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Chapter Directory 206 Team
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 4 Team

     Chapter Four

     Bai Mo just looked at Ye Ci with soft eyes, unable to see what he was thinking.

     However, at this moment, Ye Ci thinks she is trembling, she is terrified. She couldn't help but think of her rejection by the Glory organizer in her previous life.

     "You are a person without a team."

     Even if you are a person without a team, even if it has been so long, even if it was a matter of the previous life, it seems that you are so close and hovering around you all the time. Ye Ci couldn't help but wanted to plug her ears, but there was still noise flying in, hitting her tympanic membrane, and hitting her heart. Although she was born again, and although she was trying to correct the mistakes she had made one by one, is she still alone? Is she still someone who has no team to accept?

     In this prehistoric life, is she still a dispensable or even unacceptable person for anyone?Bai Mo thought that in the decades he and Ye Ci have been together in the past, and in the decades to come, he probably never had the opportunity to see such a thin and fragile Ye Ci again. Whether in the eyes of her parents, in the eyes of relatives, or in the eyes of other outsiders, Ye Ci has been a child who has been a little self-reliant since she was a child. She doesn't have many words, and she has never been good at making deep friendships with others. She always feels as strong as a copper wall, iron bastion.

     Even I sometimes feel that she is actually a girl without blood and tears. She has never been soft, nor can she say gentle words, this kind of character is too hard for a girl. This kind of hardness over time will give people the illusion that she will not be weak, cry, or sad. In fact, only now Bai Mo knows that Ye Ci may also be vulnerable.

     With this recognition, Bai Mo's gaze softened even more. He gently stroked Ye Ci's hair and smiled: "What are you thinking about? How come you have such unrealistic thoughts?"Ye Ci looked so stubborn at this moment. She looked at Bai Mo with clear eyes and a rare wry smile: "Is it actually like this? I've always been alone, right? Even Upward Ho , I have always been just childe'>you, not Upward Ho's childe'>you?"

     "What are you trying to prove?"

     "Proof?" Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, she didn't understand what Bai Mo meant. "I don't know what it is referring to."

     "Xiao ci, everyone’s position in the team is different. Everyone will feel different because of their different positions. If you are not part of Upward Ho, if you are not part of the team, Then tell me, is it important to you whether Upward Ho has to get First Kill today."

     "Of course it's important. You know that this First Kill is for me..." Ye Ci seems to have always wanted to prove that she is still the forgotten lonely person. She stared at Bai Mo, as if staring at the enemy for generations, her eyes revealed There is a kind of cruelty, which makes people heart alarmed, trembling in fear.

     Bai Mo stretched out his hand, blindfolded Ye Ci's eyes, and smiled bitterly: "Don't look at me with that look, Xiao ci, I'll say it again, I am Bai Mo, not your enemy." He interrupted Ye Ci The words: "I said First Kill not only this time, but every time."Ye Ci bit her lip. She seemed to be trapped in a strange circle that she had created. She went around but couldn't get out of it.

     "I know what you mean, Xiao ci." Bai Mo put down his hand, only looking at Ye Ci with a gentle smile: "You think you just appeared during First Kill, and sometimes you don’t even open up wasteland. It seems that there is no Qualify to be a part of this team. Everyone thinks that calling you the guild leader is just looking at my face, or something else..."

     "This is the way it is, isn't it? If I'm not a childe'>you, if I'm not the so-called great god, will you still remember me? I'm not the same as a person." Ye Ci's voice became sharper.

     "You indulge me to push the world boss by myself. You never mentioned that you let me take Guild to push the world boss. You indulge me to run this way and that. You never ask me to participate in the progress of Dungeon. Doesn't this mean Don’t you think of me as a Guild person? Don’t you think of me as a team person?".

     Ye Ci's voice is getting louder and louder, as if a sharp weapon cut through the gorgeous silk and satin in this night that should have been full of joy. She seemed to be driven crazy by herself, and her ears couldn't hear Bai Mo's words. There was only the last humiliation left to her in the previous life, repeating infinitely and expanding infinitely."So what?" In front of such fierce Ye Ci, Bai Mo became more and more like a puddle of water. He tolerated Ye Ci infinitely, and annihilated all the flames she was about to erupt.

     "So what?" Ye Ci was suddenly stuck by this rhetorical question. She froze there, just staring at Bai Mo like this, as if all her strength and voice had been suddenly taken away, she could only look at Bai Mo so flabbergasted, nothing else action.

