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Chapter Directory 205 Chapter Three Ye Ci Confusion
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 3 Ye Ci's Confusion

     Chapter 3 Ye Ci's Confusion

     Ye Ci feels that he is getting darker and darker.

     Not only was her hand black, but her face was black. Not only was her face black, even the Dungeon she was staying with was terribly black.

     It's like this time, it was obviously First Kill, it was obviously First Kill of a hundred people. Anyway, they came out with fifty or sixty pieces of equipment. At any rate, there should be a few hunters, but they didn't have one.

     Really. Nothing at all

     A team of nine hunters with Ye Ci, all dumbfounded. Especially under the sigh of Ideal Height 1.7m, the other eight hunters all squatted in the corner, cursing the circle, Ye Ci, the big black man went.

     Ye Ci stood awkwardly behind the eight people, coughed lightly, cleared his throat, and laughed to comfort them: "What, what, the future is bright, the future is good, skill There will be books, and even more equipment. I promise, how about I won’t compete with you for equipment in the future?"

     Naturally cute sighed: "This is not a question of grabbing or not, this is a problem that does not arise at all..."

     Although the other seven people did not speak, the same nod made Ye Ci suddenly stressed. She didn’t want to be this way, okay, she really didn’t want to be this way, okay?Let Go of Sister walked to Ye Ci's side humblely, and while dancing, he just got a pair of gloves and patted Ye Ci's shoulder and said: "childe'>, actually, I think you can drink some blessing oil, anyway I heard that you made a lot of baa during the dragon dance conference?"

     Fruit Jelly also came to join in the fun: "Yeah, childe'>, it really hurts us if you go black like this. Don't you say that we have worked so hard for so long because of this little equipment? If you continue to be so dark, you will let us not Excuse me?"

     Ye Ci turned his head and waited for the brand new Magic Staff that Fruit Jelly had just replaced, and snorted heavily: "I don't see your expression on your face, sorry."

     Fruit Jelly laughed, and didn’t care about Ye Ci’s darkened face: “Really, I tell you, it’s okay to go to the monastery to sit and talk to High Priest, and to take a bath in the holy water pool. I believe you will become popular one day."

     Ye Ci's face has become extremely dark.

     She stared at a group of bitches who watched him take joy in calamity and delight in disaster blankly, and said indifferently: "Do you believe it or not, I will give myself the authority to touch the corpse next time?"

     Suddenly, the whole group of people pressed on top, staring at Ye Ci’s have a lifeless look in one's eyes endlessly, and the whole expression is 倵囵瘛6偈保會歸憯篯楹楹嗔forg

     This group of bitches should be treated like this to enjoy themselvesIf the equipment was not allocated, Ye Ci didn't stay in Dungeon any longer. He just explained to the management and returned to the conference room at Guild's resident after the equipment was allocated. She would like to notify everyone when she had something to do. Then he directly rubbed the stone back to the city and returned to Red Lake City.

     Ol' Four was not in a good mood because he sacrificed once in Dungeon. Ye Ci didn’t have any high-end barbecue left on his own, so he had to take it into a tavern and buy some high-quality barbecue as a reward for this foodie. Then he walked towards the nearest mailbox.

     Ye Ci's mailbox has always been clean, because she likes to receive mail, which gives her a sense of happiness to be remembered. There is only one mail in the mailbox now, which is sent by Mad Willow.

     There are only a few words in the letter attached to the email: "Deposit, please pay with it." And there were 55 million game coins in the email. She was not polite, and received all the money in her bag, turned around and walked towards Guild's residence.

     When I arrived at Guild’s resident and entered the meeting room, I found that the management of the meeting room was basically complete, but everyone’s faces were filled with excited smiles, and they were obviously immersed in the excitement of just taking the First Kill, even Ye They didn't notice Ci at all when they walked into the meeting room. After waiting until Ye Ci sat down, he coughed slightly, which attracted everyone's attention."Hey childe'>, what we have to do now is to drink, not to have a meeting here" Let Go of Sister, his face flushed, could see that he was very excited.

     Although most of the participants in this meeting are managed by First Squadron, there are also managements of the second group, such as Zhenshui Wuxiang.

     "It's natural to drink. However, before drinking, there is still something to do." Ye Ci said as he put forward a money bag and threw it on the conference room table.

     It is no stranger to dividing the money bag by the amount of money, but when you see the money bag in front of you, everyone can't help but breathe. Because judging from the texture and size of the money bag, the money in it was at least ten million yuan, and everyone was silent for a while.

