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Chapter Directory 202 Chapter One Thousand Times
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter One Hundred Thousand Times

     Chapter One Hundred Thousand Times

     "Not only Steel Blooded Battle Spear, but many Guilds are reclaiming Ruined Castle." Mad Willow felt that his question was a bit abrupt, so he simply continued to chat with Ye Ci.

     "Yeah, yeah, isn't this our Eastern Continent's most important recent top priority?". Ye Ci tries his best to make herself look kind. After all, a kinder expression makes people have the illusion of speaking. Besides, Ye Ci always feels that he is still speaking very well, although not many people may be able to admit this.

     When Mad Willow heard Ye Ci say this, he only felt that her answer was not leaking, and he couldn't even insert a word, and it was difficult to mention his own affairs, but if he just hung up the message, he felt unwilling and more important. The thing is, in the current situation where the back and the belly are attacked, if the childe'>you is connected with twice then three times, I am afraid that Thousand Sunsets and childe'>you will be suspicious of themselves.

     "Hey, how long have you been up here, why can't you still come? What are you still doing in Hei Ni City?" Bai Mo went online with Ye Ci, but he assembled the team at Guild station, but he always didn't see Ye. Ci came over and opened his friends list to take a look. He didn't expect that this person was still in Hei Mui City, so he couldn't help but start calling her."Oh, come here right away. If you can't wait for me, you guys will be there, and I will be there soon." Ye Ci promised Bai Mo.

     Bai Mo didn’t know Ye Ci. He heard what Ye Ci said. He naturally understood that Ye Ci hadn’t done anything yet. But seeing that the time for the collection was getting closer and closer, he couldn’t help but remind Ye Ci: "Also Is there any important thing, can it be put after pushing the book, now everyone is gathering, ready to collectively add BUFF."

     "Well, there is something like that." Ye Ci didn't intend to lie to Bai Mo: "Mad Willow is looking for me, but this guy is still in circles and didn't say what it is. I have to listen to what he wants? "When it comes to this, Ye Ci cocked his lips: "Of course, I won't delay the progress. I must be there before you enter Dungeon."

     When Bai Mo heard that it was Mad Willow's cause, he couldn't help but laughed: "It seems that he can't help it anymore."

     "Who said no."

     "Then you hurry up, let's go first." Bai Mo knew that Ye Ci was a person with ideas, so he didn't talk too much, because he had a lot of things on his side, so he stopped talking and hung up the line. .

     Ye Ci hung up the Bai Mo line, and the calm and unhurried guy said to Mad Willow, "Do you Guild still play Dungeon today?"."Yes, the schedule is tight." Mad Willow didn't lie to Ye Ci: "We are all stuck in Ol’ Four now and there is no way to get there, so the whole Guild is anxious about this."

     "Oh, that's it, then I wish you a hurry to pass Ol' Four, come on." Ye Ci sometimes feels that he is really hypocritical, and he can even say such serene words under such obvious hints from the other party. . "Our Guild is about to gather in Dungeon, I won't talk more, let's go first."

     Mad Willow didn't expect Ye Ci to close the line in such a hurry at first, so when he heard that Ye Ci was about to disconnect the whisper, he couldn't help but froze for a while, and then hurriedly stopped: "childe'>you, wait a minute."

     "What?" Fortunately, you can't see the other person's expression in this secret language. Otherwise, if Mad Willow sees Ye Ci's expression now, it will probably compromise his eagerness to do things today. She summoned Ol’ Four. After a day’s rest, this guy has regained his energy greatly, but because he was too hungry, he looked a little anxious. Ye Ci had just used the lever to summon him out, and he immediately began to arch Ye Ci with his nose, shaking his head and tail to eat.

     Ye Ci was also in a good mood. He took out the barbecue and delicacies he had prepared a long time ago, and threw them to Ol’ Four piece by piece."Are you going to fight the last boss today?". Mad Willow thought for a long time, and finally chose a safer question.

     Everyone in Eastern Continent knows this matter, and Ye Ci does not need to hypocritically deny it.

     "Have you been sure today?" Mad Willow swallowed, then asked.

     This kind of question is actually not suitable to ask. After all, the progress is one of Guild's biggest secrets. What's more, asking in this way is equivalent to indirectly asking the opponent's preparation and team deployment. Under normal circumstances, there will be no accurate and true answers.

