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Chapter Directory 201 Chapter 99 Common Interests
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 99 Common Interests

     Chapter 99 Common Interests

     Just when Ye Ci's health bar and consciousness were constantly passing by, only a roar was heard, and immediately after that, the hand holding Ye Ci was released.

     Ye Ci was dizzy and fell to the ground, but the only remaining consciousness told herself that she hadn't died yet, and as long as she hadn't died, she would continue to fight. She rolled and crawled and stood up staggeringly, and when she looked back, she realized that Ol' Three had just jumped up and bit Bru’s arm. Bru let go because of the sudden pain, so that she could do it. Taken a life.

     At this time, Bru was furiously shaking Ol’ Three. Bru’s figure was already very tall, and Ol’ Three hung on his arm and was thrown so hard by him, and the blood line dropped rapidly.

     "Damn leopard, you broke my good deeds." Brue finally threw Ol' Three out. Ol' Three was thrown out in a parabolic shape. He fell heavily to the ground and let out a low whimper. Sound, I think he must have been seriously injured. Even so, he still has to stand up desperately and continue to fight,

     And Bru only temporarily put down Ye Ci because Ol’ Three broke his good deeds, rushed in the direction of Ol’ Three, and decided to kill him with a single blow.Ye Ci had already staggered and stood firmly. She shook her head, which was already full of gold stars. She shook up the crossbow machine, and shouted at Bru in a hoarse voice: "Bru, your enemy "It's me" before she finished speaking, her series of high-damage skills have all been put on Bru.

     Although these arrows were released when Ye Ci had lost consciousness, they were surprisingly and accurately pierced on several vital parts of Bru’s body. Several Critical Hits exploded with considerable damage values. Ye Ci's eyes are red, which is very gratifying.

     And Brue also took away the HP he was looking at because of these injuries, and in a blink of an eye, he only had 11 health bar left. This is not the worst, the worst is that Ye Ci's skill attached to him constantly extracts his constant mana points, making him unable to chant magic.

     Bru was completely angry. He gave up his long-range attack advantage and rushed towards Ye Ci. He didn't change into the shape of an animal, because he didn't even have the deformed blue. Ye Ci went backwards while shooting arrows quickly, she had fewer and fewer arrows.

     In the end, when Bru had only 01 health bar left, Ye Ci shot her last arrow.Standing 20 yards away from Bulu, Ye Ci gasped for breath, and Bulu was nowhere better to go. He was already extremely vain, and supported his body only by faith. The eyes of the two people seemed to be The battle was already popular, severely glared at the opponent, waiting for the best chance to rush forward and kill the opponent with a single blow.

     Now is not the time to wait, Ye Ci put away the crossbow machine. Although the hunter is a king beyond 8 yards, she has not forgotten that before level 5, the hunter was able to win by close combat. Although her attack is not as good as the melee classes of Warrior, it does not mean that she is not good.

     Withdrawing the dagger and the short sword, the weapon exudes a gleaming cold light, with the color of killing.

     "Ah" Ye Ci took a deep breath and yelled, trying to use this primitive but simplest method to add unlimited fight intent and courage to herself. She roared and rushed towards Bru as she flew. It was this blow. Whether or not she could survive in the end, this was her last attempt.

     Ye Ci thinks so, why doesn't Bru think so? He also roared and rushed to Ye Ci, waving a long Magic Staff in his hand, ready to fight against the elf.

     Two professions that are also not good at melee combat, and two professions that have no advantage. At the last moment of the battle, they must be killed until the battle.Although the opponent is just an NPC, Ye Ci still has full respect for Bru. There are few monsters who work so hard, and there are few NPCs with such high IQ. Although their beliefs are opposed, he is a respectable opponent.



     Two voices came out almost at the same time, Ye Ci only felt a heart-piercing tingling on her body, and the health bar had dropped to 2. Relying on this blue, even if it’s a good melee, but this attack power is too high, right?

     In the dim sky, only a fire not far away provided the two people with faint light. Ye Ci stared at Bru’s face with long fangs, and Bru stared at Ye. Ci, they have maintained the posture of the last blow, as if they have become sculptures.

     Ye Ci was panting, she looked at Bru's health bar-0. He had been shot dead, but she didn't know why he hadn't fallen.

     "Hehe, elves, you are a good opponent" Brue suddenly cracked his mouth and pulled out a tremble with fear smile, and the next moment, his body fell backwards, leaving behind in the silent forest. A muffled echo.

