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Chapter Directory 209 Dilemma, Absolutely Cheating
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 7 Dilemma, absolutely cheating

     Chapter 7 Dilemma, absolutely cheating

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment. It seems that she was thinking too simple, thinking that the last thing was able to draw a salary from the bottom, completely bringing Thousand Sunsets down, but she didn't expect that her Dao practice is still shallow compared to those old men, and she couldn't help but smile She is too naive.

     She looked up at Thousand Sunsets, sighed and wanted to say something, but in the end she shook her head and decided not to say it.

     "I know what you are going to say." Moon Green Hill is a private investigator. One thing that looks at people's psychology is so familiar to him. He saw Ye Ci's expression and knew that she still had something to ask, but in the end I don't know why I gave up.

     "What am I going to say?" Ye Ci smiled. She looked at Moon Green Hill, but it was funny. This person is smart and smart, but I don't know if he guessed right.

     "You want to ask, the sunny day and the things on the left." Moon Green Hill has always been very accurate.

     Ye Ci frowned. Although she thought Moon Green Hill was smart, she would be very uncomfortable if her thoughts were accurately guessed.Seeing Ye Ci frowning, Moon Green Hill quickly said: "Don't be angry, I haven't mentioned this to anyone. You should trust my professional ethics, not to mention that I am a conscientious person. Your childe'>you have the kindness of recognizing sb's worth and employing him to me, I will not do anything unfavorable to you."

     Ye Ci's frowning brows gradually loosened, but her face didn't look good. She still looked at Moon Green Hill lightly without speaking.

     Moon Green Hill cocked his mouth and said to himself: "They don’t have the luck of Thousand Sunsets. They basically lost all the money they invested. Recently, even one person hasn’t been online. I guess they’re at home. It’s a mess. If I’m not wrong, the company in Sunny Weizhao’s family will soon declare bankruptcy, and I’m afraid the family will be insolvent. Don’t worry, they are just the sketch attached to our transaction. In light shades, it’s not the main content. I don’t know what they are doing."

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment. She knew that the two families had invested a lot of money in it, but she didn't expect that they would have invested so much money in it. It stands to reason that Dong Yin and Yi Cang’s fathers are both extremely safe people. They should not have invested such a large sum of money so rashly. What is the reason for them to add all their belongings in such a reckless manner? Thousand Sunsets?Although Ye Ci is puzzled by this matter, she doesn't care much about it now.

     Still that sentence, she didn't intend to hurt them, but they made a choice, and they had to pay for their choice.

     "Will they still have the opportunity to return to office after living as a hermit on Mount Dongshan?". After being silent for a while, Ye Ci raised his eyes and looked at Moon Green Hill.

     Moon Green Hill smiled faintly. Under the sun, his smile was really beautiful: "Well, who knows, no one can tell what's going on in the future."

     Ye Ci also felt: "Yes, things are impermanent, who knows what will happen tomorrow."

     Moon Green Hill had almost eaten, stood up, stretched, "I'll tell you another news for free."


     "Thousand Sunsets is about to sell part of his shares in Steel Blooded Battle Spear. If you have money, you might as well give it a try." Yue Qingqiu laughed happily: "To be honest, I also bought a little, Quandang A pleasure." He turned and walked out: "If you don't want him to make money, tell me earlier, I don't want to lose money."

     Ye Ci looked at the back of Moon Green Hill, did not speak, but quickly turned his gaze to the outside of the window.

     If she wants to, does the whole thing end here?All the big and small things in the world are like episodes in life. They looked so tragic at the time, but afterwards, they were nothing more than that.

     Sure enough, it didn't take long for Steel-Blooded Battle-Spear to announce that it was divided into two Guilds. One is iron and blood, and the other is fighting. The blood was handed over to Thousand Sunsets, and Zhan Ge was handed over to Mad Willow. Since then, a tall tree attracts the wind’s Steel Blooded Battle Spear has become an ephemeral and no longer exists.

     Thousand Sunsets are still Thousand Sunsets. As for Dong Yin or Dong Yin, Yi Cang is still not Yi Cang, but Ye Ci has no interest at all. She never mentioned these two people from Liu Chang's mouth again, as if they had disappeared as the Steel Blooded Battle Spear disappeared.

     Ye Ci is still doing his own epic Quest besides Dungeon, life is plain and fulfilling. Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan also entered the game. Ye Ci gave them one room and one room. In the crowded Honghu City, they started their own Fate.