     Ye Ci squinted his eyes, secretly appraising it in his heart. It seems that Mad Willow's life is not so good now, at least not as good as it was written in the Moon Green Hill report, otherwise, according to his deep thoughts, it is absolutely impossible to ask such a rude and unqualified question rashly.He clearly knew that after asking such a question, it was absolutely impossible to get a real answer from his own mouth. There was only one possibility. He was in a very bad situation now. The old man may trust him very much, but he is not Thousand Sunsets after all. The child who has been trained by the old man for more than 20 years is just a spare tire. Although the old man is good to him, he must be more demanding than Thousand Sunsets. Under such circumstances, if he loses the game against Thousand Sunsets, I'm afraid he will have to go back to live the original life.

     If a person has been living that kind of subordinate life, perhaps is nothing. However, once you let him try the life of a master, and let him go back to live a life of a slave again, he will never want to, because of this unwillingness, I am afraid that this person will have nothing to do. Don't struggle a bit too hard.

     And myself, perhaps in Mad Willow's eyes, was the straw that was the last to struggle.

     I can even let Moon Green Hill investigate Mad Willow and Thousand Sunsets, and Mad Willow can do the same. Ye Ci thought, Mad Willow’s visit to him today is definitely not accidental. Now he must know the grievances between him and Thousand Sunsets, and he must know that he has rejected Dong Yin’s request. That’s why he will Take the initiative to find yourself.

     The enemy of the enemy is the friend.Although Mad Willow wasn't sure whether he wanted to swim in their muddy waters, but because of the thinness of him and himself, he probably wouldn't be too embarrassed. Even if Ye Ci is unwilling to help him, he can confirm again that childe'>you will not help Thousand Sunsets. Although Thousand Sunsets has passed all the Guilds and wants to buy the strategy at a high price, but as long as Childe'>you does not sell him, he may not be able to win himself.

     I want to understand Mad Willow's anxious mentality. Ye Ci definitely quit while one is ahead. She doesn't want to make Mad Willow ugly. After all, if Mad Willow can become the boss of Thousand Sunsets, they can still have a good prospect of cooperation. So, she said unhurriedly: "There is no absolute certainty about anything. Even if it is a tenable thing, it is impossible to guarantee that something will go wrong in the middle."

     This is actually enough, but Mad Willow laughed without expecting that, "It's not wrong to say that. However, with your childe'>you participating in the war Dungeon, it is impossible to fail."

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows, not a word or movement: "You lifted me up, I am just an ordinary player.""Normal?" Mad Willow smiled: "Normal? If childe'>you can also be called an ordinary player, I think there are probably no ordinary players like creatures in the whole Fate. To be honest, I know you are old Once you got to Ol' Four, you didn’t participate very much, and you were not the leader all the time. So, it was very tangled, but today the fifth child you complete change from the normal state and follow the progress of the group. If I didn’t guess Wrong, although today’s leaders are still Milu and Qing Yanmo, you, as the backup leader, are the key to winning the fifth."

     Although the plan has been guessed at least ten, Ye Ci still neither servile nor overbearing: "You think too much, even if you are right, I haven’t played this fifth Dungeon, I’m not even a leader. It may be guaranteed."

     "This is what someone said, I must believe it, but if you say it, I must not believe it." Mad Willow doesn't care about Ye Ci's serene at all. He can come to talk with Ye Ci today and naturally know yourself , Know your enemy, although I don’t know if I can win every battle in the end, Mad Willow must be clear about what Ye Ci has done.

     "Oh?" Ye Ci squinted his eyes: "Why do I always feel a little airy after listening to you? Do you give me soup? But I know how much money I have.""Childe'>you, how many people can single-handedly challenge the giant tortoise? How many people can single-handedly challenge the witch doctor Bru?” Mad Willow has always seen the problem very clearly, naturally not because of Ye Ci. Tai Chi gives up the central issue of the problem and talks to her about things that are not necessary.

     Ye Ci fell silent. She felt that she was saying so many wrongs now, but it would be better to say nothing. She knew that Mad Willow was not easy to deal with from the beginning, but she did not expect him to be so shrewd. It seems that although this person is related to Thousand Sunsets, but from a deep scheming perspective, Thousand Sunsets is indeed inferior to him.

     Mad Willow didn't say anything when he saw Ye Ci. He couldn't help feeling anxious and spoke rashly. Although he knows that under such circumstances, whoever speaks first loses the first opportunity, but he still has to speak first. After all, Zero Arsenic has just been secreting him and is about to enter Dungeon. If you don't confirm this before entering Dungeon, I'm afraid everything will be difficult.

