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Chapter Directory 207 Chapter 5 This Meal Is Not Tasty
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 5 This meal is not delicious

     Chapter 5 This meal is not delicious

     Liu Chang heard it too. She turned her head and glanced at Yi Cang, and said flatly, "Thank you, Master Yi, for giving us this opportunity to meet the world."

     People like Liu Chang rarely say such sharp words. It can be seen that she is really a little angry today. In other words, since the last time the few people met that day, she kept a sigh of breath in her heart, and has not vomited it up to now. I met Yi Cang again today and said such things, she naturally couldn't bear it anymore.

     It's a pity that this is not the right time to say it. Although the Yi Cang family and the Dong Yin family's face became ugly, it also caused Liu Chang himself to be looked at by his parents.

     "I'm such a big kid, what do you say, hurry up and apologize to Yi Cang" Liu Chang's mother immediately said to Liu Chang.

     Liu Chang's family is not wealthy, so her parents have been stricter since she was a child, and her tutoring is also the strictest of the four families.

     But Liu Chang was angry, and because Yi Cang had said so hurtful things to her, he was naturally unwilling to apologize. What's more, she didn't feel that she was wrong at all.And Zuo Xiaolan saw that Ye Ci was still chewing pig's feet. She reached out and patted the chopsticks in Ye Ci's hand. Her eyes were stern: "Hurry up and apologize to Uncle Dong who taught you. You are not okay when you are an adult. Listening to still eating here"

     Her tone was very harsh, but Ye Ci knew that Zuo Xiaolan did this not because she was angry with herself, but rather disgusted Yi Cang a bit. However, in front of such a few people, Zuo Xiaolan slapped the chopsticks in her hand, which still made Ye Ci's face greatly overwhelmed.

     She frowned, then slowly raised her eyes, and glanced at Yi Cang with that cold gaze. At this time, Yi Cang was looking up and waiting for Liu Chang to apologize. Ye Ci never knew that when Yi Cang actually had such a disgusting face, for a moment, she really wanted to lift the bowl of soup in front of her directly onto this face.

     However, Ye Ci did not do this, because Liu Chang who was sitting next to her seemed to jump up immediately. She quickly grabbed Liu Chang, her eyes were stained with a hypocritical smile, and she turned to face Dong Yin's father said: "Uncle Dong is sorry, we rarely come to such a high-end restaurant to eat, don't know the rules, don't be surprised."These words were even more like a knife scratched on the faces of Dong Yin's parents and Yi Cang's parents, especially Yi Cang's parents' faces were a bit more ugly, but now they can only talk about things apart from severely staring at Yi Cang. It's a idiot.

     "Don't Uncle Dong have something to say?". In such a short time, the whole hot scene has cooled down, and the adults are very embarrassed. Maybe they don't know what happened between the children. They thought the children were still as close as before. It's a pity, things are really impermanent. Ye Ci didn't want to let the whole scene cool down because of such a small matter. After all, this matter has something to do with her in the end, so she smiled and reminded Dong Yin's father.

     And Ye Nantian also recovered from Ye Ci's words, and quickly followed the girl's words and began to make do with the whole atmosphere: "Yes, yeah, Dong, don't you have something to say? What do you want to say?"

     Liu Chang's father also hurriedly played rim drums with Ye Nantian, and soon revived the atmosphere that had been cold.Ye Ci leaned on the back of the chair and turned to look at Liu Chang, only to see Liu Chang looking down at the ground. He didn't know what to think. She pulled Liu Chang's wrist and successfully attracted her attention. At this time, Ye Ci said in a voice that the two of them could hear: "Don't make it too stiff. We can stay together forever, but consider the adults. Their feelings."

     Liu Chang sneered, then stood up, and said to Dong Yin's father who had not yet started to speak: "Uncle Dong, dear uncles and aunts, I will go to the bathroom." He turned around and left.

