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Chapter Directory 172 Chapter 70 Seems To Have Just Begun
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 70 seems to have just begun

     Chapter 70 seems to have just begun

     Is there a system prompt for add hail to snow more than this?

     Ye Ci didn't think about it anymore. As a hunter, especially as a hunter with the Beastmaster family (to cultivate pet talents), what is more sad than this. Originally Ye Ci didn’t seem to adopt the Beastmaster system as her development goal, but the two pets she received were considered sturdy. It would be a bit wasteful if she did not focus on the Beastmaster system in the PVE stage. In an era where she is the master, she would also choose the design series as her talent, which is a pity.

     This is not suitable for calling land pets. This only illustrates one problem, that is, land pets cannot move on the roof. I don’t know if it’s the humanized design of the system. If you think about it, if Ye Ci summoned Ol' Four in this place, let’s not say whether it can jump over so many gaps in the house, just say it has run. In the future, will the roof it walks over remain the same? It is estimated that this is also a problem.

     It seems that this Epic Level pet can come and go freely even if it is very domineering. And the huge vampire bat brought by Fleeting Time does not have Ye Ci's worries at all. They are flying pets, and there are places in the important sky that they can summon.Thinking of this, Ye Ci is more and more gnashing one's teeth. What is this and what is it? Why is there no good thing when she meets this Fleeting Time? It's a headache.

     Fleeting Time had heard Ye Ci also whistling, and knew in his heart that the huge dinosaur was about to emerge, which made him feel a little confused. After all, now he and Ye Ci are several levels different, and the pet level is the same as the owner, so his bats are also several levels behind Ye Ci's dinosaurs.

     Pets are no better than players. They are completely system-generated data. No matter how smart or smart, they are also system-generated data. They can’t figure out what the opponent will do in the next moment, and what kind of posture to fight against is the most important to themselves. Great. The only thing they can do is keep attacking and attacking.

     And just such an offense is bound to make the bat and the dinosaur face-to-face. In such a duel, the lower bats will always be in a suppressed state. In that case, the Fleeting Time will be very passive.

     But the current situation does not seem to be the same. After Ye Ci blew the whistle, the pet did not appear immediately. Fleeting Time is certainly not so stupid that Quest has her pet defected. The only reason to explain this situation is that they are not allowed to summon such large land-based pets at all in their current location.

     The opportunity is here.Although Fleeting Time doesn't care so much about who wins and who loses, but in the process, he will never give up a chance. After accurately judging that Ye Ci could not recruit a pet here, he immediately let his vampire bat start to attack Ye Ci.

     He must hurry up for one minute and one second, because it doesn't know if Ye Ci has such a flying pet like him. If he does, then his current advantage will immediately disappear.

     In fact, Ye Ci doesn’t have a flying pet. In her pet pen, apart from Ol’ Four, there is only Ol’ Three, who hasn’t played for a long time. So, after the system prompts that she cannot summon Ol’ Four, she made His first reaction was to run quickly, toward those narrow places with high roofs.

     As a highly survivable occupation, hunters should not only be confident of their own operations when fighting in the wild, they should also be familiar with all the environments in the wild in the shortest possible time, so as to be able to emerge in a crisis. Time, find the best refuge for yourself.

     Ye Ci knows this, and Fleeting Time naturally knows it. He already knew what Ye Ci was going to do when he saw Ye Ci running towards the nearest lanky and narrow roof group nearby. If Ye Ci first entered the narrow roof group at this time, Fleeting Time would think of passive.First of all, he had no way of bats to enter the roof group to attack her. Second, she hid in a dark and narrow dark place. It was extremely difficult for her to shoot her with a bow and arrow, but it would be easy for her to attack herself. If that happens, the advantage that he has just gained the upper hand will immediately be reversed and become the most disadvantageous disadvantage for himself. Fleeting Time squinted his eyes for contemplation while running, and then immediately blew another long and long whistle.

     Ye Ci only felt that the vampire bat that had been chasing him behind him suddenly fluttered its huge wings, and then flew to a high place. How is this going? Fleeting Time Give up the attack? How can it be? How could he give up an opportunity that is best for him? So what is he going to do? Ye Ci raised her head slightly, it doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it, but she was surprised

     This Fleeting Time is really not easy. He directly used the bat to hover in the air when it was accelerating, let it fly high suddenly, and then went around a circle and rushed toward her from the front. This guy, who was also a fellow traveler with himself, seemed to be gentle and gentle, but when he encountered a fight, he could do all kinds of damaging things.Ye Ci didn't feel angry or angry, but found it very interesting. In fact, there are too many people who do everything in the battle, but some people don’t necessarily want to get everything, and it’s boring to play with him, but Fleeting Time is a guy who is half-hearted with Ye Ci and fights against this kind of person. , And let Ye Ci think of what is meant by "fighting with heaven, earth, and people, the joy is endless."