     Although Bai Mo had a clear heart, he still couldn't help but feel like fainting when he saw the money bag. Although there are tens of millions of gold in Upward Ho's warehouse, everyone has saved a little bit of it. It can't compare to this kind of smashed down so much."This, what is this?" Xiaoshou Bingliang and Cold Little Hands are a couple. The couple have been full-time players since they joined Upward Ho. Because they are both managers, they receive fixed salary from Gold Group and Guild every month. In total, there can be 70, 80,000 real coins, although it is not a big deal compared to the rich, but it has already made their lives much better. But today, suddenly seeing so much money, he still couldn't help but froze.

     Upward Ho does not lack wealthy owners, but more of them are ordinary players. Their families are the most ordinary families with an income of 10,000 to 20,000 a month. Therefore, in Upward Ho, they have real The benefits made them more and more loyal to Upward Ho.

     The answer is straightforward.

     Fruit Jelly also swallowed: "We know it is money, we are asking, what is the money?"

     "Game currency." Ye Ci seems to want to misinterpret everyone's Ye Ci, Pippi smiled: "A lot of game currency."

     "How much?" Ideal Height 1.7m also began to feel uneasy.

     "Fifty million million."

     As soon as Ye Ci's voice fell, almost everyone had plans to vomit blood.In the end, Bai Mo saved everyone from the fire and water. He grabbed Ye Ci's wrist and made a weak request: "I said, don't toss everyone, hurry up and explain, we are all poor, and you continue like this. Continue to toss, I guess everyone will have a heart attack."

     Bai Mo's words have been highly recognized by all management as never before.

     "Before we entered this book, someone spent 15 million real coins to buy our Clearance strategy today. This is a deposit." Ye Ci said very simply, but she didn't plan to tell everyone who the bully was.

     "Fifteen million real coins, converted into game coins, 75 million, oh, no, there is also a handling fee of 750,000..." Timely Rain immediately began to calculate, and then he sighed: "He **Yes, really rich, more than ten million, for them it is estimated that it is a number."

     "Actually, it is also a number for us." The pickled chicken feet smacked his lips. This amount of money has no concept for the rich, so it is just a number, but for ordinary people, the money is so much that it has no concept, so it is just a number.

     There was a whisper underneath.

     "The money is paid to everyone who participated in the First Kill today. You will be paid by Timely Rain at the celebration dinner later." Ye Ci pushed the package of money directly to Timely Rain."Ok."

     "The rest of the money will all go into Guild's funds. As for how to make up for the loss of preparation, you just need to take care of the housekeeping and make the account." Ye Ci said and stood up: "If you want to prepare the banquet, go and prepare. I have collected the balance."

     "I'm a little surprised, why did the boss dare to spend so much money with you to buy a strategy before you entered Dungeon, so he is not afraid that you can't get through it?". Zhen Shui Wuxiang has been watching Ye Ci quietly. It is undeniable that the generous salary has made him very excited as a professional player. Although he did not participate in First Squadron this time, First Kill, First five, and huge salary have all been allowed. Real water without fragrance admires Guild, Upward Ho.

     Ye Ci looked at Real Water Wuxiang and smiled slightly: "First, it's not you, everyone is from Upward Ho. Even if you didn't participate in the tweet this time, don't forget to talk about us. Second..." She squinted. With eyes closed, there is a convincing spirit on the body: "Because, I am childe'>you."

     Probably no one can be so arrogant and not annoying anymore, really water Wuxiang thought."That's right." Ye Ci suddenly remembered something. She said to the other managers: "I will go to collect the balance now, and I will only give the boss three days, which means we will wait for him to take it for the three days. First five. I hope that in these three days, First Squadron and the second group will communicate with each other, and let the second group members learn how to play as much as possible. After three days, the first Squadron second group will also enter this Dungeon again. This time I hope you all I've passed this book and got First five. It's best that this Raiders can sell for a good price.

     Fruit Jelly laughed: "Childe'> Has anyone ever said that you are actually a fan of money?"

     "You will say it now." Ye Ci put on a fake smile, and after a few greetings with everyone, he left the meeting room.

     Standing in Honghu City, Ye Ci sent Mad Willow a secret phrase: "Take your balance to the largest tavern in Oasis City and wait for me."

     The largest tavern in Oasis City is the Lame Warrior Tavern. After receiving Ye Ci’s secret words, Mad Willow, regardless of whether he was still in Dungeon or not, directly confessed to Zero Arsenic and flew out of Dungeon, went straight to Oasis City, and when he arrived at Oasis City, he entered the Lame Warrior Tavern. , And then booked a room there and waited quietly for Ye Ci's arrival.

