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Chapter Directory 210 Chapter 8 Happiness Is Like A Flower
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 8 Happiness is like a flower

     Chapter 8 Happiness is like a flower

     After thinking about it for a while, Ye Ci realized that she had forgotten how she answered when Wandering Cloud made the same request in her previous life. She couldn't help being a little funny. It seemed that the relationship that she thought was the most important was the most dispensable joke after letting go, even to the point that she would forget it when she turned her head.

     Since I can't remember how to answer Wandering Cloud back then, Ye Ci will not spend extra time doing this kind of meaningless things. Anyway, in this life after being reborn, she will never give Yu Wandering Cloud such an opportunity again. So she faintly rejected him: "If you have any needs, you can secret me, and you don't need to add friends."

     Yu Wandering Cloud did not expect Ye Ci to reject himself so directly. After all, this kind of thing is very common in the game, and most people will not refuse it when encountering such a thing. So, when he heard Ye Ci's answer at first, Wandering Cloud was stunned for several seconds, and then he tugged at the corner of his mouth, pretending not to care too much: "Okay, I will keep you secret if something happens."After speaking, he hung up the news. After all, he just touched such a big nail in front of her, which made him feel so sorry for both his face and the inside. At this time, if he continues to talk about this and that, it will be reversed. It will have a certain impact on future contact, so it's better to just get out of the way.

     Yu Wandering Cloud ended the conversation so happily that Ye Ci was slightly surprised. According to what she knew about Yu Wandering Cloud in the previous life, this person is a stalker, and the best pronoun who will never give up unless the goal is reached Today, it is really rare to give up on chatting with oneself because of one of his soft nails.

     However, since he was too lazy to have any connection with Wandering Cloud, Ye Ci didn't struggle too much with this issue, so he just left the matter behind. After all, for her now, the most important thing for her is to think of a way to increase the reputation of the Dolan Rogue Club and make her epic Quest successfully complete without reducing the reputation of Red Lake City. The branch line Quest can continue, this is the most challenging thing.Sitting on the edge of the lake in Red Lake City, Ye Ci was fishing while thinking about this quietly, but he couldn't think of it after scratching his head. In the end, I can only give up this tangled problem and concentrate on practicing fishing and cooking. The fishery products in Red Lake City are very rich, but if you use ordinary fishing rods, it would be a waste of time. So Ye Ci turned the fraud brooch and took out the purple fishing rod he found and started fishing.

     When she just did this, she was amazed. Why didn't she think of this problem just now? She had always used fraud brooches to disguise players, but how did she forget one thing? A fraud brooch can not only disguise players, but also NPCs.

     If you use it, won't you just solve your most troublesome problem right now?

     Now that I have thought of a way, I must try to know if it is feasible or not, and Ye Ci is impatient now and wants to try it.

     She first went to the city hall and found the NPC who posted the Quest and stated that she was willing to be responsible for the security of Red Lake City. Then the Quest administrator gave Ye Ci a choice, which was to strangle the bandits, capture bandits alive, and abuse bandits.

     The prestige brought by these three Quests is the same, but, as the effect of the current experimental brooch, she still chose the most direct way to kill the bandits.To strangle the bandits, you need to kill a hundred of Dolan Rogue's little guys within three hours. Sang Yao finds a hole to try to smash the tomb. It’s a squad of 10 people. Strangulation is even simpler.

     In this way, Ye Ci led ten fifty-level NPC soldiers out of the city, pulsed all the way towards the tin and silver mines in the northwest of Red Lake City. Her actions along the way immediately aroused the curiosity of many ordinary players. They sent secret words to Ye Ci or directly asked questions, but because Ye Ci’s stranger secret words were closed, and the running speed was fast, these players did not get it. The answer they want.

     After Ye Ci entered the tin-silver vein, he immediately opened the fraud brooch, disguised himself as the guard squad captain of Red Lake City, and rushed towards the bandit spawning area around the forty level with these NPCs. This is the refresh point that Ye Ci has been listening to early on, that is, there will not be too many bandits, and most of them appear as stragglers. The most important thing is that it is far from the bandit’s den, and there are very few patrols coming. And because it is too remote, there are few players, it is really a good place to use Quest.Entering this basin-shaped refresh area, Ye Ci immediately rushed towards the NPC around the leader and rushed towards all the wandering bandits. These bandits are around level 40. They are all based on Physical Attack and have no special skills. Ye Ci has so many level 50 Red Lake City guards. It is very easy to deal with them. And Ye Ci only needs to pay attention to kill the bandits who ran to report the letter. This is equivalent to putting these bandits in an absolutely sealed space and solving them directly, without fears of trouble in the rear.