     Everyone was stunned, including Ye Ci. And Liu Chang's mother frowned and stopped talking. It took a long time before she said: "This kid..." Then she turned her head and smiled at Dong Yin's father: "Don't care, Lao Dong."

     Ye Ci couldn't sit still, and she pushed aside the chair: "I'll go to the bathroom, too." Then she smiled and nodded at everyone, and then quickly followed Liu Chang out of the private room.During this period, the adults spoke with smiles, and no one cared too much about Ye Ci, but Yi Cang and Dong Yin had a stern face, as ugly as if their parents were dead. But Ye Ci couldn't take care of it anymore. She didn't know that she was such a restless person. She was in the same room with someone she didn't like, and could not stay for a minute. It seems that the air in this room has the deadliest virus. As long as you breathe, it seems that you are about to die.

     After leaving the private room, Ye Ci saw Liu Chang standing outside the private room, leaning on a pillar, and waving at her.

     Ye Ci walked to meet Liu Chang, and couldn't help laughing as he walked: "Aren't you going to the bathroom? Why are you still here?"

     "I'm waiting for you." Liu Chang shrugged his shoulders, rightly speaking.

     But Ye Ci laughed, "How did you know that I would also go to the bathroom?"

     Liu Chang stretched his arm into Ye Ci's arm, slung her, and smiled: "Who am I? I am Liu Chang, how could I not know what is in your Ye Ci's heart. I'm out now, you Can I still sit inside?"

     This point really made Liu Chang right. Ye Ci and her walked towards the bathroom, and while walking, they asked, "What happened to you today? Then Yi Cang is aimed at me. I haven't blown up my hair yet, why do you first Hit him?"When Liu Chang heard Ye Ci mention Yi Cang, he couldn't help but snorted: "I feel sick even at the glance of him. Hearing his words without rebutting a few words is like losing one's life."

     Ye Ci noticed something was wrong with Liu Chang and couldn't help asking, "What's the matter?"

     Liu Chang sighed long and looked very bored: "I don't even bother to talk about it. I feel that my younger half of my life has become filthy because of the existence of this kind of person."

     "You're just so appetizing, I don't bother to ask you." At this moment, they just entered the bathroom, and the two of them didn't really want to go to the bathroom. They just stood by the mirror and washed their hands, then turned around and went out. .

     "It's not that I don't tell you, but that I don't know where to start. It's really so irritating." Liu Chang's face was angry, and it seemed that this matter was really irritating.


     "Do you know that I *** the old house?""I know, when I was a kid, I went to play with you, it seems that the area was not demolished to build a commercial area? Why did you mention that with no cause, no reason?" Regarding Liu Chang's grandmother, although many years have passed, Ye Ci is still very impressed. This old man is a soft-faced old lady who likes children very much. Even if the children make mistakes, they won’t make up their faces and teach others. They are loved by the children around. It turns out that I often go to her grandma’s house with Liu Chang. Every time she goes, she will take out what she saves. Delicious for two people. It is a pity that such a kind old man could not survive the erosion of the disease. In the end, Liu Chang's family ran out of wealth and did not return the old man's life.

     Every time I think about it, Ye Ci will always have a feeling of impermanence in the world. No matter how beautiful things are in the end, they may not be able to withstand the erosion and erosion of time, and finally disappear in the red dust.

     "It really makes you come up with the idea. To talk about it, it's the demolition of this piece of land." Liu Chang snorted again when he said that, obviously very dissatisfied: "You know, don't you? I know that Yi Cang's grandmother's house also has an old house there."

     "I really don't know this." Ye Ci turned to look at Liu Chang: "What if there is? It seems that there is no necessary connection.""Who said no?" Liu Chang seemed to get more and more angry, a little bit gnashing one's teeth: "There are people in the world who can combine two things that are clearly not related. Tell me about this. Is it capable."

     Ye Ci didn't know what Liu Chang was talking about, but he guessed it more or less that it should have something to do with the demolition and house building of the elderly of the two people's family. However, she really couldn't think of how to get things together for such two families? "I don't understand what else are you talking about?"

