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Chapter Directory 185 Chapter 83: Someone Really Is Looking For Death
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 83: Someone Is Really Looking For Death

     Chapter 83: Someone Is Really Looking For Death

     On the ranking list, the highest rank is now 35. However, it is not ruled out that many people do not want their names to appear on the ranking list and choose not to participate in the ranking. For example, Ye Ci, although there are not too many people like this, no one can guarantee that the level of the people in it will be lower than the player level on the leaderboard.

     However, despite what he said, Ye Ci believes that at least on the map of Sorrow Marsh, there will be no more than 3 players above level 40, or maybe she is the only one. This is also the reason why she passed by alone in the swamp of sadness so confidently and boldly.

     Although not everyone can see the level of this thing, but the horse that pulls the wind can be seen by everyone. In the game, there are generally only a few ways to get a horse that pulls the wind, either very rich, strong, or very lucky. Pets such as Ol' Four that can be used as pets and mounts are actually very rare in the entire game. Although Ye Ci does not confirm that there are no other hunters who own such pets besides his own. , She believes that in the entire Eastern Continent, I am afraid that this will be the only one.Because of wearing a cheating brooch, Ye Ci’s current outfit is gray and bumpy, and looks very ordinary. Although the Ol’ Four under the crotch is very cool, it makes people drool a bit.

     In Fate, there are a variety of mounts, but not every mount is bound, and there are many mounts that can be dropped due to death. Therefore, in the later period of Fate, those who ride rare mounts Players have to be extra careful in the wild. If they were accidentally hung up and exploded, it would really be the gains do not make up for the losses.

     Since entering the map of Swamp of Sorrows, Ye Ci has seen players from Western Northern Continent everywhere. They are in groups of three or four. They practice leveling honestly. They don’t have troubles or fights. They look very good. Quiet. Although Ye Ci is very keen on honoring things, she really doesn't have the intention to do it at this moment. First of all, they are too scattered, and secondly, she is worried about Quest, and it is a serious matter to go back and open up the wasteland of Ruined Castle as soon as she finishes.

     However, there is a saying that when a person is unlucky, drinking cold water will clog his teeth. She was riding Ol’ Four, rushing towards the Black Mud City along the road in the middle of the map, but was suddenly beaten."You were attacked by Northern Continent player XXX." The system prompt arrived immediately, because the opponent is a Northern Continent player and Concealment has a name, so Ye Ci's prompt name is also Concealment. It's just that, for Ye Ci, it doesn't really matter who played it. What's important is that who owes her so much to provoke her and seek death?

     In fact, someone really came to die.

     She didn't stop Ol' Four right away, but looked back while running, and saw that in front of a shallow water beach on the side of the road, there were several red players standing there, and one of them was also a hunter. Still maintaining the shooting posture, while the other players, Sorcerer was already singing Spell, and Warrior sprinted towards her.

     If Ye Ci didn't guess wrong, the Sorcerer must be singing the Sheep-Changing Technique. Although the hunter hit his own MISS just now, it proved that they are at least 7 levels behind him, but the Spell of Sheep Spell is hard to say. If he is hit, I am afraid that he will be shot Ol' Four Small, it would be too embarrassing to be too ashamed to be defeated by five or six players.When Ye Ci thought so, the Warrior had already charged to Ye Ci's side. As a result, Ye Ci received another system prompt: "You were attacked by Northern Continent player XXX." Her battle prompt reminded her that the stun effect caused by the Warrior's charge just now was dropped by her MISS.

     Obviously the MISS of the two attacks made these players a little surprised, especially Warrior was stunned, but Ye Ci didn’t care what they were thinking or discussing at this time, and directly pulled Ol’ Four and quickly turned around towards Sorcerer. Ran away.

     Sorcerer saw the hunter rushing towards him, hurriedly ran and cast spells, singing faster and faster. Ye Ci's rude raised the crossbow machine and released a series of arrows towards her. At this moment, Sorcerer's skills were just chanted, and the golden light was covering Ye Ci's body. She only felt that she When he was short, his field of vision became much lower, and his body ran around uncontrollably.Ye Ci is no stranger to this effect. She was a top Sorcerer in her previous life. This situation can only show one problem. She was turned into a sheep. The goal of being turned into a sheep by Sorcerer cannot be attacked, otherwise it will be released from this state immediately. It is reasonable to say that each profession should start to deal with her at this time. Of course, the five or six Northern Continent players actually thought the same way, but they didn't expect the situation to be a bit special this time.

