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Chapter Directory 208 Chapter 6 A Few Things
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter Six Several Things

     Chapter Six Several Things

     The atmosphere became more and more deadlocked.

     Seeing his father being left there by Ye Ci, Dong Yin's anger rose up. She has been looking for Ye Ci recently, hoping she can help Thousand Sunsets easily. Even if she doesn’t help Thousand Sunsets, it depends on how many years of love she has helped her. She persuaded her father to take most of the family’s property. Are thrown into the game. Although Mad Willow is really not afraid, she still wants to win First five early, so that her family can make a fortune, and by the way, she can keep her relationship with Thousand Sunsets.

     But I didn’t expect that since the last time I ate, Ye Ci would not reply to all her messages, and would return all the emails she sent. Even if she found Liu Chang and asked her to match up, Liu Chang would shirk in every possible way, as if She's alive and begging them

     Having said that, even if she is really begging them, but she has been begging for so long, they should give some face.Dong Yin's heart is very unhappy. She has been in a privileged family since she was a child. When she was hit by such a blow, she grew up like a princess. Anything that doesn't just need to hook her fingers, she can get what she wants. Only in this matter, Ye Ci made it clear that she would not give any face, which made her feel ashamed and angry, and Thousand Sunsets had already hinted at her in every possible way. If Ye Ci can’t be dealt with, it is estimated that their relationship will also suffer. The impact made her anxious to get angry.

     People, as long as they get angry, they can easily do things that do not fit their own identity and personality, and say things that do not fit their own identity and personality.

     It's like Dong Yin now. She saw Ye Ci ignore her father like this, coupled with the cold reception and rejection of Ye Ci before, the small volcano in her heart immediately erupted, and she raised her eyebrows, although her voice was not loud. , But he sternly said: "Ye Ci, my dad is talking to you, do you have any politeness when your elders talk to you, what are you doing, do you have no tutor at all"When she said this, Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan's expressions changed immediately. Zuo Xiaolan snorted, "Dong Yin, does my Ye Ci have a tutor? It seems that it is not your turn to be a little yellow girl to comment? Shao? You are young, and you don’t have to say something through your brain. Auntie doesn’t care about you, but don’t talk about it when you leave it. Let other outsiders hear you. I don’t know what to say about you, the eldest daughter.">

     Dong Yin is not Yi Cang at all. There is no way to slap the table and smash the bench directly. She was trying to refute, but was pulled by her mother. Her mother stared at her, "Is it your turn to speak? Eat your meal" and said She turned to Zuo Xiaolan and smiled: "Xiaolan, Yinyin is spoiled by me, don't care, she has this character since she was a child." Then, she turned to Ye Ci and laughed: "Xiao ci, you Don't worry about Yinyin, she is just a little bit more delicate, you let her."

     "Let?" Liu Chang's mother snorted, "It seems that your family is the only child of a pearl in the palm in your hand. Ours are all weeds thrown away by the roadside, right?"

     Liu Chang's mother seemed to have torn her face with Dong Yin and Yi Cang's family. Therefore, her speech was not so gentle, and her guns and sticks made people unable to get off the table.Dong Yin's mother was choked in this way, and a distorted expression immediately appeared on her well-maintained face. If it weren't for her husband's face, it might be a tantrum. In the end, Dong Yin’s father came out and said, “What are you women and kids doing, I’m talking to Xiao ci, what are you talking about?” After that, he smiled and said to Ye Ci: “Xiao ci, you See if you can go back today? Since you promised uncle, then it's better to choose a day to hit the sun, so go back today. Don't push Dungeon. The sooner the better."

     Ye Ci raised his head and looked at Dong Yin's father quietly. He probably has become a little blessed because of the growing business in the past few years. His hair is smooth and smooth, and his face is so fat that there are no wrinkles on his face. Ye Ci felt a kind of light called calculation in the eyebrows with a smile at her. She shuddered all of a sudden. It was a terrible thing to have money. I remember that Dong Yin's father was not like this when he was a child. Since when did he change?