     Bru fell down.

     The battle ended with Ye Ci's narrow victory."You killed the Sorrow Swamp boss Witch Doctor Bru for the first time in the world. Do you need Concealment your ID horse?"

     "Concealment." Ye Ci took a long breath and saw the First Kill on the World Channel. This moment was a glorious moment. But for Ye Ci, it seemed so tired. She sat down, no, to be precise, she fell directly on the ground because her legs were too soft. It was only at this moment that she realized that her body did not look like her at all. She even wanted to move her fingers, but her body couldn't respond accordingly.

     She knows that this is the exhausting punishment that the system brought to her by fighting against her physical limits. This kind of punishment was quite serious in the first half an hour, not only was unable to move at all, but even the blood and blue recovered extremely slowly. Ye Ci looked at the current state of her body, only 3 HP. If a monster comes out at this time, it is estimated that she will die very depressed.

     Fortunately, the mobs wouldn’t be close to Bru’s site, so in the first half an hour, Ye Ci just lay on the side of Bru’s body, quietly watching the darkness The night sky was in a daze. After half an hour, although the body was still extremely exhausted, he was able to move at any rate. Ye Ci struggled to get up and walked towards Ol’ Three first.It was just a short walk. Ye Ci walked for ten minutes, (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty and walked to Ol' Three's side. He heard Ol' Three whimper, like pain. As if comforting his own master. Ye Ci looked at the deep wound on Ol’ Three, took out a bottle of medicine from the package and stuffed it into Ol’ Three’s mouth. Now she has blue, but she doesn't have the strength to activate the pet treatment skills, so she can only give him some medicine first to relieve the injury.

     Ol' Three took the medicine obediently, Ye Ci gently stroked his head, he squinted his amber eyes comfortably, and there was a comfortable gurgling sound in his throat, which made Ye Ci also feel a kind of warmth. a feeling of. "Ol’ Three, thank you." After patting Ol’ Three on the head lightly, Ye Ci put him in the animal pen.

     Slowly standing up, Ye Ci walked towards the side of Bru's body.Probably because he was too dark, Ye Ci did not find a few things, only a ring, three flawless gems and a drawing. Gems are used to inlay equipment and improve equipment attributes. However, the color of these three gems is very high. Although only one can be used by itself, it is still wasteful to inlay the current equipment, so Ye Ci decided to add these three gems. Put away a gem first, wait until everyone's level and equipment are up, or wait until the price of the gem soars, otherwise it will be a waste of things.

     As for the other two things, Ye Ci was very excited. The first is the drawing, which is actually her Quest Item, Dole's map fragment. A total of four pieces of this kind of fragment are needed. Although 10 months have passed since the service was opened, Ye Ci is still very happy to find two pieces.

     The Quest related to Elven King Dole must not be a simple Quest. The so-called the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks. Therefore, Ye Ci is already satisfied with finding two pieces of the drawing. As for when the remaining two can be found, Ye Ci is not at all anxious. She believes that this Quest will be completed, and the time is really not what she cares about.

     The last thing is a ring. This ring is actually a purple ring.Bru's ring: The only souvenir that Bruce Witch Doctor Bru took away from the orc territory is Bru's beloved.

     Purple Equipment, equipment level required: 0

     Agility 42

     Strength 54

     Wisdom 47

     Equipped with skill: dark dispel (can dispel all bad states on the body, activated once every 3 minutes).

     This ring is actually more suitable for Druid from the bonus of attribute points. Although agility and strength are attributes that hunters like, but the attribute points of wisdom account for too much. From the attribute point of view, it reduces the hunter’s demand for him. Sex. However, Ye Ci doesn't care about this. Certainly, in the later stage, the attribute points of these points can be increased at will. Especially, if the equipment is refined, the attribute points can also be improved. There is really nothing to care about.

     What Ye Ci valued in this ring is the attached skill, which dispels darkness.Now she doesn't have any skill with a dispelling function, so in BOSS or PVP, she is a semi-crippled profession that cannot continue to fight once controlled. But with this ring, it is different. For example, if you meet Bruce again, with this ring, you can directly disperse all the DEBUFF he has imposed on yourself, greatly improving your survivability. The only thing that made Ye Ci dissatisfied was that the cooling time of this dark dispelling was too long, it took three minutes to complete. If it could be shortened to once a minute, she thought she would laugh crazy.

     better than nothing.

     In the absence of a dispelling skill, Ye Ci is still very satisfied even if the skill requires a three-minute cooldown.

