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Chapter Directory 196 Chapter 94 Turns Out To Be You
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 94 It's You

     Chapter 94 It's You

     There will be classes as usual the next day. Ye Ci came a bit late, and just rang the class bell when he entered the classroom. This made Fang Susu's excited face a great pity. She looked at Ye Ci with a pity that she had nothing to say and made her want to beat one's chest and stamp one's feet.

     Seeing that she was about to be suffocated by words, Ye Ci wrote a few words in the notebook and threw it over: "What? Constipation for three consecutive days?"

     Fang Susu immediately glared at her, and lowered her head to write a few more words on the notebook: "You are looking for death, I shit every day, and constipation is insulated from me. Look at my face, there is no constipation.

     Ye Ci snorted and laughed a few times, not talking about Fang Susu. Although he knew that Fang Susu must tell him something, today’s class is a famous and pedantic class in the school. Not only is the class very strict, it is not allowed. Speaking and asking questions from time to time, and random roll-calls before, during, and after class, so that students never dared to escape his class. This is really a "bad" word.Fang Susu had a confession in her heart, but there was no way to say it, which made her feel like sitting on pins and needles. The old man on the podium had bright small eyes. Concealment was behind the thick lenses. He raised his head and pushed the glasses, just in time to see Fang Susu who was about to talk, so he found her name on the seat chart. Then he said: "Student Fang Susu."

     Fang Susu was suddenly named by the old scholastic, and he couldn't care what to say to Ye Ci. He was so frightened that he stood up and said, "Here."

     "Are there more people in the women's bathroom just now?"

     "Huh?" Fang Susu looked at the old man with a ghost-like expression. He really didn't know what he meant by a sentence flying from outside the sky. However, looking at the old man waiting for her own answer, she had no choice but to reply: "I, I don't know."

     "Then there must be too many people." The old man nodded, making Fang Susu and everyone confused. Ye Ci, who had comprehended this old man's venomous tongue in his previous life, lowered his head, buried his head in the book, and suppressed his smile.

     "Otherwise..." The old man calm and unhurried pushed his glasses, and looked at Fang Susu with an extremely innocent smile: "Why does Fang Susu look like he hasn't had time to go to the bathroom?"Fang Susu's face suddenly turned red and turned into an apple, standing there waiting to find a place to pierce it.

     "Do you want to go now?" Amidst everyone's low laughter, the old man asked very considerately: "Don't hold back, you young don't know the harm of holding down excrement..."

     "Teacher, I don't want to go to the toilet, and I didn't want to go to the toilet." Fang Susu was so embarrassed by the old man that he suddenly interrupted the old man's chatter.

     The old man still looked kindly, "Ah, that's it, then you sit down. I know, I'm wrong, you girl, how can I mention this..."

     "Teacher" Fang Susu is almost angry. What the hell is going on with this dead old man? She hasn't spoken yet, so she called herself splitting the head and covering the face. He was still not a man.

     "Ah, all right, let's go to class." Seeing Fang Susu's anger, the old man quickly asked her to sit down, and then began the class.

     This is just a small episode before class. Although Fang Susu is very concerned, no one cares about this old man's "bad conduct" for a long time. After the class was over, the old man did not forget to tell Fang Susu: "Student Fang Susu, hurry up, this is the end of get out of class."After speaking, the old man paced Fang Bu with the book and left the classroom quickly, leaving only Fang Susu's angry scream and everyone's the whole room roaring with laughter. Including Ye Ci, smiled on the book without exception, and then learned the old man’s tone and said to Fang Susu: "Fang Susu, hurry up, I will end get out of class early. Now there are not many people in the women’s bathroom... "

     "Ye Ci, you are dying, are you looking for death?" Fang Susu was angry and funny, and rushed to make a First Squadron with Ye Ci, a joyous atmosphere in the classroom.

     Dodging and dodge, Ye Ci finally left a small life under Fang Susu's nine-yin white claws. She withdrew the book covering her face, and smiled at Fang Susu who was flushed: "Okay, it's okay, I'm wrong, you don't know the virtue of that old man, the class he leads can have How many people have not been pulled by him in Aggro? His BOSS is too powerful, and if there is no MT to resist, you should not try to challenge.

     Fang Susu was amused by Ye Ci's words and laughed: "It's OK, I won't tell you this, I have something to tell you."

     "What's the matter?" Ye Ci began to pack his books, ready to go to the study room to occupy a seat.