     "It's better to hit the sun instead of choosing another day. When did my sister promise you to help some Steel Blooded Battle Spear fight Dungeon?" Tan Polang, who had been immersed in eating, couldn't listen anymore. He raised his head directly at Dong Yin's father and mocked. One sentence.

     As soon as these words were spoken, the already stiff atmosphere suddenly dropped below freezing point, and no one said anything.Dong Yin's father's face was green and he snorted coldly, "Boy Mao, when is it your turn to speak, Xiao ci has clearly agreed."

     "I didn't say anything just now. It was my uncle who talked to himself all the time, but I didn't have time to interrupt." Ye Ci interrupted Dong Yin's father's self-talking directly.

     Dong Yin's father's face was even more ugly. He stared at Ye Ci closely, staring at Ye Ci with that gloomy gaze, like a poisonous snake waiting for an opportunity. But Ye Ci is not afraid at all. She has looked at this threatening look a lot. If she is afraid, if she yields, she will not be Ye Ci.

     Facing Ye Ci's indifferent look back, Dong Yin's father couldn't help but feel a little timid in his heart. Such a look is really not like a 19-year-old child. There is no innocence and childishness, nor innocence and beauty. On the contrary, it is a kind of deep and old that he is uncertain. If he is not convinced that Ye Ci is only 19 years old, he is absolutely certain that there are at least three people with such a pair of eyes. Over ten years old.

     meet face to face on a narrow path. The brave wins, and the two armies fight speed is a crucial asset in war.

     In the eyes of Dong Yin's father and Ye Ci, Dong Yin's father finally lost. This is not to say that Ye Ci is so powerful, nor is it to say that Dong Yin's father is inferior to a yellow-haired girl. The important reason for his defeat was because he had sex.In this transaction, those who have sex will fall short of strength no matter how strong they are, while those who don't have much sex and appeals can often rise to the top. This is probably the so-called "no desire to be strong".

     He lowered his head and took out the checkbook, scribbled a few words on it, put it on the rotating table, and turned directly in front of Ye Ci: "Xiao ci, as long as you are willing to help, you can get it right away. Take this check to the bank for withdrawal."

     "Lao Dong, what are you doing?" Ye Nantian saw the check on the table and pulled his face off: "Our friendship is our friendship, don't mix money in, what do you think we are?"

     "Mom and dad, let's eat." Ye Ci interrupted her father's words directly. She turned to look at Ye Nantian. The composure and calmness on her face made Ye Nantian stunned for a moment. I didn't know when they started. 'S daughter has grown up and can already assume personal responsibility.

     Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan glanced at each other, and finally sighed, not talking.

     Ye Ci quietly looked at the number written on the check, two hundred thousand.It's really not a small figure, at least for the poor people like them, it's really a huge sum of money. Although this amount of money is nothing to Dong Yin's family, in their perception, this amount of money must be enough to shake the cornerstone of a family like themselves.

     Bai Mo, who was sitting next to him, turned his eyes and saw the number on the check. He didn't hold back, and smiled softly. Two hundred thousand, but the basic salary of their Upward Ho management for one month. If they open the Gold Group, they will earn it back in one or two days.

     And Tan Polang sat a little farther, he also stretched his head to look at the amount of money on the check, then lowered his head and laughed: "How much I thought it was, 200,000..."

     These words made Dong Yin's father unable to get off the stage. Everyone froze there waiting for Ye Ci's final speech, but Ye Ci just watched the check quietly and said nothing. Just at this moment, Bai Mo's handheld computer rang a few times, he put down his chopsticks, took out the handheld computer, checked the content of the information, and then handed it to Ye Ci.Ye Ci looked at Bai Mo's smile, and suddenly his mood improved a lot. She felt that Bai Mo must have got some good news for laughing like this. So she took the computer and looked at the message Bai Mo had opened to her. I saw it read: Eastern Continent Ruined Castle Dungeon First five the dust has settled.