     She put the ring on her finger, but inadvertently saw another ring. That was the accurate ring dropped by Fleeting Time. It was able to bring down Brue today. In fact, a large part of it is thanks to this ring. However, I don't know why Ye Ci always feels that the yellow-orange-orange ring feels dazzling when it is worn on the hand. She frowned, reached out her hand to remove the ring, and threw it into the corner of the package. She would never admit that she would defeat Bru because of the Fleeting Time ring. Ye Ci thought proudly that even without this ring, she would definitely defeat Bru.Definitely.

     After finishing Bru's body, Ye Ci has not forgotten the purpose of coming here today. She was here to pick soothing grass for City Lord Moore.

     Soothing grass grows on the altar behind the refreshing blue. This altar did not know the purpose of the Priest, but it can be seen that it has been abandoned for a long time. The stone-stacked building on it has collapsed for more than half, and weeds have grown arbitrarily from all corners of the altar. At the same time, the parasitic plants in the rattan have verdant and lush the gray stones. Although the sky is gloomy, Ye Ci can still feel the decadent and vibrant scenery here.

     In the crevices of the overgrown altar stone, there are scattered luminous plants growing. Ye Ci walked in and saw that it was indeed the calming grass he was looking for. I don't know how much the Lord Moore needs to use, so Ye Ci directly picked all the calming grass that grew on the altar.Although the elf's night vision ability is very good, Ye Ci picked a piece of wood from the fire and used it as a torch, and began to search the altar carefully. This is Ye Ci’s habit of playing games for many years. Every time she goes to a place, she will never give up searching carefully because of the dim light, because she cannot guarantee that she will only come to this place once, so she will catch all Opportunity, let yourself get the most benefit.

     After a careful search around the altar, Ye Ci didn’t find anything special. Then she recruited the maroon pony that she hadn’t ridden in a long time, climbed up the horse with difficulty, and swung the whip all the way. Rushed to Hei Ni City.

     I don’t know if it was because of Bru’s death or Ye Ci’s better luck, or because all the poison mobs were already asleep. Ye Ci didn’t even encounter a mob’s ambush on the way out of the jungle. , Let her rush to Hei Ni City smoothly.

     Because there is no time limit for the Quest for medicine collection, Ye Ci did not directly hand in the Quest. Instead, he walked into the largest hotel in Hei Ni City and opened the best room to let people prepare hot water and The best food is used to relieve the exhausted state of one's body.

     When she was full of food and drink and took a hot shower, Ye Ci allowed the character to lie down on the dry and soft bed in the room and take a good rest.After doing this, she went offline without any hesitation. It is late at night in the game, and the reality outside the game is already dark. Bai Mo had just finished taking a shower and came out of the bathroom while whistling, and met Ye Ci who went to the kitchen to find food from the room.

     He looked at Ye Ci's tired face, his face was pale, as if he had just gone through a huge ordeal, and he couldn't help but stop her: "Xiao ci, why did you go? How come you just stole a chicken."

     Ye Ci is very tired now, and is really too lazy to have a fight with Bai Mo. He just gave him a white look and asked weakly and without strength: "Have you left for me?"

     "Stay, go sit for a while, I'll give you heat." Bai Mo saw that Ye Ci didn't even have the strength to speak, so he knew she was exhausted to the extreme. Although he didn't know why, he still took the initiative I went to the kitchen to help Ye Ci hot meals.

     Ye Ci walked to the living room and fell on the sofa. Although it was not her own body that was actually fighting, her nerves were tense. Therefore, the fatigue of the brain directly affected her body, causing her even already After the game, she felt exhausted, especially when she recalled the scene of the fight with Bru just now, she even felt like vomiting.When the TV was turned on, there was a boring soap opera. Ye Ci just closed his eyes and listened to the sound of Ula Ula on the TV, but didn't hear a word clearly. She just feels very tired and sleepy, and she can't wait to fall asleep now.

     I don't know how long it took, Ye Ci was awakened by a gentle pat. She opened her eyes and saw Bai Mo arching her waist and looking at her: "Xiao ci, eat first, and then sleep after eating."

     Ci struggling to sit up straight, Bai Mo has already filled her up with the food, put it on her injury, and handed the chopsticks again. There are three dishes and one soup on the table in front of her, all of which she likes to eat. It is so hot that she has an appetite to look at.

     Although physically tired, Ye Ci suddenly felt hungry in the face of such food, and started to eat after throwing off his arms.

