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Chapter Directory 186 Chapter 84 Find Trouble
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 84 Finding Trouble

     Chapter 84 Finding Trouble

     Several people nodded their heads, especially the hunter who took the lead in the matter, also had an overwhelming expression: "I didn't expect us to be so moldy. When other people's teams meet such a single guy, they just let them go. It's down, how come you become a evil star here?"

     "Okay, let's not dream of making money from dead people in the future. After all, this is not our Northern Continent. If we accidentally be chased by people, it is better for us to be a human being with our tails clamped." Cleric is a werewolf. , She really didn't make a mistake at all in describing it this way, she was really a person with her tail sandwiched.

     A few people sighed again, and they were ready to go back to their leveling point to level up. In the Swamp of Sorrows, each team will occupy a leveling point, which is not limited to each other, and absolutely not to provoke each other. They stay in this place now is not within the range of their leveling point. If they stay here for a long time, they will be misunderstood by other teams. It's not good. If you lose your leveling point again, that's the gains do not make up for the losses. So everyone in this team stood up from the bushes and ran towards their leveling point.

     Only halfway through the run, I ran into this Rogue, who was spotted for leveling up to attract strangers. In fact, the two squads do not know each other, but they are strangers in a foreign land. They are also Northern Continent players in Eastern Continent. It is inevitable to meet with a few greetings."Hey? Why don't you keep at your point, and what are you doing all coming to our side?"

     "It's okay, it's just that I accidentally provoke a guy who shouldn't be provoke, and was chased here." The werewolf Cleric who answered him, he smiled. "Don't get me wrong, we will go back now and won't be robbed of blame."

     "What are you talking about are Northern Continent players. Why don't you scream if you are bullied? You say that you don't want to rob the blame. You are too far off to say that. Wait, I will call the people from our team over. "Then Rogue called someone from his team to come over as he said.

     But in the blink of an eye, a few players ran over. They were male players who were tall and spoke loudly. The one leading was a Warrior holding a shield. He ran over and asked anxiously: "What's the matter? What's the matter? Who was bullied?"

     Facing the opponent's enthusiasm like fire, hatred like hatred, and obedient half listen, the werewolf Cleric team is full of black lines. But at this time, it was not enough to say just leaving, so the two teams had to stand together and carefully introduced themselves.

     The group of people who have just been chased, Warrior Hanguang, hunter Beimen Yuling, Sorcerer a little bit, Dwarf Sorcerer fish head tofu soup, Rogue, you can’t see me, Werewolf Cleric post-it note.The name of the enthusiastic party is much more interesting, and it is all the name of the wine.

     Warrior Wuliangye, Cleric Moutai, Sorcerer Xifeng, Warlock Burning Knife, Barbarian Guojiao 1573, Rogue Honghua Lang.

     This was regarded as introducing each other, and then the Baijiu squad began to question the rise and fall of the terrain of Hanguang and his party. Han Guang and Beimen Yuling honestly talked about the situation just now, but in order not to make the matter too big, they still emphasized that they provoked each other first. The matter should be over.

     But I didn’t expect that after listening to Han Guang’s narration, Wuliangye slapped his thigh abruptly: “This is too much, no matter how fucking awesome she is, how can the players who bullied our Northern Continent just say so, I’m sure I'll get it back from you"

     As soon as the words came out, Hanguang and his party were full of black lines, look at each other in dismay. Their squad was originally based on PVE, and the PK skills were very poor. Moreover, these people have always been the masters of not provokes right and wrong. Today, it is still a red rain that took the initiative to provoke such a time. They just want to turn the big things into small things. What's more, they don't have any losses. It's nothing more than running a few steps, and there are no dead people, and no drop. What kind of bullying is not bullying?However, if Wuliangye were to go this time, I am afraid that the female hunter would not be as easy to talk as before, maybe... maybe they would all be killed here.

     Since I thought so in my heart, of course, I wanted to try my best to dissuade Wuliangye, so that he must give up this idea, otherwise, it would be really bad.

     However, Wuliangye is really the master of death. Not only did he not accept Hanguang's persuasion, he thought that they were too cowardly, and seemed a little angry: "Do you think this is just your business? I tell you absolutely not. , We are in Eastern Continent now, and the number of people is small. If we can’t help each other after encountering things, wouldn’t we let Eastern Continent’s people be bullied to death? Although today’s matter is a trivial matter for you, we all Don’t take it seriously, then one day we will be killed by Eastern Continent players on the neutral map here. At that time, let’s not talk about continuing to level up and do Quest here, I’m afraid you want to set foot on such a neutral territory. It's impossible."

