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Chapter Directory 174 Chapter 72: If You Let Me Wait, I Will Wait
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 72 You Let Me Wait, I'll Wait

     Chapter 72 You Let Me Wait, I'll Wait

     Not many people convinced Absalom. Even the top masters of various continents are no exception, even if their operations in the video are to the extreme, but in Absalom's view, they are nothing more than operations. What he really values is the ability to respond, and now in his opinion, childe ">you is indeed convincing.

     Players on their western continent captured Eastern Continent’s Champion City, and no one would know this beforehand. Just from Eastern Continent's no time to deal with it response, they knew that their raid was extremely successful. Since all Eastern Continent players never knew about this, childe ">you never knew it, and a person who didn’t know about it was able to respond to the beyond expectation in the shortest possible time, and also made the most outstanding response. The most lethal attack.

     At least three conclusions can be drawn from this. First, this person is too familiar with this continent, so he can find the most suitable attack method in the shortest time. Second, this person is absolutely jumping thinking, and finding a way is really do sth when least expected. Third, this person is always equipped with unexpected things. These things usually seem useless, but at the critical moment it is precisely these things that will bring a decisive reversal of the entire war.There are many top masters, but there are very few people who are both top masters and able to do this...

     It is for this reason that Absalom sincerely sighed "convinced". Fleeting Time sighed and laughed at him: "There are not many people who can convince you."

     Absalom did not answer Fleeting Time directly, just asked: "Which war zone are you in? Have you started to approach the monastery?"

     "What would you think if I said I was still on the roof and was fighting with a childe"? "

     Absalom couldn't help but change her face: "You haven't put her down yet, are you"

     "You also said that you are convinced by her, do you think the person who convinces you will be a simple role?".

     "She is indeed a top master, but you are the top master of the master, I don't think you will be able to handle her." Absalom is still full of confidence in Fleeting Time.

     "I want to say that you really view the sky from the bottom of a well." When Fleting Time said this, he hit Ye Ci again, and he was almost sent back to life. Not only that, the arrow almost hit his joints, which meant that it almost crippled him, and the heart-wrenching pain made him groan.

     "What's wrong? You won't be killed by her," Absalom cried out strangely."I was not linked up, but she was almost disabled by her." Fleeting Time said flatly: "Even if she hangs up, there is nothing strange. She is at least three poles higher than me now, and I have a low hit rate.

     Absalom thought for a while and immediately said, "Since she won't be killed for a while, you should go to the monastery to support her.

     "..." Fleeting Time was unwilling to go like this before the winner was determined, he was not reconciled.

     "Hurry up, you know that the archbishop inside is very fucking awesome, hurry up and go kite, or how do we get in." Absalom always looks at things in the big picture. Such people are the opposite of such people as Fleeting Time and Ye Ci. So, Perhaps such a person will never be able to understand the unwillingness of Fleeting Time now.

     "Can you wait a little longer." Although Fleeting Time knew that his decision was a big taboo in the overall situation for Leader, he just couldn't bear to let this battle give up halfway.

     Although Absalom could not understand the unwillingness of Fleeting Time, he definitely knew what Fleeting Time thought about. So he categorically rejected Fleeting Time’s proposal: "This is an extraordinary period. If it is normal, it doesn’t matter if you want to fight in the dark, but now, no. Your current Quest is not competing with her, but rushing to the monastery. Before the monks and monks have started a large-scale battle with us, draw the archbishop out of the monastery."Fleeting Time did not answer immediately.

     Absalom went on to say: "Brother, it's not easy for us to come once, don't be arrogant."

     Fleeting Time took a deep breath. Yes, Absalom said it was right. Although he didn't want to end the fight with childe ">you like this, they came here to restrict the development of Eastern Continent, and they wanted to occupy the royal city. Now that the plan to occupy the palace is bankrupt, the monastery must not be let go.

     After making up his mind, he smiled at Ye Ci: "childe ">you, we will see you next time. "After that, he turned around, and a dive quickly jumped off the roof, then merged into the crowd and disappeared.

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, suddenly felt baffling, and then went furious, and Fleting Time actually ran away.

     If Fleeting Time hangs up right away at this time, it makes sense that he ran away, but now he has no medicine, and Fleeting Time is afraid that there are still a lot of medicines on his body. Although she is a high level, she must not be Fleeting Time if she is fighting for a long time. His opponent, under such circumstances, he didn't run, and Fleeting Time actually ran away. How could Ye Ci not get angry.She quickly rushed to the evolution of the release, looking down, the red and green crowds underneath each other, they are really beautiful, where there is the figure of Fleeting Time, she immediately planned to chase down like this, but she didn't want Bai Mo's voice at this time. It rang in my ears: "childe ">you, where are you now?"