     "I didn't mean to threaten you when I mentioned these things. I just want to make a deal with you."

     "What deal?"

     "I want your strategy for Clearance Ruined Castle."Ye Ci sneered: "Mad Willow, you have not forgotten that you are a member of Steel Blooded Battle Spear, but I have always been at odds with Steel Blooded Battle Spear. Do you think I will give you the strategy? Thousand Sunsets is with Sir. Ditty'> The relationship is good, why don't you tell him to find Sir Ditty'> Go faster? Instead, you came to see me?"

     "Although I am also a member of Steel Blooded Battle Spear, please believe one thing. Mad Willow is Mad Willow and Thousand Sunsets is Thousand Sunsets. There is no relationship between them. The specific thing is Guild's secret, and I cannot disclose it. , But if you give me the guide, it definitely does not mean you gave Thousand Sunsets."

     "Really? Do you think I'm a fool?" Ye Ci thinks that it is better to clear things up by yourself at this time, so as to avoid the end of being inhumane in the future. "Thousand Sunsets and Mad Willow are of course two unrelated people. As far as I know, one of you is the leader of First Squadron and the other is the leader of the second regiment. I will give you the strategy, which is not equivalent to giving Thousand Sunsets. I can't do this kind of thing."

     "I know that there is something wrong between you and Thousand Sunsets, and that you have rejected the request from the people of Thousand Sunsets, but please believe me. I'm here to beg you, not for Thousand Sunsets, just for myself." Mad In order to achieve his goal, Willow unknowingly revealed something."What do you mean..." Ye Ci keenly heard the meaning of Mad Willow's words, she narrowed her eyes and smiled: "You and Thousand Sunsets are not in agreement?"

     Mad Willow realized that he was talking too much, so he cleared his throat and skipped the topic: "All I want is a strategy, not First Kill. Don't worry, I know my current strength. It is very clear that you will not make requirements that do not meet your identity."

     "Even if I believe you, but what you were talking about just now was a transaction. Since it is a transaction, I only see the side that is good for you, so what is the good for me?"

     "Five million real coins." Mad Willow said he was a generous person, and he offered a large price.

     I didn't want to, but I only got Ye Ci's sneer: "Mad Willow, in business, do you think your price is right?".

     "Five million real coins are a lot, childe'>you, this is 25 million game coins, don't have too much appetite." Speaking of haggle, this is Mad Willow's strength, he knows childe '>You must be dissatisfied with this price, but he still has to keep this price to the lowest possible level."The land reclamation team is 100 people. Five million real coins are 50,000 yuan per person. It seems like a lot. But, Mad Willow, you are too good at it. Don't you know that I have a reserve team member? You Don’t you know how long my team members have been training to fight this Dungeon? And how much medicine did Guild make for this book, Clearance book? How many monomers (medicine and food to improve properties)? Leader and How much effort did the middle management put in? Well, even if these are not money, do you think I will make less money after I Clearance this Dungeon and open the Gold Group?". Ye Ci sneered a few times: "Five million real coins are just the lowest price for us to bring five rich second-generation Dungeons. If I win First Kill, do you think I will lose this five million? To be honest Yes, just for this amount of money, I don’t have to sell the guide, because the price you gave is really insincere."

     Before entering the game, Mad Willow had a very thorough understanding of Ye Ci's small and medium-sized Guild operation model. Of course, he knew that all of what Ye Ci said was true, especially if they opened after First Kill. In the case of Gold Group, the income of five million real coins is really nothing.

     "Ten million, no more.""Twenty million." Ye Ci didn't frown, as if what he said now was just a string of numbers that couldn't be more simple, not the money that was about to be cashed out.

     Mad Willow laughed blankly: "childe'>you, it seems that the summary of you on the forum is not in place. I think one should be added. You are actually an avaricious and insatiable woman."

     Ye Ci smiled without anger. She didn't care about Mad Willow's reaction. Between the two of them, one will definitely buy and the other will sell. The difference depends on who can sustain it: "I am really greedy. I am greedy because our Guild has a large population. I have to consider it. More, otherwise how to live?"

     Mad Willow sneered and hummed, he spoke to each other, but he was reluctant to hang up the message stubbornly, so he could only wait to see what Ye Ci could do.Ye Ci was not in a hurry, and said unhurriedly: "If I really took the First Kill today, then there will be four places left for the First Five. Look at the large Guilds of Eastern Continent, is it only Do you want to come to me to buy a strategy?". She curled her mouth: "And your Steel Blooded Battle Spear is different from other Guilds. Even if I can only charge 10 million for other big Guilds, I can ask them to do something for me to make up for it. But Can you Steel Blooded Battle Spear? No. First, you can’t be the master. Second, even if you are the master, if the Guild members know that I’m selling you such a cheap strategy, I will ask you to do something, you What do you think Guild members think of me? Eastern Continent, how do other Guilds think of me Upward Ho?"

