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Chapter Directory 176 Chapter 74: Hi, Meet Again ~
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 74 Hey, meet again~

     Chapter 74 Hey, meet again~

     Sir Ditty ">We pondered for a moment, and then asked: "What do you think of Fleeting Time going back to?" "

     Ye Ci certainly doesn’t think Sir Ditty ">is asking himself this question casually. Since he asked this question, he must already have his own answer, so she curled up her lips: "You have the answer, why are you still asking? I. "

     "I just want to find someone to confirm that I am right." Sir Ditty ">also smiled, but he has always been cautious in his behavior, especially like the current situation, Sir Ditty ">It’s impossible to say anything casually. Just made a rash decision according to his own ideas.

     "Archbishop Kite." This is the most appropriate and only answer Ye Ci can think of.

     Sir Ditty ">pause another moment, and then let out a long breath: "Be careful, there must be surrounded by Western Continent players now, don’t hang in it, you must try to delay it, and win us the most precious time. "

     "Let's go." Ye Ci cocked her mouth and smiled. She just likes to deal with smart people, simple and neat, and you can find the crux of the problem in a few clicks.

     After breathing with Sir Ditty ">, Ye Ci jumped off Ol’ Four’s back and swiftly moved forward among the crowded players, rushing towards the monastery.As for Bai Mo, Sir Ditty must have passed his qi, so Ye Ci is not worried. The question she is most concerned about now is how can she quietly hide the eyes and ears of many western mainland players from the monastery? ?

     After thinking for a while, she finally decided to walk over from the roof, although after the first battle between herself and Fleeting Time, it must have become a key area to guard against, but the players on the western continent are facing a steady tide. The players of Eastern Continent who flowed in must be negligent in guarding the roof. In just a few minutes, she can reach the monastery smoothly.

     Although this approach is very dangerous, the military moves have always been surprisingly successful. Therefore, Ye Ci did not hesitate to get over the roof, lowered his body, and put his body in the easiest posture to run quickly. Running and jumping, rushed in the direction of the monastery.Facing the invasion of foreign enemies, the monastery was completely facing the enemy. Before the king's reinforcements arrived, all the monks and monks were all ready. There are about three hundred monks and monks in the entire monastery. They have levels between 40 and 50. Among them, monks are good at attacks, and monks are good at healing. Although there is no MT, this combination is very good, but, Although the level is a dozen or so different, there are too many players in Western Continent, so when Ye Ci reached the east gate of the monastery from the roof, he saw that the monks had been working very hard.

     In the Royal Capital Monastery, only the roof on the north can not stand people, and there are some soldiers guarding over there, so there are far fewer players on the western mainland in the north. Ye Ci did not hesitate at all, and when he entered the Stealth state, he approached to the north. Although the Stealth state is only half the normal speed, it is the only way to walk under the eyes of so many people and be undetected. Up.Ye Ci tried his best to bypass the gathering place of Rogue and Rangers in the western mainland, and it took almost fifteen minutes to finally reach the north of the Royal Capital Monastery. On the way, she kept hearing monks and monks dying chanting slogans of being loyal to the gods, and seeing the actions and obedience of players in the western mainland be adjusted to uniformity (usually of weights and measures). She couldn't help but sigh that this was indeed an elite unit, and she didn't know how long they had been training for today's offensive to achieve today's effect. In comparison, the overall quality of Eastern Continent players who are temporarily assembled will be much lower, and they can only continue to use crowd tactics as the only means of winning.

     However, sometimes, the crowded tactics are actually just the best tactics. It's as if players in the Western Continent are dealing with monks and monks in monasteries.

     When Ye Ci climbed into the west gate, she walked out of Stealth state. It's still safe inside. There are no players from the Western Continent. Even if a few Rogue and Rangers sneak in, they are quickly killed by the guards stationed in the Inner Sanctum.

     "Childe ">, have you entered the monastery now? "Ye Ci just came out of the Stealth state, and immediately received the news from Sir Ditty ">, which made Ye Ci have to wonder if this guy has a radar on her body. If not, she can do anything. Guess so accurately."Just came in."

     "How's it going inside?"

     "Generally, although there are some guards and monks stationed in the Inner Sanctum, there are still Rogues, Rangers, and hunters sneaking in. Although it did not cause any damage, it is not particularly safe." Ye Ci is on the matter, according to where she stands now From the status of the bones of the players in the western continent, many people have already entered the Inner Sanctum, but they are all blocked by the guards.