     The so-called epic Quest, sometimes it is inevitable to run errands, just like Ye Ci is doing these steps now, they are endless running errands, either for a while to help this NPC deliver letters, or for a while to help that NPC buy things, anyway. What is particularly difficult, but the errands of this Epic Level Quest are also very cumbersome compared to the errands of other Quests, and the distance is very long.It's like the quest for running errands that Ye Ci received now. He actually went to the northwest outside of Red Lake City to make friendship with the bandit leader there. This Quest is really good, terribly good

     Ye Ci pulled out the branch line Quest that I didn’t know how many years had been broken from the Quest panel. It said that she was asked to go to the northwest outside of Red Lake City to find out what the origin of the bandit was. The Quest was delayed, and now it happens that the two Quests can be merged together.

     So, Ye Ci directly rubbed back to the city stone and returned to Red Lake City from Hei Ni City. After recruiting Ol’ Four, I went all the way to the northwest of the city network.

     To the northwest of Red Lake City is a place called a tin-silver vein, which is actually a very peculiar place. From level 1 mobs to level 100 elite monsters are distributed, and herbs and minerals are also very rich. If there weren't a band of bandits here, there would be more players here.

     The bandit here is really a mainland snobbery.In Fate, in addition to the prestige of various continents, the prestige of the main city, and the prestige of the race, there is also a prestige called snobbery. The so-called snobbery prestige refers to the prestige of various snobberies distributed on Fate's continent. If the prestige of the player and a certain snobbery is very good, reaching the level of respect or above, you can still get unexpected benefits. In Fate, these forces have many prestige, such as various bandits, various dark snobberies, and even various monster races. Only you can't think of it. There is absolutely nothing you can't find in Fate.

     The bandit here in the tin-silver vein is one of several continental snobs-the Dolan Rogue Club.

     Of course, the Dolan Rogue Club bandits entrenched here are not the main force of the Dolan Rogue Club. They are actually just a small branch of the Dolan Rogue Club. The mountains are king here, and they often make up a group, forming a troupe. Appearing and robbing players and NPCs can be regarded as evil.

     Although Red Lake City is overcrowded in the city, there are not many people outside the city, and many of them have something to do with this bandit. And the players who can level up in the tin-silver veins are mostly a small team or a small team. If there are few people or singles, it is easy to attract bandits.It is for this reason that when Ye Ci rushed into the tin-silver vein area by himself, the single spear and horse immediately attracted the attention of the players here, and they all whispered to Ye Ci. Ye Ci was actually robbed by these bandits in her previous life, and her level was not low at that time, but she always came and going alone, when a bunch of bandits suddenly appeared, she beat her a no time to deal with it. Let them snatch some good equipment.

     Therefore, Ye Ci has been very shady here since then, even if Red Lake City has arranged such a branch line Quest, she has been reluctant to come.

     Outside of the tin and silver veins, there are more players, so the bandits are not so rampant. After all, as soon as they appear, they will be collectively culled by the players. Over time, these bandits also learn to be smart, and they specialize in turning around in small and remote places. , One vote is one vote.

     Ye Ci doesn't walk along the main road of tin-silver veins, but specifically finds relatively secluded mountain roads, so that it is easier to attract the attention of bandits. Sure enough, she didn't have much time to walk in the secluded wilderness before she was stopped by a small group of bandits.

     The leader was an ugly-looking squad leader. He looked at Ye Ci with his hands on his hips and laughed: "Well, brothers, I said there will be stupid birds who don’t know death will break into our encirclement. , Isn't this coming?"."Big brother, but, she doesn't seem to be annoying." Followed by one of the leaders of this team, Xian Xian こ け 椋 楦呋樂橐橐 Huai Ka that the thumb cricket hole pong hole bite the donglumuxian.

     The team leader has also discovered Ol’ Four. Unlike the players, as monsters, they can easily know the basic data of Ol’ Four, which was also a monster. Therefore, he also knows that Ol' Four is a very difficult guy to provoke, so he directly looked up at Ye Ci and said fiercely, "Hey, are you cooperating with a little bit to put down valuable things, or you have to suffer a little bit." ?"

     Ye Ci smiled lightly: "I actually came to find someone."

     "Looking for someone?" The team leader was taken aback for a moment, then laughed, and all the bandits behind him also laughed: "She said to find someone. We are a bandit's den here. Who are you looking for? "

     Ye Ci knew that there was no reason to tell these bandits. She took out a shiny medal from the package and said, "I'm looking for your head."

