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Chapter Directory 175 Chapter 73
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
    Original: | Translation:

Next, Liu Chang also patted her shoulder and walked over. Behind her, Xiaoshou Huo, pickled pepper chicken feet, Fruit Jelly, Milu, and even a bitch like Pea Cake came to pat her shoulder. The most hateful thing is that these people didn't speak at all, just sighed in front of her. The small universe of Ye Ci is about to explode.

     Bai Mo, who was walking at the end, just like the person in front, reached out and patted Ye Ci on the shoulder, sighed, and looked like I knew it: "No wonder I don’t want to come back. It turned out to be so. Ah, sure enough, when a girl is of age, she must be married off."

     This is now more like a flame that lit a bomb fuse. Ye Ci's sanity finally collapsed. She didn't care whether Bai Mo was a leader or not. She just raised her foot and kicked Bai Mo's waist severely. This guy didn’t stand firm at all, so he fell a dog shit under the eyes of everyone.

     "Hey, you can't let the city wall catch fire like this, causing the fish in the pond" Bai Mo immediately protested.

     Ye Ci snorted coldly, regardless of Bai Mo's life or death.

     At this time, Sir Ditty ">in the Leader channel said loudly: "Attention to all theaters, attention to all theaters. Now each leader is marching towards the monastery with players from their theaters, without delaying the speed."Although the little dispute between childe ">you and Bai Mo just now brought a lot of fun to the players in the fourth war zone, after hearing the command from Sir Ditty ">in the Leader channel, they immediately converged. It's easy, and it's full of tension.

     Sir Ditty ">and then arranged the routes and work of each theater in the Leader channel. "The first theater, from the front road to attack, regardless of the cost, you have the most people in all theaters, and are equipped in all theaters. It's best to get a team, remember that this battle is for the survival of the mainland, for the benefit of everyone. Even if the opponent’s firepower is fierce, even if they want to hang up, they have to hang up on my own battlefield for me."

     Having said that, he gave a slight meal, and then said to all the people in the war zone: "This is also to all the people in the war zone, don't tell your leader, what should I do if I lose my equipment? You need to know , If the people of Western Continent conquer the monastery, you will lose not only equipment, not only income, but also dignity, as well as dignity in front of players all over the world. The entire game progress of Eastern Continent is now in the world. The top player among the players, if we lose here now, we will fall from the first to the last, and all of us will be affected. Do you want to achieve this result?".Although not everyone can speak in the Leader channel, the cry of ear-splitting players in Champion City has proved that Sir Ditty ">'s words have an exciting effect for everyone. Although such words are for ordinary players It is said that every player is be fired up, but for Ye Ci, a reborn player who has not known how many siege wars he has experienced, she is a bit numb, but she still has to admire Sir Ditty ">For the whole situation Not every Leader can achieve this degree of certainty.

     It is a pity for this person not to be a politician.

     Sir Ditty in the Leader channel ">Still continue to arrange the work in each theater, but Ye Ci didn’t listen carefully, she was just thinking about another question. Did you hear the leader call when Fleting Time ran so anxiously? No way, People like Fleeting Time are also so obedient to the overall arrangement? If this is the case, the leader who can call Fleeting Time must be an incredible person. After all, it must not be easy for someone like Fleeting Time to subdue to others. character.

     However, Ye Ci has always had a question. In any case, Fleeting Time is also a top master in the Western Continent. In fact, such a master can't highlight his advantage in the melee, and he left in a hurry, is it really going to take the monastery with the big army?Is it really so? If this is the case, then is there nothing extraordinary about this Leader?

     Suddenly Ye Ci thought of a question.

     Why people in the western mainland choose a monastery is actually very clever.

     If in the royal city, the royal palace is a symbol of the royal city, and if it is captured, it means that the landmark of the entire continent has been captured, and then the political, economic and cultural of the entire continent will be affected, then the royal monastery represents the religion of the entire continent. In Fate, most of the NPCs are religious. The monastery does not represent the religious prosperity of a continent, but also represents the morale of the NPCs of the entire continent. In other words, if the monastery is captured, even if the mainland's economy and others are not affected, most of the NPCs will still have a low morale, causing them to be passively sabotaged. This has a huge impact on the progress of the Dungeon of the major Guilds.

     Generally, in a siege battle between continents, if the capture of the palace cannot be achieved, the enemy generally considers the first place to capture the monastery. If the monastery cannot be captured, they will choose the National Library or the National Auction. If none of these places can be captured, then this attack represents a failure.Western Continent's offensive goal is very clear. Since it can't take the King City, then it must take the monastery, and it must cause Eastern Continent's loss, otherwise it would be too bad to come this time. And does Fleeting Time go to participate in such a melee? I'm afraid not at all.