     Although it is blocked now, who can predict whether it will be blocked in the future?

     "I have arranged an assault squad to come towards you, Stealth, and they come to pick you up, in case these players sneak into Inner Sanctum's Western Continent. You can rest assured to contain Fleeting Time."

     "no problem."

     After closing the line, Ye Ci had to admire Sir Ditty's meticulous thoughts. In such a sudden battle, he was able to take care of everything in the shortest possible time without any pre-arrangement. It is indeed not what ordinary people can do Arrived. No wonder, under his leadership, Wolf Clan will be the number one Guild in Eastern Continent.

     "Childe ">You, where are you? "Suddenly there was an unfamiliar secret phrase in Ye Ci's private channel: "I am Sir Ditty ">Five Liliac Flower, the captain of the assault squad sent out to meet you.""I'm at the entrance of the North Gate Inner Sanctum. You have to be careful. I think there should be a lot of Rogue and Rangers crawling in at any time." Ye Ci looked at the corpses on the floor and entered the Stealth state again.

     "Okay, we're just outside the north gate. Come in right away." Five Liliac Flower finished speaking. After a while, Ye Ci saw about twenty fuzzy figures slowly moving in his direction.

     Stealth is a skill. Players of the same faction can see the opponent's posture after Stealth. Although it is only a vague appearance, it can accurately judge the opponent's actions. However, players from the opposing faction can't see it, which is why players from the Western Continent can sneak into the Inner Sanctum.

     "We will protect the statue of Inner Sanctum, leave it to us here." Five Liliac Flower walked to Ye Ci's side and whispered to her.

     Ye Ci looked at her vague face. It was an ordinary face that could not be remembered, but Ye Ci knew that only such talents were the most suitable for Rogue. A good Rogue must not have an unforgettable face as a guild leader. Although it is a bit not good for a girl to be too ordinary, but as a profession, it is the best.

     Five Liliac Flower, Wolf Clan is the best Rogue. It is also one of Eastern Continent's top Rogue.Handing Inner Sanctum to her, Ye Ci will naturally not worry, she nodded: "Thank you so hard, I'll go to the archbishop."

     Lilac nodded. The two had never known each other, but at this moment they had a tacit understanding as if they had been friends for many years.

     On the way to the archbishop's room, Ye Ci saw an acquaintance-Lazy Blue. Unexpectedly, he was also in the assault team, but they usually have a lot of grievances, but now Lazy Blue is calm as if they never knew Ye Ci, even when Ye Ci walked by him, he still said lowly: Don’t die before the other side and become a sinner on the mainland. I will hunt you down at the ends of the world."

     Ye Ci cocked his mouth. In fact, at such a moment, this guy is not that annoying.

     "Keep your own life, the idol is broken, and you are the first to die." But Ye Ci is also the one that doesn't let people know how to use it.

     The monastery where there are usually many monks and monks is sparsely populated at this moment. Monks or monks are rarely seen in the corridors, but now Ye Ci is located in the hinterland of the entire monastery, and no Western Continent players can come in casually. So Ye Ci walked out of the Stealth state, and darted to the archbishop's room with confidence.The archbishop of the Royal Capital Monastery lived in a room very close to the main entrance, but he had to be guarded by heavy soldiers around the room. It was not easy to rush in or lead him out.

     I want to be different from the quiet courtyard. Ye Ci rushed to the outside of the archbishop’s room, and he heard the archbishop’s roaring voice inside: "Where did you pagan come in from, I want to purify your soul, I want to To make you a sacrifice to the gods"

     There is only one reason for the archbishop to roar so loudly, and that is that players with Western Continent have entered his room. Ye Ci knew who this guy was without even thinking about it. She pushed the door open and rushed in without hesitation.

     Her presence not only attracted the attention of the archbishop, but also attracted the attention of Fleeting Time. He was taken aback for a moment, then chuckled lightly. He knew that childe ">you can't let yourself be so free and presumptuous here, she will definitely appear, but he did not expect this childe ">you also came too fast, you must know that he has just entered Stealth It’s only three minutes since I’ve been here, and I haven’t stopped the archbishop’s aggro yet.

     But he still couldn't help saying hello to this cold-looking female hunter: "Hey, childe ">you, but we met again. "Ye Ci looked at him coldly, and snorted: "Isn't it? We met again" She emphasized the word again, letting the other party know how upset she was.

     Chapter 74 Hey, meet again~

     Chapter 74 Hey, meet again~