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Chapter Directory 193 Chapter 91 Digging The Corner
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 91 Digging a Corner

     Chapter 91 Digging a Corner

     Because the flash was in time, when she reached the Black Mud City, she heard the increasingly louder dragon's sound suppressed like a tide. Standing at the gate of the city and looking outside, I saw dark clouds rolling over the entire Sorrow Swamp, and red lightning smashed into the ground like a knife. Unlike the slow change just now, the speed of the wind and thunder is much faster now. It seems that only after blinking, Ye Ci saw that the distant dark clouds have piled up in front of him.

     A huge dragon covered in red scales flickered out of the clouds with huge wings. It shook the huge dragon's tail, lowered its head and expelled a fire-like breath of the dragon, and the distant boundary immediately A raging fire was ignited, and the billowing thick smoke rushed straight into the sky in the already gloomy sky. Standing at the gate of Hei Mucheng, it only felt spectacular.

     However, Ye Ci knew that under such flames, I was afraid that the players would burn to death without hiding.

     Sure enough, in the map channel, players complain without stopping, some scolded the system, some scolded Leader, and even scolded Ye Ci. In short, it was very lively.Ye Ci never cared about this kind of saliva, she was just a little worried about the smell of real water. From the situation of dealing with him just now, although this person has all the potential of a good leader, but after all, he is too tender. If he encounters such a thing, if he is hit, I am afraid that he will be one stumble, unable to rise, then I wasted this period of time deliberately.

     So she sent another secret message to Zhen Shui Wuxiang: "How is it? Are you still alive?".

     Zhen Shui Wuxiang was lying in the wilderness at this time, watching the huge red dragon flying above all players. It was really shocking. Just now, he was standing under the abdomen of this giant dragon, looking up, and even saw the white scales on its belly glowing sharply with silver. After that, he didn't even have a word of extra words. He was directly sprayed to death by Dragon Breath.

     "Hang up." Zhen Shui Wuxiang sighed, then smiled: "Where are you?"

     "At the gate of Hei Ni City." Ye Ci gently patted the somewhat dispirited and listless Ol’ Four. This guy is usually fierce, and everyone is offended, but now he is a little timid when he meets the dragon clan. Even Ye Ci is not particularly interested in the meat he feeds.

     "Is it safe there?"

     "Every city has a protective shield. Don't worry about being pierced by the dragon, at least it is safer than you."Just when the two people were chatting, the sprayers on the map channel became more and more ugly. Ye Ci has always been a bad word. She was thinking how to comfort the real water without fragrance, but she didn’t want to take the initiative when the real water had no fragrance. Said: "If you are on the map channel, don't care, it's none of your business, you also know that there are more people playing games."

     Ye Ci was startled slightly, only feeling strange: "There are more scolding you on this map channel, don't you worry about yourself, worry about what I am doing?"

     "I am a man after all, this kind of thing is nothing, but you, after all, a girl, the skin will not be as thick as mine." Zhen Shui Wuxiang said as it should be by rights.

     Instead, let Ye Ci stay silent, girl?

     How long has it been since no one regarded her as a girl? It seems that since the last life, she is only synonymous with the strong, and the strong has no gender.

     She is not used to being regarded as a girl anymore. What does a girl look like? The first person in Ye Ci's mind turned out to be Dong Yin. Girls should be like her, weak, beautiful, gentle, and obedient. Compared with Dong Yin, Ye Ci doesn't feel like a girl at all.

     So Ye Ci smiled slightly: "Thank you for calling me a girl, but as a leader, you should have no gender in your eyes, only occupation."Ye Ci's words make Zhen Shui Wuxiang unable to say a word, he still has tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex. In his consciousness, no matter how strong childe ">you are, she is nothing but a girl after all. Whether it’s a game or reality, women are a disadvantaged group after all. This kind of recognition makes him unconscious of the person in front of him. childe ">A little more care for women.

     But he didn't expect that the person he faced was an uncomfortable person. Even when talking to her, it is easy to ignore her cool but gentle female voice.

     It's not good to always freeze the topic in this place. Zhen Shui Wuxiang very cleverly changed the topic: "How did you find that something was wrong?"

     "My pet has become very timid. You know, Tyrannosaurus rex is the overlord on the land. It is rare to make it timid. Then contact the tips given in the game CG, I think the dark cloud will not It's as simple as rain." Ye Ci started to talk casually: "In the face of a situation I have not encountered, my instinctive reaction is not to take risks, but to hide first and see the changes in the situation before making plans."