     "Yeah, what if you are right?" Bai Mo just looked at Ye Ci amused.

     Ye Ci now looks like a little girl of this age. She can care about everything, honing a bull's horn, and is covered with thorns all over her body. He even thinks that Ye Ci like this is much more lovely than the usual childe who is set up on high with a halo.

     I don't know if there are too few opportunities like this, and it makes people feel more precious. In short, Bai Mo seems to enjoy the time at this moment very much."Even if you are coming and going alone, even if you rarely participate in the team, even if you hardly walk into the degree, what about it? Isn't that way you are not from Upward Ho anymore? It's so hard that you are not a childe'>you? Difficult? But this means you are alone and have no team?" Bai Mo held out Ye Ci's face with both hands, turned her face around, and turned to the person in Guild station who was holding a party with a bonfire in the square. Crowd: "Look at those people, do you think you are not on their team?".

     "Am I?" Ye Ci sneered: "I don't even know what they are called, am I part of this team?".

     "Aren't you from Upward Ho?".

     "Am I considered like this?"

     "Why not count?"

     "The so-called team is not the people who are together all the time to become a team. The more important thing of the team is cooperation, tacit understanding, and the meeting of hearts." Bai Mo sighed: "I know what I'm talking about now. You can’t listen to it, because you feel that you are an outsider in your entire mind. However, you can ask everyone there, whether you know it or not, whether they think you are not a member of this team. ?"

     Ye Ci was speechless."Look at these people, Timely Rain, Husband and Wife, Chicken Feet, Fruit Jelly, Sister Paper, Dream, Pea Cake, Not a Vegetarian, Real Water..." Bai Mo counted a dozen or twenty people in one breath: " These people are now the indispensable main force of Guild. Do you think they think they are not on the same team as you? Can you deny their existence? They are all because of you and because of your recommendation to enter Upward Ho."

     Ye Ci still didn't speak, her eyes seemed to have been dazzled by the blazing bonfire in the middle of the field, and she couldn't see anything else at all.

     "You may feel that you are rarely involved in team activities, and you are rarely called to in team activities. You are a dispensable person in Guild, but is that really the case?". Bai Mo took a big sip of wine: "Xiao ci, if you really think so, then I can only say that it’s not that Guild doesn’t regard you as a part of it, but that you have never regarded yourself as a part of Guild. ."

     Ye Ci severely bit his lip: "I don't know.""Actually, I don’t understand. What are you struggling with here? In my opinion, this problem cannot be called a problem at all. The so-called team does not want to be together all the time. On the team Dungeon, perhaps is in other respects, but this still does not erase you as a part of the team. You think you are not part of Guild, but let’s see what you have done for Guild, every time First Kill The strategy is all brought by you. You can dig in the excellent talents with a steady flow. When Guild is bullied by other Guilds, the person who pulls strongly against a crazy tide is still you. You can do everything possible to benefit Guild. The person is still you."

     Bai Mo let go of Ye Ci's face and smiled: "I won't give examples one by one. You did these things. I think you did something yourself. In fact, you know better than me, right?"

     "Are these also contributions?".

     "Why isn't it a contribution?" Bai Mo shook his head and smiled bitterly: "Xiao ci, I think you have a short circuit in your mind, do you think that you can only be called a team when you push BOSS with everyone in the team? If so, Pea Cake, Not a Vegetarian, Cute Lemon, these guys have never played Dungeon even once. Are they not Guild members? Are they and us not a team?""They are Life Players with different division of labor." Ye Ci is very clear about this point. Bai Mo just raised it, and she shook her head to rebut.

     "You see, you also know that the division of labor is different. And you and everyone are also different in the division of labor. You are strong, you have great SOLO skills, and you are a recognized god by Eastern Continent. It is naturally a good thing for such a person to bring Dungeon, but, Wouldn’t it be better if you could do something else? Xiao ci, do you know how much your First Kill has contributed to the improvement of Upward Ho Guild’s reputation? We, Upward Ho, have less than two thousand people , It’s the newly established Guild again. If you don’t do this, do you think we can squeeze into Eastern Continent’s top ten Guild?". Bai Mo grabbed his fingers and said, "You have to know that in Eastern Continent, there are more than 500 Guilds with more than 100 people, and there are already 216 Guilds with more than 1,000 people. And we are Upward. Why can Ho reveal one's talent among these Guilds, and why can he squeeze into the top ten, don't you understand?