     The refresh here is really fast. In a short while, Ye Ci will have already strangling 100 bandits Quest Completed. After completing the Quest, she was unwilling to stay longer, and directly led the NPC towards Red Lake City. In order to avoid attracting the player's attention along the way, after Ye Ci ran into a hidden position, he directly removed his camouflage, disbanded the guards, and rushed all the way towards Red Lake City.

     When I arrived at the city hall, I handed in Quest. After listening to the city officials say some nonsense, he didn't find anything wrong. Only then did Ye Ci withdraw from the city hall after receiving his reward. Then, she pulsed towards the tin-silver mine again, and with a little uneasy heart, she walked into the bandit's den.However, although the bandits were still hostile to her, they did not attack her because of the epic Quest, and outside of Mirada’s house, John’s name was still yellow, and it seemed that it was not because of Ye Ci’s massacre. Many bandits have changed. And Ye Ci is still tremble with fear. She clicked on John’s attribute panel on cautious and solemn, and found out the part of his friendliness to herself. It was still the same as the last time she saw it, and there was no change. The hanging heart is now half let down.

     Why did you just put it down halfway? That's because she only proved that pretending to be an NPC to strangle the bandits will not make the bandits have any reputational influence on her. However, regarding the other half, that she is about to pretend to be a bandit to attack Red Lake City, will it affect her reputation in Red Lake City? This is not known.

     "It's nice to see you back, my friend, how is it? Have you thought about how to help us?" John saw Ye Ci approaching and greeted her very politely and familiarly. And he also provided Ye Ci with three ways to increase his reputation in Dolan Rogue.

     One, rob twenty players. Second, rob ten residents of Red Lake City. Third, kill the designated Red Lake City NPC.Ye Ci opened three Quest paths one by one. The first is to rob the players in the tin and silver veins. Just kill them and you will get a Quest Item automatically gifted by the system. Collect 20 of them and you can hand in the Quest. The second is to rob the residents of Red Lake City. There are no restrictions on the place. As long as the residents are within the area of Red Lake City, it is enough. However, there is no need to kill the residents, because as long as these NPCs are robbed, Quest Item can be obtained. . The third Quest is relatively difficult. It is to kill the warden of Red Lake City.

     You know that the warden's level is 70, even Ye Ci can't kill him now. What's more, there are countless small soldier NPCs around the warden who patrol anytime and anywhere. It is difficult to get to the sky if you want to come to the warden without injury.

     Therefore, the third Quest was basically eliminated by Ye Ci, and only the players and the residents of Red Lake City were robbed.

     Ye Ci thought for a while, but decided to choose the first one to try. After all, the risk of robbing NPCs is too high, and, according to the current reputation in the Dolan Rogue, they are absolutely impossible to be as generous as Red Lake City and directly send a dozen thugs to her for free. The only thing that can be done now is to kill the player.Although the tin-silver vein is only a vein on the map, it covers a large area. Although the players distributed here are not as dense as other maps due to objective reasons, it can be regarded as as many as the hair. of the ox. However, most of them appear in a team situation, and it is quite difficult to find a single player.

     Ye Ci pretends to be a bandit captain. According to her observation, this type of captain is generally a legal system attack. There are several skills that are used to deal with players below her level. It is really enough and to spare. After being disguised, Ye Ci came out of the bandit's den, walking in the tin and silver veins while observing what kind of player is best to start.

     In view of the fact that the bandit team leader is generally a monster above level 50, and is also a monster of the sub-elite, the spoils carried on his body are more than ordinary small ones. Hip to Jie Ye Nao⒁狻Ye Ci also knows this feature, so she doesn't walk in areas where players are concentrated, but chooses to walk in relatively secluded places. There are two purposes for this. First, the players are relatively sparse, so that she will not attract too many players to be besieged. After all, as a childe'>you, with the current average player level, it is not a problem for her to challenge 20 alone, but if she is replaced by a bandit captain, even if her level is as high as 50, she is not sure whether she can fight it. Siege of more than five players.