     She didn't speak clearly, because she knew that as Mad Willow had to take on a Guild as big as Steel Blooded Battle Spear, then other things would definitely be considered, so Mad Willow would definitely understand what she said.

     Sure enough, Mad Willow was choked by Ye Ci's words. He was stunned, saying no, not saying no.Ye Ci saw that he was not moving, and the time he entered Dungeon was getting closer, and he didn't bother to continue to circle with him: "Okay, Mad Willow, I've already said this. Anyway, it's your business to buy or not, sell. It’s my business not to sell it. It’s a business you’re willing to do. You don’t need to make it as if someone owes someone and pays back the chaff. I’m going to Dungeon, so let’s stop here."

     After saying that, she didn't continue to chat with Liu Shu, let alone keep private chats, she hung up and went back to the city rock meeting Red Lake City. And Mad Willow didn't even contact Ye Ci anymore, and Ye Ci didn't worry about it. He just contacted Moon Green Hill and asked him to check the recent progress of Mad Willow and Thousand Sunsets. Is it the same as he had guessed.

     This time it didn’t take much time. She finished her request. Moon Green Hill replied: “The two of them became caught up in an irresolvable situation now, although it seems that Mad Willow has the upper hand. , But, Thousand Sunsets is so much more advanced than Mad Willow after all, and his external identity has always been the guild leader of Steel Blooded Battle Spear, so it is much more convenient than Mad Willow. As far as I know, he has been a big fan. I’m going to collect the guide video of Ruined Castle. If he receives it, I’m afraid Mad Willow’s good days will be over."

     "Aren't Zero Arsenic still following Mad Willow?"."I said that Zero Arsenic is the confidant of the old man. Although he is following Mad Willow now, this only shows that the old man has blue eyes on Mad Willow, but who the deer falls don’t know yet. Of course a smart person like Zero Arsenic doesn’t. At this moment, if he reported the wrong thigh, wouldn’t his loyalty to the father for so many years be a waste?". Moon Green Hill sneered, disdainful of the infighting between these rich men.

     Ye Ci nodded: "Okay, I understand."

     After closing the line, Ye Ci thoroughly confirmed his guess. If this is the case, then she is not worried about whether Mad Willow will be offered a price by herself, because now in front of Mad Willow there is only her own way to go. If he does not go, then wait for him. There is only dead end. Now, she just looked to see if Mad Willow had the guts to agree to her terms.

     Probably because of her stability, Ye Ci seemed in a good mood when she cleared all the mobs on the way to Lao Wu, but she didn't even paddle, which made Bai Mo feel very strange and inevitably made her joke: Do you think that you are as fat as your pig, that's why you work so hard?"Ye Ci gave him a blank look, and then called Ol' Four. I don’t know what order he gave, which caused Ol' Four’s favorability for Bai Mo to drop drastically. He even started chasing Bai Mo and biting wildly. In the team, Ol' Four won't hurt Bai Mo, but when Ol' Four’s Bai Sensen’s teeth were bitten on his body, it really hurts. For a time, Bai Mo yelled at Ye Ci and surrendered, screaming more than a hundred times in his heart, but it was difficult for women and villains to raise them.

     Dungeon’s progress was originally heavy. After all, everyone has been stuck by the BOSS for too long, but Ol' Four and Bai Mo appeared in the middle. Everyone couldn’t help but laugh, and the original heavy and tangled mood was also It seemed a lot easier.

     Finally, I got to the fifth place and looked at the ultimate BOSS ice queen Danni in Ruined Castle from a distance. Everyone's original relaxed mood became heavy again. Even Qing Yanmo, who had always been calm, seemed a little worried and watched. Come out, they have already for one's face to reach rock bottom many times before the fifth.

     Qing Yanmo cleared his throat: "We entered Dungeon with two sets of plans today. First, I was the leader. If my method fails, it will be replaced by Milu Leader. If the two of us can't make it through, we will The guild leader will personally come to the Leader."The guild leader mentioned here refers to childe'>you. Everyone knows that although childe'>you rarely appears in Guild, but at this time, if you pledge to mention the guild leader, everyone can't help remember. childe'>you.