     "This demolition and relocation was discussed more than a year ago. Didn't I tell you at that time?".

     "Well, there is such a thing." Ye Ci slapped haha. In fact, Liu Chang said more than a year ago. For Ye Ci, it was a matter of the previous life. Even if she has a good memory, such a thing She might not be able to remember clearly, so she had to play Liu Chang haha perfunctorily.

     "When Fate opened the service, it was just a few days before the developer came to talk about the demolition, saying that my old house could be replaced with a very good location and there was also a commercial house. My family was very happy. ""That's, if I see this, I can be happy enough, the pavement of that place..." Ye Ci smacked his lips. It is the most important development zone in the city. It has moved a lot of people in the past and invested a lot of money. If you can have a shop in that place, you will have no worries about food and clothing for three lifetimes.

     "What kind of surface?" Liu Chang suddenly showed a fiends expression, as if he was about to eat people alive, and suddenly interrupted Ye Ci's words.

     "Didn't you just say that your old house can be replaced with a good location, plus a commercial house?". Ye Ci was yelled baffling by Liu Chang.

     "If this is the case in the end, I won't be angry. You know what happened when we went to get the keys a month ago?"

     "what is the matter?"

     "Our home has no pavement. It has become three sets of commercial houses and two sets are very lopsided."

     "Ah? Why?" Ye Ci also felt baffling, "Isn't that a good idea? Didn't you sign the agreement at that time?"."I signed a temporary agreement. If we didn't sign a formal contract, we would suffer here. Our family absolutely disagrees with such an arrangement. There was a disturbance there. A small employee in the office saw that we were really pitiful, so he quietly Tell us, our shop has always been there, but it was replaced just a few days before we got the house." Liu Chang said that his eyes were spitting fire.

     Ye Ci understands very well. If this happens in her own family, it is estimated that her reaction will be no less than Liu Chang.

     "Then have you thought about how to get it back?"

     "I won't talk about this for now. What I want to say now is, do you know who is changing our shop?"

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, combined with everything mentioned above, he asked in disbelief: "It's not Yi Cang's family? Few words"

     "What does it mean is their house" Liu Chang is really crazy now: "It turned out that when she just started to say that she was going to demolish and make up the house, her mother came to my mother to find out what is the house that our family is changing, my mother. The one who doesn’t have a long head actually told him that he** went around and used the two worst houses in their hands to replace the surface of our house."

     "Damn" Ye Ci couldn't help but feel angry when he heard this, "Is this done by people? Didn't they return our parents as good friends? This kind of thing can also be done.""It's here to make people angry"

     "Your family didn't go to their home?"

     "Why didn't I go there, but they didn't admit it at all, and they said that we didn't talk nonsense without evidence, which destroyed the relationship between the two families, and even moved out when my grandma was hospitalized. They helped to find a good hospital. Hey." Liu Chang blushed, turned around and punched and kicked the wall for a while, as if it were Yi Cang's parents and Yi Cang.

     "Then in the end? I won't just let it go..."

     "Yeah, what else?" Liu Chang punched and kicked for a while, and finally gave up, leaned against the wall and squatted down on the ground: "Our family are all flat-headed people, it's not like they have money in their hands. , And Yi Cang’s grandfather seemed to have been a small official before he retired. Even if he retires now, and there is still remaining power, how can we fight against others. Therefore, today Dong Yin’s father let our family eat, my parents are determined not to If it weren’t for your parents’ coming, I don’t think they would take this trip."

     Ye Ci squinted his eyes, and felt that humanity was as thin as paper.

     "This is a good friend." She snorted coldly, "Not as good as a pig or dog. Yi Cang's mom is a superb, stingy and good at calculating people. I always thought she was just a little slapstick. I calculated, but didn't expect that she would actually do this kind of thing."Liu Chang smiled bitterly and stood up: "You know now, why did I blow up my hair? Why do I get stabbed all over when he opens his mouth? If I see him now, I feel like I have eaten a fly. It’s disgusting. It’s really when we little people who have no power and power are steamed buns, we are bullied without even blinking our eyes."