     And second, because the relatively secluded place is where the player team will not form too many people, the players here are basically for collecting medicinal materials or mining, so this kind of semi-life player, under normal circumstances, the operation is Not too sharp. Although Ye Ci is not afraid to meet a master, but just doing Quest, why make it so difficult for yourself.

     When Ye Ci walked into a very secluded and abandoned mine pit, players soon cried out.

     "Wow, the single captain"

     "Hurry up and grab the blame"

     "Fifty level, can we people handle it?"

     Although everyone discusses spiritedly, however, their faster actions have already demonstrated their purpose. Magic, holy light, arrows, and Warrior's charge were all thrown towards Ye Ci.Ye Ci raised his head and counted slightly. There are about thirty players here. If all of them are killed, it will be just enough for her to complete the Quest. Therefore, she directly locked the Warrior closest to her, raised her hand and threw a skill.

     The effect really surprised Ye Ci. This seemed to be just an ordinary single skill, and it could directly kill the thirty-three-pole Warrior. It seems that this NPC can't be underestimated. After experimenting with the power, Ye Ci is no longer polite, using several skills in his skill column against the player one by one. After a while, the players who rushed up first all fell down. The players who followed saw that the captain was so powerful, and they started to run away. If Ye Ci hadn't stood at the intersection, they would have run almost the same now.

     After finally solving these scattered players, Ye Ci immediately started picking up Quest Item in order to prevent them from resurrecting and counterattack. She didn't pick up the dropped equipment. After all, everyone was Eastern Continent players, and Ye Ci didn't look down on the equipment of these players.Therefore, after Ye Ci quickly picked up the Quest Item, he rushed towards the bandit's den. During this period, many players who ran corpses had already ran back. However, due to the reason Ye Ci was still hovering nearby, they did not immediately resurrect. They just quietly observed the single captain and made some comments by the way.

     "Let me take it. This team leader is too fierce. I thought that the few of us were enough to overthrow him. I didn't expect to be killed directly.

     "In fact, we didn't organize the offensive well. If everyone didn't think about robbing the blame just now, just drag him directly to Kiting. It would be relatively easy to solve him."

     "You are so simple. We are not the only team here. If you say you don't grab it, you won't grab it. Everyone is not a fool."


     "Hey, look, this squad leader will also search for corpses, isn't it, monsters will also pick up loot."

     "Yeah, yeah, I have never discovered that monsters will pick up loot. It's too rare."

     "I said you don't want to be so rarely seen, very strange, I'm worried about whether he picked up our equipment or not."

     "Look at the resurrection?""Look at Mao, now there is only half of the blood in the resurrection, he is so strong, a skill can kill the full health Warrior in seconds, you go up to send experience plus equipment?


     As Ye Ci, who is now an ordinary NPC, naturally she picked up the Quest Item without knowing that it caused so many players to discuss. She thinks about only one right now. Go back to the bandit’s den and hand in Quest and pull it down. Will be killed by the recruited player force, it is not worthwhile to vent it. At that time, it is estimated that the secret of her epic Quest cannot be kept, and the secret of her fraud brooch in her hand will soon be revealed. In that case, Thousand Sunsets is afraid that he might have stolen his warehouse. Even if he has lost power now, but, even a scrawny camel is bigger than a horse, who knows if he will be disadvantageous to himself in reality.

     Ten thousand steps back, even if he doesn’t know how to do anything, but those things in Steel Blooded Battle Spear belong to the mysterious old man. If the dead old man knows that he stole the warehouse, I’m afraid he will do everything. They will all be exposed. At that time, Zero Arsenic, Mad Willow, Thousand Sunsets and even Dong Yin Yi Cang will all be held accountable. That kind of situation is definitely not something Ye Ci can handle now.

     Ye Ci guessed right.Although most of the players who were solved by Ye Ci have given up the idea of continuing to chase the team leader to death, there are still a few unwilling to play, and released the news to his friends or relatives. Soon, the news that there was a bandit squad leader alone in the tin-silver vein spread among the players in the tin-silver vein. Although everyone still has lingering fears about the strength of the team leader, because of the courage of many people, soon they still have the treasure drool (over) carried by the team leader. The power of greed overwhelmed the fear, and they began to start from all directions. The tail chases and intercepts Ye Ci disguised as the team leader.