     Bai Mo sat on a small stool and looked at her with a smile: "Eat slowly, I have eaten, and I won't grab it with you."

     Ye Ci can be said to have finished the first bowl of rice like wind swept away, and only then can he relax and eat the second bowl of rice.

     "Why are you so tired?" Bai Mo asked.

     "Killed a world boss."

     "Witch Doctor Blue?"

     "Ok."Although Ye Ci did not pay attention to how much influence he had on the world after Witch Doctor Blue First Kill, it does not mean that others did not pay attention. Probably I have been accustomed to Ye Ci’s First Kill one after another, so this time the First Kill of Witch Doctor Bulu was Ye Ci and did not surprise Bai Mo much. He smiled and said, "Ah, that's great."

     "What's so good?" Ye Ci asked while gnawing on the ribs.

     "Since the witch doctor Brue was killed, there has been a betting post on the forum. I heard it was an official one."

     "What betting post?"

     "Sorrow Swamp is a neutral area. Therefore, it is not ruled out that there are four continents players to kill. And, because only one person's Concealment ID was released on the world announcement at that time, the official list of four continents The top master SOLO King is used to place bets. Players can place bets on their own. Each time a player places a bet, he needs to pay a bet of 100 gold coins. Three days later, the official will announce who killed the Witch Doctor Blu. Then..." Bai Mo said that he didn't know what he thought of and smiled very happily.

     "Why is the official so boring?" Ye Ci frowned. You know, she chose the Concealment ID because she didn't want to let people know about it. Now the official still uses this to place bets, then she might as well start by herself. Announced"Let me tell you, you and Fleeting Time are both on the list." Bai Mo blinked gossip very gossip. "And, you two have the highest number of votes."

     The black line on Ye Ci looked at Bai Mo: "What do you mean by that dying smile?"

     "It doesn't mean anything, I just told you, I made your bet, I made 100 bets, ten thousand gold, don't know how much you can earn?" Bai Mo looked at Ye Ci with a thief smile on his face. Ye Ci was so angry that he bowed his head and went to eat again.

     "You mean I still want to thank you for being worthy of me?" Ye Ci rolled his eyes, thinking that the harmless Bai Mo in front of him is so wretched?

     "Eat yours." Bai Mo didn't point to Ye Ci honing a bull's horn. He reached out and patted Ye Ci on the head. He understood her indignation, and by the way told her about Guild's recent situation. "Zhen Shui Wuxiang has been following the Second Regiment. I will let him get acquainted with him for the time being. I didn't let him be the leader, and you said he was the leader of the united front. First wronged him to drive Dungeon.""Well, as far as his equipment is concerned, I'd better follow Dungeon." Ye Ci has always been very relieved of Bai Mo's personnel arrangements. Therefore, when Bai Mo mentioned the arrangement of real water without fragrance, she had no objection. , Just put forward one point: "By the way, pay attention to yourself, don't let Qing Yanmo and Milu have any hostility towards real water without fragrance."

     "Don't worry about this, I will naturally take this into account when I do things." Bai Mo stretched out and looked a little tired: "By the way, we pushed the fifth child today, it's a pity that we haven't done it."

     "How is Wolf Clan?"

     "I don't know, but according to the gossip, it should be better than our progress. Although it is also stuck in the fifth, but it does not seem to be as entangled as we are." Bai Mo took a deep breath: "To be honest, everyone is doing it every day. When playing Dungeon, we are all tired. After all, we are not a big Guild like Wolf Clan. Many people are still not used to this kind of progress.""After this Dungeon is pushed, even if the Dungeon group of the initial 30th level is come to the end of a phase, we can rest for a while and give more comfort." Bai Mo said that Ye Ci did not directly participate in the management. , But she also understands. For example, a half-way renunciation of Guild like Upward Ho, even if everyone has a enthusiasm, it is still more difficult to keep up with the old Guilds such as Wolf Clan and Tang Dynasty in terms of succession. It can be seen from the promotion of Dungeon. . Wolf Clan opened three groups in one go, and Tang Dynasty did the same. Even Guild, a teenager like Steel Blooded Battle Spear, also opened two groups, not to mention that things like Zero Space, World Conqueror, etc. already exist. Husband for many years'> will be.

     And Upward Ho only opened one group, and the remaining Guild members are either unstable or too low-level, or they are locust players, which are really impossible.