     Ye Ci suddenly remembered something: "You told me that day, Yi Cang and Dong Yin and their family invested in Steel Blooded Battle Spear?"

     "Yeah, two days before this incident, he only came to my mother to show off. He also advised my mother not to hold the money so tightly and to learn to invest appropriately." Liu Chang is a good person who loses his temper. Just now she had such a temper, and now her anger has gone a lot, so she is still quiet and even-tempered talking to Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci squinted his eyes, smiled on his lips, and patted Liu Chang's hand gently: "Then you won't invest a little in our Upward Ho, but I have made a lot of money until recently. Come out to make a little money, it's hard to think that our Upward Ho is not as good as Steel Blooded Battle Spear.

     "Really, you don't forget to sponsor Guild all the time." Liu Chang rolled his eyes and couldn't help but laughed: "I didn't think about it that way, but now I have less money, I'm afraid to invest in it. If you get anything in return, let's wait and save.Ye Ci did not continue to talk to Liu Chang on this issue, but walked to the front desk with her and nodded to the waiter there: "Can I take a look at the menu of the Huakai Fugui Private Room?"

     The waiter hurriedly handed over the menu with a big smile. Liu Chang leaned aside and asked, "What are you doing? What menu?"

     Ye Ci didn't say anything, but after looking at the private room's menu for a while, he said to the waiter: "I want to add a few more dishes. I wonder if it is okay?"

     I don’t want to add more dishes, so I quickly took out the recipe to Ye Ci. After Ye Ci opened it, I didn’t even look at it. I just ordered a dozen of them according to the most expensive one, then closed it, and then faced it. The waiter said: "Please settle the account first." He took out his bank card and handed it to the waiter.

     "I count one." Liu Chang naturally understood what Ye Ci meant. He took out his bank card and handed it over, but was stopped by Ye Ci. Ye Ci shook his head and said, "Just forget it. Hurry up and save money for investment. Well, I, the money comes quickly, solo Dungeon once, and sell a piece of equipment at random. Today’s meal money will be available, so please be kind to me."

     Liu Chang did not decline either, and nodded: "I'm not being polite to you."

     After checking out, Ye Ci and Liu Chang walked back towards the private room."I really don't want to go in, it's too annoying." Liu Chang was still muttering when he reached the door.

     Ye Ci had to drag her into the house: "Okay, you're all here, you still want to squat in the toilet? Why do you have to be angry with them, people are watching the sky, and sooner or later there will be retribution."

     "I'm afraid that good people won't live long, and the harm will last for thousands of years." Although Liu Chang was unwilling, but there was no way. He only sighed and followed Ye Ci in.

     Entering the room, Dong Yin's father seemed to have finished speaking. No one spoke, and the atmosphere seemed a bit stiff. But when the two entered the room, everyone's eyes immediately fell on the two of them, and Dong Yin's father immediately stood up. Said: "Lao Ye, you see Xiao ci is back. Why don't you ask them for their opinions? Don't you believe in my eyes, don't you still believe in your girl's eyes?"

     This is what Ye Ci baffling said. She looked at her parents in a blink of an eye: "Mom and dad, what is it? What kind of insight?"

     Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan are also embarrassed. They look at me and I look at you. Finally, Ye Nantian said: "Oh, we can't tell you clearly, Bai Mo, you also heard, tell Xiao ci ."

     Bai Mo, who was immersed in eating fans, was suddenly caught off guard and almost never choked. He raised his head and looked at Ye Nantian: "Uncle, you let me say?"Nan Tian and Zuo Xiaolan nodded quickly, and then looked straight at Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci was flustered by them. In fact, it was not just that they looked at Ye Ci. Everyone in this room is now looking at Ye Ci directly. It made her boss uncomfortable, so she cleared her throat, and then she was right. Looking at Bai Mo, he asked kindly: "What are you going to say?"

