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Chapter Directory 204 Congratulations
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Two Congratulations

     Chapter two

     As soon as this sentence came out, all the blue professions immediately began to sign up quickly, as if there was no chance after a little late. However, there were only 8 Rangers in the end, and these eight places were soon taken away by the eight people who needed them most. If the remaining players were really blue, they would drink bottle blue, or just stay awake, only then. , All the talents have found that controlling blue is really very important. On the one hand, Leader asked for a full fire attack. On the other hand, because of his lack of skill connection, the current CD cooling is chaotic, and there is not much blue left.

     Under such circumstances, the only option is to take blue hard supports.

     Fortunately, the cooperation of the whole team is not bad. Under such difficult circumstances, everyone did not make the DPS much lower. While moving with Ye Ci's speed, everyone carefully calculated their blue and played with limited magic. The highest damage.

     Ye Ci knows the embarrassment of pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows. She knows better that under such circumstances, it is easier to fail if you can’t let go. However, in her heart, she temporarily passed this thought. . She wanted to fight for it, anyway, whether it's life, whether it's a game, in fact, life is just a constant fight and a constant bet. If everyone is a gambler, then obviously, Ye Ci, a gambler, is more greedy than other gamblers.Although the team was at such a moment, she still uttered the slogan of aggressive attack. She thought, what drove her to do this? If she was not a member of Upward Ho or brought another Guild Clearance Dungeon, would she bet like this once? The answer is no. Because, in Ye Ci's mind, Upward Ho is probably the place where she can indulge herself the most. Only here, everyone believes in her unconditionally and supports her unconditionally, so she can bet on it with confidence, otherwise , Put it in other Guild, at least she has to make a good calculation for other people's repair costs.

     Although I have not played this Dungeon for nearly ten years, Ye Ci still quickly remembered the speed and route of his position after a few attempts. Therefore, the long range dropped blood and dropped faster at the first moment after passing. After that, there was basically no continuous blood loss.

     However, in spite of this, the healers are still worried, for fear that BOSS's big moves will make them rushed.So far, all Guilds have only reached the third stage at most, and no Guild can enter the fourth stage at all. Therefore, no one will know what is wrong in the fourth stage, except for Ye Ci. The route she is walking now is not a straight line or an arc, but a very strange "S"-shaped route. This kind of route needs to be stepped on very accurately in order to maximize the advantages of the team. After all, this route was summed up in the last life, after countless teams dedicated themselves to it.

     As long as the route taken by the Dani team leaves this "S"-shaped belt, it is easy to be poisoned and cause extensive damage by the ice blade. It can be said that this "S"-shaped route is a BUG that the previous players have paid a bitter experience and came up with a reasonable and legal bug that will not be harmonized by the game company. No one knows this road, including Tang Dynasty and Wolf Clan, which are also stuck in the third stage. Therefore, in order to avoid the strangeness of most people, Ye Ci will deliberately take everyone there from time to time. Take the BUG outside and let everyone hurt a little. In order to conceal one's own prophetic foresight, it also makes everyone more nervous.

     In this way, I stumbled all the way, although I was very careful, I still hung up two long-range equipment and the least blood volume. Others are considered safe and sound, but a group of healers are rushing to brush blood at any time.Ye Ci carefully observed Dany's health bar while playing, calculating when she would release the big moves of this stage-rapid ice blade and Jù Dú penetration.

     "Do you think you can convince me this way? You are just daydreaming." Although Dany's health bar was slowly dropping, finally she didn't violently attack Bai Mo and the cold hand, but stood still. Staring at everyone coldly, he began to mock their actions viciously.


     This is the moment where all Guild and the team are stuck now. At this time because Dandy will release dozens of ice blades at low altitude, there is no place to hide in the audience. No matter where you stand, as long as you are hit by three ice blades in a row, you will be as thick as a cow. At such a moment, there is no doubt that he will die. Not only that, even if you are coquettish, luck dodges all the ice blades, but the ensuing Jù Dú infiltration of the audience cannot be dodged.

     Now Guild and the team play that they are not able to play. They all take off when they meet the ice blade. Although they will be flustered at first, they can at least keep a lot of people alive before Jù Dú infiltrates, and drink before Jù Dú infiltrates. A bottle of intermediate detoxification agent, used to resist the spread of toxins.