     "Wow, that thing well worth a look" small myself cutting Nao ⒁ ordered α⒖ paralysis shortage knock heap twin playing θ Lynn Portuguese guanidine video game collapse apology bream "Ying の squatting × playing Pan minute fly sewing spring skeletal Australian honor steep Correctional Correctional First Instance Long!

     Xiaoyi Qianhuang barking, panning, swaying, wandering, imaginary, diligently tailoring, and the meal, torn, tearing, vinegar, hole, feces, "ying, greed, and greed, arrogant, arrogant, and arrogant".The team leader sternly said: "Where did your thing come from?"

     Although this squad leader is ugly, he still looks a little majestic when he is straight. Ye Ci smiled slightly: "I'm from Hei Ni City."

     "Black Mud City?" The team leader squinted his eyes, he looked up and down Ye Ci, and then sneered: "Why do I smell a big scent of Red Lake City in you?"

     "Then what's wrong? I live in Honghu City, can't it?". Ye Ci smiled.

     "Then you are our enemy." The squad leader immediately waved, and a group of small people sighed the cave decorated with Я Shuo 鏊 together.

     Among the various forces, there are actually hostile forces. Just like Dolan Rogue will have small teams stationed around the big cities, so there will be a festival with the big cities. They are often hunted and slaughtered by NPCs in the city. NPCs in the city are often robbed and killed by them, so they are hostile.

     For this reason, these bandits are also hostile to Ye Ci, who is a resident of Red Lake City. It’s no wonder that Ye Ci was immediately surrounded by groups as soon as she revealed her identity. For these bandits, she was the fat sheep who was sent to the door. If you don’t eat and burn the corpse, it’s not worth it. Own identity.But Ye Ci was not in a hurry. She just smiled and said to the team leader: "I am from Red Lake City. It's not fake. It's not fake that you have enemies with Red Lake City, but we have to be a man and do things. Isn’t it clear one by one? I’m doing things for Moore, the lord of Heimu City, not Red Lake City, but you are preventing me from entering because of my identity. Why is this? I have finished the affairs of Black Mud City, and then how about we calculate the account of Red Lake City?"

     She didn't speak quickly, but she heard a group of small talkers screaming and apologizing "Ying Ping Jihuang Huang Zhai Wenshu V Emperor Invasion, and then dodging annoyed junkie, robbing Qian Mi for a 貵藕锖康乃Dan Meng, Ao 闼 stall, coal, Meng Chu Can, look at it Lazy tossing at the bottom of the light round and brilliant!

     Ye Ci squinted her eyes. Since she received this errand Quest, she has suspected that Hei Nicheng was in collusion with this band of bandits, and now it seems to be more accurate. It’s just that she still doesn’t know whether Moore is in collusion with these bandits or the mayor is in collusion with these bandits. After all, she still hasn’t even seen Moore before, so she can’t make it. Accurate judgment.

     In this way, Ye Ci was surrounded by this large group of bandits into the bandit's den in the depths of the tin-silver vein.In fact, it is a bit of an exaggeration to say that this is a den of bandits. Here, it is like a small village with in picturesque disorder distributed by various merchants. Men, women and children, but Ye Ci sees their names in red, and they think Ye Ci's names are also red. If it weren't for the crowds of so many people around them, they might have to come around.

     Why is she now a purely attractive machine for aggro?

     Soon Ye Ci was taken to a relatively gorgeous room. There was an NPC called Mirada in the room. Judging from his dress and demeanor, this person should be the leader of this small band of bandits. It is also the person I am looking for.

     "Boss, boss, I caught a man from Red Lake City."

     "Then you don't just take it to death, what do you get to do with me? You are getting less and less able to do things." Mirada looked at Ye Ci, frowned in disgust, and could see that they But to the people of Red Lake City, the pain is extreme.

     "I used to think so too, but, but..." The team leader was a little embarrassed. He looked at Ye Ci and then at Mirada. He felt like a mouse entering a bellows now, and he felt angry at both ends."But what?" Mirada was a little impatient. He got up from his seat, put down the book he was reading, and stared at the team leader with a pair of fierce eyes, seemingly very An angry look.

     "But, she said she was here to do something for Moore."

     "Moore?" Mirada was taken aback for a moment, and for a while he hadn't figured out which mole this mole was: "What mole?"

     "It's Moore, the lord of the Black Mud City. She still has Moore's Medal." The squad leader said while pulling Ye Ci and asked her to hand over the Mole's Medal given to her by the mayor of the Black Mud City to prove that what she said There is nothing wrong, there is no lie at all.