     When Han Guang heard him say this, it was really hard to refute. Originally, he wanted to save the country. The other players in their squad persuaded Wuliangye, but they didn’t want them to have the same tone as Wuliangye and look anger against a common enemy. Hanguang and his party really don't know what to say.Sandwiched between the mainland's interests and their own interests, Han Guang and his party were finally forced to agree to Wuliangye's claim that they were looking for trouble. The post-it notes were miserable. She didn't understand. There was nothing wrong with it. How could this baijiu squad come up with such a big reason?

     And what happened next made Hanguang's group even more speechless. Originally, they thought that the trouble Wuliangye was going to find the female hunter was that a dozen of them would go together and they would be finished, but they did not expect that Wuliangye would directly post a message on the map channel of the Northern Continent player.

     "Dear Northern Continent players, we came to Eastern Continent together to exped What is it? Endless fighting and killing, and Eastern Continent players’ take advantage of one's position to bully people, forcing us to retreat... Do you feel that you have been holding a breath in your heart? Do you feel that we continue to do this? Can't go down"

     In the map channel of Northern Continent players, only Northern Continent players in Sorrow Swamp can see it, while Eastern Continent players cannot see it, so there is no need to worry that Eastern Continent players will appear as spies.Wuliangye's words touched the most taboo thing in the hearts of Northern Continent players, and immediately made everyone feel. In fact, not only Northern Continent players, but every player on the neutral map, no matter which continent you belong to, this kind of thing is a common occurrence, and it will naturally make all players feel angry in their mouths and swallows. For a time, many Northern Continent players on the map channel immediately expressed their recognition of the topic of Wuliangye.

     "Everyone has difficulties in their hearts, so everyone can't let this kind of bullying continue to live on, right?"

     "Yes" is also recognition, a wide range of recognition.

     Han Guang saw that the situation was going to cause Dalian to rush forward to persuade the players in the Baijiu team, but didn't want people to want to listen to him at all, so Han Guang and his party were head and face filthy with grime. They could only listen to Wuliangye contacting everyone in the Sorrow Marsh The decision of Northern Continent players to completely slaughter Eastern Continent players.

     What and what is this?

     Han Guang suddenly discovered that the minds of their militants were not at all understandable by their PVE enthusiasts. The group looked at each other in dismay, and finally had to say goodbye to the baijiu team and went to their own leveling point.

     "Are we really going to help?"."I'm not going, I'm afraid of this kind of thing, I never provoke right and wrong." The post-it shook her head immediately. She is an absolute PVE player, just like she was firmly opposed to the attack on Ye Ci just now. Of course, she would never participate in activities where there is nothing to look for. "If you want to go, you don't need to look at me. I will be offline in a while. I will go online again in the evening. It is estimated that everyone has finished playing by that time, and this matter is considered calm."

     Two Sorcerer MMs immediately agreed with the post-it note. They all agreed that this was a good way, and they went offline immediately after discussing it. They dropped the three of Hanguang and looked at the team that had dispersed, Beimen Yuling sighed. He breathed a sigh of relief: "Forget it, let's follow this matter. They are girls. It's justified not to go. We are now clearly remembered by others. If we really don't go to war for a while, we still have to Don't mess here?"

     Beimen Yuling’s words do have some truth. Although they are not PVP players, it doesn’t matter what player you are at this time. The important thing is which side you are on. If you stand in the wrong direction, you will be the same. People on the mainland reject it, so it really is the gains do not make up for the losses.

     While they were still discussing, there were already disturbing skills and the screams of players not far away. This made the three of them look at each other, and it seemed that the massacre had really begun.Ye Ci rode Ol’ Four and continued to run towards Hei Mucheng. The map of Sorrow Swamp is very big. From entering the map, you have to run along the road to Hei Mucheng. Even if the horses don't stop, it will take at least an hour, so Ye Ci's running is a bit boring.

     "You were attacked by XXX players from the Great Continent."

     "You were attacked by XXX players from the Great Continent."

     "You were attacked by player XXX from the Great Continent." A MISS appeared on Ye Ci's head, indicating that she was attacked. Looking back, I saw that at least two squads of players were attacking her, although All MISS is gone, but Ye Ci still frowned.

     What's all this?

     Why are you getting provoked so much today? How can there be such a thing?

     Chapter 84 Finding Trouble

     Chapter 84 Finding Trouble