being reborn. Because she can't leave the kite, the space to move is very small. To aim at the Flying Time in such a small space, it is too difficult for her to ensure that she will not exceed the attack range. Not only that, but the important thing is that she can't dodge flexibly because of the limited space, so she always has to worry about whether the next skill of Fleeting Time will hit her. Fortunately, she rushed to the level recently. There should be a few levels between the two. Although Fleeting Time’s attack is still strong, his hit rate is not too high because of the level punishment. Otherwise, she is a living target. He was shot to death a long time ago.

     What Ye Ci can feel, Fleeting Time will naturally not be ignorant. After he released a few skills but did not get Ye Ci’s response, he understood that the thing Ye Ci was riding on was definitely not under her control. If she could control it, she would be slaughtered under her control. Man is himself, he won't let himself shoot and kill like he is now.

     Not only that, according to Fleeting Time, childe ">you is not only restricted in mobility, but more importantly, she is still some distance away from the time of landing, so as long as he can control the skill release position and pay attention Avoid it, then it is not difficult to shoot the child directly.It's just that it's a bit not addictive. From the point of view of Fleeting Time, the important thing in the fight against childe ">you is not who puts whom to death in the end. What is important is the confrontation of the shaking one to the core and the calculation of the fight and scheme against each other in the process. This way. It's a competition between masters. It's really meaningless to just slaughter like this one.

     What's more, childe ">you is a female. In Fate, female characters are weaker than males in terms of strength. Of course, their relative agility is higher than that of male characters. What I have to do now is really a bit unkind.

     However, when Fleeting Time shot Ye Ci with a few arrows, another problem was discovered. He had more attacks on Ye Ci than MISS, at least much more than in the previous match. There seems to be no change in her equipment, which can only explain one problem-now childe ">you's level is at least 3 levels higher than herself.

     Otherwise, his hit rate would not be so low.

     This can't help but let Fleeting Time look at it with admiration. Although he doesn't like leveling very much, he also knows that in online games, the higher level is crushing to death, and if he wants to remain invincible, in addition to technically have nothing to say, it is also very important to have level. To keep up. So he can be considered diligent in leveling, but he didn't expect that childe ">you leveling speed is not slow.The last time they faced off, judging from the shooting rate, the two people were of the same level. It hasn’t been a long time since childe ">you has surpassed him by at least three poles. He really wants to know who this woman is. Where did you go to the level?

     Although Fleeting Time has a lot of considerations, the skill in his hand is not merciful at all and he shoots Ye Ci one after another. Over there, Ye Ci can only pour replenish health potions into her mouth one bottle after another. You know, because she is too confident, she doesn’t carry many replenish health potions, usually for emergency use. It's used to save life in such embarrassment now

     Ye Ci gnashing one's teeth, she can only keep driving on the enhanced guardian of the monkey to increase her dodge rate, otherwise, she really can't stand the medicine.

     After all the cheating was over, the last place where Lily's kite docked was the top floor of the Champion City auction house. This is considered to be a relatively high place in Champion City. Although it is not a great place compared to the palace, compared with the six years of flying on the roof, her current position is considered to be an advantage.The blood is not full yet, but there are only two bottles of replenish health medicine left on her body. Ye Ci dare not use it anymore. She can't be so conceited when fighting against Fleeting Time. She must leave something to save her life. So she jumped off the kite while wrapping her first aid bandage. This first aid bandage was just finished precariously. Although the treatment effect is a little worse than that of Da Hong, it is better than the amount. Ye Ci wrapped three consecutively, and the health bar immediately rose from 10 to 80.

     Time is money. At this time, Ye Ci didn't care about his full health, so he ran towards the edge of the roof. Now it is important for her to find a chance to fight back against Fleeting Time in the shortest possible time. She must not let time slip away in vain.