     Ye Ci respectfully took the medal out of the package and handed it to the team leader, as he wished. After receiving the medal, the team leader rushed to Mirada and asked him for credit: "Boss, you see, it is indeed the medal of the Lord Moore in the Black Mud City? Although I have only seen it once, I miss me. I remember correctly, where in this world is there anything more beautiful than the Medal of Lord Moore?"Mirada gave the team leader a blank look, did not speak, just turned the medal to look at it, and it took a while to confirm its authenticity. At this time, he raised his head and looked at Ye Ci, and urged Zheng Mengqiao to sue the other lads in a lawsuit against the chloroform ァ D cut. Shallow Invasion Yin Min Mo Jun

     "No." Ye Ci didn't intend to lie to this Mirada, so he told the truth.

     "What did you lie to me just now?" The team leader immediately jumped up, and after pulling out the knife, he was about to start working on Ye Ci.

     "Go down, I'm here to ask, when is it your turn to be troublesome here?" Mirada quickly sent the team leader, and then looked at Ye Ci carefully: "It wasn't for you, the lord Moore, that was... …"

     "It was given to me by the mayor of Hei Ni. He said that the city lord gave it to me. Let me give you this letter." She said that she took the letter out of her arms.

     Mirada raised her eyebrows, took the letter, read it again, her expression was uncertain, Ye Ci actually wanted to know the content of the letter, and she also tried to open the letter to take a peek, but was caught The system told me that this was not a letter to her, and she could not peek at it casually.But now that Ye Ci sees Mirada's face, he can't guess what is written in this letter. However, she still watched Mirada not a word or movement, waiting for him to give orders. In fact, at this time Ye Ci had already prepared for the worst. If the bandit leader wanted to get rid of her, she wouldn't mind. Open Kill Discipline in this place.

     However, in fact, Mirada did not make Ye Ci react the worst. He just raised his eyebrows and said, "I have received the letter, but I am not at ease with you. Although you are highly regarded by Moore, it does not mean that I can trust you. You have to know that you are actually Red. People from Lake City, and although there is no aggro between us and Red Lake City, it is incompatible with fire and water. Therefore, I cannot entrust you with the following things in accordance with Moore’s requirements."

     Ye Ci frowned in surprise at these words, no? Could it be that the Epic Level Quest was completely cut off when it arrived at this place? That would be too cheating. But looking at Mirada's appearance, it seemed that there was still something to say, so she didn't interrupt, and continued to wait for him to continue quietly.

     "However, I can't refute Moore's face, so if you can meet my conditions, I will hand over the next Quest to you."Sure enough, NPCs are all like this, which is to use huge benefits to introduce players step by step into the abyss that can't be climbed out. Ye Ci smiled teasingly, and said to Mirada: "You first tell me about your conditions."

     "If you can be respected in the Dolan Rogue, I will hand over the following Quest to you." This is Mirada's words, and Ye Ci will say anything to him next time. In one sentence, if you haven't met the requirements to answer, Ye Ci knows that Mirada's Quest cannot be changed.

     What she has to do now is to respect the prestige of Dolan Rogue to be able to do the following Quest.

     And how to improve your reputation in Dolan Rogue? Ye Ci didn’t spend too much time thinking about it, because apart from Mirada’s house, she discovered that although the names of her and these bandits were still red when they saw each other, the other party would not actively attack her. The name of an NPC named John at the door has turned yellow. Through dialogue with him, Ye Ci clearly understood the way that medicine can enhance the reputation of Dolan Rogue.

     That is to take the bandits to rob players and rob the residents of Red Lake City. If the NPCs of Red Lake City can be killed, the reputation of Dolan Rogue will increase faster.Ye Ci looked at this explanation and felt it was really cheating. If she takes bandits to rob the player, she will definitely be besieged by the player, and if she robs the residents of Red Lake City, or kills the NPC of Red Lake City, then she can hardly achieve the prestige in Red Lake City. Will fall down. In this way, if she wants to preserve the reputation of Red Lake City, she must give up doing this epic Quest. Ye Ci is not reconciled. If she does not give up on this Epic Level Quest, then her reputation in Red Lake City will definitely be affected. , So Ye Ci is even more unwilling.

     Dilemma, absolutely cheating.

     Ye Ci couldn't think of a good way for a while, so he could only go down the mountain in an anguish. Back to Red Lake City and handed over the branch Quest, the follow-up Quest received made Ye Ci feel that all the unfortunate things in the world must have all been brought together.