     "Bai Mo, the first time I found out, you are very comforting." Ye Ci's mouth was astringent. Can't taste what it is like.

     "It's just the truth. If you think I am comforting you, I also have nothing to say." Bai Mo shook his head: "Do you know what are the two hardest things in this world?""What is it?"

     "The first is how to put other people's money in your own pocket. I think you did a good job of this." A smile on his face makes people look very comfortable: "The other is, How do you put your thoughts in other heads? Obviously, I did a very poor job on this, otherwise you would not continue to honor a bull's horn with me here."

     Ye Ci was taken aback by Bai Mo's words, and then couldn't help but laugh low.

     "What a laugh, if I can, I really want to split your head, then swap my brain in, then take your brain out, wash and dry, you won’t have that much everything in disorder I'm thinking about it." Bai Mo took another sip: "If you really mind the question of whether to call you on Dungeon, I will call you in the future, but then you don't need to be annoyed."

     "What's annoying?" Ye Ci actually didn't seriously follow the team's progress, so he is not particularly clear about this model."This thing is just like going to work. The on-line time must be fixed, and the off-duty time is not fixed. If it goes well, you will soon be able to get the equipment and get your salary to work. When is it?" Bai Mo told the truth: "I know that you have a lot of good Quests in your hands. But you have to think about it. If you want to follow the progress, it will not be as good as it is now. If you want to play Quest, play Quest, whoever troubles you, then you will be as tired as a dog, without a little time of your own, and progress is progress all day long."

     When Bai Mo said that Ye Ci's brows were already frowned. To be honest, she really didn't like this life of following the prescribed order, so she hesitated: "It must be like this?"

     "It must be like this." Bai Mo nodded: "If it wasn't for why you think Guild advances, why do you have to take a day off every week?"

     "But, otherwise, you can't..."Bai Mo naturally knows what Ye Ci wants to say: "Your statement is really useless. If only advancement is called a team, then all Guilds are Dungeon Guild. Although advancement has always been the mainstream model of Guild, Guild must be diversified in order to grow, just like a family must have people who earn money and people who spend money, this is the balance of payments. I am like the person who spends money, and you are more suitable It is to make money. Of course, you have to be the person who spends money, and I can also be the person who makes money, but it may not be what you do. What the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes skilled at the job. "

     Ye Ci did not say a word, Bai Mo continued: "Xiao ci, I know you, you are not the kind of person who can stand to follow the prescribed order, in fact, the current model is quite good. As for you, you don’t think you are Upward Ho. Guild’s idea is simply bullshit. Otherwise, we’ll make a bet."

     "What bet?"

     "Now you are driving the massacre to find a map and start killing people, and then you see, after arousing public anger, are these people trouble you alone, or trouble Upward Ho?"

     Ye Ci was stunned: "Why do you do this?""If they are looking for trouble with you alone, it means that you are thinking well. Not only do you think you are part of Upward Ho, but everyone thinks so." Bai Mo's slender fingers are light. He bounced lightly on his armor, like playing a piano: "If someone finds trouble with our Upward Ho, for Guild people, regardless of the large or small size, if you see one kill one, it means that everyone will treat you. Seen as one of the members of Upward Ho, you have done a sin, and Guild will pay for it."

     Speaking of this, Bai Mo leaned close to Ye Ci's face, his eyes were so bright that he couldn't despise him, and his lips had a charming smile: "Well, do you want to make this bet with me?"

     Ye Ci looked at Bai Mo with an idiot look: "Are you a second-hand? Can you bet on this kind of thing?"

     "Why not?"

     "This is nothing to do for Guild."

     "So what?" Bai Mo squinted his eyes. At this time, he looked genuine and sincere like an irresponsible ruffian: "Anyway, Guild is for playing, and there is nothing wrong with playing like this. Everyone just just happened. I took First Kill, just to add a little fun activity."

     "You are sick." Ye Ci murmured: "This kind of fun activity...""What's wrong?" Bai Mo said as he stood up, and pulled Ye Ci sitting on the ground up, his eyes filled with excitement: "Let's go, let's go, I know you I'm also very interested in this proposal. Shall we go together?"