     "Yesterday Chu Ruo told me that Guild had allocated 20 places to visit the Fate headquarters. Are you going?" Fang Susu looked excited, and his round eyes became even more beautiful.Go to Fate headquarters? Ye Ci was startled slightly, she couldn't help but remember the time when she visited Fate's headquarters in her previous life. It was a few months before her rebirth. At that time, she was already the famous Sorcerer in Fate. She was treated well by the headquarters when she went there. Now it seems like a dream when she thinks of it.

     "How about it?" Fang Susu saw Ye Ci in a daze, and quickly shook her arm to attract her attention.

     "I'm not from World Conqueror." Ye Ci couldn't say anything in her heart. She didn't know how she felt now, whether she wanted to go, didn't want to go, or was afraid to go?

     "Anyway, we are all responsible for the airfare by ourselves. If you want to go, there is no one who is World Conqueror. Besides, our school is a god-level figure like you. If you don’t go, we can go to the team. It's too shabby. I heard that I have been to several Guilds to visit their headquarters, and there is no shortage of great gods." Fang Susu's purpose is to ask Ye Ci to follow along, so he immediately began to persuade.

     Ye Ci shook his head: "If you let other people in the school know that I am a childe'>you, I can't live it up? Even your man would not let me go first"Oh, he doesn't know, don't think so much, follow me, follow me, or if no one has a room with me." Fang Susu immediately grabbed Ye Ci and started to do everything. Shameless.


     Don't say that Ye Ci really wants to go to revise old haunts, just at the invitation of Fang Susu, Ye Ci will actually go, after all, she really values this friend very much. Therefore, Fang Susu didn't take much effort to persuade Ye Ci to agree to the trip together. Here Qin Churuo did not refuse Ye Ci, but welcomed it very much. Bai Mo yelled that it was unfair after learning the news. Brazen faced had to follow suit, but in the end he did not succeed. After all, it’s been four or five days after this trip. It is estimated that I will not be able to play the game. Upward Ho is now at the critical moment of pushing the original. If a guild leader is not there, how about it?

     After Ye Ci repeatedly assured that he would take a lot of photos when he went to the Fate headquarters, and would also apply to the Fate headquarters for the Upward Ho Guild to visit, Bai Mo was lucky to part.

     Therefore, in the end Bai Mo could only bite his handkerchief and lay on the door frame with tears in his eyes and reluctantly sent Ye Ci away.It only takes less than 3 hours to fly from the city where Ye Ci lives to the Fate headquarters. However, this is also a team of more than 20 people. From getting up in the morning to catch a plane until the time when Fate headquarters is located in City A. , It is already close to four o'clock in the afternoon.

     City A and City C where Ye Ci lives are located at different latitudes and longitudes, so in the eyes of City C people who are used to the big sun at four o'clock, this city A is actually close to the evening at four o'clock. Is not used to it.

     When the sunset was early, the sun rose early. When the people from Fate headquarters came to pick up a group of people the next morning, they only saw a group of people almost awake. After asking, I knew that it was caused by the latitude and longitude.

     That person was a member of the Fate Public Relations Department, who was specially responsible for reception, and was called Xie Ke. After he knew the reason, he couldn't help laughing: "I am also a foreigner. To be honest, the sun set earlier than A in our place. I was not used to it when I first came. It really felt like jet lag during that time."

     Everyone is a young man, and they will get acquainted soon. Sitting in the bus to the Fate headquarters, listening to Xie Ke's introduction, everyone yearned for the Fate headquarters."Xie Ke, will you take us to visit the headquarters in a while?". Fang Susu was already excited about Xie Ke's introduction to Fate, and he couldn't wait to fly into the headquarters with wings.

     "I am only responsible for showing you around the outside world. I am in charge of how those games are made and planned, but it is not me. Professionals will come to receive you at that time." Xie Ke shook his head. After all, in such a big company. , Specialized in learning, will never let people do unprofessional things. For example, his major is not game production. Of course, he doesn't know much about these things inside the game, so naturally he will not come to receive them.

     Fate’s industrial park is on the outskirts of the city. Fortunately, Ye Ci and the others live not far from Fate’s industrial park. If they live on the other side of the city, it would take a day to take a car today. Just like that, everyone was chatting, and no one was sleepy. About an hour later, Xie Ke pointed to a verdant and lush in the distance outside the window, which seemed to be a park-like place, and said, "Hurry up, there is Fate’s. Headquarters"

     Everyone hurriedly looked in the direction of Xie Ke's fingers.What Ye Ci saw was a large forest. There was a large artificial lake beside the forest. Weeping willows beside the lake surrounded by greenery. Listen carefully, birdsong and fragrant. flowers. She couldn't help feeling a hot eye socket, it was here, she came back.