     Bai Mo sighed before he was ready to speak. At this moment, the door of the private room rang, and many waiters walked in from the outside, and they rushed in to serve a lot of dishes. At this moment, the empty table suddenly became full. Not only that, but the dishes served this time are all good dishes, delicacies of mountains and seas, delicacies of delicacies, just look at the plate and you will know that the price is not cheap.

     Everyone in the room was stunned. Dong Yin was the first to say: "Hey, did you guys go to the wrong room? Our food is ready."

     "No, this is obviously your order for Huakai Fugui private room" a girl with the appearance of a foreman answered Dong Yin smiling wholeheartedly while serving the dishes.

     "No, absolutely nothing. We didn't order these dishes." Looking at the contents of the dishes, Dong Yin's mother's expression began to look bad, she quickly stood up and said to the foreman."Yeah, we didn't order these dishes. Did you make a mistake? Get out quickly. Be careful. I complain to you." Yi Cang's mother glanced at Dong Yin's mother's expression, and quickly stood up and said, she He even picked up a plate of sea cucumbers in front of him and stuffed it into the foreman's arms, not arrogant.

     Ye Ci picked up the chopsticks and put a piece of venison in front of him into the bowl, and then put it directly into his mouth. Yi Cang waited for Ye Ci, unable to restrain one's anger: "Ye Ci, didn't you hear? These dishes are not ours, how did you eat them? Do you know how much these dishes cost?".

     Yi Cang’s voice was loud and fierce. Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan who roared pale, and they repeatedly said to Ye Ci, "Why are you so unruly?" They said to Yi Cang's parents and Dong Yin's parents An apologetic smile: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, we paid for this food..."

     "Can you afford it?". Yi Cang slapped the table: "These dishes are not sea cucumber, abalone, or shark's fin bird's nest. Any one dish is worth your monthly salary. Can you afford it?".These words are already very rude, naked contempt, naked despise, naked disgust. Later, Ye Ci recalled this incident and came to the conclusion that what Yi Cang can say is exactly what Yi Cang’s parents and Dong Yin’s parents want to say. In fact, this is how they have been despising their parents and Liu Chang’s parents. Otherwise, They won't even give up a fart when Yi Cang is angry, letting Yi Cang be so pretense. No matter what idea Dong Yin's parents made for this meal, they all felt that they were superior.

     "Take your bullshit away" Bai Mo also stood up suddenly: "This is all the elders, the elders haven't spoken yet, you are the old man who fart here" Said, Bai Mo also snorted softly. Looking across the faces of a few people, Sketch in Light Shades mocked: "Could it be that your family's rule is that younger generations can do the uncultivated thing like shooting tables and smashing benches, or is this your tutor?"

     "You have the courage to tell me again." Although Yi Cang is still somewhat vulnerable of the consequences for Bai Mo, but with so many people supporting him today, he is not afraid at all and roars at Bai Mo. ."What are you doing? Yi Cang, do you have any elders? Shut up and sit down." Yi Cang's father can't put it down because of Bai Mo. Now if he doesn't come out to teach him, I'm afraid his old face will be lost. Besides, still in front of so many waiters. His face was green and he yelled at Yi Cang.

     Yi Cang was so yelled by his father that he lost his momentum, so he had to stare at Bai Mo severely and sit down with cruel words: "You wait for Bai Mo for me."

     "Don't shut up yet" Yi Cang's father yelled at his son for a few more words, then turned his head and smiled at the foreman who was already there. Except for the dish, return the others..."