     "Hey, Bai Mo, you are crazy, you are joking about Guild's prestige, okay? Everyone has worked so hard to improve Guild's prestige to the present. With this, Upward Ho will wait for the notorious tomorrow." Bai Mo has a nervous convulsion Ye Of course, Ci wouldn't follow him in a hurdle. She threw away Bai Mo's hand: "You are the guild leader, you should be the one who loves feathers the most. Why did you think of this kind of damage?"

     Bai Mo has been looking at her with a smile, lowly smiling, and waited until Ye Ci finished scolding himself before slowly saying: "Look, you still say you are not a member of the union? You still say you are not a member of the union? Are you part of this team?".

     "What am I?" Ye Ci felt that her IQ was a little low today. I don't know if it was because of the excessive drinking. Why does Bai Mo always have a feeling of unclear understanding when she speaks."If you don't really think of yourself as a member of Upward Ho, you don't really think you are a member of this team, why are you so worried about Guild's reputation?" Bai Mo raised his hand and gently placed it on Ye Ci On her hair: "Xiao ci, don’t be too smart, sometimes you’re easy to be stupid if you’re too smart."

     Ye Ci looked at Bai Mo and didn't say anything. After thinking for a while, she understood what Bai Mo meant. She lowered her head and smiled helplessly: "Heh, this thing is really stupid."

     Bai Mo put her in his arms and hugged her arms tightly: "Actually, I think it's good for you to be stupid occasionally, so that you look like a little girl."

     Hearing this name Ye Ci couldn't help but pull the corners of his mouth. little girl……

     How long has it been since this name has been heard, and why does it sound so awkward?

     Ye Ci pushed Bai Mo away, and then Rude kicked him on his chest. Bai Mo was confused by the suddenness and did not react for a while and fell directly to the ground. "what are you doing?"

     Ye Ci raised his eyebrows, stepped on Bai Mo's chest, and bent down to look at him: "Bai Mo, are you itchy? What is a little girl? You think I'm only 5 years old?""No, I mean, it's actually a good thing that you often be stupid." Bai Mo sighed and looked at the shrewd Ye Ci with helpless thoughts. Sure enough, this opportunity is decades old. I can't meet it. When Ye Ci was stupid, it was probably just like that once.

     "Humph." Ye Ci turned his nose horizontally, severely stamped his feet on Bai Mo's chest, didn't want to pay attention to this guy anymore, and turned off the line.

     Probably the Ye Ci enlightened by Bai Mo that day was relatively good. Although Ye Ci was still a little tangled occasionally, he also let go of this matter. However, she has not had much time to play games in the last few days. The reason is no other reason. As the final exam is about to go, Ye Ci really doesn't want to drop out of subjects, so she has to study hard for a few days.

     Thinking about it, it was really hard work. She went to college once before she was born again, and went to college once after she was born again. Not only that, but what makes Ye Ci entangled is why she is not like a normal rebirth novel. After rebirth, all kinds of homework can be self-taught, and all the homework can achieve full marks. She still has to study hard, because all the things she learned in the previous life have been returned to the teacher, so if she doesn't work hard, what awaits her is the same ruthless drop-off."Xiao ci, what do you think of your test today?" After coming out of the examination room, Fang Susu looked at the disheveled Ye Ci, not without worry: "I think today's test is so difficult."

     "It's more difficult, that dead old man, what he said is the main point. I haven't read a book that is so thick, and I can't remember what I have read. I think I will be tragedy this semester." Ye Ci sighed for a long time. She was probably the most difficult rebirth person, she actually had to fail the exam after rebirth.

     "Not necessarily. You don't miss classes in class. Every time you roll the call, the old man will definitely give points for attendance." Fang Susu comforted Ye Ci in this way. In fact, she didn't have any confidence in her heart. The question is really difficult.

     When I mentioned this Ye Ci, she wanted to roll her eyes. Fortunately, she was a reborn person. Knowing that this old man likes to keep in his mind the people who usually absent from school, he would retaliate when he was due, so she didn’t dare to escape one class. If it weren't, it would be strange if she missed class early because she was so busy in the game."I hope so." Ye Ci is really up and down now. She only hopes that she can reach 60 points. There are too many hopes, but it is better not to drop subjects. Although there is not much money for the make-up exam, more make-up exams will affect her getting the diploma. Regardless of whether she is the great god in the game or the person after rebirth, if she does not successfully obtain the graduation certificate, Ye Ci thinks, it is absolutely difficult to explain to her parents.