     After Qing Yanmo finished speaking, he immediately saw everyone's eyes turned to Ye Ci. Their eyes were excited, trusted, and finally hopeful.

     Ye Ci felt that under such gaze, if she didn't say anything, she would be a little sorry to everyone, so she made a gesture to Qing Yanmo. Qing Yanmo nodded immediately, indicating that she could speak.

     "I have rarely participated in everyone's Dungeon progress. You opened the Gold Group, and I have basically never participated. I also come occasionally when you open up wasteland. On this point, I don't think I am a competent leader." Here she laughed: "Today's alternate leader is me. This is everyone's trust in me, and this is what I should do for Guild."Everyone listened quietly to Ye Ci with their breath, no one was distracted, and no one took a break. In the hearts of all Upward Ho people, although childe'>you is not a competent guild leader, he is definitely the spiritual leader of Upward Ho. In this group of hundred people, some people walked with childe'>you several times to Dungeon, and some A Dungeon with her, but no matter what kind of person they are, they have this understanding in their hearts, as long as there is a childe'>you in the team, there is nothing that can't be done.

     There was a voting post on the forum recently. Although the SOLO kings of the four continents mentioned in it are little known about the other three Upward Ho members, there is absolutely no objection to the SOLO king of Eastern Continent being Ye Ci. Not only Upward Ho, even in the entire Eastern Continent, she is also a fame follows merit.

     "How many people have been involved in beating the ruins of Dungeon?" Ye Ci suddenly asked the group leader Bai Mo.

     "There have been seventy-eight people who have participated regularly."

     "Among you seventy-eight people, how many times have you died the most? I said in this Dungeon?" Ye Ci still smiled.

     No one answered, because no one remembers exactly how many times they died in Dungeon and how much repair costs they paid. They only remained silent and looked at Ye Ci."Maybe one hundred times, two hundred times, or even more." Ye Ci nodded understandingly: "I remember someone asked me, how many times did I die in the first Dungeon?" She held out her finger. There was only one, and a faint smile appeared on her lips: "A thousand times."

     Just when everyone thought it was once or not once, they heard this incredible answer, and everyone was in an uproar.

     "Maybe you don’t believe it. That’s the first time I entered Dungeon. I don’t even know the difference between the southeast and the northwest. I don’t know how to watch aggro. You can OT at any time. I have made all the mistakes I thought of, more than once. I played the Dungeon team with me, and I can’t remember how many of them. I’ve been scolded, comforted, despised, and the emotions you’ve experienced I have I've been through it. Until the end, no one teamed up with me Dungeon, because before that Dungeon, I was famous, whoever led me to Dungeon would be entangled. So, no one would form me again. But, I told myself , I must pass this Dungeon. If no one organizes me, I will find a way. So I SOLO myself, I count by myself. I am in that simple five-person Dungeon. I die a thousand times, exactly A thousand times, I knocked down the last boss."Ye Ci paused after speaking, and she found that everyone looked at her with so bright and focused eyes.

     "I say this today, not to tell you how miserable I was, nor to show you how persistent I am. I just want to tell you a truth. In the game, the so-called Dungeon and the so-called BOSS are nothing more than you pushing to. He, or he knocks you down. There are only these two roads and nothing else." She said she held out her finger at the ultimate BOSS ice queen Danny standing in the middle of the lake not far away: "She knocked us down many times and again. How can it be? In the end, she will be pushed down by us. This is the Fate of the BOSS and the Fate of the player. Remember, the game company will never design a program that makes the player unable to push down. You can't kill him until now. It can only explain two things. First, our equipment is not in place and our cooperation is not good enough. Second, we have not found the right method. That's it, nothing else."

     The team is so quiet as if no one is alive."Since entering Dungeon today, I have seen everyone have a heavy face, why? You are overwhelmed by yourself before you see the BOSS? BOSS is not so terrible. The terrible thing is that we have restricted ourselves to ourselves. Pressure. Doing everything is the same, don’t be afraid of your opponents.” Ye Ci looked at the team of 100 people in front of him: “I’m the third leader today, childe'>you, I hope, I don’t need a leader today, you know, I My favorite thing is paddling. All I want to say is this."

     After Ye Ci said this, he stopped talking and motioned to Qing Yanmo to continue, but found that Qing Yanmo was stunned there, just staring at Ye Ci, until Ye Ci again signaled that he can take over the leader authority. react. He could see that he was a little excited and took a deep breath, "Okay, now I'm going to explain the first plan. Please listen carefully. If you don't understand, you can put it forward. I will explain it clearly for you."