     Even Milu and Qing Yanmo just used this method when explaining their own style of play.This method is actually not feasible. First of all, you cannot guarantee that all personnel in a team will operate the same. After all, they will have skilled people, and there will definitely be people who panic as First Squadron when they encounter things. Under the circumstances, the ice-jumping blade is prone to dislocations, resulting in large-scale deaths. At this time, a large area of death, let alone enter the next stage, even if you encounter Jù Dú infiltrating the remaining combat power, there is no need to preserve it.

     Not to mention that the current intermediate detoxification agent is an extremely expensive agent, which is priceless in the entire market.

     But Ye Ci's method is different from all of them. She stood on the BUG belt and stopped, and everyone stopped. In fact, they have also experienced this third stage here. Several times, but every time I jumped the ice blade, it was muddled and completely collapsing. Now that it is this stage again, it is inevitable that everyone is very nervous, just waiting for Ye Ci to make them all jump.

     What didn't make them think of was Ye Ci's order.

     She did give an order, but this order was not a familiar take-off for everyone, but: "All down."Everyone was stunned for a while, only a few people immediately squatted on the ground. Before the others figured out what was going on, they heard Ye Ci shout again: "All of you lie down and don’t listen to the burden of the Leader for a while. Repair costs for the whole group"

     Just kidding, the current equipment will cost more than ten gold if it dies once. One hundred people in the group cost more than 1,000 gold, and everyone has died many times. The repair fee is not cheap.

     Otherwise, people are actually animals of interest. Once they hear words related to interest, even if they don't understand what is going on, they still obediently obey the instructions. Just before Dany released the rapid ice blade, the entire Upward Ho members all lay on the ground like corpses.

     And Ye Ci did not forget to remind everyone at this time: "No curiosity is allowed. All people put their heads on the ground and cannot lift them up until I shout."

     Although everyone has a lot of curiosity, everyone knows how powerful the ice blade is. If you can't hold back your curiosity at this time, I'm afraid it will not a trace of body left in a while. Therefore, no one raised their heads. Everyone kept their current ridiculous and stalemate posture just like playing one, two or three wooden people when they were young, waiting all the time.Danny's whistling voice came over and over again. That means that her ice blade is about to pass, and what follows is the arrival of Jù Dú infiltration.

     Because the Ruined Castle is not the elite version, so it’s not as difficult as the elite version. In this Dungeon, as long as you lie on the ground, you can also avoid Jù Dú infiltrating this large area of skill, but if you get to the elite version of Dungeon Here, there is no way to escape just lying on the ground, the only way is to take medicine, and the shortage of medicine now makes everyone temporarily discouraged from the elite version of Ruined Castle.

     I didn’t know how long it would take to keep this posture. Everyone heard Dany’s voice coming over again: "It seems that I have to deal with you seriously, you pure ants who disturbed me. We, I must have you pay the corresponding price."

     Ye Ci looked up, and sure enough, Danni started slowly moving towards the middle of the pool where she just stood. This time is about twenty seconds, and this also marks everyone is about to enter the fourth stage.

     "Everyone stood up and retreated to a place twenty-four yards away from the boss. Remember that the following attacks should not be too close to the boss in any case."At this time, the system's battle preparation prompt appeared in front of everyone's screen: "The fourth stage of the battle is about to enter, please pay attention to prepare for the battle, countdown, start in ten seconds"

     "It will be the fourth stage soon. Everyone has not played the fourth stage. Try to stay away from her as far as possible. Even if the group is destroyed this time, at least we have achieved a staged victory. We know how to reach the fourth stage. "Stage" Ye Ci can't clearly tell everyone that the fourth stage of play is to stay away from the boss as much as possible, but he still changed to a more obscure method to tell everyone the correct play.

     This statement is obviously very convincing. No one at Dajia doubted this statement, and immediately retreated to a place twenty-four yards away from Dany, but there was no remote dare to do it, just standing there quietly and waiting. Ye Ci boss people around.

     "Oh, what's going on? I seem to be a little tired." When Dany walked to the seat in the middle of the pool, she suddenly rubbed her temples gently with her hands to reveal a tired posture of clothes. After sighing, she said again: "However, even if I am tired, I still cannot tolerate your mockery of me."After all, she walked slowly towards everyone again. Her pace was extremely slow, but a huge light golden circle appeared around her, with a slight white smoke, even if you don’t know what it is, everyone I still understand that it is better not to get close to this circle.

     Ye Ci first launched an attack on Dany. Sure enough, the blood can now be hit. She ordered: "All the remote fire-focusing bosses, she has 20 blood left. There should not be a fifth stage. Don’t get close to that circle."