     "You have to be observant." Zhen Shui Wuxiang took Ye Ci's nonsense as the truth, and he praised it from the bottom of his heart. "No wonder you can become a great god. In such a situation, I would never think of so much.""Great God?" Ye Ci raised her eyebrows, and then she smiled again: "I don't care what others call me. I only know that I am a hunter, and the hunter is a DPS profession. The duty of the DPS profession in battle is How can the output output be the highest in output? Then there is only one."

     "What?" Ye Ci's words gave Zhen Shui Wuxiang a different view of the team's career, so he listened to Ye Ci's words very seriously.

     "If you don't die, you can output the highest."

     "Not dead?"

     "Isn't it? No matter how high your level is, no matter how good your equipment is, no matter how coquettish you are, you will die as soon as you start a battle, then any DPS has nothing to do with you." Ye Ci curled her lips, and she looked at it. The Red Dragon, who was getting closer and closer to her, said calmly.

     Ye Ci's words silenced Zhen Shui Wuxiang. Her understanding of occupations was different from all the hunters and DPS occupations she had come into contact with before, and only two words appeared in his mind: "the strong".

     The red dragon finally flew close. It looked down and saw Ye Ci Shi Shiran standing at the gate of the city, not hiding or hiding, even raising his head to look at it, smiling, the piercing confidence in his eyes made the red dragon burn the dragon in anger. How noble, how can I accommodate such a humble creature as an elf and look directly at him face-to-faceIt opened its huge mouth and sprayed a deep breath of dragon at Ye Ci. This dragon's breath is not the red one just now, but purple. This purple dragon's breath is more violent than the red dragon's breath, and the damage value is higher. The red dragon just wants to burn this hateful spirit to ashes at this moment.

     Ye Ci looked up at the dragon's breath from the red dragon. She curled up her mouth and was extremely calm.

     The breath of the dragon sprayed straight down, not far from Ye Ci, suddenly a transparent cover emitted a dazzling blue light, and bounced the purple dragon's breath back vigorously.

     The red dragon was very angry, but he also knew that the protective shield of the city was indestructible by himself, so he could only stare at Ye Ci severely, then raised his head, spread his wings and flew into the clouds, and soon disappeared.

     Know this red dragon Ye Ci.

     This is the last queen of the Mirung tribe, Otra. Her story will shine when Fate’s second expansion comes. This is a pitiful and hateful NPC. However, in the second expansion, Ultra is bigger than what she sees now. The reason why Ye Ci can recognize her at a glance is due to her eyebrows. That strand of silver feathers. Few dragons have feathers, especially the feathers that grow between the eyebrows are unique and unmatched.From the posture when Otra flew just now, Ye Ci inferred that she should have just gone through a fierce fight and is now rushing for her life, so she would easily let go of herself and the black mud city. Otherwise, according to her temper, no Breaking the protective cover and not destroying the entire Black Mud City will definitely not let go. In particular, Ye Ci took a closer look just now, and there was a deep scar under her left rib. Although she had scabs, she could see that this scar greatly reduced her strength.

     If according to Ye Ci's memory of the history of running in Fate, it is right now when Ultra was driven from the throne, I am afraid that she has just been driven out by the dragon. Seeing her flying direction, she should be flying towards the Central Continent. For the time being, she can't make it through. Although she is full of interest in meeting the injured Utella, the current level restrictions make Ye Ci only temporarily let go of her pursuit. Up.

     I only look forward to a chance to find her again in the future.

     Ol’ Four’s disappearance brought Ol’ Four alive again. It has completely got rid of the trembling and pitiful look, staring at the fox exploits the tiger’s might."I think you are a good leader of the United Front. Do you want to come to Upward Ho?" After sending Otra away, Ye Ci finally put all of her energy on Zhen Shui Wuxiang's body, she got straight to the point and said herself the goal of. You know, this is her main purpose of dealing with these low-level players until now.

     childe ">you is a great god. childe ">you is an indifferent person. childe ">you is a person who does everything for self and selfish profit. childe ">you is a person who never does harm others without benefiting oneself.

     Hearing that childe ">you made this request to himself, what suddenly appeared in Zhen Shui Wuxiang’s mind was a series of comments on this person on the forum. He couldn't feel any feelings in his heart, surprised? One thing. Excited? There is also a little. Cannot understand, there is still a little.

     But in the end, Zhen Shui Wuxiang still asked: "Why?"

     "Why?" This stopped Ye Ci. She started poaching. There have always been two situations, yes or no. As for why, she really didn't think about how to answer. She couldn't help but hooked her mouth, "Why do you think it might be?"

     Chapter 91 Digging a Corner

     Chapter 91 Digging a Corner