     When they were arguing, Ye Ci actually ate the venison in front of him unheard of. To be honest, this venison was done really well, and it was really worth the expensive price. And when Yi Cang's father was making a smile with the foreman, she said in Sketch in light shades: "Let's put down all the dishes, I ordered it.""Ye Ci, you really should eat for nothing, you don’t know how much it costs." Upon hearing this, not only everyone’s parents were stunned, but even Dong Yin, who had been silent, was also angry. She was angry at Ye Ci. Said: "Even if it’s a treat at our house, we have already ordered the dishes. Isn’t so many dishes not enough for you to eat? Even if you don’t eat enough, you won’t say a word, we will naturally order it. You think for oneself and act like this. accordingly "

     Liu Chang, who had been being pulled by Ye Ci, couldn’t help it anymore. She snorted at Dong Yin, “Ye Ci has already paid for this meal. Why can’t you still eat it after paying for it? You ordered it. Don’t take a look at those dishes, do you send beggars?"

     Liu Chang's words immediately stuffed all Dong Yin's anger into her throat. She just stood there, blushing alive, and couldn't say a word. And the waiters who served the dishes also looked at the table subconsciously. Sure enough, the dishes served first were ordinary home-cooked dishes, and the portions were not very large. It can be seen that it can't cost a lot of money, compared with the dishes that are served now. It's really heaven and earth.

     Dong Yin's father's can't save face, he pulled Dong Yin down and sat down, "Girl, is it your turn to speak?". He turned his head and looked at Ye Ci with a smile: "Xiao ci, if you don't like this dish, you can tell your uncle long ago. This meal is for your uncle, so how can you spend money?"Ye Ci squinted his eyes, and replied, "It's all about eating. Whoever eats does not spend money, and who spends money is different? I am a junior, so please treat a meal as honoring your parents. Yes, Uncle Dong doesn't have to be polite."

     In a few words, Dong Yin's father's face became more and more ugly, and at this time, the foreman smiled and nodded at Ye Ci: "Madam, your dishes are finished, what else do you need?"

     Ye Ci raised his eyes and looked at these dishes. It's pretty decent. Although these are nothing compared to the luxury of Ye Ci's own consumption in the previous life, it must be very distressing for the parents. Although she wanted to hit Dong Yin and Yi Cang in the face, she still wanted to show her parents some face. She nodded and ordered two more expensive desserts from not a word or movement: "Wait until the meal is eaten." It's almost done, you are on it." As she said, she took out some money from her bag and gave it to the foreman: "Thanks for your hard work."

     "Okay, ma'am." The foreman quickly took the tip and nodded, grinning from ear to ear, and the person who left the stand backed out.

     Her whole set of movements were completed in one go, without any artificial elements in it, as if she was born to be the same, one's every movement is frequent, so that Bai Mo on one side can't help but look at it and can't guess When did she learn this set.It’s just that they can’t guess that all of this is actually the extravagance of Ye Ci’s last life. In this life, although she is still just an ordinary female student, on this occasion, the kind of yin is in her bones. Elegant demeanor will emerge again.

     "What were you talking to me just now?" Ye Ci turned his face at this time and asked Bai Mo.

     Bai Mo came back to his senses at this time and began to talk about the meaning of Dong Yin's father just now. Both the Dong Yin family and the Yi Cang family invested in Steel Blooded Battle Spear, which is Thousand Sunsets, but now Thousand Sunsets is fighting with Mad Willow you die, I live. The focus of their contention is who can finally get the First five of Ruined Castle.

     The parents of Dong Yin and Yi Cang knew soon after the investment that Ye Ci was actually a child, and they also knew that Upward Ho had taken First Kill. No matter whether it is a person or a businessman, they will not let their money invested in vain. Therefore, they must find a way to get Thousand Sunsets to get the First five. It’s just that they don’t know that Dong Yin Yi Cang and Ye Ci Liu Chang are already dead at this time, so they want to take advantage of this opportunity to invite Ye Ci to dinner, so that Ye Ci’s parents will exert emotional pressure on Ye Ci. Help Thousand Sunsets.Of course, of course, these words are not the original words of Dong Yin's father, nor the original words of Bai Mo. However, after careful understanding from Bai Mo's "between the words and the lines" and Ye Ci, it became such a meaning. She raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at Bai Mo with an inconceivable look. Bai Mo also looked back at Ye Ci with a helpless expressionless face, his expression just confirmed what Ye Ci had in mind.