     The houses in Champion City are not all tall. They are staggered and have nothing in common with each other. So running on the roof is definitely different from walking on the flat ground. Not only have to jump at any time, but also fully estimate the distance between the roofs of the two houses and the height between them, otherwise they will fall into the street accidentally. What's more, if you fall into the street in peacetime, you can take some emergency measures. Now the whole street is full of melee between the two sides. If you accidentally fall, you must be careful, otherwise you will be killed by a chaotic stick.It is for this reason that even if Fleeting Time knows where Ye Ci will land, a master like Fleeting Time must be careful as if walking on thin ice, otherwise I am afraid that the disaster will be overwhelming.

     This is really a great opportunity for Ye Ci.

     She looked up and saw that there was a clock tower not far away, and the location of the clock tower was still very close to where Fleting Time was running. Without thinking about it at all, Ye Ci's body has replaced her brain to make the best decision. She stepped back a few steps, then rushed forward quickly, leaped over the roof of the auction house, and rushed towards the clock tower like an arrow.

     While rushing towards the clock tower, while still controlling her declining body, it is really not an easy task. Fortunately, her limbs and feelings have been exercised very sharply. A little negligence will be subconsciously avoided. This allowed her to land in the most accurate position at the fastest speed.

     Ye Ci slammed a corner of the wall of the clock tower with one foot during the fast activity, and then the other foot used inertia to quickly ran along the wall towards Fleeting Time. From a distance, she seemed to have escaped the gravity of the earth and ran directly on a vertical wall, but only Ye Ci knew that the inertia from the rush would last for a long time.Fortunately, the wall of the clock tower is not wide. Soon she rushed from this corner to that corner. The moment her body was about to fall, her feet slammed against the corner, and her body looked like The arrow that left the string rushed in the direction of Fleeting Time.

     Right now, Ye Ci's attack range has been replaced with enhanced Falcon Protection while running and jumping. Not only that, she has to strengthen Hunter's Mark, which is already bright red on the top of Fleeting Time. Just a blink of an eye, serial arrows, Multi Arrows, Snake Venom Needle, all flew towards the Fleeting Time

     Fleeting Time Although he has been running, cautious and solemn jumping between the roofs, but his eyes never leave childe ">you. So when childe ">the moment when the quiet figure flies out of the roof of the auction house , He was already ready to shoot. I have to say that in terms of using natural conditions, childe ">you has an advantage over him, only seeing her go from the roof to the bell tower, and then from the bell tower to throw her skills, gorgeous and sharp as if owed. The dagger full of jewels, the beautiful face, Fleeting Time, can't help but applaud.

     A good opponent is not only the most beautiful pursuit in his life, but also the person who knows himself best.This sentence fits between Ye Ci and Fleeting Time. Just as Ye Ci can predict the next movement of Fleeting Time with an accuracy of 80, Fleeting Time also has an accuracy of 80 for all of Ye Ci's thoughts and actions, as well as her response.

     So from the moment Ye Ci jumped and threw the enhanced hunter spikes, Fleeting Time had probably foreseen what skills Ye Ci would release next, so he was not running in the direction of Ye Ci, but quickly He jumped to the rear left.

     While jumping, his series of skills have been released towards Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci rolled over in the air and avoided it, and Fleeting Time also avoided several of Ye Ci's skills because of this dodge. It's just that he didn't expect that Ye Ci's Multi Arrows could shoot up to 7 arc-shaped arrows at one time. The angle was not mastered and two were shot, and the health bar was immediately empty by a third.

     Sure enough, he was crushed to death. Fleeting Time frowned as she watched her health bar, and she didn't hit Ye Ci every time when she released her skill, but not only did she hit herself every time, but the damage value was much higher than him.

     If this continues, the situation is really bad for him.

     Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes slightly, reached out his hand and whistle at the corner of his mouth, and suddenly a huge vampire bat appeared beside him.Ye Ci sneered, is it difficult for you to recruit a baby? She also blew a whistle, but what made her vomit blood was that the system prompted to reply to her like this: "This is not suitable for summoning land pets."


     Chapter 69 The Enemy Is The One Who Knows You Best

     Chapter 69 The Enemy Is The One Who Knows You Best