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Chapter Directory 184 Chapter 82 The Melancholy Swamp
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 82—Sorrow Swamp

     Chapter 82—Sorrow Swamp

     This news was boring, Ye Ci didn't care much, just thought that an ordinary player saw her, and sent a message to express his condolences. She has never responded to news like this, but now she is in a good mood, so she just went back and said: "I'm not busy now, but I will be busy soon."

     Unexpectedly, the other party quickly returned a message: "If it is convenient for you, can we meet?".

     Seeing this news, Ye Ci felt that something was wrong, so he ordered Ol' Four to stop. Although such instructions made Ol' Four not very happy, he was still very cooperative in the face of the barbecue and stopped. When I came down, I just stood there obediently, with my head up and my chest tall, unbelievably proud.

     Who is the other party? Since the request to meet, 90% of this message will not be sent by an ordinary player, at least by someone who has a relationship with her but has not added her as a friend. There are many people like this. Even if you use your fingers and toes together, you can't count them. Who is it?

     After thinking for a while, Ye Ci felt that he still replied this message: "Who are you."

     "As long as I meet, you know who I am." The other party seemed to care about his identity and was unwilling to tell Ye Ci his identity.But Ye Ci just sneered at this answer. When you meet, you will know who you are. If you are an enemy, who knows if I meet you, will you kill me directly? When i'm an idiot

     "Sorry, my curiosity has never been strong. If you think it's cool to play mysteriously, I suggest you change someone." Ye Ci Rude replied, and then let Ol' Four continue to run, and for the latter one All human information does not respond.

     "I didn't mean anything else, I just wanted to meet you, so I contacted you."

     "Don't worry, don't mind, I don't have any bad intentions, I really want to tell you something personally."


     Ye Ci ignored that person, and that person kept sending messages. Ye Ci really wanted to turn off the secret words of strangers, but just before she turned off the system, she had to jump out a line of words in front of her, let her completely dispel this idea.

     "Childe ">You, I’m Yu Wandering Cloud, I really have no other meaning, I just want to meet you with something. "

     Seeing these words, Ye Ci was stunned for a moment, and immediately stopped Ol’ Four. She was a little surprised, no matter how she thought about it, the person who sent the message was Yu Wandering Cloud. And what surprised her most was that what is the purpose of Yu Wandering Cloud sending her a message?Did Black Night White Day tell Yu Wandering Cloud what he suggested to him? No, Black Night White Day is a big Guild leader of Guild. Since it can develop a small Guild to the present, IQ should not be low, and it shouldn't do such two things.

     Then this Wandering Cloud is here to ask yourself what to do. Don't tell her that Wandering Cloud wants to come to him to make things happen, and don't tell her that Wandering Cloud is here to soak her. Now it's not like the last life, they have gone through so many conflicts, she doesn't think Yu Wandering Cloud can have the guts to make any ideas on her.

     Since it's nothing, what on earth does Wandering Cloud look for?

     After thinking for a while, Ye Ci finally replied: "I don't think there is anything we can talk about together." Although she has always been to Wandering Cloud as if having a fish bone stuck in one's throat, she temporarily I don't want to clean him up by myself, after all, in this life, it would be more appropriate for Black Night White Day to clean him up.

     Although I really enjoy the happiness of retribution, revenge is very troublesome. Ye Ci does not want to waste too much Stamina on unnecessary people. Therefore, before Yu Wandering Cloud does not provoke herself too much, she I always feel that Black Night White Day feels more about tidying him up, how can I deprive others of the fun casually?"I think we did have some misunderstandings before, so we always meet on the battlefield every time we meet. We are all Guild guild leaders. We should know that this kind of misunderstanding is not good for the development of Guild, right?". Seeing that Ye Ci could not be persuaded, Wandering Cloud moved out of Guild’s principle, hoping to overwhelm Ye Ci and persuade her.

     I didn’t want Ye Ci but sneered: “I’m not the head of Upward Ho. I’m just a soy sauce maker. I’m different from you. If you want to reconcile, it’s better to go directly to Remote Depths. He should be idle at the Guild station now. I am very happy to talk to you."

     "Childe ">You, don’t be like this, I admit that the blame for grabbing you at the beginning was mine, but after several conflicts I also mediated from it. Although I didn’t succeed in the end, you should know that I never wanted to be with you. As the enemy, I really earnestly and sincerely today, why bother you want to resist people thousands of miles away like this? "

     Seeing the news from Yu Wandering Cloud, Ye Ci couldn't help being a little funny. If his news was put on another person, maybe that person would agree. Who makes this world so strange? The thick-skinned people are generally those who are full.It is really rare for people like Yu Wandering Cloud to be so thick-skinned and able to say such things. In fact, think about it. In the last life, Wandering Cloud didn't seem to be so explicit. No matter what he did, he didn't forget to put a fig leaf outside, but why did he say such a thing now? The only answer is that he must have encountered something that cannot be solved.