     This is the situation that Ye Ci is most reluctant to see. Under such circumstances, she absolutely cannot remove her disguise, but if she does not remove the disguise, it means that she can only run with her two legs. According to the movement speed of the squad leader, it is really difficult to get rid of these players. In addition, they have been throwing skills at Ye Ci. Although these skills are not harmful to Ye Ci, they are always surrounded by a group of flies, which is personally annoying.Ye Ci ran toward the bandit's den while taking a deep breath, calming down his impetuosity, and then began to think of ways to solve the problem that was unfavorable to him. Now she can’t summon the little girl, the wild, the magpie, the magpie, and the fading, the condemnation, the song, the page, the training, Song Xuanmei, the robbing, the training, the crisp, the benzene, the postal account, the eight, the appointment, the painting, the ape, and the shadowing,

     Now that he has chosen the way to escape, Ye Ci will not flee in a straight line in a panic. Instead, he hides east of Tibet in a very strange route in the tin and silver veins, and occasionally throws at the players who are chasing too close behind him. A group of skills, let them be honest and stay away from themselves.

     Such a strategy quickly stunned the players and aroused the anger of the players. They even vowed not to kill the team leader.

     Listening to their shouts, Ye Ci couldn't help but cocked his mouth. In fact, playing games is the same as anything. If you are controlled by anger, it is easy for you to forget the most important part of the whole thing, so , No matter what the circumstances, everyone still has to remain calm, so as to make the most accurate judgment.Ye Ci has been around the bandit’s den in the tin-silver vein for a full twenty minutes, and her blood has already lost half. At this time, Ye Ci will no longer continue to play the cat and mouse game, she will directly All the people were led into the encirclement circle, and he had to get out of it quickly.

     Therefore, when she found the path closest to the bandit's den, she stopped running around in a roundabout way, and rushed towards the bandit's den in a straight line. The players who had been stunned in the back did not know what they were doing, just so dizzy and rushed into the bandit's den with Ye Ci.

     Because Ye Ci pretends to be the bandit squad leader, such NPCs are not uncommon in bandit dens, so as soon as they run into bandit dens, the players who follow immediately lose their target. Of course, this is not the most serious thing. The most serious thing is that as soon as the NPC in the bandit den saw so many players rushing in, it immediately summoned friends, summoned countless bandits, and rushed up these a steady flow. All of the players were strangled in the bandit den.This tragic incident was later posted on the news of the forum. Of course, no players suspected that this was a murder caused by a player, but more talk about the high IQ of these humanoid NPCs, and this incident ended up becoming A common event in the game where an NPC counterattacks the player. Of course, of course, these are all things that will happen in the future, not the focus of our current story.

     What we continue to need to tell in our current story is Ye Ci.

     After leading the player into the bandit’s den, she circled the bandit’s den for a few times and completely buried herself among the dense NPCs. After no player could find her existence, she ran all the way. Arrived in Midala's house.

     Obviously, Midala’s news is much more informed than the players’ news. When Ye Ci just entered his room, he got up from his seat and smiled appreciatively at Ye Ci: "I didn’t expect You can be so exciting and have brought so many hateful Gentiles here, so that we can open the Kill Discipline happily.""This is my sincerity." Although Midala has a lot of nonsense, but obviously this time is not nonsense, Ye Ci directly chose to skip the dialogue, and then offered his own concluding remarks. Obviously, her fraudulent attributes did not allow Midala to find out what was wrong. Instead, Jean directly gave Ye Ci a large prestige package. The prestige in it directly allowed Ye Ci to be in Dolan Rogue. The prestige of the meeting has reached aloofness from aggro.

     Although the bandit's name is still red, but after reaching apathy, at least they will not take the initiative to attack Ye Ci. This is already the biggest gain today.