     After the huntress was knocked off the mount, not only did the mount not disappear, but also roared towards them and ran over, which made the first few people look at each other in dismay.

     "What do you dare to do, hurry up and attack." The hunter as the captain yelled, and the others began to release skills to Ol' Four, but the result was MISS, or dozens of blood damage. This kind of injury made several people look at each other in dismay. The hunter can only issue the command: "Run quickly, stop fighting"

     A few people started to scatter.They talked anxiously in the team chat: "Why didn't the matter take her off the mount? Didn't she turn her into a sheep? How could her mount rush towards us?" Just turned Ye Ci into a sheep Because of the short legs (Magic based Classes is the slowest moving speed of all classes, it is commonly called short legs. Of course, it does not mean that players really have short legs...what am I explaining=.=), running at the back of everyone , But she is not the first person to attack Ye Ci, so the highest aggro is not her. When she was talking like this, she only saw Ol’ Four huff past her, chasing after the hunter.

     At this time, several people have already played Ol' Four, but facing the forty-two level of Ol' Four, who has a rough skin and a bad temper, not only did they not hurt their lives, they also became chasers. The toy, so after Ye Ci fell off its back, it immediately ran in the direction of several people. Originally, it was just a run. I didn’t expect that these people would continue to lose skills to it along the way. This made Ol' Four completely angry. It roared, speeded up, and suddenly released a group of skills, shaking. A few people away from it's health bar suddenly dropped more than half of it.

     "What the hell is this? I'm going to be chased to death by it when the attack is so fierce." Several players approaching Ol’ Four screamed in fright.

     "how could I know""Is it right? She has to mount and is her pet?" Cleric, who was behind everyone, said while running. She did not attack, so now aggro is still relatively small. Will Ol' Four not catch up with her for a while? .

     "What are you kidding about, the mount is a pet? There is no such pet in Fate. How could we meet him?" Rogue replied.

     "You don't know that doesn't mean there is no, you are illiterate. There is one of this pet Eastern Continent, that is the childe ">you, don’t you watch gossip on the forums? ". Warrior, who was about to catch up with Ol’ Four, ran towards Rogue while running.

     Suddenly the Warrior was taken aback, watching Ye Ci, who was still turning into a sheep, and said in a panic: "This person is not a childe ">you..."

     "Bah, baah, you don’t want crow's mouth, childe ">You have been busy pushing Dungeon recently, checking progress, how could you run to the Swamp of Sorrow," another Dwarf Sorcerer interjected, "This may be a BUG, she must The mount can't be put away, we can report..."

     In fact, when Warrior put forward that point of view, everyone was sure that they had provoke the wrong person. But when Dwarf Sorcerer made this point, they couldn't help but hope that they would be lucky.However, the time to become a sheep is over at this time, and Ye Ci has changed back to a human form. She looked at the few players who were being chased by Ol' Four, and sighed. Most of these people thought Ol' Four was a sturdy mount, and saw that she was alone, so she could solve herself and get something. Not to mention the honor value, maybe the mount can be released. Unexpectedly, he touched a stone in the end.

     Now if I am chasing the past, it is a bit too tired, but just for a few honor points, it is really not worthy of my precious time. Ye Ci blew a whistle in the direction of the Northern Continent player's escape, and Ol’ Four immediately turned around and rushed back towards her. Her important Quest now is to find Moore, the lord of the Black Mud City, and don't bother to waste time with these level 30 players.

     Several players were still running non-stop, and suddenly heard a long howl, the low growl that had originally followed him further and further away.

     The Warrior still had a thick skin and looked back bravely, then stopped: "Come on, don't run away, I was called back by the female hunter."

     Only then did a few people stop, and when they looked back, Ol’ Four had already shook his head and flicked towards the place where they had just been fighting. Several people leaned down and hid in the low bushes, observing the situation over there, if the huntress mounts on the mount and then kills back, they will have a good distance to deal with it.However, after watching for a while, I didn't see the figure of the female hunter coming back. She must have already left, and they exhaled a long breath.

     "It's too mysterious. I met such a guy the first time I did a sneak attack. Fortunately, she didn't pursue it. If we pursued it, our experience today will be useless." Dwarf Sorcerer sighed and patted. On his chest, he looked so fateful.

     Chapter 83: Someone Is Really Looking For Death

     Chapter 83: Someone Is Really Looking For Death