     The following is a detailed description of the teams of First five. In addition to First Kill is Upward Ho, there are Wolf Clan, Tang Dynasty, Fate Blade and Steel Blooded Battle Spear. Ye Ci is not interested in the other four teams. What she is interested in is, in this Steel Blooded Battle Spear, who led the team to get the First five?

     Is it Mad Willow or Thousand Sunsets?

     Although her heart is more towards Mad Willow, no one can pack 100% of this kind of things. In case, Mad Willow is not strong, then she really suffers from vomiting blood.

     Fortunately, God is still showing face to Ye Ci. When she clicked on the team of Steel Blooded Battle Spear and saw the two names at the head, her hanging heart suddenly let go. I saw these two names were written impressively: Mad Willow. Zero Arsenic.She closed her PDA, handed it back to Bai Mo, and then forwarded the check in front of him directly to Dong Yin's father, smiling faintly: "Uncle Dong, you also have too little confidence in the team you invested in. Right? Although we Upward Ho took the First Kill, it was a blind cat meeting a dead mouse. After all, our Upward Ho has no foundation. It is not as powerful as a big-name Guild like Steel Blooded Battle Spear. In fact, to be honest, it doesn’t matter. I want to help you, but I have to get the approval of the Guild guild leader. Although I am the deputy guild leader of Upward Ho, I am only the deputy. If I want to help the Steel Blooded Battle Spear get the First Kill, I don’t know if I will receive it in Guild. What kind of treatment? You know, this kind of personnel system in Guild is not something that a small player of mine can resist. It's not that I don't agree to help you. I also have my problems. I was still thinking about it. , If it weren’t for me, I would plead with our guild leader to help Steel Blooded Battle Spear. But..."

     When she said this, the smile on her face increased, and Dong Yin's father asked again and again: "But what?"

     "However, it has been officially reported just now that your Steel Blooded Battle Spear has already got First five. If that's the case, I don't need to take the shot." Ye Ci shrugged: "Uncle Dong has a vision for investment. Invested in Steel Blooded Battle Spear, which is a dark horse of Eastern Continent, and it will definitely make money.""Has Steel Blooded Battle Spear got the First five?" This sentence was not only asked from Dong Yin's father, but from each of the two families. The degree of unity It is as perfect as TV dubbing, without any hesitation, real different mouths, same voice.

     "Of course, I just watched it." Ye Ci said as he stretched out his hand towards Bai Mo and asked Bai Mo to take out his PDA.

     Bai Mo quickly took it out, but before opening it, Yi Cang had already taken out his computer and started to check it out: "No, we can check it ourselves."

     His face is heavy, not only him, but everyone in the two families has a heavy face, so heavy that it seems to be black. Ye Ci thought badly, but there is nothing wrong with being so heavy. At least she was very happy to see it in person.

     The remaining two families, except Ye Ci and Bai Mo, did not know about the battle between Thousand Sunsets and Mad Willow, so they felt very inconceivable for the face changes of Dong Yin and Yi Cang's family. Liu Chang's father whispered to Ye Nantian: "Didn't your girl tell them, did the Steel Blooded Battle Spear get the First five? Why are they still looking like a big enemy?"Ye Nantian also feels baffling, "How do I know, I haven't played games, let alone invested in games. Although our children all play games, the two of us don't even enter a single aperture. of."

     While still whispering here, I only heard Yi Cang’s mother scream: "My God, what did I say at the time"

     Before she could finish her words, Yi Cang's father held her back. She also recovered, biting her lower lip, her face pale and no longer speaking. However, the whole person is like an eggplant that has been beaten by frost, wilting to the extreme.

     Ye Ci looked at the livid faces of several people, and immediately asked with a smile: "Yes, it is indeed Steel Blooded Battle Spear who got First five, right?"

