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Chapter Directory 194 Chapter 92 The Lively Forum
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 92 Lively Forum

     Chapter 92 Lively Forum

     Zhen Shui Wuxiang didn't know how to answer Ye Ci, so she froze there, unable to tell why. He can't deny that although Ye Ci is a woman, when he talks to her, he is unconsciously overwhelmed by her aura. Such people are born to stand above all people.

     "Because Upward Ho does not have a United Front Leader for the time being, because I happen to think that your Leader is more plastic, so I came to you. Are you satisfied with this answer?" Ye Ci lowered his head, buttoned his nails, and comforted him by the way. Ol' Four became extremely impatient at the door for a long time.

     Hearing this, Zhen Shui Wuxiang suddenly remembered another comment on childe ">you on the forum. "childe ">you said few words, and she was more stingy about people who she thought was of no use value." According to this article In terms of evaluation and analysis, then I have more use value for childe ">you, otherwise, why would she waste time talking nonsense with herself for so long.However, his heart is somewhat uncomfortable because of using these two words. He has always felt that being a human being is most valuable if you have a sincere friendship. If everything is based on interests, it would be too sad. If today, he and childe ">you are friends, then she makes this request, maybe she will agree, but if it is only for profit, even if he knows that going to Upward Ho is definitely better than staying in the union now. He will also refuse.

     Because, in this Guild now, he still has a lot of feelings and friends that he can't let go of. Whether the other party thinks it or not, at least he thinks Zhen Shui Wuxiang, so unless this Guild doesn't want him, he will never take the initiative to find another way out.

     Thinking of this, Zhen Shui Wuxiang's heart was relieved. No matter how you comment on childe ">you on the forums, I feel that it’s nice to deal with people like childe ">you. At least she will tell you what she needs and what she doesn’t need. This kind of conversation is very easy. .

     "Sorry, I'm afraid I will let you down." Zhen Shui Wuxiang refused Ye Ci's request.Ye Ci is not surprised. After her last life, she naturally knew what Zhen Shui Wuxiang was like. Although this kind of person says loyalty emphasizes feelings, but sometimes they are tired of feelings and become a little indecisive. If it weren't for him to be a good material to be a leader, Ye Ci thought, she would never like to deal with such people. She still likes to deal with people who pay more attention to interests, such as Zero Arsenic, such as Sir Ditty ">. In contrast, dealing with Zhenshui Wuxiang is really exhausting.

     The unexpected refusal made Ye Ci not discouraged at all. She could even encounter the inconceivable things of rebirth, and she also looked down on other things.

     It is undeniable that Zhen Shui Wuxiang is very emotional and loyal.

     But again, there is no such thing as loyalty. Loyalty is only because of insufficient chips for betrayal.

     Ye Ci's slender and white fingers tapped the skin on Ol' Four’s neck a few times, squinted his eyes, tugged at the corners of his lips, and said indifferently: “It’s okay, if one day you Come to me if you figure it out, remember, Upward Ho will always open a door for you."

     With that said, she took the initiative to add a friend who was really Shui Wuxiang.

     Facing childe ">you add himself as a friend, Zhen Shui Wuxiang’s heart is really with complex feelings, and I can’t tell what it’s like, but I don’t know why he still agreed to childe’s request."Then I won't bother you." Not knowing what he was afraid of, Zhen Shui Wuxiang immediately threw out a sentence while Ye Ci hadn't spoken, and blocked everything Ye Ci might say.

     Ye Ci just smiled and stopped talking. Closed the dialogue interface with Zhen Shui Wuxiang, pulled the reins of Ol’ Four and walked towards the black mud city.

     There are no corners in the world that can't be digged, only people who don't work hard. Ye Ci is in a happy mood. Although Zhen Shui Wuxiang treats her a bit turn pale at the mention of a tiger, Ye Ci is not at all anxious.

     It's hers, no one can grab it. It's hers, no one can run away.

     Walking all the way to the door of the city hall, Ye Ci got off the line. Today’s battle has wasted a lot of her time. The Epic Level Quest can only be temporarily put down and will continue tomorrow.

     Climbing out of the game warehouse, she turned on the computer, and then opened the official forum. The huge headline and the red post were already printed in her eyes.

     Red Dragon.

     Of course it is the Red Dragon.

     It’s not a big deal for players from the two continents to fight, but it’s not a small news to meet the red dragon during the fight. For a while, this melee was rendered extremely exciting by the appearance of the red dragon, and there are even more Players put up the melee video, which became the first hot post on the forum for a whileYe Ci looked at the post with great interest. There are already many pages in this post. Not only is the host posting a video, but many of the followers are players who participated in the battle. They also have some photos in their hands. All subsequent posts also have a lot of photos they posted.