     Because the next step of the branch Quest is to fight against the arrogance of Dolan Rogue a hundred times. And how can we combat the arrogance of Dolan Rogue? There are also the following ways.

     Kill the bandits, catch the bandits, and abuse the bandits.

     Ye Ci is standing outside the city hall, really wanting to scold his mother. Why is this Quest so contradictory?In fact, this is not to blame for the planning of Quest. After all, no one can think that the player who can receive the branch Quest and this Epic Level Quest is the same person? At the same time, no one would have thought that Ye Ci would choose Red Lake City instead of picking it, right?

     Just when Ye Ci was very troubled about how to solve this kind of cheating, she actually received a secret word.

     "Childe'>You have told Black Night White Day about me and Lu Xiaomu Xiangwan? The publisher of the secret is Wandering Cloud. Although it is not voiced, Ye Ci can also imagine it from the text. How angry is Wandering Cloud?

     Ye Ci squinted his eyes and wondered, is Black Night White Day ruining his old bottom? No, he is a Guild leader of Guild anyhow, he can't do such a thing. So, she opened her friend panel and found that Black Night White Day's profile picture was lit, so she directly sent a text message over: "Yu Wandering Cloud is asking me for trouble."

     The news of Black Night White Day was immediately fed back: "He is making trouble for you? Why?"

     "What do you think?"

     Black Night White Day immediately understood what Ye Ci was talking about. He shook his head again and again: "I haven't disclosed anything. I didn't say anything after eating such a big mute. I won't be so dumb."Ye Ci thinks so too. If Black Night White Day didn't even think about it, how could it be possible to sit where it is today. After thinking about it, I can only think that Yu Wandering Cloud guessed it, not sure. What's more, according to the meaning in his words, it is not certain, so he did not continue to say more. Just nodded: "Well, I'm sorry to disturb you."

     After speaking, she just wanted to hang up the message with Black Night White Day, and saw the message from Black Night White Day come in again: "By the way, Ruined Castle's fifth child, is it jumping or running."

     Although the First five of Ruined Castle has been produced, there are still many big Guilds who have not penetrated this Dungeon and continue to struggle. For example, Tang Dynasty is one. The current Black Night White Day is bringing Dungeon, and it is now stuck in the second and third stages of the fifth. It happened that Ye Ci asked him to talk, so he immediately asked Ye Ci.

     "Two hundred thousand game coins." Ye Ci was also unambiguous, and directly asked for a price.

     "Let me go, can you be a little bit darker, you will sell me 200,000 yuan in one word, and you think my money is falling from the sky." Black Night White Day was very crazy about this snobbish woman.

     "Then you can ask someone else." Ye Ci didn't bother to talk nonsense with him, because Yu Wandering Cloud's reminders kept flashing again, making it very upset. She and Yu Wandering Cloud are not friends, so Wandering Cloud can only send messages."Wait, wait." Seeing that Ye Ci had to hang up and be careful, Black Night White Day quickly blocked it, joking. At this time, let her run away, and it might be impossible to ask. "Just tell me it will be done."

     "I said, so many people have been beaten, you just ask, there will always be lax mouths, you must ask me what you ask?" This is where Ye Ci can't figure it out. There are at least 500 people who beat me. After passing this Dungeon, isn't one of these 500 people lax? She wouldn't believe it.

     "Yes, but I have bought several answers and they are all wrong. I am afraid of this information now, so I might as well ask you directly.

     "Two hundred thousand." Ye Ci continued without changing his face: "Don't forget, the last time you besieged our Guild, but I made Guild drop a lot of things. The price is not high for you.""Okay, it's 200,000, do you want to jump or run?" Black Night White Day really has no way to deal with Ye Ci. Recently, he also figured it out. Some things are better not to talk about emotions, if they are true Speaking of feelings and doing everything better, then Wandering Cloud will not happen. Having figured this out, he doesn't have so much grudge against this snobbish childe'>you. Instead, he feels that it is easy to deal with people like her. As long as the money and goods are in place, there will be no mistakes. "I'll give it to you when I get out of Dungeon, you can tell me quickly, please."

