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Chapter Directory 190 Chapter 88: Deep Enemy
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 88: Behind Enemy Lines

     Chapter 88: Behind Enemy Lines

     "The knights at the forefront are lined up in a defensive posture. It's a Chinese capitalized word, oh, sorry I forgot that there are foreign players, just lined up side by side one by one, you are in front of you. The guy on the side is the guy who owes you money. If you don’t run next to him, he must be right next to him. Whoops, I said everyone, take a look around, it’s defense against the Northern Continent player’s attack. , It’s not defending in my direction, I don’t want to explode.

     "Healer daddy, you have to shrink in the middle of the team, don't run around, are you darlings? As long as you are alive, you have to listen to how much I love you and I can say, don’t walk around, you have to know that you are each other’s The number one target, you will be set on fire as soon as you run. Why do you want to be a target? Then should I take a picture of you later? By the way, all hide behind the Warrior and the knight and get together. , You only need to be responsible for heal and disperse various states. Remember, you have no enemies, you just need to stare at our health bar.""Rogues, you are the greatest assassins to burn, and the small universe is invisible. Go ahead and explode the little chrysanthemums of Northern Continent players. They need you not to refuse, don't be shy, don't pity them just because they are delicate flowers. Of course, Be careful too, and protect your little chrysanthemums, and don’t turn into sunflowers when you come back."

     "All Rangers are hidden hidden around Magic based Classes and Healer's dad, to ensure that our Healer will not be exploded by the other's little Rogue. Chrysanthemum is the most important Quest of your life.


     Ye Ci almost burst out laughing when he heard the real waterless leader. How did this guy think of these words? Although ridiculous, although slightly vulgar, but very easy to understand. You should know that not every player has participated in this kind of battle, and not every player knows how to stand and defend in battle. And True Water Wuxiang can be enjoyed by scholars and lay-people alike, the easy-to-understand Leader just lets everyone know what they should do and how they should do it.

     Although the battle has just begun, Ye Ci has already given a very high evaluation to the leader who has no fragrance of real water. Such a leader can really relax the entire team, but if he only has this ability, he is just an ordinary leader.Just thinking about it this way, Ye Ci found out that he had been deployed into a team of about fifty people. Zhen Shui Wuxiang said: "You are the highest level in the overall planning interface, the highest GS, is there anyone who played a holographic game for the first time?".

     No one answered, it seems that everyone is not.

     Zhen Shui Wuxiang nodded: "Is it the first time to participate in this kind of battle?".

     About three or four people answered this time, and five or six said they were new to this battle mode.

     Zhen Shui Wuxiang immediately explained patiently that this team needs to be a commando team, and it must have good awareness and operation. If it has not participated in this battle mode, it will return to the big team. Several players expressed their understanding and left this small team and went back to the big team.

     "The rest of the people must have experience in multiple battles, so I won’t say much. You have only one Quest, which disrupts the opponent’s battle rhythm and wins and organizes attacks for the players and newbies behind. time."

     After getting everyone's affirmation, Zhen Shui Wuxiang arranged everyone's conflict direction and went back to the main channel.At this time, Ye Ci was quite impressed with Real Water Wuxiang. This guy is not only vulgar and elegant, but also has a different way of being a leader for different people. Such a leader is indeed very malleable. It's a pity that he didn't become the top ten leader in the previous life.

     At this moment, Ye Ci actually had the idea of digging the corner of True Water Wuxiang. However, according to the feedback from Moon Green Hill in the previous life, one of the most precious qualities of True Water Wuxiang is loyalty, even if it was his last life. The team was so unsatisfactory, but Zhen Shui Wuxiang did not take the initiative to leave them. So Ye Ci is not so sure that she can find this person, but Ye Ci is a person who has to do everything, so she will never give up until the end.

     The large forces of Northern Continent players finally collided with the large forces of Eastern Continent players. At this moment, Zhen Shui Wuxiang shouted to the assault team: "Hurry up and attack, and be careful of the other assault team"

     Ol’ Four deserves to be an Epic Level pet. His race is Tyrannosaurus. In Fate’s animal rankings, Tyrannosaurus can be regarded as one of the most combative creatures. For Ol' Four, his two favorite things apart from eating is fighting, so he has been unable to restrain his excitement when he encountered this situation. If it weren't for Ye Ci to hold him back, I guess it Already rushed to the opponent's camp.And now that the leader has ordered the sprint, Ye Ci no longer pinned Ol’ Four, and Ol’ Four immediately bounced out like an offline arrow. Its running speed is extremely fast, and it has the ability to accelerate in the battle. It only takes a blink of an eye to distance all the people who rush out at the same time.

