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Chapter Directory 177 Chapter Seventy-five
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 75: Fierce Fighting

     Chapter 75: Fierce Fighting

     It is not okay to fight for as long as you want to fight against other continents. In fact, this kind of battle can only last for four hours at most. Of course, if the opponent’s capital is captured in less than four hours, the system will arrange a very beautiful exit ceremony, allowing you to bring wealth on this continent. go away. If it can't be captured in four hours, the system will also directly send the word "invader" back to its own continent within four hours.

     Up to now, it has been almost three hours for players from the Western Continent to set foot on the land of Champion City. However, the monastery still has no tendency to attack.

     Of course, this is not because the players of Western Continent are not working hard enough, nor is it because the monastery is too strong, but because the players of Eastern Continent keep coming up, each time they can take away the lives of many Western Continent players, and then Western Continent players. The resurrection point was also guarded. At this time, it is really enough to stand against the enemy.

     Absalom also knows that if this continues, they can't afford to spend such a protracted battle. For nothing else, just because they have no supplies, while Eastern Continent players can supply them anytime and anywhere. This alone takes three hours. Since then, they have been spirit weary, strength exhausted.However, even though every player in the Western Continent already knows that the chances of winning this stop are not great, they still fought bravely and did not shrink back. Even if they were to lose here, they would have to lose vigorously.

     Western Continent killed a lot of people, Eastern Continent players died more. Because this is related to the interests of every player on the continent, people no matter how many levels will consciously come to the map of Champion City to join the war. The result of this situation is that the Champion City map is full. Players who want to come to this map have to line up, or the system directly throws this map out, all of which are blocked in the map bordering this map. .

     The biggest difficulty caused by such a situation is the inability to succeed. Because the map of Champion City is adjacent to a low-level map, when the battle started, many low-level players rushed into the Champion City map first, and they were reluctant to leave Champion City after resolving, which caused the high level behind. Level players cannot enter the map, Sir Ditty ">want to use people but no one is available.

     At this critical moment, Sir Ditty ">had to call on the mainland channel: “Now the Champion City map is overcrowded. In order to ensure the final victory in this battle, please roll out the Champion City map for players below level 25.”This message was shouted several times, but many players were still reluctant to leave, and they saw other Guild leaders also started talking.

     GoodOl'Days in Zero Space: "Please exit the Champion City map for players below level 25, and let players above level 25 enter the map to join the battle. I know that in today’s battle, players across the continent are angered against a common enemy, but please do The overall situation is important. We are facing the elite Western Continent players with more than 5000 players. Don't let our players sacrifice in vain"

     Black Night White Day of Tang Dynasty: "Players below level 25 should not participate in the battle for the time being. Please have a few maps near Champion City and wait. If you need it, please connect it as soon as possible. Please exit the Champion City map now. ."

     Flawless Reflection of World Conqueror: "After this battle to conquer the mainland, don’t rush for a while. Let’s leave the opportunity to players above level 25. Players below level 25, please exit the Champion City map temporarily." Join the World Conqueror Guild.

     CorruptingDaLiving in the street office: "People below level 25 leave the Champion City map at a speed."

     Dan of Blade of Darkness: "Please follow the Leader and leave the Champion City map quickly. Let's not let players from other continents laugh at us for lack of organizational discipline."

     ...Under the appeal of many Guild guild leaders, the low-level players in Champion City began to withdraw from the Champion City map one after another, allowing more players above level 25 to enter the map. This also made Sir Ditty ">feel a sigh of relief, so that he would not be afraid of being weak.

     Sir Ditty ">Heaved a sigh of relief. Absalom felt a lot of pressure. He clearly felt that Eastern Continent had fewer and fewer low-level players. Waves of players rushed up with higher levels and higher equipment. It's getting better and better. Compared to the Western Continent players who can still take care of both ends just now, I now obviously feel that just dealing with Eastern Continent players is a little breathless.

     Xuan Zui said to Absalom on the Leader channel: "Absalom, I'm afraid all their main players have come up."

     "Well, just now I discovered that there were many low-level players, but now there are none. I think these high-level players were definitely blocked out of the map because the map was overcrowded. Eastern Continent definitely made a staff adjustment just now." Literary Mountain also shared his observations.