     Immediately, all the gorgeous Spell remotely began to throw towards Dani. Just because of lying down, everyone kept returning to the blue, and that neutral position actually made everyone's blue restored, at least it is enough to gather the fire BOSS.

     "Then what about us in close combat?" Ye Ci was only instructing the long range, the melee in the team began to be anxious, you know, although there are only about 35 people in the Upward Ho team in close combat, but these 35 people The equipment and attack power are quite strong. If they didn't exist in the fourth stage, it would not be so easy to get past this Dungeon."Don't worry, let me take a look first, because I have never been to this book." Although I don't want to use melee at this stage, Ye Ci still can't answer this rashly, so I have to say something that convinces everyone. Later, she said: "All melee throws flying knives against the BOSS"

     Although melee is very unhappy with this little damage, since the leader has made a decision, everyone can only implement the leader's decision.

     It seemed that this remote fire collection didn’t last long. Suddenly everyone saw the system prompting to flash in front of everyone: “It’s very cold in winter, you angered the ice queen Dany, she severely glared at you. "

     This is itShe waited for a long time, just waiting for this DEBUFF. In fact, Dany has entered the fourth stage without much lethality, but she still has a very domineering DEBUFF, and that is the current one-staring in anger. If a player who hits this DEBUFF, within 30 seconds, the attack power and defense power will increase by 2 times, and can resist the erosion of the angry circle of fire, but after 30 seconds, it will undoubtedly die. Therefore, the fourth stage of the game is to let the player who has hit the DEBUFF rush into Dany's circle and attack in an all-round way. After 30 seconds, they will be directly dead. If the players don't rush into the circle to appease Dany's anger, after 30 seconds, all players will be directly killed by a "killing blood" ultimate skill.

     "It's very cold in winter, don't you have any DEBUFF?" Ye Ci, of course, can't directly say that it's very cold in winter, so she directly declares that she is very familiar with this Dungeon, so she has a name in Dani. Immediately ask at the beginning.

     It’s very cold in winter. It’s a good Rogue in the Upward Ho elite group. Although the operation is very good, the face is very dark. The LL equipment has not exceeded 10 points. If Bai Mo had not taken care of his equipment, it is estimated that it is still The poor one."I hit a DEBUFF called Angry Eyes, which counts down to 30 seconds. The following reminder is that the attack power and defense power has been increased by 2 times, which can resist the erosion of the angry circle of fire." Winter ** is very cold, although the face is dark, but the consciousness is very good. After hearing Ye Ci’s question, I immediately understood Ye Ci’s Ye Ci and answered Ye Ci’s question in the shortest time.

     "Okay, you enter the circle quickly, attack the BOSS, remember not to save blue, don't be afraid of OT, zoom in." Ye Ci immediately gave the order.

     It was cold in winter and immediately rushed into the circle and began to attack the BOSS. Tangtangtang saw that his blue was only half-pipe at this time and immediately asked Ye Ci: "guild leader, do you want to push a blue for winter?"

     "No need to."

     "Why, half-pipe blue won't last long." Tangtangtang was very strange.

     Of course Ye Ci can't speak directly, so he shook his head and sighed, "I guess he may not be able to use it anymore. I don't know what effect the DEBUFF will have in the end, so I'll wait until 30 seconds later."

     Then she gave another order: "All the treatments are also attacked. Use your attack skills, even if you can't do much damage, you will fight hard."It was cold in the winter and rushed into the circle, but I was still a little worried, because Childe'>you did not arrange for treatment and T to follow up, he was very afraid that he would be killed by the BOSS. But after he got close to Dany and lost a few skills, he found that the BOSS just kept her own slow moving speed, and didn't respond to his attacks. This was completely relieved, and she was desperate Attracted to the boss's body.

     The double attack and defense power is indeed overbearing. Looking at the damage he caused to the BOSS, the glamorous number makes the winter cold and a sense of accomplishment. It's a pity that this sense of accomplishment didn't last long, because after thirty seconds, he heard his system prompt saying: "You fell because of fear of Dani's anger."

     Soon after, he heard a scream from his character, and he fell under Dany's pomegranate skirt, and there was darkness in front of him. He immediately said: "I said, how could the BOSS give such a good BUFF? It turned out to be the last madness for you. It can only be used for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, it will be directly dropped by DEBUFF."