     After she walked out of here that year, she participated in the PVP contest, and then... she faced her most miserable life.

     It now seems like a dream.

     Fate’s industrial park is really not small. If Xie Ke hadn’t reminded those chic houses hidden in verdant and lush trees to be offices for work, I guess no one would have guessed that such a park-like park is actually in the world today. The headquarters of the largest holographic game Fate.

     The scene in the industrial park can be described as one step at a time. Everyone often has to stop and take pictures. Although Ye Ci is not very keen on taking pictures, but because of Bai Mo’s request and Fang Susu’s enthusiasm, she can’t take pictures. less. Especially when we walked to the center of the park, there was a huge Fate LOGO, where everyone took a group photo. Xie Ke, who was in charge of taking pictures, changed more than 20 cameras to ensure that everyone took a photo before everyone twittered again. Walked towards the theme building of Fate's headquarters.The main building is a very special building, a harmonious combination of Chinese and Western elements, but it is not obtrusive. The sunlight here is especially good, the murmuring of running water, which is really a good place to be warm in winter and cool in summer.

     Xie Ke led everyone into the gate, stood at the reception counter, and said to the two little girls with signs there: "Let’s inform the planning department. I have brought people here. Ask them to come down and pick them up. people."

     The two reception ladies'> quickly agreed and arranged for a group of people to take a short break in the rest area. Then Xie Ke said goodbye to everyone, and everyone was very grateful for his care along the way.

     The reception lady'>before drank a few sips of the coffee served, Ye Ci saw an extremely young man walking hurriedly to the reception desk and said a few words, and then the reception lady> hurriedly took him towards A group of people came over where they were sitting.

     In fact, not only Ye Ci saw this young man, everyone saw him. But everyone still whispers about this person's youth.

     "This person is also in the planning department? It is also planning?" Because Xie Ke has already explained to everyone just now, the one who will show you around is the planning department. Although in everyone's mind, game planners are not old men and old ladies, but no one has thought that they are such young people.He is only 10** years old, has fair skin and looks very handsome. Especially when he was smiling, a small dimple appeared on the left side of his cheek. He was really a beautiful young man.

     "No, I guess it’s an intern. This looks like he’s not yet twenty years old. How could it be planning? Besides, if a company is so big that a company has to operate such a big game, planning must be very busy and there will be no time. Come and receive us, so it may be an intern."

     This view has been affirmed by many people, but everyone does not feel cold or unfair. After all, it is already very exciting to be able to visit Fate's headquarters. As for Who is a tour guide, it is not a concern for this pedestrian.

     But Ye Ci looked at this young man quietly, and sighed inwardly, this world is really small. Unexpectedly, she did not expect to meet him.

     She remembered the last time she visited Fate's headquarters. This photo was posted in the hero list of Fate's father, but now, he is just a young plan that everyone does not pay much attention to. Sure enough, things are impermanent."Hello everyone, I am Wang Jiangnan, but I think you must be more familiar with my code name in the game, I am Customer Service No. 094." Wang Jiangnan walked up to everyone, and first made a humble salute, his childishness The smile on his face was as bright as the sun.

     Ye Ci glanced at everyone, and sure enough, everyone was dumbstruck.

     For the familiarity of Customer Service No. 094, most people passed the dragon dance during the Spring Festival. At that time, the character he was manipulating was a low-level human data. At that time, the human face was not only gray, but also had a beard. Although his voice was young, everyone guessed that Customer Service No. 094 was at least over 30. Years old. But he didn't expect that when he saw a living person standing in front of him today, he was only about 20 years old. How could it not be surprising.

     "Wow, you are Customer Service No. 094? Are you planning too?".

     "Customer Service 094, how old are you this year?"

     "Is it easy to come to work in Fate?".


     After everyone came back to their senses, Wang Jiangnan was immediately covered by tidal problems. Ye Ci stood quietly behind the crowd. She noticed that the reception lady smiled as they were accustomed to, and didn't pay much attention to it. It seemed that this happened frequently. Sure enough, the too young master planner will be amazed.Wang Jiangnan seems to be very familiar with this kind of dialogue. He answers everyone's questions regularly and thorough, and then cleverly leads everyone toward the work area.