     Is there a rebirth who is so hard pressed like her?

     Fang Susu and Ye Ci walked back holding the book before they walked to the gate of the school. Ye Ci's phone rang, and she picked it up in a frantic manner. It turned out that it was her parents. After the call was made, apart from telling her to go home early, she also told her that there was a dinner in the evening, so that she and Bai Mo could go to the designated place as soon as possible, and they took Tan Polang to go first.

     Hang up the phone'>, Ye Ci gnashing one's teeth. This is really because I have a son and forget my daughter. I have to take that stinky boy one step at a time for a meal, and Bai Mo and myself can only take the bus. What's the reason?

     Fang Susu laughed after knowing what Ye Ci minded. He said that Ye Ci was careful. Fortunately, Bai Mo arrived at this time. If it weren't for Ye Ci, he didn't know what the joke was like.Seeing Bai Mo waving at Ye Ci from a distance, Fang Susu approached Ye Ci with a smile, and whispered: "Ye Ci, are you and Bai Mo a real cousin or just a distant relative calling a name? "

     "Of course it's a real cousin." Ye Ci looked at Fang Susu's sneaky smile and said, "Her mother is my elder sister. It's about this relationship, why are you asking?"

     "Oh, that's really a pity." Fang Susu sighed, and then said: "Actually, even such a cousin is nothing."

     "What are you trying to say?" Ye Ci was confused by Fang Susu's eyebrows: "I'm leaving."

     "Actually, it's nothing. I mean, if a cousin gets married, it doesn't have to be mentally retarded to have a child."

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, his eyebrows were erected, and after chasing her, he began to beat: "Hey, hey, Fang Susu, your skin is really tight"

     "Don't don't don't, I just think you are quite good friends, if it weren't for cousins, you could really think about it." Fang Susu laughed haha, seeing Qin Churuo walking towards this side, hurried over: "I'm gone , You take care."Ye Ci sighed as she watched Fang Susu running away, they never knew what Bai Mo meant to her. It is a kind of deep-rooted guardian of the bond of blood and blood, a family love that could not be parted in the previous life, this life, no matter what the reason.

     Bai Mo had already taken home the game warehouse and the clothes they had changed. This time it was for Ye Ci to move the book.

     Sitting in the car, Bai Mo asked Ye Ci: "What is the dinner tonight?"

     "How do I know, my mother didn't clarify, so she told us to take the bus by ourselves and don't be late. They took the stinky boy to go first." Ye Ci said that the eyebrows are not eyebrows and the eyes are not eyes: They have a car driving, why should we take the bus?"

     "Because we are adults, he is a minor." Bai Mo knew that Ye Ci was not really angry. He just talked about it and joked about her: "Otherwise, if you pretend to be a minor, I can go with you behind your back. "

     Ye Ci rolled his eyes at Bai Mo and directly classified his words as an idiot.

     When they got home, Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian had already gone out with Tan Polang. They just left a meal address on the message board and asked them to hurry over. Ye Ci freshened up casually, changed clothes and went out with Bai Mo.Bai Mo was full of curiosity about this dinner. Sitting on the bus, he winked at Ye Ci: "Xiao ci, you said, is this dinner for you a blind date?"

     "Your mind must be flooded." Ye Ci rolled his eyes, not caring about Bai Mo's silly remarks at all.

     "I'm serious."

     "You and Tan Polang have two light bulbs on the blind date?" Ye Ci snorted. Although she is only 19 years old, she is a rebirth at any rate. In addition to her previous life, she is older than Bai Mo It's a lot longer.

     "Isn't this for you to check?" Bai Mo looked very excited. It seems that this guy hasn't experienced such a tragic event as a blind date, so he is looking forward to it.

     Ye Ci is reluctant to speak about it, and doesn't want to lower IQ and discuss this boring topic with Bai Mo.

     It wasn't until they got to the place to eat and entered the private room that Ye Ci knew that what the two people said was really a boring topic at home. The people who had dinner together today, she thought she would die of old age, but she didn't expect to see each other again.

     Four families.The parents of the four families took their children, all sitting at the table. When Ye Ci and Bai Mo entered the house, Ye Ci was stunned first, and Bai Mo was also stunned. Fortunately, Bai Mo responded quickly and immediately poked Ye Ci, who was already in a daze, to make her come back to her senses. The two hurriedly sat down and greeted the parents of several other families.