     There was a sound of fighting in the village of the bandit’s den. It sounded very tragic. As the first person to bury funerary dolls, Ye Ci did not have a good mood to watch the excitement or share a piece of the pie. The only thing she thinks about now is to go back to Red Lake City as soon as possible.When entering Midala's house for the first time, Ye Ci had already discovered that there was a small inner room in his room. Although he didn't know what was placed, it was very hidden there, so she asked Midala. Let him use it. Of course, Midala was worried, but didn't want to offend Ye Ci, and finally had to send a bandit captain to follow Ye Ci into the room. In fact, there is nothing unusual in the inner room, but there is a locked box. Although Ye Ci really wants to know what is in these boxes, it is not the right time now, so as soon as I walked into the inner room She removed her disguise, rubbed the stone back to the city and disappeared in this uneven place.

     After returning to Red Lake City, Ye Ci rushed to the city hall non-stop. After a round of trials and inspections, her heart was finally relieved. Because what she did just now did not have any impact on her reputation in Red Lake City. So, on the whole, this plan is very successful, as long as she continues to do so in the future, by the way, she can improve the method to achieve cross the sea by a trick on both sides.

     Some people will work hard to achieve a goal when they have a goal, and Ye Ci is precisely this kind of person. When she discovered that she could gain reputation on both sides, doing Quest on both sides became what she had to do every day. There is not much time, and the goal is almost reached.During this period of time, Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan formally entered the game. After the first ten levels of torture, they can be regarded as having an initial understanding of the entire game. However, because both of them want to be Life Player, after reaching level ten, they went to the life skill learner to learn their skills. Ye Ci gave two people the start-up capital of 20,000 gold coins each, and gave them two shops that had been prepared a long time ago.

     Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan, who have been baptized by the game for a while, naturally know that the prices in this game are not cheap, and they have always been simple by nature, so they are really uneasy about the arrangement of Ye Ci.

     "Xiao ci, the rent for this shop should be very expensive, I think it seems to be the best location in Red Lake City, you should take it out to collect the rent." Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian stood in their shop and watched Looking around with joy with the brand-new decoration, but in my heart, I still feel that it is a pity to use it for myself.

     "I have a lot of shops, you don't have to worry about my income." Ye Ci smiled and comforted his parents: "My current income is much higher than you think, so please don't be polite to me. These two shops are specialized For you.""Xiao ci, you should keep it for yourself. Save more money, and you will have confidence when you get married." Parents always think far away for their children: "Moreover, a professional player, I think You won’t be able to do it for a lifetime, so you’d better save a little more money to get better in the future, so we don’t need this shop.

     Ye Ci can certainly understand the minds of her parents, she just comforts her parents, hoping that they can accept the shop. But Ye Ci is worthy of being the daughter of Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan. Their stubborn temper is exactly the same. Compared to Ye Ci, which must be given, parents will not accept it.

     In the end, Ye Ci had no choice but to come up with a way to deal with Not a Vegetarian: "Well, since you are so polite to me, then we will do things in a strictly businesslike manner." She took two. When I went to the city hall, I gave two people a contract, and I became the majority shareholder of the two shops by way of occupancy. The money and shops given to them became her investment, and the parents would make money with her in the future. Six cents.

     Although this arrangement still made parents feel too wasteful, they couldn't stand Ye Ci's insistence, and finally reluctantly agreed. Seeing the two parents happily putting away the electronic contract, and then happily looking at his shop, Ye Ci, who was sitting on the street outside the shop, felt very sad.The family has not been considered wealthy since childhood, but parents always try their best to satisfy their own requirements. When they can finally repay them, they still think about themselves. Thinking about it this way, I am not really a filial daughter, I just hope that they can find their own fun in the game in the future, and find the center of life for their middle and old age.

     Fate’s upcoming expansion is "New Continent", and the next expansion is "Another World". In that expansion, Wang Jiangnan, as the main planner, will highlight his ambitions. That expansion has more than tripled the number of Fate online, bringing the current one billion to a full 4.7 billion, which has truly become another world in which modern people live. In that expansion, in addition to the addition of new races and occupations, the importance of Life Player has also been greatly improved. Not only that, Wang Jiangnan also officially introduced the commercial and political system in real life into the game. This has led to more large consortia, large enterprises, and even national troops all entering the game, making this game truly an era for the whole people.And all this, no one can know now. Probably, even Wang Jiangnan doesn't know it himself. But as Ye Ci who has been reborn, of course he doesn't know it. Although from the day of rebirth, she has made up her mind to start anew and make up for all her past mistakes, but this does not mean that she does not desire to stand at the top again.