     Ye Ci followed people slowly. She was not very interested in Wang Jiangnan, but opposed to the revisit old haunts after a lifetime, full of strange emotions. She walked quietly behind everyone, looked at the current Fate headquarters, and compared the clips in her memory to see which ones have changed and which ones haven't changed. For a while, a cool person like her also felt a little sad.

     Probably because I visited the industrial park before, Ye Ci was not very interested in what Wang Jiangnan introduced. The same is true when I think about it. As a person who has been reborn, all the expansions they have developed now, or the expansions they have developed in the future, are already too familiar. Therefore, these things that everyone is most interested in are actually Things that Ye Ci doesn't care too much about.

     In fact, Ye Ci didn't understand why he wanted to follow Fate's headquarters. It might not be that important to her.

     "Now what we see is the display area. Here are the various awards Fate has won, and the gifts that players gave to the Fate development team." Ye Ci followed the crowd with lack of interest, and suddenly, looking at the south of the Yangtze River. Everyone inserted into a very large room.In this room, the decoration is luxurious, clear window and clean table, plus the soft lighting is soft enough to hit those display cabinets, it makes people feel like visiting a museum.

     "This trophy is Fate's predecessor, "Times OL's most popular trophy won by players in the World Online Games Show Contest. I believe everyone has heard of or personally experienced this game. Fate is actually produced in this game, although It is called an epoch-making game, but only the game that everyone likes is the best game. Therefore, this award is also valued by several of us." Wang Jiangnan pointed to a trophy in the exhibition area and introduced it to everyone.

     Ye Ci looked at the trophy and remembered that in his previous life, this cabinet was filled with trophies brought by Fate. Within ten years of testing, the honor brought by Fate's game made this showcase look brilliant.

     "Wow, this Su embroidery character was made by our team." Fang Susu suddenly noticed a familiar item in the gift from the player, and hurriedly greeted Ye Ci to see: "Xiao ci, come and see."Ye Ci didn’t care what Fang Susu was watching, but quietly looked at the trophies of that era, recalling the string of Fate trophies that he saw in his previous life. At that time, this trophy had not been known to have been lost. Where did the collection go. She could see it, but she didn't want Fang Susu to suddenly yell. Although her voice was not loud and very nice, it reverberated in such a spacious room and attracted everyone's attention.

     Ye Ci naturally noticed this. She lowered her head slightly and walked quickly to Fang Susu's side.

     Wang Jiangnan looked at the girl who was passing fast. Although she lowered her head, the glance just now made him see her face clearly. Don't know why, he always felt that this person was a little familiar, as if he had seen him somewhere. Although Wang Jiangnan has always expressed confidence in his memory, he couldn't take the liberty to strike up a conversation when facing the other party as a young girl.

     Most importantly, he didn't think it would be different after asking about the results.

     Therefore, he did not put too much thought on this trivial matter, and continued to explain the exhibits in these exhibition halls to the players who visited.Ye Ci looked at the Su embroidery in the display cabinet. It was not particularly large. It was about the size of a handkerchief. The stitches were not so fine. But it was embroidered with great detail. The people of Su Embroidery are very serious.

     Embroidered on this Su embroidery is the image of a hunter. She wears a mask, holds a long bow, and sits next to a majestic leopard, which is very beautiful.

     "Xiao ci, do you want to see it?" Fang Susu looked at Ye Ci, with bright and beautiful eyes. She smiled slightly, and the dimples on her cheeks were very cute. She lowered her voice and said, "This Su embroidery veil is a picture of me, okay?"

     Ye Ci nodded and praised sincerely: "It looks good." For Ye Ci, a guy who is so clumsy that he can't even stack a thousand paper cranes, although he doesn't envy other women who can be a good girl, but I still admire each other sincerely, just like now. Ye Ci is absolutely sure, let alone let her embroider a picture, let her sew a button and sew it right.

     "I used you to embroider the model." Fang Susu smiled and talked about the situation when he and Ye Ci first met in the game. Ye Ci was like this at the time, except that he didn't wear a mask. The handsome demeanor made Fang Susu remember it in his heart and admired it for a long time. "Very handsome, isn't it? Few words"Such naked compliments made Ye Ci a little embarrassed. She laughed dryly: "You embroider really well."

     "I didn't embroider it. Many of us embroidered it together and sent it here as a New Year's gift."