     "Daddy Yin's face is terribly ugly, and there is even a lot of sweat on his forehead. He is somewhat agitated sitting or standing, in fact, not only is he somewhat agitated sitting or standing, but the two families are all agitated sitting or standing.

     Ye Ci didn’t seem to have seen all of this. He asked the waiter in the stands to pour everyone a drink, raised the glass in front of him, and said to Dong Yin’s father: “Then I really want to congratulate Uncle Dong, this time for the Steel Blooded Battle Spear’s investment has been very successful."

     Dong Yin's father was obviously absent-minded, holding the cup in his hand, humming haha, sweating all over his head. "Yes Yes.""Then Uncle Dong, since your Steel Blooded Battle Spear has already got First five, don't you need to ask me to help, right?" Ye Ci blinked, very innocent.

     "No need." Dong Yin's father's face became paler and paler. He raised the cup and poured the wine in the cup into his stomach, as if he was quite old in a moment: "No need."

     "Hurry up and eat the dishes, these dishes will not taste good when they are cold." Ye Ci nodded, and glanced at Dong Yin and Yi Cang in a blink of an eye, and saw Dong Yin sitting dazed on the side, looking like a lost Like a baby of life, Yi Cang's face was pale, and he was no longer the vigorous and young master's aura he had just now, but he was like a down-and-out chicken.

     She smiled slightly, turned her eyes back, and said to her parents and Liu Chang's parents: "Parents, uncles and aunts, eat more, we will order more if we don't have enough food."

     Zuo Xiaolan and Mrs. Liu Chang's parents were all so dizzy. They didn't know when it happened in an instant. However, under such circumstances, they were not easy to ask, so they had to bow their heads and eat vegetables.

     "Lao Ye Lao Liu, when I think of it, I still have something to do, so I'll leave first." Dong Yin's father sighed a long, forced a smile to bid farewell to the two couples who were still confused.

     "Let's go after dinner.""No, no, there's really something else." Dong Yin's father stood up and waved his hand while walking towards the door. Ye Ci found that his footsteps were not so solid, but rather vacillating, as if staggering. If it weren't for Dong Yin's mother to follow and support him, I'm afraid he would fall.

     The Dong Yin family bid farewell, and the Yi Cang family quickly said goodbye.

     Moments later, in the lively house just now, only Liu Chang's family of three and Ye Ci's family of five were left.

     The two couples still felt that Monk Zhang Er was confused: "What's the matter with them?"

     Ye Ci shrugged his shoulders, with an expression of incomprehension: "How would I know."

     Liu Chang was even more exaggerated. He directly confronted the waiter in the stands and asked her to open the windows for ventilation.

     Bai Mo smiled and explained to the two couples that four ounces can move a thousand catties: "They are really busy. Anyway, rich people are very busy. Those of us who have no money usually don't think they are busy. What's the matter."

     "That's right and right." When the two couples thought about it, it really was the truth, so they stopped struggling with this question, and started to be gorgeous oneself about the deliciousness of a table.Ye Nantian and Liu Chang’s parents, they walked closer than Dong Yin Yi Cang’s parents from the beginning, not to mention the divine steed Feihuang gallops of Monkey Face, and two couples who have always been ordinary families are even rarer. Contacting them will prevent others from claiming that they are climbing dragons and attaching phoenixes, but the relationship between the two has always been very good.

     In addition, Yi Cang's family and Liu Chang's festive occasions have been added. The atmosphere has been stiff just now. Now that the two families have left, the two families have relaxed and the atmosphere is very beautiful.

     Ye Ci squinted his eyes and looked at the beautiful atmosphere in front of him and felt very beautiful.

     After dinner, the two families bid farewell. Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan came in a car. They were going to take their three children home. However, Ye Ci and Bai Mo said they were going to the bookstore and left. Of course, Tan Polang has to follow along, but because he was just about to take the exam, he had a lot of homework, and was rejected by the four righteously, so he had to follow Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiao in a desperate manner. Lan took the car home to do his homework.

