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Chapter Directory 179 Chapter 77: Goodbye
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 77 Goodbye

     Chapter 77 Goodbye

     "Listening to your explanation, I suddenly felt that I was at a disadvantage." Fleeting Time answered Ye Ci very seriously.

     "Are you at a loss?" Ye Ci feels a bit baffling, what is this Fleeting Time thoughtless to say? "What is your disadvantage."

     "Then I didn't earn a point of honor after playing with you for so long. Wouldn't it be even worse?" Fleeting Time's answer still floated from the top of the corpse's head. Although the corpse was expressionless, Ye Ci I couldn't hear the strong ridicule in his tone, but Ye Ci could feel the banter of Fleeting Time.

     She squinted her eyes and looked at Fleeting Time's corpse quietly. There was no expression on her face, making it impossible to guess what she was thinking.

     And Fleeting Time is also very curious, but he doesn't guess, and just asks: "What are you thinking?"

     Ye Ci snorted and said faintly, "I'm thinking. Are you really a Fleeting Time? Or your account number has been hacked? Or is it just a card machine?"

     "These situations you are talking about should have prevailed 3 or 40 years ago. It seems that you rarely hear such situations now. How can you ask?""The Fleeting Time I know is the kind of person who jumps up to fight back even at the last minute. Why did you give up resistance just now?" Ye Ci was really curious about this question, curious if he couldn't get the answer to Fleeting Time. It is estimated that she will eat without tasting the food for some time.

     Fleeting Time did not answer Ye Ci's question immediately, but fell silent. For a moment, he seemed to really become a silent corpse, without any reaction anymore. Ye Ci waited for a while, but didn't see Fleeting Time answer, and even began to wonder if this guy was going to release his soul.

     So, she raised her foot again and gently pushed Fleeting Time's corpse, "Hey, you're still not here."

     This time Nian answered quickly.

     "If you didn't answer the matter just now, just forget it." Although very curious, Ye Ci has never been a difficult person. Seeing Fleeting Time hasn't answered her for a long time, she thought that this question was a bit difficult to answer, or it was related Something had to be done, so I simply dispelled the idea of continuing to ask questions.

     Fleeting Time laughed. In fact, he was silent because he didn't know how to answer Ye Ci, but just now Absalom asked him about the situation here. Now that Absalom knew that he was dead, he planned to retreat, so let him revive at speed, and then the entire Western Continent players were ready to teleport."Because I have no arrows." Fleeting Time said quietly: "You are right. I am indeed the kind of person who only has a chance to fight back, but sometimes Fate won't leave you a bit. opportunity."

     After Fleeting Time finished speaking, Ye Ci's silence came in exchange. In fact, according to Fleeting Time’s selfish intentions, he still wants to continue to lie here and talk to the childe ">you again. After all, except for this situation, Fleeting Time really can’t think of under what circumstances he can be like this with her. Peaceful coexistence.

     It's just that the facts leave them only so little time.

     "I'm leaving."


     "Retreat." Fleeting Time knew he shouldn't tell Ye Ci this, but when things came to a head, he couldn't help telling the truth. "Congratulations on your victory in defending the city." He paused slightly: "Next time, you won't win so easily."

     Ye Ci smiled, don't know why, now Fleeting Time makes her feel relaxed. Of course, it is definitely not because of Fleeting Time lying on the ground, but because of such a conversation, like a friend for many years. She actually rarely feels this kind of tacit understanding."As long as I'm still in Eastern Continent, it's not your turn to say this." Ye Ci bent down and looked at the Fleeting Time on the ground. She believed that the Fleeting Time lying on the ground must be visible at this moment. With her expression, she hooked the corners of her mouth: "Although you are the one who fell today, I know that I am a little invincible. Next time, Fleeting Time, next time I will convince you. So, let me come. Before, you don’t want to lose to others."

     Fleeting Time also squinted his eyes. He looked at the face that was very close to him, the eyebrows, the expression, and the smile seemed to shine, and he tightly grabbed everyone's attention. He actually wanted to show her a big smile, no matter how bad he was, he would stretch out his hand and shook her, so that it would be regarded as an answer to her war post, isn't it?

     However, he can't do anything now, so he can only lie here and type a few words carefully and seriously: "childe ">you, your unfavorable situation is only until the next time we meet. "

     Ye Ci laughed, very happy. Really, she was already looking forward to the next meeting.

     Fleeting Time released the soul, did not choose to resurrect at the resurrection point, but chose to run the corpse due to an unexpected turn of events. In fact, it is not cost-effective to do this, but Fleeting Time also thinks it is very baffling, why choose to run the corpse.When he came near the corpse, he saw the childe ">You are still there, but now she is sitting next to her corpse, looking at herself quietly, with no expression on her face, just as in the past. . Fleeting Time walked in front of Childe ">you as a soul and squatted down.