     The two were talking in low voices, and Wang Jiangnan had already brought a large group of people to the display cabinet of the two. He happened to hear the conversation between the two, so he smiled and said, "I really want to thank you. It was the Chinese New Year. Many players sent us gifts. At that time, many people from the company came to unpack the packages." I made a little voice, and mysteriously broke the news: "Even our president and

     The master planner also joined the ranks of unpacking. And this gift makes everyone's eyes shine, but there are few gifts that integrate Western culture and Eastern culture so well. Since then, our president and chief planner will volunteer to unpack the package as long as a gift arrives. "

     "Why?" Everyone was surprised: "Isn't this the job of the ordinary tea-pouring girl?".

     "They said, it feels like a surprise." Wang Jiangnan smiled, raised his eyes, and glanced over Ye Ci's face inadvertently, startled slightly.She didn't seem to be particularly interested in what she was talking about, she still felt the faint, alienated feeling. At this time, Wang Jiangnan remembered. It seems that this girl has been walking at the end of the line since they met and visited. She seems to be familiar with everything about Fate's headquarters, or is very indifferent. In short, for what he introduced. Things do not have the excitement and enthusiasm that a player who visits for the first time has.

     Such emotions made Wang Jiangnan not help but pay more attention to her.

     Ye Ci felt that he always looked at him from time to time when he had eyes, so he turned his eyes around and looked at the person who was looking at him, only to receive Wang Jiangnan's slightly surprised look. He didn't dodge immediately, but nodded slightly apologetically, before Shi Shiran withdrew his gaze.

     Wang Jiangnan didn't expect that he would be caught upright when he looked so quietly. Under that indifferent and sharp gaze, he was actually a little guilty, and he quickly emptied his gaze, and never dared to be so blatant again. Looked up.

     After finally arriving at the lounge, Wang Jiangnan arranged for everyone to take a break first. He also brought a glass of water and walked to a player who had been very familiar just now, and asked in a low voice: "Is that girl from your World Conqueror Guild?" .The player looked in the direction suggested by Jiangnan, and then whispered to him: "No, she is Fang Susu's friend, that is, the girl who embroidered Su embroidery for you, but she also belongs to our school."

     "Do you know her game ID?".

     The player grabbed his head and shook his head helplessly: "I really don't know this, nor did Susu mention it. It should be an ordinary player."

     Wang Jiangnan nodded. Although there is nothing wrong with saying this, he felt that such a person is not an ordinary player. Perhaps is because he has been dealing with games since he was a child, he always has a very keen intuition and can accurately distinguish between advanced players and ordinary players.

     Although facing Taoist Master, advanced players and ordinary players look the same, but Wang Jiangnan seems to have such a way to keenly distinguish what kind of character this person is in the game. High-end or low-end.

     It's like, as soon as he met, and everyone hadn't introduced themselves, he quickly found Flawless Reflection. But before that, he had never seen this player's Taoist Master, nor had he seen any photos. However, when he first saw Qin Churuo, he could tell that this person was definitely a high-level player. Although he didn't know his ID, his instinct had already judged it that way.Later, everyone gave an introduction. Sure enough, his intuition was correct. This person is indeed the senior hunter Flawless Reflection of World Conqueror, and he is also a top-ranked senior player in Eastern Continent.

     When facing this girl, he couldn't be so sure. She felt so powerful, but she couldn't confirm it. So Wang Jiangnan took the liberty to ask the players of World Conqueror about her identity. Probably because he is also a game player, he is always reluctant to miss meetings with those high-level players, so he can't let go of this mysterious girl after all.

     "What's her... called?"

     The player thought for a while, and then replied unconfirmed: "She is not from Guild. She never attends meetings in the conference room of our school. This time she came because of Fang Susu. They are good friends. It seems They are all freshmen in the freshman year.” At this point, he also realized that he had not mentioned the key point, so he smiled bitterly towards Wang Jiangnan: “The name seems to be two characters...Flawless Reflection said before boarding the plane. I didn’t remember too much, I was a little bit sloppy."

     "Oh, that's it." Wang Jiangnan was a little disappointed.

     When the player saw Jiang Nan with a slightly disappointed expression, he quickly volunteered: "Why don't I ask you?""No need." Wang Jiangnan quickly rejected the player's kindness and turned the topic off. A joke, if you ask about this directly, doesn't it mean that you are telling the world that you are very interested in this girl? No matter what his own true thoughts are, I'm afraid it will be rumored to be a shameful scandal.

     gossip is a fearful thing.

     Because of this, Wang Jiang didn't want to cause any trouble to himself or the other party.