     At this point, everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the attacking behavior of the fourth stage BOSS. Players who will be named later do not need Ye Ci to remind them, and they just rush into the circle and do the last splendid performance.Bai Mo said sadly while throwing a throwing knife, "I suddenly feel that I don't feel bad at all now."

     "What's the matter?" The little hand who can only throw the flying knife remotely also asked coldly and chatting in every way.

     "Don't you think that we are now betrayed underground party members, facing the torture confession of little Japan, as long as he is named, we are equivalent to announcing the death penalty, this is simply waiting for death. It feels too painful." Bai Mo said very sadly.

     However, I got the full support of Xiaoshou Bingliang: "Yes, I thought it was only me who felt this way. It turned out that I was not the only one. I now expect her to call me, and I am afraid that she will call me.

     The small chat between two people uses ordinary chat, and naturally everyone can hear it. Everyone looked at the dead bodies all over the floor, and they felt this way unconsciously.

     "The tide is surging that you angered the Ice Queen Dany, and she gave you a severely stare." Although everyone is expecting that the next person who will be named is not himself, it will still be his turn. Finally, Dany named the tide, and as the first Rangers named before he entered the circle, Ye Ci immediately ordered: "Tide, push the blue to the least Magic based Classes."Chao Shui Tao Tao also understood that this was the last thing he could do for the team, and quickly pushed Lan, and rushed into the circle without turning back.

     Ye Ci’s eyes have never left Dany’s health bar. While looking at her health bar, she looked at the number of people left now, calculating how much time there is to take down the boss, and on the one hand, she has to continue. The output is really busy.

     Fortunately, everyone now knows that it is time to let go, throw all the monomers and medicines on the body, and hit the biggest attack as much as possible, so that you can help the team as much as possible before falling. Create a little damage.

     About 2 HP is left, and there are 9 people in the entire team. Looking at the corpses all over the floor, Ye Ci is actually under a lot of pressure. The blood volume of 2 does not seem to be much, but in this case, it is really not known whether it can be done with only 9 people.

     In fact, not only Ye Ci knows this problem, but all members of the team, whether they are alive or those who have fallen, know it. Now the living people are still attacking desperately, and all the people lying on the ground are starting to cheer everyone up.Because the "dead" can't speak, you can see a dialog box on top of each corpse, with words of cheering and cheering, white flowers, Ye Ci glanced at it, although there are some Chaos, but my heart is still warm.

     This is probably the team, which can probably accommodate her team.

     Just thinking that Timely Rain was named. Timely Rain is considered to be very well equipped in Magic based Classes. After being called, he immediately ran towards the circle, while running and stuffing the monomer into his mouth, it seemed that he also made the last fight.

     Timely Rain is worthy of being the main Magic based Classes. His 30 seconds contributed a lot of DPS to the entire team, directly hitting the BOSS to the health bar with 14 remaining. The moment he fell to the ground, he shouted: "childe'>, hold on."

     However, before he could speak, he heard that Ye Ci was also named.

     Suddenly the whole group started joking at him, and Timely Rain became the crow's mouth of Upward Ho not just in name only, but also in reality because of this incident...Of course, this is already a story.

     Upon hearing his own name, Ye Ci rushed into the circle without hesitation, then summoned Ol’ Four and started firing at Dani with all his strength.

     Only the last thirty seconds are left.Ye Ci did not hesitate to use all the skills of the hunter once, and for a while, the whole area of Danni was gorgeous, and even the other players lying on the corpse were dumbfounded. Everyone sighed, childe'> the outbreak is just to show everyone the advanced skills of hunters.

     All kinds of gorgeous, all kinds of gorgeous, all kinds of high damage, it is dazzling to see, even if it is not a hunter profession, I am excited about it. It turns out that high-level skills are so overbearing.

     However, it only took 30 seconds to dominate. Despite such a high attack, Ye Ci still failed to completely kill Dany. With only 02 HP left, she completely fell down with Ol’ Four.

     Although he was unwilling, but did not let Danni down, Ye Ci lying on the ground can only hope for future generations. Counting this was the second time she died in Fate, but she died without grievance at all. She could die with her team, and she had a heartfelt satisfaction slowly rising from her heart.

     The next one was named Fruit Jelly.