     Ye Ci was watching carefully, and he heard movement in the next room. You don’t have to think about it. Bai Mo must have gone offline. Now it’s time for dinner. Ye Ci never dip a finger for dinner. What she likes most is to hide awkwardly. Will not show off skills that are not worth showing off in front of others who are better than others, just like cooking.

     For someone who can only cook some home-cooked dishes, guarding a cook with high skill, she will never set foot in the sacred place of the kitchen. What's more, when she and Bai Mo lived together, the biggest agreement was that Bai Mo was responsible for cooking and she was responsible for washing dishes.

     Bai Mo walked across Ye Ci's room in slippers, and looked back subconsciously, and saw that Ye Ci was sitting in front of the computer and didn't know what to look at, so he said, "I thought you were going offline so early to relieve me. I went to cook for me because of the burden, but I didn’t expect it to be a mess here.”

     Ye Ci turned to look at Bai Mo, showing a mean smile: "Otherwise, how can you bring out that you are the best man in the world?"Bai Mo touched his nose. It seemed that Ye Ci's compliment was quite helpful, hehe smirked and went into the kitchen. Seeing that he was gone, Ye Ci turned to look at the computer again, looked at the post, and scanned page by page.

     After a while, Bai Mo came in again, carrying a bag of vegetables in his hand, and threw it on Ye Ci’s table and said, “Helping to choose vegetables, it’s so late, I don’t know if I’m offline and I don’t know how to cook the rice first. I want to starve to death"

     Ye Ci didn't refuse Bai Mo's request. He clicked the automatic page turning and started to choose food, but he still didn't look away from the computer. It made Bai Mo curious: "What are you looking at?"

     "Nothing? Looking at the dragon." Ye Ci answered Bai Mo absently.

     "Dragon?" Bai Mo's eyes widened immediately when he heard Ye Ci's words, astonished. He quickly hurried Ye Ci to a chair on the side, occupied Ye Ci's computer by himself, transferred the post to the first page, and started to watch the excitement while choosing dishes.

     As he watched the two videos, he exclaimed: "Wow, this is the dragon. Whoa is so big, it's so big, it can kill so many people in a single blow, it's too fierce."

     Ye Ci smiled faintly at Bai Mo's amazed expression, and continued to lower his head to choose vegetables seriously.Just after Bai Mo was surprised and watched the video weirdly for a while, he calmed down again. Ye Ci looked up at him. It turned out that he was reading other posts. She didn't care too much, to be honest, she was really hungry. When she is hungry, she can't concentrate on thinking about things, not only that, but even her temper will become irritable.

     "Hey, what happened to the Red Dragon this time has nothing to do with you? Few words." Ye Ci was looking down and carefully choosing dishes, and suddenly heard Bai Mo say this, and couldn't help but feel strange.

     "Why ask?"

     Bai Mo pointed to a post: "Someone broke the news on this post that in fact, this red dragon would fly to Sorrow Swamp to kill players. In fact, it was because Eastern Continent and Northern Continent players had an in the wild battle, which affected the dragon vein, so The dragon just flew out."

     Ye Ci's mouth twitched upon hearing this revelation: "This is a Western fantasy game, Dragon Vessel... Do you think this person has a fever."

     "Don't look at him, I also know that this person is not credible, but I saw some photos he posted. On the photos..." Bai Mo squinted his eyes and looked at Ye Ci: "I saw you That stupid and greedy dinosaur.""Huh?" Ye Ci was taken aback. She thought everyone had put Stamina on Red Dragon. No one thought that someone had actually taken photos of the melee. She quickly raised her head and looked at the monitor. Sure enough, in the few photos that she sent out, although she was not very visible, Ol’ Four's huge body and its fierce appearance made people sure to admit it. Moreover, this photo was taken just like taking a photo album of Ol’ Four. It was a 360-degree photo with no dead ends, which made Ye Ci a little depressed. The person who took the photo was taking a melee between the two armies? Or shoot in the wild creatures?

     "That's right. This is your stupid and greedy dinosaur. Look at this big ass. I believe there is absolutely no other pet with such a sturdy figure. I have always made a manure machine for it. , I didn't expect that the fighting seemed to be quite fierce." Bai Mo smirked, pointing to Ol' Four's butt, which had become a little fat because of the good food, and laughed.

     "If Ol’ Four knew that you laughed at it so much, it would eat you." Ye Ci gave Bai Mo a sideways glance and gave a faint warning."It doesn't matter, can I still be afraid of First Squadron data? I'm telling the truth, it's really too fat, you have to lose weight. If it gets so fat, it will not be a dinosaur, it will be a pig. "Bai Mo continued to laugh at Ol' Four's figure mercilessly. Of course, he absolutely didn't know. Today's rapid speech caused him to be chased by Ol' Four for nearly two months. If he knew, he would not so. Of course, of course, this is something later.

     Chapter 92 Lively Forum

     Chapter 92 Lively Forum