     "Oh, I haven't seen Xiao ci and Bai Mo for many years. Bai Mo has really become a big youngster." Liu Chang's mother is a gentle person, and she greeted them, and other parents started to greet them. stand up.

     "Speaking of my family members have not eaten together for several years." Dong Yin's father also said with a smile: "My own children don't feel grown up in front of them, but when they see other children, they know they are really grown up. , And we are getting old too."

     Dong Yin's father's words were immediately recognized by other adults, and they quickly started talking.

     Unlike the warm atmosphere of the parents, the six children are obviously not so warm. Although they are sitting together, it can be seen that they are obviously absent-minded. Dong Yin and Yi Cang were still staring at the tablet to play while Ye Ci and Liu Chang were chatting in whispers. Bai Mo and Tan Polang didn't know what they were talking about, and laughed happily.

     Although each has its own activities, it seems to be quite harmonious overall."Who led the dinner this time?" Ye Ci really can't figure out the four family members who have not eaten together for many years are making a fuss today, and they even have a dinner. In fact, Ye Ci doesn't care if they don't eat at the parent meeting, but she doesn't want to deal with Dong Yin and Yi Cang at all.

     "Anyway, it’s not my parents. I heard my parents say that Dong Yin’s parents took the lead. Yi Cang’s parents responded positively. Your parents are still saving face, and my parents didn’t want to come. Gao could not afford them, but I heard that your parents If you want to come, you agree to come." Liu Chang's voice was very small, except for himself and Ye Ci, no one could hear him. Her tone was not good, and it seemed that the things in the middle were not as serene as Liu Chang said.

     Ye Ci could feel Liu Chang's upset, but he didn't say much. After all, this is a matter between the elders, and there is no need for them to interrupt.

     "Then why are you eating this time?"

     "It's a connection, but who knows?" Liu Chang obviously didn't believe in the reason for this high-sounding.

     "Fortunately..." They were talking, and the restaurant began to serve food. Plates and plates are exquisite and rich, and you can see that they are expensive. Ye Ci touched his pocket and exhaled.

     "Fortunately what?""Fortunately, I brought the card." Ye Ci smiled at Liu Chang: "I always feel that this meal is not delicious. When I touch it, I bring the card, and I feel more at ease."

     "You don't want to pay the bill yourself, this is a treat..."

     "I'm just afraid that they will treat us and we can't eat anymore." Ye Ci doesn't know if he thinks too much, but his heart is always uneasy: "I just hope I think too much."

     Liu Chang didn't know Ye Ci's Ye Ci, she sighed: "I also have the card. If this meal really can't be eaten, I will pay with you."

     "Why has Gold Group earned enough money recently?" Ye Ci chuckled happily. She didn't know if others had made it. Liu Chang had made a lot of money recently, but she was clear about it.

     Liu Chang also laughed: "No, at least it's more than the original part-time job."


     "The dishes are served, hurry up and eat." Dong Yin's father greeted everyone with their chopsticks, and he asked the waiter to pour drinks and wine, so he was so busy.

     The parents also started to eat happily.

     After three rounds of drinking, everyone had almost eaten, and Dong Yin's father cleared his throat and was ready to talk.Starting from Ye Ci's account, it seems that as long as it is such a four-party gathering for dinner, it is always Dong Yin's father to speak and preside over the overall situation. Unlike Dong Yin's soft personality like cotton, Dong Yin's father is a good hand in assuming personal responsibility, which is the main reason why their family can be the divine steed Feihuang gallops.

     However, from the very beginning, Ye Ci was not very interested in what they were going to say. Therefore, when others were very satiated and stopped their chopsticks to make a listening gesture, Ye Ci also rudely caught a piece of pig. Put the hoof into the bowl and eat it with big mouthfuls.

     This move may not be a big deal in the original. Anyway, parents also know that these children will not be too interested when adults talk, but it seems different now. When Ye Ci started to chew pig's trotter, he sat in Yi Cang, who was not far from her, and hummed softly. He snapped his nose: "I haven't eaten a free meal in my entire life. Have you seen it before?"

     Although the words were light, many people around him heard them. Ye Ci paused, and still didn't respond much. Instead, Yi Cang's parents who were sitting on the side gave Yi Cang a quick glance and told him to shut up.

     Chapter 4 Team

     Chapter 4 Team