     "On the roof, close to the auction site." Ye Ci replied, rushing to follow the flow of people below.

     "Quickly return to defense and gather at the entrance of the Grand Theater" Bai Mo immediately boss people around. He is the leader of the fourth theater of the Eastern Continent, and now is the battlefield. His words are orders, and there is no doubt.

     "But..." Ye Ci was naturally unwilling, and immediately retorted.

     Bai Mo naturally knows what she has encountered that cannot go away, but now, the life and death of the mainland is the most important thing, and all personal matters must be ranked behind. So Bai Mo's voice was full of majesty and beyond doubt: "Gather at the gates of the Grand Theater, immediately"

     "..." Ye Ci's running footsteps stopped alive, she bit her lip, naturally knowing the reason for Bai Mo's request, but she just wasn't reconciled.

     "Childe ">You, I said, immediately"Ci took a deep breath, she wouldn't care about this matter in the previous life, but this life is different, she can't be so selfish, she can't care about everyone so much. Especially under such circumstances, her sanity tells her that she must not be obstinately clinging to one's course.

     Therefore, even if she was unwilling in every way, she could only turn her head and rush towards the big theater quickly. As she rushed back to her war zone team, the more she thought about it, the more angry she became, and finally she sent the first world news since entering the game.

     "Fleeting Time, wait for me"

     In such a melee, although nervous, many people still pay attention to the World Channel. After all, there are many gossips that are worth using on the World Channel. When everyone was preparing for the battle while paying attention to the World Channel, childe ">the quiet words jumped out, causing many people to fry the pot.

     childe ">you is the top master of Eastern Continent, which seems to be a well-known thing in Fate. But childe ">you is an absolutely low-key person, rarely appear in big scenes, let alone on the world channel What did you say? Today's words are truly unprecedented.

     What's more interesting is that the goal of this sentence is to target another top expert in the Western Continent. How can this prevent many players who have things to do, nothing to do, and boring and boring players start to guess.If this is already very eye-catching, then Fleeting Time's answer will set off a wave of waves with one stone.

     Fleeting Time was about to rush to the gate of the monastery at this time, and had already connected with the large group. Not only that, but he had already walked to the side of Absalom and a few other leaders. Although these people are not in the same Guild, they are all on the same continent, and they are all celebrities, so everyone is very familiar. Before Absalom had time to explain the matter, the childe ">You Na furious words popped up on the World Channel, causing several Leaders to immediately look at Fleeting Time with everything in their eyes.

     And Fleeting Time just smiled. He pondered a little, and a playful smile wafted over his lips. He also replied: "Since the childe ">let me wait, then no matter when and where, no matter how long I will Waiting. "

     These words...

     This is really too confusing...

     Coupled with the words of Ye Ci above, connecting up and down, people who didn't want to be crooked immediately felt that there seemed to be something between the two people that they didn't understand.

     Absalom twitched his lips and looked at Fleeting Time: "Are you guys in love and killing each other?"

     Xinhua Zidian immediately laughed: "Love and kill each other, with a sense of feeling, boss, do you envy and hate?"Fleeting Time Faced with the jokes of several people, four ounces can move a thousand catties: "Fighting is not only a duel, but negotiation is also a battle."

     Several people met, rolled their eyes, and the corners of their mouths. But this kind of thing is just a small episode now, and the most important issue now has to take over the monastery. Absalom and a few leaders immediately joined the fighting leader.

     Ye Ci, who flew for a run, just returned to the team and saw Fleeting Time's answer. She almost fainted without mentioning it. Especially in the eyes of Bai Mo, Liu Chang, Timely Rain, Xiaoshou Husband and many Upward Ho’s main attention, she has a kind of wanting to kill.

     She always thought Fleeting Time was a guy who was unsmiling and set up on high, but she didn't expect this man with such a cheap mouth, what is he talking about? Ye Ci suddenly felt that the blood on the soles of the feet was rushing towards the top of the head, and the blood vessels were bursting. Up.

     Timely Rain patted her shoulder: "Very good, really good."

     Ye Ci turned his head and glared, eyes full of bursting blood vessels.

     Chapter 72 You Let Me Wait, I'll Wait

     Chapter 72 You Let Me Wait, I'll Wait