     Standing on the side of the road, Ye Ci and Bai Mo watched the car leave, looking at Tan Polang who was sitting on the back seat and staring at the two men eagerly. Bai Mo sighed, "Do you think Polang is very good at all? pitiful?""If he fails to take the exam, I can guarantee that he will be even more pitiful this summer." Ye Ci is not relentless. She knows her parents' high-pressure policies very well, and she definitely understands that if Tan Polang's exam results are no longer complete. The one who ranks in the top 20, I'm afraid he will be worse off than dead throughout the summer.

     Bai Mo also understands this. He nodded, and the little pity he had for Tan Polang just disappeared immediately: "Yes, students should focus on their studies."

     Ye Ci squinted and remembered Tan Polang's almost crying tears. This sentence is really beautiful, wow haha.

     "Why do I have to take my handheld computer when I'm out for dinner today? Did you guess that you would talk about these things when you eat with these people?" Bai Mo looked at the garden in the distance and exhaled for a long time. , And then asked.

     "Do you think I am a god?" Ye Ci snorted, "I didn't know that I would eat with these people before entering the private room, let alone talk about these things."

     "Then let me bring a computer?""I went online last night before going to bed. Mad Willow kept me secret, saying that they were going to push the fifth child all night, and would not go offline if he didn't push away. Although I don't know if he will succeed, but when I got up this morning I didn’t find that there was an official report of First five, so I think they have not gone offline. Calling you to bring a computer is just to guard against the unexpected. I like to have everything in my hands, so I hope to be the first to know News. Who knows that it will be hit by mistake." Ye Ci cocked the corner of her mouth, her mood seemed quite good.

     "If they hadn't pushed it at that time, how would you answer Dong Yin's dad?"

     "Of course it was rejection, but I actually never thought about how it would be better to refuse. In the end, it was God who took care of it. I actually received the news at that point." Ye Ci's eyes narrowed. She even has Such a feeling, probably from the moment she was reborn, the entire Fate City God was on her side.

     "It's really good luck."

     Ye Ci didn't care at all about Bai Mo's evaluation, she even laughed haha: "What about the luck of shit? Look at the people in the street, how many people can step on shit?"Ye Ci's summer vacation officially started that night, but before her summer vacation, a few things happened. The first is that the official ** post of placing a bet finally came to a conclusion. The official announced the name of the player who overthrew Witch Doctor Blue without notifying Ye Ci. Although Ye Ci won a lot of money, But it was also miserably molested in the world.

     This is how it happened.

     Ye Ci went online after dinner that day. People were still in Red Lake City and didn’t move. I heard someone in the world shouting: “I found out at coordinates 729:163:454 in Red Lake City. childe'>It's quiet"

     Then Ye Ci didn't realize what was going on, he saw that there was a huge crowd around him, and everyone looked at her eagerly. And she looked at these people eagerly, that was embarrassing and depressed.

     If this isn't the most important thing, the next thing will be even more important.

     When Ye Ci was surrounded by people, taking pictures, and hitting up a conversation, suddenly she saw a bitch in the world sent a message.

     Fleeting Time: Yeah, little childe'>, why don't you call me when you do such a dangerous thing by yourself? Anyway, I can safeguard (sth) for youIt was this news that the whole world was fried, the entire Eastern Continent and the Western Continent were fried, the entire Upward Ho was fried, and the entire Ye Ci was fried to the point that it was impossible to say a word. She was standing on the Red Lake City square, and more people came to watch and strike up a conversation to take pictures, but at this time more people were discussing another matter.

     As two great gods, childe'>you and Fleeting Time, who are hostile to the mainland, if they get married, what will the wedding do?

     Of course, this kind of discussion of Ye Ci doesn't need to watch the world chat, the mainland chat or the map chat at all. Just look at the union chat to know how boring these bitches are. All the members of the Upward Ho union were in full swing as if they had beaten up.