     It seems that childe ">you really is not big, but such a small man can often explode with terrifying power in battle, making people ignore her as she is seen by the eyes, just remember She has to be fierce and cruel.

     They were so close, Fleeting Time seemed to be able to feel the warm feeling of childe ">the quiet breath blowing on his face.

     Ye Ci only felt that Who was watching herself. She retracted her gaze from the dead body of Fleeting Time, raised her head, looked around, but found nothing. At this moment Sir Ditty ">Suddenly sent a secret message: "You, how is the battle going on your side? "

     "Fleeting Time is dead." Ye Ci turned her head and looked at the body of Fleeting Time quietly, trying her best to be tranquil and even-tempered, but it was really strange. She didn't feel much happy and excited, on the contrary, there was a kind of reluctance. The feeling of acknowledgment.

     "Really worthy of a childe ">you, Fleeting Time has let you hang up. "Sir Ditty ">I am extremely pleased with the news: "In order to prevent others from dragging the archbishop, you should guard the archbishop in the house."Ci reached out his hand, picked up a strand of Fleeting Time's long silver hair like himself, and replied absent-mindedly.

     "Then I will hang on here, hold on, the battle will be over soon" Sir Ditty ">happy and excited hung up the secret message, and continued to throw himself into the strangulation of Western Continent players like wildfire.

     "Is luck also called winning?". The smile on Ye Ci's lips is getting colder and colder. Although luck is also an ability, Ye Ci doesn't like luck. Luck means being inferior to others, but Ye Ci hates this feeling. What she wants is not just in name only, but also in reality, I'm afraid this road is still far away.

     When in the soul state, the player cannot hear the living player speak, but can see the other's expression. Therefore, Fleeting Time looked at the childe ">you wriggled the corners of her lips, only knowing that she was talking, but not what she was talking about.

     "Fleeting Time, isn't it resurrected? How long are you going to die? You're gonna die and you won't get up yet" Fleeting Time heard Absalom's words and smiled bitterly: "Okay, I'll be back soon."

     Turning his head, he looked at Ye Ci with a smile, and softly said something Ye Ci would never hear: "See you next time, childe ">you. "

     Having said that, he took a few steps backwards, chose a childe ">you blind spot, quickly resurrected, then immediately entered the Stealth state, and walked towards the outside of the hall.Ye Ci only noticed that the strand of silver hair he was holding suddenly disappeared from his fingers, blinking to see, the corpse that was lying next to him had turned into a jagged skeleton. I was stunned, and I quickly raised my head to look around. Where is the shadow of Fleeting Time?

     With a long sigh, Ye Ci hooked the corner of his mouth. This battle is over.

     Do you want to stay here? Ye Ci looked up at the archbishop who was sitting in his seat with a cheerful smile, and felt that it was really unnecessary. Seeing that the time was getting closer and closer to the four hours set for the siege. Even if no one is here now, let the Western Continent players rush in and let them collectively kill the archbishop in a hurry, at least not an hour will not let him down.

     Instead of this, why should I stay here?

     Standing up, Ye Ci habitually bent down to pat the dust on his boots, only to find a shiny ring lying on the side of the skeleton of Fleeting Time, which appeared to be the equipment dropped when Fleeting Time died just now. That ring doesn't look eye-catching, it's just a brass ring, which has been polished to shine and looks like a standing item for Fleeting Time.

     Ye Ci picked it up without thinking about it and took a closer look.Accuracy Ring: Blue equipment, accuracy rate 10, accuracy rate added 35, there is a certain chance to ignore the opponent's level and equipment 100 hits. Level Requirement 15. Producer: Palm daylight.

     It really is a good thing.

     Ye Ci thought, no wonder he was so much higher than the Fleeting Time, and his hit rate was still so high. Although he was somewhat punished by level, he was definitely not punished as much as others. It turned out that he had this ring.

     Palm Sunlight is a famous jewelry maker at Western Continent. This person is a bit wicked. She has good luck and is so good that she often makes top-quality equipment when creating equipment. Therefore, even if her life skills are the lowest among the top ten jewelry craftsmen, she can still rank among the top three in the top ten jewelry craftsmen. The hands are too red, everything is the best, this is really scary.

     Just like the ring in Ye Ci's hand, the general accurate ring only has an accuracy rate of 10, but this one is exaggerated to an accuracy rate of 35. Not only that, but also has additional attributes. This ring is more than a top product that can be summarized. It is simply You can already use the heaven-defying attribute.

     Although in Fate, each player can only wear 4 rings, if a hunter owns this ring, I am afraid that he can bring it to level 200.

     Chapter 77 Goodbye

     Chapter 77 Goodbye