     Not long after, Ye Ci also arrived at Oasis City and asked Mad Willow's current location. She rushed to the designated private room without stopping.Ye Ci just sat down, and Mad Willow poured her a good glass of wine. However, Ye Ci has always disliked this kind of partying, so he shook his hand: "It's no longer necessary to drink, we just need to take care of it."

     "Alright." Mad Willow nodded. In fact, he was kind of impatient and wanted to end the matter.

     "This is a video." Ye Ci put the filmed video in the transaction column, but was not in a hurry to order the transaction. Instead, Mad Willow hurriedly ordered the transaction. Ye Ci said indifferently: "The balance."

     "Oh, look at my memory, I have forgotten it." As he said, he put another fifty million gold coins: "This is the balance, I have deducted the handling fee, and rounded up the whole number for you."

     Ye Ci counted the zeros carefully, and confirmed the transaction after confirming that it was 50 million.

     Both money and goods are cleared.

     Mad Willow impatient started watching the video, and Ye Ci was not in a hurry. She was a thick Real Taoist. She had to wait for someone to confirm the content of the video before leaving, right? So, she handed over a piece of high-quality food to the NPC serving in the room and waited for Mad Willow to inspect the goods while eating.After watching it for a while, Mad Willow was completely immersed in the battle scene in the video. Although Ye Ci did not have a sound attached to the whole scene, it was just a simple picture, but even so, Mad Willow was able to see it be fired up. . Originally, he just wanted to pinch his head and look at it casually, but he didn't expect that he couldn't stop looking at it. He looked up from start to finish before looking up.

     This BOSSUpward Ho played a full hour, and this video is naturally also an hour long. Ye Ci guessed that Mad Willow was about to see him, and then he asked, "I don't know if this product is real?"

     Mad Willow realized that there was another person in the house. He quickly closed the video and nodded embarrassedly at Ye Ci: "Ah, sorry, I was so fascinated by it all at once, I forgot the house. in."

     "Nothing, I found something for myself." Ye Ci pointed to the empty plate in front of him, indicating that he had already eaten a meal.

     For this, Mad Willow was relieved.

     "I'll give you three days." Seeing that Mad Willow has approved the video, Ye Ci also stated the following requirements.

     "What three days?" Mad Willow was taken aback for a moment, and didn't quite understand what Ye Ci meant.Ye Ci cocked the corner of his mouth. It seems that Mad Willow really thinks that everything is fine after giving him his video. "Three days, seventy-two hours from now, is the time I will give you to push the fifth."

     "It doesn't seem to be your business." Mad Willow understood what Ye Ci was talking about, and couldn't help but sneer, this childe'>you also cares too much, since the video is given to herself, she cares about herself What started pushing BOSS.

     Ye Ci saw that Mad Willow hadn't understood the power of the relationship, and could not help narrowing his eyes, with a mocking smile on his lips.

     "When do you push BOSS is really not my business. But as a collaborator, I think it would be better for me to remind you. Although I don't know why you want Thousand Sunsets to work against, but some things are better done as soon as possible. "Speaking of this, Ye Ci saw Mad Willow a little impatient and prepared to speak, she raised her hand to stop him from continuing to speak, "I haven't finished speaking yet, you should listen to me before speaking."

     Now that he heard Ye Ci say this, Mad Willow had no choice but to suppress what she wanted to refute, and quietly listened to Ye Ci to finish what she was about to say."I might as well remind you that now Wolf Clan is also stuck in the fifth stage, that is, in the third stage, and Tang Dynasty and World Conqueror are preparing to start pushing the fifth. Three days have actually changed a lot of things, and I can’t guarantee it. After three days, these Guilds won't get First five. And..." Ye Ci paused after speaking, narrowed his eyes and showed a slight curve of expressionless lips on his lips.

     It was this arc that suddenly made Mad Willow's heart sink, he was a little nervous: "What else?"

     "Also, you don't think that we Upward Ho have only one team to push Dungeon in the cold ruins, do you? Fewer words" Ye Ci smiled.

     "What do you mean?"

     "I mean..." Ye Ci chuckles: "These three angels are the time for Guild to cultivate and rest, and at this time three days later, Guild is about to open up wasteland in the second group."

     "You" Mad Willow's eyes widened, unable to speak for a long time.