     "Old Mo, you said that if they get married, I will be the best man or the best man." Let Go of Sister was so excited that he almost burst into his nose.

     "Just your height, you are still the best man..." Ideal Height 1.7m immediately complained.

     "You think you can be a bridesmaid, standing by the side of the elf can't even see people." For the dignity of the dwarf, Let Go of Sister immediately rose to retort.

     "Oh, oh, my bridesmaid must be someone else" Fruit Jelly, a bitch twisted, "I just asked Lemon to make me a nice dress. I haven't figured out when to wear it yet. Here is my chance. .""En, I think that for me to be more handsome, I also need someone to give me a new set of armor. After all, I led her into the auditorium." Bai Mo is already indulge in fantasy.

     Not only is it discussing this matter, but even real water without fragrance also came out: "How about it, I will say that there is no ambiguity between me and childe'>, do you believe it?"

     "Yes, looking at it this way, you are indeed wronged."


     Ye Ci couldn’t listen anymore. She yelled on the Guild channel: “Are you all idle and nothing to do? I’ll tell you, starting today, I will draw 10 for all Gold Groups within two months. Commission"

     "Oh, oh, the bride is going to save her dowry for herself, so let's smoke it." Cold Little Hands strongly agreed as a past person: "It's okay, you have a little more dowry so that your in-laws will not be bullied."

     "That's right, you can smoke it." The little hand is cold and immediately pushes his wife'>.

     "Don't worry, when you marry, Guild will definitely give you a large sum of money to do your dowry." Timely Rain, who is in charge of finances, also spoke.


     Ye Ci looked at the people in Guild with black lines, feeling that he was really speechless. She touched her nose, and finally decided that she still wouldn't join them.As for the frequency of the world, she just replied silently.

     childe'>Secluded: Fleeting Time, you bitch, I want to kill you to level zero.

     And Fleeting Time replied immediately.

     Fleeting Time: childe'> the lesson is. To be able to die under your hand to level zero, I am willing to do so.

     The world is more violent, almost all gossip women are screaming.

     Ye Ci suddenly discovered that it is definitely not the same stage as Fleeting Time. For people like her, it is better to hide silently.

     Absalom looked at Fleeting Time sitting on the ground with a black line, slapped the land and laughed wildly. He twitched the corners of his mouth: "Hey, are you enough? Right now we are still pushing Dungeon."

     "Hmm." Fleeting Time nodded, but didn't mean to get up at all, still laughing wildly.

     It made a black line full of Guild's onlookers, quietly watching the misbehavior of Fleeting Time.

     "I said, is it so funny? People call you a slut." Absalom couldn't understand why people like Fleeting Time would be so indulgent to that childe'>you, she could scold or beat him Well, I was never angry, but smiled up and down at the childe'>you's angry reaction."Hey, you don't understand. She can make that person curse. She must have a wonderful expression now." Fleeting Time squinted her eyes and imagined Ye Ci now. The more she thought about it, the more funny she was, and the more she burst into laughter.

     And everyone onlookers now has only two thoughts in their hearts.

     First, Fleeting Time and childe'>you really have an unspeakable ambiguity.

     Second, the evil taste of the great god is really beyond ordinary people such as Er to understand.

     Well, as we mentioned earlier, this is the first thing.

     And the second thing is that Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan finally decided to enter the game even more. Speaking of this, it was the excitement of Dong Yin's parents and Yi Cang's parents that made them finally put this matter on the agenda.

     As usual, they cooked the iced mung bean soup and greeted every child to eat on the balcony. While eating mung bean soup, Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian finally brought up the matter, but they were still a little bit embarrassed.

     "Xiao ci ah? Mom and Dad are playing games now, isn't it a bit too much?" Zuo Xiaolan is a little worried, after all, she is almost fifty years old, and now she plays games with children... when she was young I haven't played it.