     What they said, Absalom himself understood, he sighed long, "Xinhua Zidian, Mo Yanmo laugh how long can you last?"Xinhua Zidian and Mo Yanmoxiao are the two theaters. One is the main force attacking Eastern Continent and the other is the main force attacking the monastery. It can be regarded as the main force in tactics. In the case of Western Continent players unable to supply, Absalom supported most of the supplies and consumables from the Xuanzui and Literary Mountain war zones to them. If there are not many consumables left on them, I'm afraid this battle won't last long.

     "I don't have much victory here. I insist on 15 minutes at most. No, 20 minutes will be the sky." Xinhua Zidian is facing the player, so he consumes more chips.

     "I can stay here for more than half an hour. However, I found that more and more Eastern Continent players Stealth entered the monastery. They fought inside and outside. Basically, everyone I sent in was gone forever, and I couldn't take everything. I'm back." Mo Yanmo frowned with a smile, his situation is also very unoptimistic.

     Seeing this situation, Absalom was the first to two years old, he immediately began to contact Fleeting Time: "Fleeting Time, can you pull the archbishop out now."

     Fleeting Time sighed: "Absalom, I'm afraid it won't be made today."


     "Meet an acquaintance."

     "Childe ">Quiet" Absalom let out a strange cry.

     "Ok.""When did you meet?" Absalom asked and felt that this statement was not quite right, so he asked again: "I mean, when will she get in?"

     "I just came in at most five minutes after I came in, I guess I came in from the north gate." While running, Fleeting Time, the leader, the vampire bat, flew towards Ye Ci, and quickly released Multi Arrows towards Ye Ci.

     In such a room, the hunter’s best skill is Multi Arrows, because the dodge position is very small, if one is not careful, it will knock down the arrow and cause damage. However, Multi Arrows is a bit blue.

     When vampire bats attack, Ol' Four will naturally not watch with folded arms. He fought with vampire bats. It’s a pity that Ol' Four’s domineering skills are all aimed at creatures on land. They are useful for vampire bats. The guy who feet not touching the ground is much less powerful. The biggest move of vampire bats is to suck blood, but Ol’ Four has thick skin and a certain degree of anti-drug ability, making it really impossible for bats to take their mouths. In this way, two pets who are not good stubbles are now fighting together, making the whole house cry.And Ye Ci is also running fast in the house, using all the pillars or furniture as pedals, hiding, or flying, attacking Fleeting Time from a non-stop angle. It's just a little bit that makes Ye Ci a little bored. She also wants to use Multi Arrows all the time like Fleeting Time, but Multi Arrows consumes too much mana. She has never brought mana because of her ability to accumulate this passive skill. However, the accumulation of strength requires that the damage must be caused before the damage can be converted to blue. There is no alternative. Although Multi Arrows can cause a fan-shaped Arrow Net to fly out, if they are dodged, there is no damage and no damage. If there is no blue.

     And Ye Ci's opponent is Fleeting Time. This guy is dexterous and can avoid Multi Arrows every time. Ye Ci naturally has no blue. Unlike Fleeting Time, Fleeting Time has a blue, but she didn't, so she had to use Multi Arrows several times and then had to use some single damage skills to pull down her blue.

     However, her attack mode made Fleeting Time doubtful. He didn’t understand why childe ">you didn’t use Multi Arrows all the time. He had to know that his Multi Arrows could only shoot six arrows, but Ye Ci could shoot seven arrows. If inferred from the data, the damage of Ye Ci would be Much wider than him, the damage caused is also higher.He believes that this kind of data childe ">you will count, but why does she not always use Multi Arrows? Fleeting Time is puzzling. But it is precisely because of Ye Ci’s helplessness that Fleeting Time is puzzling. The solution makes it impossible for Fleeting Time to accurately determine what Ye Ci has to do next.

     This kind of situation is nothing remarkable at first, but after running a few more laps, Fleeting Time finds that he can’t predict how bad a top expert’s movements are. It is precisely that he can accurately predict childe ">secret movements. , So that he can restrict childe everywhere, but now it’s different.

     childe ">The quiet disregarding of cards makes the prediction of Fleeting Time extremely confusing. Under such chaos, there will naturally be some flaws.

     As soon as Fleeting Time turned around, Ye Ci immediately found that his running angle had left him a living corner. This flaw would never be seen by another person, but this person is not someone else, it is Ye Ci, how could she let it go?

     Fleeting Time realized that his position was wrong at the moment he turned around, but he didn’t have time to correct it. He left his back to childe ">you, let childe ">relentlessly put a preset Even if you hit him, he will be left with blood skin

     Chapter 75: Fierce Fighting

     Chapter 75: Fierce Fighting