     Ye Ci squinted his eyes. The royal monastery has two conditions for judging whether it is captured. First, the archbishop died. Second, destroy the main idol in the monastery.

     The departure of Fleeting Time must have a certain relationship with these two conditions. Because the main idol is not as strong as imagined, as long as a long-range ordinary attack, it will be broken in a few minutes. However, the elite soldiers surrounding it are not vegetarian. These elite soldiers will never leave the main idol casually. Therefore, in the current monastery Before being conquered, I am afraid that no one will destroy the main idol from a distance.

     Then there is only another one left, the archbishop.

     In the eyes of Eastern Continent players, the archbishop is a high-level NPC with kind brows and pleasant eyes, but in the eyes of Western Continent players, he is a super abnormal big boss. However, no matter how abnormal the BOSS is, as long as the player is willing to die, this high-level BOSS Will definitely be pushed down.

     Moreover, the archbishop is a Magic Attack NPC, although the output is powerful, but it is a tofu body, very crispy. Fleeting Time is a hunter. A hunter who can become a top expert on his back, the most basic skill is the kite.Looking at the Western Continent, if Fleeting Time says he can’t kite, I’m afraid that the entire Western Continent will not have a single player who can kite.

     It turned out to be so. Ye Ci folded her arms in front of her chest, and now she had recruited Ol’ Four to come out, sitting on its back, her slender and white fingers were gently tapping her arms, and there was a hint of coolness in her eyes. She turned her head to look at Fruit Jelly walking behind her and asked, "Is there any red on Fruit Jelly?"

     Although Fruit Jelly is a Cleric, this guy has always taken output as his own responsibility, and has never been enthusiastic about treating this kind of thing. However, Cleric's output is strong and it is also a crispy skin. Sometimes he can't add it by himself, or he has to take drugs. . Therefore, Fruit Jelly carries a lot of health potion, various specifications, various brands, everything that should be here is here.

     "Yes, how old do you want?"

     "I'm almost 43 now, you look at it." Ye Ci never concealed his level in front of friends who get along well, so he directly told Fruit Jelly the level.

     Fruit Jelly couldn't help but slapped her lips again. She glared at Ye Ci: "You are a pervert, how can you level up so fast, I'm only 33 to 10 levels." Although she said that, her hands were not idle. He divided up 20 bottles of the health potion with the most treatment volume in his package and traded it to Ye Ci.Facing Ye Ci, Fruit Jelly is never stingy. Although these 20 bottles of red feet are worth 4000 gold, for Fruit Jelly, as long as a friend wants it, she will never be stingy.

     "Give me so much, will you not be enough?" Ye Ci was also unambiguous, and just accepted it.

     "It's okay. It's a bit wasteful to use this red me level. It's not as good as you can use it." Fruit Jelly shook her head, and then smiled badly: "If your conscience is disturbed, it's better to tell me if you and the Fleeting Time are incompatible Accused adultery?"

     Ye Ci rolled his eyes and gave Ol’ Four an order to run wild: "I wish you will die twenty times on the battlefield today."

     Fruit Jelly laughed: "If this proves that you have adultery, I would be happy to die."

     Ye Ci continued to roll her eyes, her heart, liver and five internal organs were almost burnt up, what is this all about?

     "Qingge, I want to go there first, and guard the archbishop." Ye Ci saw that there were no NPCs in it when passing by the warehouse storage center. Not a soul in sight, she was a wolf. Fortunately, she has a Guild medal and can open Guild directly. From the warehouse, I took a little bit of the Intermediate Flame Arrow and Intermediate Frost Arrow that he had previously saved. With such preparations, she stayed private for a moment Sir Ditty ">.Sir Ditty ">As the highest leader of Eastern Continent, he has naturally thought of the question Ye Ci just thought of. He opened his mouth and asked: “childe ">, let me ask you something, were you fighting against that Fleeting Time just now.”

     If you don’t know Sir Ditty ">is definitely not a gossip person, if you don’t know Sir Ditty "> will never say something meaningless in this situation, I am afraid that Ye Ci wants to refuse to answer this question. But she just knew Sir Ditty ">No, so she answered honestly: "Yes, on the roof. "

     "Has he been returned to the team?"

     "Anyway, I will flash in the middle of the fight, and I should have returned to the team." Speaking of this Ye Ci, he felt angry when he thought of what had happened on the World Channel just now.