     Ye Ci even thinks that if there are secret words in real life, she and Bai Mo must have the following dialogue.

     "No, they really say that?"

     "Yes, that's what they said."

     "Why don't you give up?"

     "In this world, only those who starve to death, and shameless people can eat and drink."


     That's right, this is the dialogue.

     After Bai Mo finished narrating the matter, Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan hadn’t spoken yet, Dong Yin’s father immediately asked Ye Ci anxiously: "Xiao ci, do you understand everything? Few words"

     "I understand." Ye Ci cocked her mouth. She is not an idiot, how could she not understand, but it is a pity that this matter has already been decided, where is it to get them to gesticulate while talking."Then what do you mean?" Dong Yin's father looked at Ye Ci with an extremely hopeful look. The enthusiasm of his eyes was like a beggar who hadn't eaten for a long time when he suddenly saw the full table of a man. It is really heart alarmed. The feeling of trembling in fear.

     "I mean……"

     Ye Ci just spoke and didn’t start talking, but he heard Dong Yin’s father laugh again and say, “Oh, I know Xiao ci is a good boy. Look at how many years of friendship we have had, you Yin Yin is such a good friend again, why would my uncle do more than is required to ask you about this, you must be doing everything you can to help, right?" She turned her head and looked at Dong Yin and laughed: "Look, I asked you to find Xiao ci by yourself, Xiao ci is such a talkative child, as long as you speak, you will definitely agree. You still don’t want to, how about it? Once Dad speaks, won’t this be done?"

     The hearty laughter of Dong Yin's father echoed in the room, and Yi Cang's father also laughed, but Ye Nantian and Liu Chang's parents couldn't laugh at all when they sat there, and even the corners of their mouths twitched.Dong Yin and Yi Cang did not speak either, especially Dong Yin looked directly at Ye Ci. The incident just now made her extremely embarrassed, and now her father thinks for oneself and act accordingly that Ye Ci agreed, which made her feel bitter. She looked at Ye Ci's face like a smile yet not a smile, and her heart was up and down, that is, she did not believe that Ye Ci would just agree to this matter, and she was full of hope, as long as her father spoke, Ye Ci said I may agree to it.

     She didn't know which idea was correct, so she had to look at Ye Ci and wanted to get some clues from her face like a smile yet not a smile, but unfortunately, there was nothing. On Ye Ci's face, apart from the plain expression of Furui Buba, there were no other emotions at all, and she could not see anything.

     "Then Xiao ci, since you agreed, go to Steel Blooded Battle Spear to help out today when you play the game. I heard Yinyin and Yi Cang say that you are great at playing games. As long as you help, this First five will definitely be able to Get it right away, what do you think?"

     Ye Ci didn't say a word, just gently turned the glass turntable on the table, turned the shark fin in front of him, put a chopstick into his bowl, and then sighed softly to Liu Chang: "Oh, I shouldn't Ordering this dish, it is now forbidden to eat this thing in the world, I order this dish, it seems that I am going to kill another shark, I am too shameful."Liu Chang rolled his eyes: "You are an afterthought."

     Seeing Ye Ci, Dong Yin’s father didn’t pay attention to him. He only felt that his face was nowhere to be placed. His expression was a little ugly. He raised his eyes and looked at Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan, putting on a fake smile warning: “Old Ye ..."

     Ye Nantian twitched his mouth, ignored him, and began to learn that his daughter started to eat the delicacies on the table. These were all bought by his daughters. Wouldn't it be too wasteful not to eat them. As for Zuo Xiaolan, she turned her head to the side and talked with Liu Chang's mother lowly, as if she hadn't seen Dong Yin's father's expression at all.

     Chapter 5 This meal is not delicious

     Chapter 5 This meal is not delicious