     Do you want to see him, no matter what it is, leave a way for yourself without reaching only when absolutely essential?

     Ye Ci has been thinking about this question, but her mouth makes a decision faster than her brain.

     "I don't have time now, I'm afraid I won't have a chance to meet, wait for the next time." Ye Ci's mouth has already rejected Yu Wandering Cloud. Fortunately, her mouth is still smart, and finally left one for both parties. Retreat.

     "But, I'm really anxious about things..." Yu Wandering Cloud replied subconsciously, but after saying this, he paused for a while and condensed his current emotions, as if the wind was calm and calm. Changed his words: "Okay, I'll meet you again after an appointment in two days."

     Sure enough, it was something more anxious. Ye Ci squinted his eyes, cut off the conversation with Yu Wandering Cloud, and contacted Moon Green Hill directly: "Are you there?""Good morning, boss, did the boss eat?" Moon Green Hill responded immediately after only three seconds. Although it was just a whisper, Ye Ci seemed to see a puppy wagging its tail happily at him from his happy and excited voice, flattering to the extreme.


     "The boss summoned me so early, it must be something. I listen to my ears, and I must help the boss do well." Moon Green Hill's happy look really makes Ye Ci helpless. This guy is too...I guess he is in Moon Green Hill's eyes. It's the so-called take advantage of it. As long as you find him yourself, it must be a gift. No wonder Moon Green Hill is so excited.

     "I want to check the individual."

     "No problem, but boss, if you have money..." Moon Green Hill is worthy of being a businessman, and you have to figure out everything in advance, but this is exactly what Ye Ci likes very much. After all, sometimes some things are better to settle accounts clearly and clearly.

     "One hundred thousand gold coins."

     "It seems that this person is not as important to you as that person last time."

     "Equal attention." Ye Ci put on a fake smile: "If I remember correctly, if I now report your information about investigating Thousand Sunsets privately...hehe." Ye Ci didn't finish her words, but she said hehe. It really leaves people infinite reverie."If this time the character is still as dangerous as Thousand Sunsets, let alone one hundred thousand, I won't do it if one million is missing." Moon Green Hill frowned, he didn't know who Ye Ci found out. , But the price is indeed a bit low.

     "Not that big head." Ye Ci slowly said a name: "You Wandering Cloud, Tang Dynasty's deputy guild leader, check him and Black Night White Day and..." At this point, she couldn't help it. Smiled: "Go and check, you should know what I want to know."

     Moon Green Hill couldn't help but roll his eyes. He knew that dealing with such an overly smart woman would definitely not be able to take advantage of him. However, it doesn't matter, the backing of Wandering Cloud is really not as big as Thousand Sunsets, but it is a good deal to earn 20,000 yuan in real currency in one or two days.

     "Okay, no problem. Just wait for the news." Moon Green Hill readily agreed to Ye Ci's request and quickly closed the line.

     After doing all this, Ye Ci happily patted Ol’ Four and continued the journey he hadn't finished just now. She was going to Hei Ni City and didn't want to delay for a moment.The Rand Port in the Swamp of Sorrows is a prosperous port. Not only are there cargo ships from various continents, you can also see the exchanges of players from other continents. This is the northernmost part of the entire Eastern Continent, which belongs to the edge of Eastern Continent, and the lord Moore here declared independence in 374 years of the Fate calendar. That is, for a long time before the player enters the game, this place has become a neutral territory. Therefore, except for the black mud city, PVP battles may occur everywhere in the Swamp of Sorrows.

     If you can't PK, the equipment is not good, or the player with low level is better not to set foot in this land, otherwise, it will be dead and there will be no chance to pick up equipment.

     Although there are many players from other continents exploring the Sorrow Swamp, Eastern Continent still has the most players. They are in groups of three or four in groups of three or four to ensure safety. They find a murloc refresh point in the swamp to level up without disturbing others. , You can also guarantee your own safety.

     Therefore, when Ye Ci rode Ol’ Four into the Swamp of Sorrow, what he saw was such a scene of red and green.Although few single players have stepped into the Swamp of Sorrow, it does not mean that they have not. However, if you are not strong enough, you can easily be slaughtered by players on the opposing continent, just like this road leading to the black mud city is scattered with many player skeletons. It seems that the killing here has never stopped. Over.

     Chapter 82—Sorrowful Swamp

     Chapter 82—Sorrowful Swamp