     At this stage, combat riding pets are very rare. In the entire Fate, only seven or eight people can have combat riding pets. Players' mounts now only have running functions and no combat functions, so after the two armies rushed to the battlefield, Everyone jumped off their mounts and started fighting.

     Only Ye Ci rode Ol’ Four towards the northern continent where there are most players.

     Similar to the leader who has no fragrance of real water, the Northern Continent players also protect all the Healer dads and hide them very secretly. Had it not been for Ye Ci riding Ol’ Four into their position, I am afraid there would be no way to find out. However, Ye Ci did not directly ask Ol’ Four pets to gather together to place a group skill of the Earthquake. After all, we can make Rangers invisible for protection, can't the other party?According to the sturdyness of Rangers, even if Ye Ci is a little higher than them, but if so many Rangers throw a trip skill at her together, she will fall from Ol' Four, so she will not be tall. Get an advantage. Therefore, Ye Ci is not in a hurry to get close to Dad Healer, but wanders around Dad Healer, strangling mercilessly against some entangled players.

     When she was almost close to Healer's dad, she jumped up and stood on top of Ol' Four's head. With a palpitation, the whole figure rushed towards the sky like an arrow, taking advantage of her. In the neutral position that has not yet dropped, an "Arrow Net" has already been covered by the opponent's Healer dad.

     A large range of arrows rained down, bringing a blood red damage value and a large range of honor points to the screen.

     Ye Ci squinted her eyes with satisfaction. She is a vulgar person. She likes to see such dense red floating up, and she likes to watch such dense golden honors.Ye Ci actually knew the consequences of such a leap. She jumped up from Ol' Four and jumped in the direction of healing here. She would never land on Ol' Four again, and she would definitely be affected by others if she left Ol' Four. Players of siege, temporarily ignore her, she can only fall to the ground. Not only that, Ol’ Four is not as tall as her Concealment, and will definitely become the target of many players in the next period of time. Although facing a 42nd Epic Level pet, it is not so easy to bring it down, but elephants are also afraid of ants. If it takes too long, Ol' Four may not be able to hold on. of.

     Therefore, Ye Ci had already planned the moment he jumped up and threw Arrow Net out, and immediately took Ol’ Four back after he fell.

     As soon as she landed, in order to relieve the inertial backlash caused by her own impulse, she immediately rolled on the ground and planned to stand up. However, she did not expect that before she stood up, her battle record immediately reminded her: "You were slapped by Mu Di melodiously."

     Sure enough, Ye Ci stood still and couldn't move, lowered his head, shaking, and there was a spiral on top of his head that kept spinning, and there were even many small gold stars flying around to remind him that he was in a state of vertigo.childe ">You were stunned. How could this opportunity of red rain in the world be let go? Suddenly I saw at least a dozen players rushing through, and all the Rogues crowded behind her and threw their big moves against her. , And Warrior and Barbarian threw one after another high-damage skills at her front door. Except for these melee classes, let alone other remote players, it was simply a black hand, no mercy.

     Mudi is melodious... Ye Ci only feels that he and this person must be very mismatched. He was stunned by Rogue twice in his hands. I really don’t know if this is because of his high skills or because he is too careless. .

     Although Ye Ci has a high level and has level penalties for most players, she can't stand the attacks of so many people. After more than ten seconds of dizziness, her health bar has dropped by one-half.

     It's just that she didn't know that in the Northern Continent player map channel, they were also complaining frantically.

     "I x, this childe ">How many levels are you? I beat her ten times and nine out of them are all MISS, and it’s hard to get dozens of points of damage after hitting her once."

     "You can hit one more time. I've finished half of the blue. I haven't hit a single shot."

     "Don't talk nonsense, the dizziness only lasts for twelve seconds, let her down quickly, otherwise it won't be easy to wait for her to wake up."

     "It's stupid, Rogue takes turns sap""You are a player of more than 20 levels. You can hit a few of us Rogues every time. You have missed them. Except for Mudi's melodious hit, we all MISS."

     "Hurry up, add more oil, she still has less than half of her blood, Mudi, can you faint again"

     "The CD of Sap is 40 seconds..."


     Chapter 88: Behind Enemy Lines

     Chapter 88: Behind Enemy Lines