     "Aunt, uncle, you think too much, many people in the game are older than you, and they still play games." Bai Mo sipped the mung bean soup.Tan Polang also said: "Yes, the principal of our school, his father, is almost 80, and he still plays games every day. People don't think so. What are you afraid of?"

     Ye Ci saw that they could hardly figure it out, and smiled and enlightened them: "It's okay, you think too much. If you don't like leveling and upgrading, just be a Life Player. You are not absolutely a tailor or a chef. Coming?"

     "We haven't reached a unity, so in the end we decided that I will be a tailor and your father will be a cook." Zuo Xiaolan smiled embarrassedly. "I heard from Yi Cang and Dong Yin's father that they can make money by playing games, and we want to give it a try."

     "As long as you are happy." Ye Ci nodded, and then discussed with Bai Mo, tomorrow to choose the game warehouse for his parents, of course, this has led to Tan Polang's sad past. As a student who has not yet taken the exam, he still cannot go. game.

     Ye Ci found the deeds of the two shops that had been vacant for a long time, and prepared to give them to their parents after they went online, so that they could find some fun in the game. Whether you can make money or not is actually not important to Ye Ci. The important thing is that parents can be happy and they can know what she is doing. This is the best.After rebirth, she didn't want to exclude her parents from her own life and life anymore. She was like an ordinary daughter, hoping that she would always be in love with her, and now this opportunity is really good.

     In addition to these two things, there is another thing.

     This incident has nothing to do with Ye Ci, but when she heard the news, she was still somewhat a little surprised.

     Moon Green Hill sat on the chair, carefully cutting the roasted ostrich meat, savoring it carefully, and his face was full of satisfaction. He took a sip of the wine at hand, and sighed, "Oh, your treatment in Red Lake City is really high. Whenever I can get your treatment in my city, I will die."

     Ye Ci cocked his mouth, and began to slowly eat the food in front of him: "No cause, no reason to find me can't be asking me to invite you to dinner, your Moon Green Hill time does not seem to be wasted like this. "

     "Hey, don't say that, childe'>, who and whom are we two? My time is really wasted for others, and it is worth it for you." Moon Green Hill's eyes twinkled Bright light.

     Ye Ci snorted, "That's because you look at me with a look of gold coins. Of course you won't find it wasteful.""Oh, don't you speak so bluntly, I would be embarrassed." Moon Green Hill didn't look embarrassed even though he said that.

     "Let's talk about it, what's the matter."

     "I have always done things where there's a start, there's a finish, so if you let me do things, I will tell you what will happen in the end." Moon Green Hill said so, but his face was plain white It says, "I am gossip" in big characters.

     Ye Ci squinted his eyes, "Then what do you want to report?"

     "Of course it's Mad Willow." Moon Green Hill laughed hehe: "You don't want to know what happened to Mad Willow and Thousand Sunsets in the end?"

     "In the end? Either you die or I live, nothing more than that. Since Mad Willow got the last First five, Thousand Sunsets must be the one that lost." Ye Ci smiled, she guessed this kind of thing.

     "If it's that simple, do you think I will tell you?".

     "Oh?" Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment. Is there any other turning point for things?

     "Although Thousand Sunsets is not highly regarded by the old man, he has been trained for so many years. He has deep roots. It is impossible to move to him with such a small matter. The old man decided to divide Steel Blooded Battle Spear one divides into two sides. , Give it to Mad Willow and Thousand Sunsets at the same time to see who can become a big winner."Ye Ci cocked his mouth mockingly: "So Thousand Sunsets is not profit from a disaster?"

     "How is it possible that this time the First five decided the direction of a large sum of money, and the entire group has bet this matter. He lost a lot this time, but lost a lot, I am afraid that it will hurt his vitality. , Mad Willow’s foundation is not stable, even if he won this time, he made a lot of money, but compared to Thousand Sunsets, they are still undecided."

     Chapter Six Several Things

     Chapter Six Several Things