     The next visit project made everyone excited, it was a game trial. However, this kind of trial play is absolutely different from the general trial play. It has a fully intelligent simulation device that allows players to use their imagination to create a lot of things, and planners will collect these creations, remove the dross, and find Suggestions and imaginations more suitable for game development are integrated into the game.

     This is also the reason why Fate headquarters welcomes players to visit. Everyone has a high level of talent, and only those who are really in the game will know what they want.

     And these planners at Fate headquarters just want to fulfill these wishes from the player's perspective.Wang Jiangnan led a group of people to a very large game hall. There were about a hundred high-end game warehouses, 25 of which were already opened. At the very front of the hall, a young girl saw everyone coming in and quickly stood up and smiled and greeted everyone.

     Wang Jiangnan smiled and said, "This is our No. 387 plan. She is called Lin Dan. Today, she is here to help you open the card. As long as you go to her to report your ID, she can make one for everyone. Sexual memory card. This card contains all your information in Fate. With this card, everyone can enter the game warehouse. However, this card can only allow you to play for at most 1 hour of experience time, and then It will be destroyed by itself. This is also to protect the safety of everyone's belongings, so everyone should hurry up and experience them, and put forward their own suggestions and ideas during the game."

     There is such a good thing that everyone can be eager to give sth a try. Just now Wang Jiangnan asked everyone to go to Lin Dan to get the card, and they saw everyone rushing to Lin Dan to report their ID. After all, it is so exciting to be able to see your creativity in your favorite game. Even if you can’t adopt it, it’s not a beautiful feeling to be able to try this game at Fate’s headquarters.Only Ye Ci stood in the end and didn't move. Seeing her like this, Wang Jiangnan took the initiative to walk over, nodded at her, smiled and said: "This classmate, why don't you get a memory card?"

     The common saying says, reach out and don’t hit smiley people. Since Wang Jiangnan talked to herself with a smile, she couldn't directly refuse others saying that she didn't want to play. If she doesn't want this, then she doesn't want to do what else? It is inevitable to be criticized by other people, so sometimes people still have to be gregarious.

     "Wait for them to get it first, I will get it last, not in a hurry." Ye Ci nodded.

     She can't remember how many times this is the first meeting with Wang Jiangnan. The first time was in the previous life. At that time, he was already the father of Fate who was not just in name only, but also in reality. Then he was in the PVP contest, and then after he was reborn. There is no famous little planner, Sora has a lot of ambitions, but nowhere is there to be aspirational. That little planner who sits on the sand dune with himself and chats, now wants to come only yesterday.

     And now Wang Jiangnan seems to be walking towards his ideal.

     So, what about her?

     Where is her ideal?That's right, it's this kind of familiarity. The alienated smile seemed to have a sharp feeling even in ordinary speech, which made Wang Jiangnan feel more and more familiar, but he still did not dare to confirm. So he paused slightly, and said, "It will take a while until they are all set, let me open one for you."

     "It's not so good, it's like walking through the back door." Ye Ci was a little surprised.

     "It's okay, I'll let them line up with me soon." Since Wang Jiangnan can be the master planner of Fate in the future, there must be a place where he excels. It's like now that although he speaks softly, he still makes people impossible. The oppressive feeling of rejection.

     Even if this kind of oppression is weak, it can still be felt.

     "Okay." Ye Ci looked at Jiangnan quietly for a while. It was a pair of dark, persistent, and unrelenting eyes. She thought, probably because people with such a pair of eyes can be better than ordinary people. More tenacious power.

     She followed Wang Jiangnan to another special computer, which was still a little away from the crowd on the other side. They were talking in low voices, which was absolutely inaudible to others.

     When Wang Jiangnan turned on the phone, he asked in a low voice in a very cautious and cautious voice: "What is your ID in the game?"

     Ye Ci lowered his gaze, thought for a while, and then slowly said: "childe'>you."Today is New Year's Day in 2012. A year has passed. I wonder what happy things happened to everyone in this year? Now is the new year. I wonder if you have any wishes to complete in the new year?

     In the past year, fireworks have experienced many things, there have been fatigue and excitement, but you have been there no matter what. Therefore, on the first day of the new year in 2012, for fireworks, the most important person, fireworks must be filled with you carefully. Without everyone's support and care, there would be no fireworks that have persisted until now.

     It seems pale to say thank you alone, but is it paler if you don’t say thank you now?

     In short, in the new year, I will work harder, I hope everyone just as in the past will support me.

     Chapter 94 It's You

     Chapter 94 It's You