     Ye Ci sneered while looking at him: "I don't know if you should say that you are unfamiliar with the game program, or you should be naive." Then she stood up: "This is my cooperation with you, and I left it for you. For three days, if I sell it to another Guild, I won’t keep it for a day."Mad Willow found out that there were too many things he hadn’t thought of in the game. Childe’> You said it’s not wrong. If you switch to trading with others today, it is estimated that the price will not be low, but you won’t be able to give it for a day. Stay by yourself.

     He took a deep breath. Although he was a little unwilling, he still thanked Ye Ci sincerely: "So, thank you."

     "I can only wish that you will achieve what you want as soon as possible." Ye Ci stood up, not watching Mad Willow turning around and walking towards the door: "I haven't seen you today, I don't think you want to see you either. Pass mine."

     "Natural." Mad Willow understood what Ye Ci meant.

     Just as Ye Ci was about to open the door, Mad Willow suddenly stopped Ye Ci: "childe'>you, wait a minute."

     "What else?" Ye Ci turned to look at Mad Willow. She didn't understand why he suddenly called herself to stop. She didn't think she had anything else to do with him.

     "I have one last question to ask you." Mad Willow looked at Ye Ci with a sincere gaze, not as a calculation and shrewdness among businessmen.

     This kind of sincerity makes Ye Ci a little unaccustomed, "You tell me."

     "If there were no Thousand Sunsets, would you work with me?"Sure enough, this person still doubted his motives, but by now, what the motives are, it doesn't really matter anymore. Ye Ci's smile was also very sincere: "Of course it will." She saw Mad Willow's surprised eyebrows. She didn't rush and said, "I like the price you gave. Actually, who to work with? It doesn’t matter, as long as the price is right, anyone can.”

     "Thousand Sunsets, too?"

     "He is different." Ye Ci twitched his lips: "I have never had any good feelings for the people who have harmed me. Besides, Eastern Continent is not the only thing left with Thousand Sunsets being rich, is it?".

     This answer is good. At least for Mad Willow, it’s good, he doesn’t have to always be afraid of his today’s deal with childe'>you, and sooner or later he will become childe'>you to threaten his weakness. That's right, for herself and childe'>you today, it was just an ordinary transaction. He gave the right price, and she was satisfied with the price, that's it.

     "If there is nothing else, bye for now." Ye Ci turned around, opened the door, and walked away quickly.Listening to her steps on the rough wooden stairs, she made a special noise, and suddenly felt empty in her heart. Thousand Sunsets, this time the grudge between us is about to end. Such a year of hatred with red eyebrows and green eyes should be over soon.

     Although I didn't solve you by myself, I think it would be better to let you lose in the hands of Mad Willow. Because this way you will be worse, and I seem to be happier.

     As for Dong Yin and Yi Cang, Ye Ci wanted to come up with these two names, but I don't know why there is a strange feeling. Probably everything in the past has faded.

     I have no intention of hurting your family. It's a pity that you have to pay for the result if you make a choice.

     "The matter is done. Come back, Guild station, there is wine." Bai Mo's voice was sent over.

     "I don't like drinking."

     "But, I think you must really want to drink today."

     Bai Mo is not wrong at all. Ye Ci thinks that she must drink today, because not drinking is not enough to fill her empty heart.

     Today is destined to be a day not suitable for loneliness. It is also a day that is not suitable for one person.When Ye Ci walked into Guild's premises, he already saw people everywhere. Not only people, the managers of Guild actually hung up all the lanterns that they took out and arranged for the Chinese New Year. The sky is going to be dark, and all the lights are colorful, which dazzled her eyes. .

     She just stood at the gate of the Guild station, looking at the bustling with activity crowd, looking at the dots of light, and looking at the unwillingness to be quiet. I don't know why, her heart, which has always been quiet and rational, is so excited.

     "Guild leader, you are back." A clear and crisp voice pulled Ye Ci out of her emotions. She fixed her eyes and saw that it was someone she was not familiar with. Judging from the equipment on her body, her The level is not high and the equipment is poor, but her face is filled with the same happiness as everyone else.

     "Yes, I'm back." Looking at the smile on her face, Ye Ci couldn't help but laughed. She even thought, facing such a child, if you don't laugh, it would be too much. .

     "Hurry up, big guild leader, they have reserved the best wine for you, saying that they must wait for you to come back to drink." She smiled, as if she had won the best baby in the world. He grabbed Ye Ci's wrist and rushed towards the lobby of Guild's residence.Ye Ci just let her pull it, rushing all the way towards the house with the most people. In fact, she didn't know who this girl came from, but she didn't know why, she seemed to feel a kind of familiarity from her body that she had never had before. What is this?