     "Get down." Ye Ci was talking to Black Night White Day here, and there was news coming in from Wandering Cloud over there, making Ye Ci very upset. "You won't let Yu Wandering Cloud participate in the tweet, right? Few words"

     "I asked him to take three groups and four groups." Black Night White Day got the answer he wanted, and he didn't seem to be so nervous anymore. The calm and composed person chatting with Ye Ci could not tell at all that he was pushing. Dungeon. In fact, Ye Ci thinks that his mentality is the best, as long as everyone can push it together, it doesn't matter whether it is First Kill or First five, this is the real enjoyment of the game, not the enjoyment of the game.

     "Just tell you to make him so leisurely, and I should take care of you for another 200,000 gold." Ye Ci gnashing one's teeth: "Can you manage your own Guild affairs and don't provoke me?"Black Night White Day naturally knows why Ye Ci said that. He thought for a while before he said solemnly: "You can find a way to send him, I have my own plans for him, I'm sorry."

     Facing such a big green turtle like Black Night White Day, what else could Ye Ci say, she could only close the line angrily, click on all the messages posted by Wandering Cloud, and read them one by one.

     "Childe'>you, you speak to me"

     "Childe'>you how could you tell Black Night White Day this kind of thing, did I provoke you in any way? Why did you deal with me like this"

     "Speaking, do you think you pretend to be dumb, I will let you go?".

     "I warn you, if you don't speak, I will find you directly. If you make me feel bad for a while, I will make you feel bad for the rest of your life."


     Because Wandering Cloud is not a friend of Ye Ci, all the information he sends is anonymous. If it weren't for Ye Ci, he would know who it was as soon as he saw the names involved. Otherwise, he might have scolded Ye Ci for a long time without knowing which green onion the other party was.

     She was watching over here, and Wandering Cloud's information over there was still being sent in. Ye Ci thought for a while, and felt that he shouldn't wander in this muddy water, so it's best to just play stupid. So she returned a message slowly: "Excuse me, who are you?"I have to say that the lethality of this information is huge. Not only was it huge, but it was also terrifying. After this message was sent, it was as if a bucket of ice water suddenly fell from Yu Wandering Cloud's head, making it impossible for him to say anything.

     You Wandering Cloud’s conversation with Ye Ci has never been successfully sent. He also knows that he is not her friend, so the information sent to her is anonymous. However, he thought that at least the other party should know what else he said after reading so much information, but he didn't expect to get such a message.

     This really makes Yu Wandering Cloud so angry.

     Not only is angry, but it can be said that he feels that his brain is going to explode. He couldn't figure out whether the woman really didn't know who she was, or pretended she didn't know who she was. At this time, he just thought he needed to make it clear.

     So, he suppressed his anger, and sent another message: "childe'>you, I am Yu Wandering Cloud."

     "Oh, it's you. Why are you sending so many messages?" Ye Ci looked at the messages sent back by Wandering Cloud, thinking that this man would not be so easy to send.

     "That... you told Black Night White Day?"

     "What's the matter?" Ye Ci squinted and continued to play stupid."Yes, that's..." You Wandering Cloud hesitated for a long time before saying implicitly: "The garden community..."

     "I don't know what you are talking about, what is the garden community?" Ye Ci pretended to be unclear about anything. If Yu Wandering Cloud is smart enough and a little bit brainy, she thinks he will never ask any more.

     Sure enough, Yu Wandering Cloud has not lost his mind to the point of lowering IQ. He heard Ye Ci's words and was silent for a while before confirming again: "You don't know?"

     "What do you want me to know?" Ye Ci cocked the corner of his mouth.

     When it comes to the matter, whether you Wandering Cloud believes it or not, he knows that he can no longer ask. Because if you continue to ask, it would be equivalent to directly confessing to Ye Ci about himself and Xiaomu Xiangwan. Although he had already said it all, but now, it seems that Ye Ci will not say it. Under such circumstances, he can only seem to believe everything the woman said.

     "No, nothing." Yu Wandering Cloud paused, and didn't want to continue on this topic. From now on, his current situation can only be investigated from Black Night White Day. perhaps is what did that guy find himself, or is it..."Add a friend, childe'>you, I can still cooperate if I have a chance in the future." Although my heart is full of doubts, Wandering Cloud still does not forget to build a relationship with Ye Ci at this time. After all, you can If this woman has a relationship, many things are easy to handle. As far as he knows, this woman has connections with many big Guild leaders. If you can grasp her line, even if you get stuck with Black Night White Day in the future, you can find another way out.

     Ye Ci raised his brow.

     This is really familiar. It seems that this man said the same thing in his previous life. And how did he answer at the time?

     Chapter 7 Dilemma, absolutely cheating

     Chapter 7 Dilemma, absolutely cheating