     While Qing Yanmo was explaining his plan, Bai Mo approached Ye Ci and touched her: "Dungeon really killed a thousand times when you were a newbie?"

     Ye Ci put on a fake smile: "What do you think?"

     "I think you can't, how smart you are, you seem to have a talent for games, you can't be that stupid."Ye Ci snorted and ignored Bai Mo. She stood there quietly looking at Qing Yanmo, but then she remembered herself who had just started playing games. A thousand times, yes, no one would believe that childe'>you died a thousand times in a Dungeon. Even Bai Mo would not believe this thing, but this thing happened to be true. Back then, she was only fourteen years old, and she just entered the holographic game. She really died a thousand times in that Dungeon.

     Probably those thousand times were so engraved in one's heart and carved in one's bones that she became a little bit cold afterwards. In the last life, she was selfish and ruthless to the point that she was a little scared, not sure if it was also related to those thousand times, or was it also related to being abandoned by all players.

     Taking a deep breath, Ye Ci raised his eyes and looked at the sky above Dungeon. The sunny weather seemed to never become hazy.

     Qing Yanmo's method is good, but it is not the right way to play. He can mobilize the team to pass the first stage smoothly, but in the second stage, as soon as Dani comes out of the clone, Qing Yanmo still avoids it no matter how accurate everyone's position is. Nope, the avatar fired the ice sickle, a mass injury caused by a large-area damage Spell. Healer couldn't add blood, the MT was directly killed in seconds, and the death of DPS in a film cast a haze for Qing Yanmo and all the team members.Qing Yanmo sits alone in the corner while eating and recovering while looking at the ice queen Danny. Consider from all angles where the question just now is, but there is always no answer. After entangled a few times, Qing Yanmo's best record was that he still had one-third of the health bar left in the second stage, but he still couldn't make it to the third stage. He finally sighed and handed over the Leader authority. Milu.

     "Boss, do you think I am not suitable to be a leader?" Qing Yanmo sat next to Ye Ci, looking very decadent. It can be seen that he made this Dungeon toss a bit preoccupied.

     Ye Ci laughed haha, she patted Qing Yanmo on the shoulder: "As long as you can see the whole picture, as long as you can shout on the Leader channel, you have this talent."


     "Qingyan, do you know how many people will be too nervous to speak on the Leader channel?". Ye Ci looked at Milu who was explaining his strategy in the distance and smiled: "In the world, there is no leader who is suitable or unsuitable. There are only leaders who don't work hard. If you can shout out, it means you have talent. With talent, the rest is grinding. Practice and work hard. Persevere. I believe that sooner or later your names will be on the list of Fate's top ten leaders.

     Qing Yanmo was very moved, he lowered his head, desperately holding back the warm current in his eyes."You have worked very hard, and sometimes you will be deceived if you are too serious." Ye Ci patted Qing Yanmo on the shoulder and stood up: "Don't be too tight, everyone believes in you."

     Yan Mo still sat there with his head down, he felt that he was really impressed by this woman. Strong, careful, tough, and most importantly, she seems to carry a huge halo that people can't help but be impressed. This kind of person should be born in the position of the king.

     Milu’s Leader has improved a lot from the last time Ye Ci teamed up with him. I think that in this period of time, he and Qing Yanmo worked the same way. His plan is more suitable than Qing Yanmo in the early stage, although with Some reluctance, but somehow passed the second stage, but when faced with the poison and ice attribute attack of the third stage, it seemed less capable than desirable. Especially his plan requires a lot of pills, because in the first and second phases due to a large number of fire attacks, everyone’s skills are in the CD, and the blue is basically empty. Skill's empty spots appeared in the three-stage evasion and counterattack.

     In order to avoid Dany's flying state and wait for the skill to recover and take medicine, the movement will definitely be chaotic. In such a chaos, the death of people is counted in pieces.After trying three times, Milu still didn't get out of this vicious circle. He grabbed his hair and sighed: "It seems that I still don't think about it. I thought it would be able to survive this way, alas."

     In fact, it can be done according to Milu's Leader plan. However, the demand for the team is too high. Ye Ci thinks that if it is Wolf Clan or Tang Dynasty, it may be passed this time, but unfortunately, they are Upward. Ho, Upward Ho is dominated by ordinary players, so the method of winning in danger is still too reluctant at this stage.

     Chapter One Hundred Thousand Times

     Chapter One Hundred Thousand Times