     "Today, are you happy?". Ye Ci ran after her, watching her black hair reverberate on her shoulders, and couldn't help asking like this.

     "What? Guild leader, are you talking to me?". The girl seemed to hear Ye Ci talking, but did not hear clearly, so she stopped and turned to look at Ye Ci with a curious look on her face.

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, and then repeated: "I mean. Today, are you happy?".

     "Of course, happy of course today is the happiest day since I entered Upward Ho." The happy and excited expression on the girl's face swore her heart and mouth as one.

     "Why?" This made Ye Ci wonder, what is the joy of today?

     "Why?" The girl looked at Ye Ci as if she was looking at a monster: "Today is the Ruined Castle we got through. First Kill, how can this be unhappy guild leader? Are you unhappy."Ye Ci only felt buzzing in his mind. He didn't know what he wanted to think and what to think. He just asked dumbfounded: "But, you didn't participate in the First Kill this time. Why are you happy?"

     This question hurts people, but the girl didn’t seem to feel anything wrong. She tilted her head and thought about it for a while and then smiled and said, “Although I’m not involved, I’m from Upward Ho. It’s Upward. Ho won First Kill, and I happen to be a member of this Guild. There is no such luck and happiness in the world. Although today I am low in rank, I have not been able to participate in First Squadron and the second group, but I believe that it will One day, I will also get my own First Kill."

     After she finished speaking, she saw Ye Ci still there, and said: "I am happy because I am a member of Upward Ho, this is my home."

     For a moment, Ye Ci seemed to be a blow to the head. She slowly looked around the entire station, everyone here, there were so many people here, she couldn't call everyone by name, but she seemed to know each of them. Because they are both members of Upward Ho, and, she, she is also a member of Upward Ho.In a daze, she seemed to think of something. She didn't know when it started, on forums, or in the world. No one called her childe'>you anymore, but called her the childe of Upward Ho. >You. She seems to have never noticed this change, but after discovering it today, there is actually an indescribable warmth.

     "Guild leader, hurry up and go, what are you in a daze?" The girl seemed to be unable to wait for Ye Ci to continue to organize her thoughts, but pulled Ye Ci towards the hall, laughing like a string of silver bells while running So crisp: "Big guild leader, take a look, take a look at who I found"

     "Hey, I thought you would have to wait a long time." Bai Mo saw Ye Ci coming, and pulled Ye Ci over as quickly as he could: "Hurry up, I have the best and most expensive wine from Guild."

     Ye Ci looked down and saw that it was Langning's 300-year-old wine, and she was taken aback. This wine is not available for purchase, but it takes a long team Quest to get it. She was a little curious: "How did you get this wine?"

     "Of course we went to make Quest together." Bai Mo laughed haha: "It was the days when you went to the headquarters. We picked 25 people and did it for a long time before getting it." Bai Mo patted the wine. Bucket, "How about we specially prepared for this day? Am I very foresight?""Why don't you wait for me to come back together?"

     "You have important things to be busy, so we go." Timely Rain smiled haha, rubbing against Bai Mo's side: "Hurry up, you can drink it, I've been waiting for many days, I'll be with you Speaking, I would never work so hard today if it weren't for this barrel of wine."

     The people in the hall laughed like First Squadron.

     Ye Ci suddenly felt a little sad. She seems to seldom do anything for Guild, but everyone understands her. She has always been like a lone ranger, walking on every map, taking risks for her revenge enmity or return favor freely, but she never thought about it. It turns out that Guild also has a lot of things to do.

     Bai Mo had already started drinking, everyone buzzed up and grabbed the drink. Ye Ci has been standing behind all the people, watching them quietly, as if looking at a very strange group of people. And myself and them are so far away, inharmonious.

     She raised her eyes hurriedly until someone put her arms around her shoulders, and looked at that strength, only to see Bai Mo's open smile, the joyful eyebrows, and the excitement that could not be suppressed. . He stuffed a glass of wine into Ye Ci's hand and laughed heartily: "If I hadn't grabbed a glass for you, I'm afraid you are so humble, you won't be able to drink this barrel of wine."Ye Ci tightly squeezed the cup Bai Mo stuffed into her hand, without saying a word, she just looked up at the beautiful side of Bai Mo, it seemed very far and near, far and near, Near and far, in a daze.

     Bai Mo hugged her shoulders tightly, raised the cup, and said loudly: "Today we got the First Kill of Ruined Castle. The whole world must remember our name."