     Ye Ci narrowed her eyes and looked at the blue sky. To be honest, she was a little looking forward to the arrival of the information. In fact, to be honest, she strongly invited her parents to enter the game at this time, which is actually related to the expansion.

     In the previous life, Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan knew that they could not hold their daughter in reality, so after the "Another World" expansion was opened, they didn't have any experience in the game, they entered the game hastily and invested a lot of money. However, Ye Ci at the time only felt that it was annoying for someone to stare at herself in the game. In addition, she was pursuing the so-called "first person" fame at that time, and she did not carefully guide her parents to play games and let them eat in the game. A lot of suffering. And the little possessions they invested in, in the upsurge of speculation by upper-level players, they quickly lost everything one invested, and finally they fell out of the game.

     When they were at their worst, they seemed to have sold their houses, and when they were sick, they didn't even dare to go to the hospital.In this way, Ye Ci didn't know about it until the end of his life, but all the minds that Ye Ci had been deceived at that time had long forgotten what human nature is.

     The past is really far away.

     Ye Ci blinked, and the sun of Red Lake City shone on her body warmly, as if it had dispelled all the past chill from her body. She tilted her head and looked at the impermanent changes of the clouds in the sky, and even began to doubt that those things in the previous life were really a dream.

     "Xiao ci, Xiao ci, come and help mom to see, how about this dress hanging here?" While Ye Ci was still looking at the clouds in the sky, Zuo Xiaolan stood in the shop facing Ye Ci excitedly Beckoning, Ye Ci recovered and looked in the direction of her mother. Then she smiled and got up and walked towards her mother.

     As he walked, he complained in a low voice: "Mom, don't call me Xiao ci, call me childe'>you, this is a game, you call my real name will let you down."

     "Oh, I know I know, I've been calling this for almost 20 years, don't you have to give me time to correct?" Zuo Xiaolan nodded repeatedly, but now she was more concerned about how to hang up this fine cloth robe in her hands.Although this dress is just a muslin robe, it is the highest quality dress made by Zuo Xiaolan after becoming a tailor. It has reached the rare blue quality, so she is very proud and must hang it in an eye-catching place. .

     "I'll hang it for you." Ye Ci watched her mother stand on a chair against a wall and hurriedly walked over to pick it up. The attribute points of the game are allocated according to the player's own quality at the time. As a middle-aged person, he suffers from agility more than young people. Therefore, Ye Ci is always afraid of his mother falling off the chair.

     "is it here?". Ye Ci asked, raising the clothes in his hands.

     "A little bit over there."

     "Which way?"

     "It's over there, hey, yes, it's over there." Zuo Xiaolan gesticulate while talking.

     "Mom, please tell me left and right. Don't tell me the other side. I don't know how to tell." Ye Ci has a slight smile on his face. Although he is complaining, his heart seems to be blooming. The flower, that kind of flower is called happiness.

     "I won't say, won't you listen? I raised you for nothing, right, it's over there."

     "Is this all right?"

     "Higher, higher"

     "The hang is so high, how can you take it down if you sell it? You still can't hire a small worker.""Oh, okay, then hang a little lower and ask where I can take it."


     Even Ye Ci doesn’t know how long it has been since such a relaxed and homely conversation happened between himself and Zuo Xiaolan. Everything in the past is like a long and dull nightmare, but now, Ye All Ci has to do is wake up, wake up quickly.

     Because, for her, the most important thing is now, every day, every minute, every second.

     "Lao Ye, take a look, how are my clothes hanging?" Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian who finally arranged the shop were standing outside the shop, grinning from ear to ear looking inside the shop.

     "Look, how are my dishes? Is it better than yours"

     "It's normal, how can it be mine"

     "It's still mine"


     Ye Ci stood far away, watching her parents talk back like children, she suddenly felt so happy. She is the happiest thing in the world to be their daughter.

     "Xiao ci, I've pushed this book" Bai Mo told her.

     Ye Ci took a deep breath, then glanced at his parents in the sunset, showing a bright smile, turned and galloped away, she said, "Okay, I'm here."

     Chapter 8 Happiness is like a flower

     Chapter 8 Happiness is like a flower