     As a violent Cleric known for DPS overbearing, Fruit Jelly did not disappoint Ye Ci. With 9 seconds left in DEBUFF, she had already knocked down Dani with the remaining 6 people."No, I don’t believe I don’t believe I will fail, no, I’m just too tired." Danni covered her face and let out a scream. Although her health bar is empty, it’s because of the plot. , She would still talk nonsense, so she didn't fall down immediately.

     And Fruit Jelly followed her ass and kept throwing skills, while throwing it heart alarmed, trembling in fear: "Why is she still alive, how can she not die, why not fall, will she be mad?"

     This was the only way to speak, and it immediately drew everyone's anger to stop it.

     "Fruit Jelly, close your crow's mouth"

     "If he is really crazy, you will be the first to die."

     "If Fruit Jelly goes crazy, you will bear all the monomer and repair costs today"

     "Hey hey hey, aren't you guys, I'm also worried." Fruit Jelly was aggrieved, she was telling the truth.

     Ye Ci also released the Leader system so that everyone can speak in the system without typing. For a while, the voice system is full of excitement. Of course everyone is heart alarmed, trembling in fear, waiting for Dani to fall. If she does not fall, the system will not consider her dead, and their Upward Ho will not be judged to be Clearance Ruined Castle. Therefore, at this time, everyone's eyes were staring at Dani's body in a daze, and no one didn't want her to fall down quickly.However, the plot after Danni's death was a bit long, and the members of the group were anxious.

     Ye Ci lay on the floor comfortably, not worried at all. Having overthrown this BOSS countless times, she is not at all nervous that Dany will be mad, resurrected, and full health Xinchun brother. She will fall, soon.

     "Damn, is she dead or not?" As one of the few people who survived, Rangers Bailuweishuang directly drew out the dagger and followed Dani's back and stabbed Dani's buttocks vigorously: "If you don't die, let you have your first blood. what"

     "You are so wretched" Fruit Jelly, who was also next to Dani, expressed the strongest contempt for Bailu Weishuang.

     And the remaining few people, whether they were in long-range or close combat, all came to Danni's side directly with the weapons in their hands and began to make the most shameless beating against Danni.

     Ye Ci glanced at them with black lines, thinking for a long time and finally did not speak. Although every boss has his own dignity, but she shouldn't stop these boring people from expressing their emotions. In the end, she simply ignored them, not seeing them and not bothering them.

     "I think I need to take a break. Really, really..." Dani finally walked to the front of her seat while talking nonsense. She fell softly, and finally she threw herself in the seat like this. Go up, quietly.

     "died?""do not know."

     When several boring people continued to "**" Danni's body, the system message had already rang.

     "Congratulations to ‘Upward Ho’ Guild for killing the ordinary 100-person team Dungeon Ruined Castle in the world first, rewarding Guild with 2000 reputation, 20,000 reputation with major cities in the world, and 15,000 gold coins. Let us remember the name of the hero.”

     "Congratulations to the'Remote Depths' leading the'Upward Ho' team for completing the first killing of the ordinary 100-person team Dungeon Ruined Castle, rewarding Blackrock City reputation 500 points and 8 talent points. Achieved the achievement'Ok Ordinary Ruined Castle First five' The name will be recorded in Fate’s history"

     "Congratulations'childe'>you' led the'Upward Ho' team for the first time to kill the ordinary 100-person team Dungeon Ruined Castle, rewarding Blackrock City reputation with 500 points and 8 talent points. Achieved the achievement'Ok Ordinary Ruined Castle First five' Her name will be recorded in Fate's history"

     "Congratulations to'Little Hand Cold' for leading the'Upward Ho' team to kill the ordinary 100-person team Dungeon Ruined Castle for the first time, rewarding Blackrock City reputation with 500 points and 8 talent points. Achieving the achievement'Ok Ordinary Ruined Castle First five' his The name will be recorded in Fate’s history""Congratulations to'Let Go of Sister' for leading the'Upward Ho' team for the first time to kill Dungeon Ruined Castle, the one-hundred-member team of the ordinary level, rewarding 500 Blackrock City reputation and 8 talent points. Achieved the achievement'Ok Ordinary Ruined Castle First five' His name will be recorded in the history of Fate"


     Ye Ci is not the team leader, so he did not receive any enquiry from the system. As the head of the group, Bai Mo would of course not hide this situation. As soon as the system asked him if he wanted a Concealment ID, he immediately denied it. Of course, Bai Mo will not let go of things like such a publicity. This is a good opportunity to enhance Guild's prestige.