     "The whole world must remember our names." The people in the hall also held their cups, and everyone's cheeks were red and brilliant.

     "What is our name"

     "Upward Ho"

     wine goblets and gambling chips lie intertwined, grinning from ear to ear, indulge in joy. All this is beautiful like a flower above the clouds. Ye Ci feels like he is watching the most beautiful painting. You can fall in love with it, you can be fascinated by it, you can be ignorant of it, but you can't blend into it.

     This feeling is really bad, at least it makes Ye Ci feel unhappy all over.

     Everyone's drinks are getting more and more open, and they are not necessarily all in the hall. They have their presence throughout the resident. They even organized a lot of activities on their own and enjoyed it.

     But in the most lively hall, it was so lonely.

     Bai Mo pulled Ye Ci's wrist and walked outside."Where?" Ye Ci stumbled after Bai Mo.

     "Go see the moon."

     "I've seen it with you, do I have to watch the moon with you every time I look at it?" Ye Ci frowned and muttered.

     "I am not qualified to watch the sunrise with you, so I can only watch the moon with you." Bai Mo turned his face and looked at Ye Ci with a touch of melancholy, then he turned his head again.

     Ye Ci just looked at his back and followed him all the time.

     In the end they just sat on the wall like this.

     "I found out that you don't like this scene at all?".

     "What scene?" Ye Ci looked at the moon in the sky, and couldn't help feeling that the moon on any map was not as beautiful as the moon in Guild's station, so bright, so round, and everything seemed so simple and pure under him. .

     "This kind of scene where everyone drinks and eats meat and everyone is happy."

     "No." Ye Ci just looked at the moon, some say sth without meaning it.

     Bai Mo knew her heart and mouth at variance, but she still didn't reveal it, just stretched out her hand and rubbed her hair gently: "Why not happy."

     "No." Ye Ci blinked and tried to convince herself that she is actually very happy, isn't she?"Drinking." Bai Mo handed her a bottle of wine: "Although this is not as precious as the barrel just now, but it was also obtained by me after a month of continuous Quest. I wanted to hide it, but it's pitiful to see you. You have a sip."

     "I'm sorry?" Ye Ci turned and stared at Bai Mo. To be honest, she hates people saying these two words in front of her. Is she pitiful? No, she is not pitiful, let alone others, not even Bai Mo.

     "Isn't it? Your face says I'm very pitiful one night."

     "Hey" Ye Ci's brows have been raised, and she can see that she is a little angry.

     "If I didn't say the main thing, why would you be angry?" Bai Mo stretched out his hand and pressed Ye Ci's brow: "Xiao ci, I am Bai Mo, not Flying Time, not Thousand Sunsets, not so or so. Me. Not your opponent, not your old enemy, or someone you need to calculate, I'm just Bai Mo."

     Ye Ci opened her mouth, trying to say something to refute, but in the end her voice seemed to be choking with sand, and she didn't say anything. She loosened her brows, took the wine in Bai Mo's hand, twisted the cork and poured it into her mouth. The taste was mellow and sweet, which was worthy of aftertaste. So she was immersed in the sweetness of the wine, and after a long time she said, "Cousin, have I always been alone?"Bai Mo was taken aback for a moment, and then he understood the meaning of Ye Ci. He cocked the corners of his mouth, stretched out his arms, and took her into his arms: "Everyone in this world is born a person when he is born. But he is a person when he dies, just to say, There is nothing wrong with everyone. Everyone has always been one person."

     Ye Ci suddenly felt sad.

     She remembered the scene of her sitting in the Glory Headquarters building in her previous life. It was the same that day. The moon was very bright, the night was very quiet, and she was alone.

     "But, from birth to death, we have to go through many, many years. During these times, we will be surrounded by many people. They may be friends, they may be enemies, and they may be strangers, but they are all there. Stay with us, and we stay with them the same."

     Ye Ci blinked. She thought she was a little stupid, otherwise she wouldn't understand what Bai Mo said."Bai Mo, someone told me just now that she is very happy. Although she did not participate in First Kill, she is still very happy. I asked her why. She said that because the one who took First Kill was Upward Ho, and she was a member of Upward Ho. She is very proud and happy. But, Bai Mo, why don’t I feel this feeling at all?” Ye Ci looked very confused: “Why in this team, I have never felt that I exist. Bai Mo, tell me, do I really belong to this team? Or...or am I always alone?"

     Chapter 3 Ye Ci's Confusion

     Chapter 3 Ye Ci's Confusion