     The vampire bat flew so fast that she was about to pounce on Ye Ci. She didn't care about the beautiful image. She quickly rolled around with a donkey and hid in the middle of a cat's waist. And that sharp beak pecking unbiasedly at the place where Ye Ci was just standing, only a crisp sound was heard, and the tiles in the place where Ye Ci stood had been broken into one piece. It is conceivable how powerful this force is. If she just pecked her body with this unbiased mouth, even if there was not much blood, the pain would not be blown away.

     Ye Ci dodges the bat here, and continues to want to run to the high roof area over there, but the Fleeting Time over there is unfulfilled at all. He dodges from left to right and sends out fierce skills towards Ye Ci. She was trapped by the vampire bat.The hunter is also called "eight-yard mentally retarded", which means that the hunter's strength lies in his long range. If he and the target are within eight yards, the hunter is really not afraid of it. If nothing else, he has less melee combat skills and explosive power. Not high, all long-range attacks require the main agility and strength, and the most important attribute of melee combat is strength, and a hunter who focuses on agility must not be cheap in melee combat.

     Ye Ci now foresaw such a situation.

     Her opponent is a hunter, and this hunter can recruit pets. But she is completely different. Although her level is several levels higher than that of the opponent, she has no pets. When the opponent's pet is entangled with her, she can't use the crossbow to get rid of the opponent's pet directly. Her melee skill is deadweight with him, but at this time the opponent can stand and attack her directly from a distance.

     Ye Ci felt that she had never been so embarrassed.

     Although she has always felt that being a hunter is still qualified, coquettish, and even high-play, but in the face of this dilemma and facing opponents of the same strength, Ye Ci realized that her own crisis management was not Not qualified, she has only been standing up with her own agility, high balance, and playing tricks with the other party when she encounters a crisis, but when she really faces this stalking situation, she has no focus on attacking at all.This disadvantage is really annoying. Ye Ci saw that her equipment skill sprint had cooled down, she immediately clicked the sprint without hesitation, and immediately opened up the distance from Fleeting Time and the bat. Just in this gap, she has several explosive powers. The powerful skill has been released towards Fleeting Time.

     Fleeting Time was too late to dodge, and he suffered a few blows. Although he would not be killed immediately, but there was only bloodskin left. He immediately stuffed a hemostatic agent into his mouth, and then quickly said " The "S" type route rushed, and he began to take a bandage on his body, so that his blood line was lifted up.

     At this moment, he got the bat to fly in the direction of Ye Ci again, and he started blowing that long whistle again.

     Ye Ci naturally knew that Fleeting Time was about to manipulate the bat to speed up the attack towards him, but it was definitely not what Ye Ci would do to throw the same stone twice. She suddenly jumped up, flying somersaults, and released a few damage values to the bat at a high place. The damage value is not too high, but the skill with continuous damage. Not only that, after she landed, she no longer cares about the bat, just While filling the medicine, he ran in the direction of Fleeting Time.Running is not just running, but running while being pressed by the skill. Fleeting Time is a "S"-shaped route, and Ye Ci's route is not straight. Two people move too similarly, move speeds too similarly, and even attack methods that are too similar to each other. The illusion of looking in a mirror.

     The huge bat that had been chasing Ye Ci, because he was carrying a variety of skills that continued to lose blood, chasing after him, suddenly screamed and fell out of sight. Fleeting Time just squinted his eyes and didn't care too much. Summoning pets out was just a small trick. He didn't want to rely on this advantage to defeat Ye Ci.

     He prefers to oppose each other with equal harshness with her.

     "On the territory of Eastern Continent, you absolutely can't take advantage of it" Ye Ci said coldly when the two passed by.

     Fleeting Time looked at Ye Ci's tight face and smiled: "No matter where I am, I won't lose."

     oppose each other with equal harshness, seems to have just begun.

     Chapter 70 seems to have just begun

     Chapter 70 seems to have just begun