     And for Ye Ci, who was in urgent need of this First Kill, naturally, Bai Mo would not stop Bai Mo from doing so. Ye Ci has always hoped for things that are good for Guild. She turned off the recording of the video. The next step was to resurrect and touch the corpse, which she didn't seem to let Mad Willow know.

     "Ah First Kill First Kill" because Ye Ci has released the voice system. Although everyone is still in a corpse state, they are already screaming frantically. The joyous voice is basically about to pierce Ye Ci's tympanic membrane. She Hastily turned off the voice system.

     Because Dungeon had already been Clearance, everyone didn't want to wait for Fruit Jelly to save people one by one. Anyway, they were very close to the resurrection point. They all resurrected, and then ran the corpses collectively.As usual, Ye Ci doesn't touch the corpse, so she runs calm and unhurried behind, even if she ran to the place, she didn't have to worry about seeing the corpse. After that, I sat full of blood, and then started to resurrect Ol’ Four without hurries.

     At this moment, her whisper channel was ticking, even if she didn't watch it, she knew it was from Who. Most of them are Guild leaders or Leaders from Guild, who came to ask about buying guides.

     She refused to answer at all, and shouted "Remote Depths" directly at Bai Mo.

     "What?" Bai Mo was preparing to touch the corpse religiously at this time, when he suddenly heard Ye Ci calling himself, he looked back, and then connected her secret words: "Any instructions?"

     "Guild's people are asking me to buy videos and guides. You know how to do it."

     "You won't have already sold the strategy." Bai Mo is of course the person who knows Ye Ci best. Since Ye Ci opened his mouth, he immediately guessed Ye Ci's true intentions.


     "Who did you sell it to?" Bai Mo was curious, and then realized: "You won't sell it to Mad Willow, right?"

     "Why are you so smart?" Ye Ci was funny.

     "That's, you don't see who I am, I'm a genius cousin." Bai Mo immediately poke a hole in the sky with his arrogant tail. "How much did you sell?""Twenty-two million."

     "It's not high." Bai Mo smashed his lips: "It's only more than 4 million in real currency, so many people, and the union's expenses..."

     "Reality coins."

     Suddenly, there was no sound from Bai Mo. Ye Ci looked up, and Bai Mo fainted after rolling his eyes.

     Bai Mo and her family are actually not a wealthy family. They are only well-off. I have seen hundreds of thousands and more than 20 million. That is a huge wealth that I have never heard of. It's no wonder that Bai Mo fainted with excitement.

     Ye Ci hooked his mouth, and didn't want to talk to Bai Mo, who had little insight, and directly rejected all private chats with him. When she saw Mad Willow's private, she didn't hesitate, and immediately connected to his private chat.

     As soon as I connected to the private chat, I immediately heard Mad Willow's excited voice, as if it was not Ye Ci who got the First Kill but Mad Willow. "Congratulations, congratulations, childe'>you, I really congratulate you."

     Ye Ci tugged at the corners of his mouth, pulling out a fairly visible arc, and faintly replied, "Same congratulations and congratulations. But do you congratulate me or congratulate yourself?"Mad Willow didn’t care about Ye Ci’s ridicule. He had dealt with this woman several times, and he had already seen it through. It’s better not to deal with this woman’s poisonous tongue, otherwise he would be pissed off. Sooner or later.

     "I have sent you the money, 55 million gold coins, you should be able to receive it if you leave Dungeon."

     "Okay, I'll contact you after I click it." Ye Ci nodded, seemingly not particularly keen on this.

     But Mad Willow could no longer contain his excitement: "Then when can you give me the video?"

     "After I check the deposit, I will contact you as soon as possible. Of course, I need to explain this to the members of Guild. After all, this is the result of everyone's cooperation." Ye Ci is not as anxious and excited as Mad Willow. , After all, this matter still has a relatively large impact on her.

     Although Mad Willow is impatient, he understands the truth of hasty men don't get to eat hot tofu. Therefore, after all, he did not urge Ye Ci, but maintained his demeanor: "Okay, I'll wait for your news." He was still a little worried, and he didn't forget to add: "Of course, I hope you don't let me wait too long."Ye Ci smiled and turned off the voice system without paying attention to Mad Willow. She raised her head to look at Bai Mo. The shallow-eyed guy finally woke up slowly under the toss of a group of people with everyone lending a hand (eagerly but somewhat chaotically), and opened his eyes to her far away. There was an "OK" gesture.

     Chapter Two Congratulations

     Chapter Two Congratulations