     "As for the development of Guild, I'm actually not very good at it, Bai Mo, you still need to discuss this. You let me charge to kill the enemy and lead people to take the First Kill. I have absolutely no problem. It's just this kind of personnel management. Don't tell me. Yes, I have a headache." Ye Ci still doesn't like to deal with people, so when I hear about these personnel management issues, I feel tired."Understand, Guild's next development, we are already on the agenda, you don't have to worry, since you are anxious for Ruined Castle's First Kill, why don't you help Qing Yanmo and Milu, I think their brain cells are about to die." Bai Mo knows that Ye Ci is anxious to take the First Kill of Ruined Castle, but now she is unwilling to help Qing Yanmo and Milu more, making him somewhat anxious, although this is good for Qing Yanmo and Milu, but if she does it again With such strength, I am afraid that Wolf Clan is about to get First Kill.

     There is no clear meaning in Bai Mo's words. Ye Ci certainly understands. She sighed, and everything came together. She was a rebirth person who couldn’t handle it clearly. I can lower my arrogant head to reality.

     "Okay, when is the next entry?"

     "Tomorrow at 10 o'clock in the morning."

     "I'll follow into the book. Anyway, I will seldom follow the first four bosses. If this continues, everyone will think that I am eating a meal." Ye Ci teased himself, Bai Mo was just a little bit. Smiled and didn't talk much.

     Ye Ci slept very early that night. Probably it was because Stamina was consumed too much when dealing with the witch doctor Bru, which made her sleep very deep all night, not even having a dream. And she woke up because of Bai Mo's knock outside the door."Xiao ci, it's nine o'clock, get up to eat and tidy up, it's time to assemble the team." Bai Mo is now a standard housewife. Of course it is his job to get up in the morning and do early things, and he seems to have done it quite conscientiously.

     "I got it." Although Ye Ci was still very sleepy, he got up soon after thinking that he was going to push the fifth child today.

     After finishing breakfast, Ye Ci climbed into the game. Once online, she habitually looked at her current Quest panel. Although the Quest to find calming grass for Black Mud City Lord Moore has been completed, she does not plan to deliver it temporarily. After all, she has not done this Quest in the previous life. The expression of this Quest on the forum is also very vague, even without a Quest guide, she can only guess step by step by herself. Now the Quest in her hand has no time limit, but she is afraid that if the next Quest needs a time limit, it will be cheating.

     You know, in this Epic Level Quest, if there is a failure in one of the links in the middle, it is still a trivial matter for the NPC to lower the rewards. If the NPC directly refuses to deliver the Quest below you, it is a real cheating.

     Based on the above considerations, Ye Ci finally decided not to hand in Quest, it is better to go and punch Dungeon first.

     After making up her mind, she began to rub the back to the city stone to go to Red Lake City.However, Huichengshi had just rubbed halfway, and she suddenly received a message that the person who sent the message really surprised her.

     The person who sent the message is Mad Willow. Originally, Ye Ci thought that according to his relationship with Mad Willow, he would take the initiative to send messages to himself, but if it was a relationship between Upward Ho’s childe'>you and Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s Mad Willow, I’m afraid he would The chance of sending a message to myself has suddenly fallen below the ratio of red rain in the world. Especially at such a delicate hurdle, Ye Ci was still thinking about how he would contact him, but he did not expect that this person would take the initiative to contact him. This made Ye Ci breathe out a long breath. Solved a big problem.

     Sometimes, people who have been friends may never say a word.

     Mad Willow and Ye Ci are probably friends in this relationship. Although they have added each other as friends, they may not have a real conversation. Especially, stuck in the delicate relationship between Ye Ci and Thousand Sunsets, Mad Willow seems to have no need to talk to Ye Ci.

     Therefore, this conversation made Ye Ci very cautious. She watched Mad Willow's message come in, and after thinking about it, she stopped going back to Chengshi, and instead connected to his conversation."Childe'>You, it's been a long time." Mad Willow said at the beginning, it really was like a friend who hadn't seen each other for a long time.

     Ye Ci is also not being indecent, smiling and haha. Anyway, who knows how to practice Tai Chi like this: "Yeah, yeah, everyone is busy."

     Ye Ci sometimes thinks, in fact, some things are in the bones and blood. For example, the treacherous businessmen, the hypocrisy of politicians, and the smartness of ordinary people, these are probably put into everyone's heart when God created things. Although Mad Willow has been left out in the family for many years, it does not mean that he is not a good businessman, nor does it mean that he does not have the characteristics of a businessman. On the contrary, as explained in Moon Green Hill's report, this person is actually more shrewd and aware of current affairs than Thousand Sunsets.

     He seemed to be able to distinguish clearly what was beneficial to him and what was not beneficial to him, as long as he glanced at it.

     Ye Ci felt very lucky because she was assigned to the group of people who could be used by Mad Willow, just as Mad Willow was assigned to the group of people who could be used by herself. Ye Ci didn't feel any imbalance in his heart because of his use of Mad Willow, but felt that it should be.In this world, the most terrifying thing is not being used by others, it is precisely that no one is taking advantage of it. Only those who are used by others and who are good at using others can live better. Therefore, Mad Willow does not care at all about the careless use of Ye Ci. Anyway, she will not let people go for nothing. Take advantage of it.

     The two haremed people exchanged greetings for a while, after all, Mad Willow couldn't hold back his temper. After all, whether Thousand Sunsets can get through Dungeon is just a matter of personal mood for Ye Ci, but for Mad Willow, it is a question of whether he can seize the power.

     "Childe'>, you Upward Ho have been pushing Ruined Castle recently, right? Few words"

     Ye Ci narrowed his eyes, and sure enough, he hurriedly raised the question in the end. It seems that Mad Willow is also a little anxious by Thousand Sunsets. According to her understanding, although Mad Willow’s current team is progressing a bit faster than Thousand Sunsets’ team, after all, he has just entered Guild, and is concerned about the entire personnel and operations. It's not particularly clear. Although there is Zero Arsenic in everything, but that Zero Arsenic is the old man's confidant after all, and he will never be genuine and sincere to help him.Instead, he watched Thousand Sunsets. Although there are fewer elites than Mad Willow, he has been mingled with these people as soon as he started the game. Moreover, many of these people only know that Thousand Sunsets is the guild leader, where Know that these two people are fighting against me in private? Also, even though Thousand Sunsets has been drunk by the old man in terms of momentum, he has been the quasi-successor of the old man for so many years, the relationship between twisted roots and intertwined joints and the ability to behave accurately to perfection. Now in this situation where a Dungeon is determined to win or lose, Thousand Sunsets has an army burning with righteous indignation is bound to win. Although the current progress of Dungeon is a bit worse than that of Mad Willow, according to his current Enthusiasm, I believe I can rush to it soon.

     How could Mad Willow not be in a hurry. In the face of this duel, although it seemed that he had a lot of advantages, but as far as he knew it, he really got the enemy. Under such circumstances, he couldn't ask for Zero Arsenic, and there was no way to take Thousand Sunsets. There was only one way, to ask for foreign aid.

     However, this foreign aid has many restrictions. First, he has to have a little friendship with himself, and secondly, he has to be very mismatched with Thousand Sunsets, so as not to cause one day to betray him. He looked around, and there was only one person who could meet these two conditions-childe'>you.Although, he more than once suspected that the first encounter between him and childe'>you was deliberately arranged by that woman, but what about deliberately? Now as long as you can bring down Thousand Sunsets, there is nothing wrong with you becoming the opponent's use.

     There are no eternal friends, no eternal enemies, only eternal interests.

     Now, although Mad Willow doesn't know what's the difference between Ye Ci and Thousand Sunsets, according to his intelligence, if Thousand Sunsets collapses, I'm afraid this woman will not be much less happy than herself. In this way, with the same interests, childe'>you is naturally the choice for him to be the partner of cooperation.

     But the problem now is that childe'>you has never expressed how dissatisfied Thousand Sunsets is. The above are all his guesses. What if... if childe'>you is not willing to cooperate ? Will he reveal his intention to cooperate, then for himself, there is nothing worse.This is also the main reason why Mad Willow and Ye Ci have been around for so long without the purpose of naming them. He wants to test childe'>you. It's just... he thought he really underestimated this woman. This woman not only didn't take the bait at all for his temptation, she also pretended to be stupid everywhere, she didn't know if she really didn't understand what she said, or she didn't mean to deal with Thousand Sunsets at all. Mad Willow had no choice but to reveal the trump card.

     "Don't you Steel Blooded Battle Spear keep pushing Ruined Castle again?". Ye Ci chuckled twice. She squinted her eyes perfectly contented. One of the best ways to get the most benefit is to let the opponent's appetite fall to the highest level before she kills her with a single blow.

     Chapter 99 Common Interests

     Chapter 99 Common Interests