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Chapter Directory 211 Chapter 9 The Asian Mist
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 9 The Mist of Asia

     Chapter 9 The Mist of Asia

     Western continent.

     Genesis Guild.

     "Very good this time, everyone played well, especially in the Asian Mist. The timing of interruption and backstab was very good." Genesis Guild is now busy pushing Dungeon to gather equipment for everyone. After another Dungeon Clearance, Absalom As usual, commented on Dungeon's performance this time. Then he went to touch the equipment. This time, he was lucky. There was a purple Rogue dagger inside. After looking at everyone’s equipment, Absalom said, “Now the equipment of our team in the Riasian Fog is relatively poor. The dagger..."

     Before Absalom's words were finished, the Asian Mist refused: "guild leader, no, I don't need equipment, can you give me gold coins?".

     The evasive equipment like twice then three times of the Asian Mist has appeared many times. Absalom has never asked, but this time, he frowned slightly: "Mist, you have to know that giving you equipment is not for your own equipment. , But for the combat effectiveness of the entire Guild team. Since you are a member of Guild, you should have a sense of teamwork, right?"

     "Guild leader, I know, but I still ask for gold coins and equipment, so I don't need it." Asia Misty nodded, but he insisted.Absalom didn’t say anything, he just gave this piece of equipment to another Rogue, and he took one hundred thousand gold coins from that Rogue and traded it to the Mist of Asia. During the transaction, Absalom looked at his somewhat childish face. , Said seriously: "Mist, I want to know the reason, do you have something at home..."

     "No, guild leader, don't guess. I will naturally give you the answer when the time comes." The Asian Mist quickly accepted the gold coin, but interrupted Absalom's guess.

     Now that the Mist of Asia had said so, Absalom was naturally hard to say anything, so he nodded and announced the disbandment of the team. Then he looked at the back of the mist of Asia and thought for a while, he walked to Fleeting Time, which was peeling indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty, bent down and said, "I said, why can't you be generous? When you see an animal carcass, peel it off. Are you so lacking in meat?".

     Fleeting Time gave him a white look: "People who don't keep foodies are not qualified to discuss this issue with me."

     Absalom just smiled. He feels that being a hunter is actually quite hard. Almost every hunter looks like this. When he sees the carcass of an animal, he pounces on the skin and meat, so that his pet can eat better, even Fleeting Time, a great god. It is also inevitable."Well, can I trouble you something." Absalom felt that he couldn't discuss this issue with Fleeting Time. After all, he didn't seem to have a firm stand on this issue, so he just put his own The problem is thrown out directly.

     Fleeting Time didn't look up, still peeling and peeling it was happy and excited, but said indifferently: "If you are looking for the fog to talk about this kind of thing, you won't find me."

     "Hey hey hey..." Seeing Fleeting Time, he came up with the idea at once and was rejected. Of course, Absalom had to declare his position immediately: "Fleeting Time, be kinder."

     "I'm very kind, I'm not kind, I've always been a thick Real Taoist." Fleeting Time said something that people didn't believe it at all without raising his eyes.

     "If you are a thick Real Taoist, you won't refuse me."Fleeting Time didn't say a word, and Absalom began to use his chattering Tang Seng spirit and began to mentally destroy him. Sometimes, Fleeting Time actually admires Absalom. At least when this person wants to persuade or teach someone, his nonsense can come out in piles of nonsense. This is not a big deal, and it makes Fleeting most What Time admires is that this person can say these nonsense without repeating a word, completely fainting you. Just like Absalom now, he started to talk about how Jehovah created the world in the Bible, and then talked all the way about how annihilating humanity and sinful if he didn't help.

     As a result, Fleeting Time began to reflect, is it really that hateful?

     If you chatter like this for more than twenty minutes, Fleeting Time can't help it anymore. He feels that if his ears continue to be damaged by Absalom, he can go directly to the nursing home to survive this life. As for those who get married and have children. The important process of women can jump over immediately, so you don't need to care at all.

     So, for the sake of his own life, although Fleeting Time didn't want to pay attention to this man, he still decided to save himself.

     "It's alright, you don't want to talk so much nonsense to me, what do you want to do?"Absalom looked at the impatient face of Fleeting Time and showed a triumphant smile. His smile seemed to be a naked announcement. Look at you, the second person. You know why it was at the beginning? And this kind of smile really annoyed Fleeting Time. He really wanted to pull this person into his blacklist. It would be best if he didn't talk for a lifetime.

     "Actually, my purpose is very simple. I just want you to have a heart-to-heart talk with Misty..."

     "Find out why he didn't equip him so many times, and then come back to gossip to tell you, right?" Fleeting Time interrupted Absalom's words directly, and then finished it for him.

     "Why do you guys say that? I'm just worried about him. What do you mean by coming back to gossip? Am I such a gossip person?" Absalom immediately shook his head and disagreed with the claim of Fleeting Time. .

     Fleeting Time snorted and looked extremely disdainful: "Does this make any difference?".

     "Okay, okay, hurry up, I'll wait for you in the Guild meeting room." Absalom saw that Fleeting Time had begun to pack his package, and he urged him with a smile on his face to hurry up and do his own life."I said, can you do it yourself? I've never been the kind of guy who likes to talk to people. Isn't it a bit difficult for you to let me do this?" Fleeting Time looked at Absalom's stubborn face. Suddenly I felt that I could still fight for myself.

     "Well, this month I will pay you a red envelope, a red envelope with a monthly salary, okay? Few words"

     Fleeting Time disdain: "My recent interest is not making money."

     "Then what are your interests lately?" When Absalom heard what Fleeting Time said, he hurriedly moved forward. Although he has a strong relationship with Fleeting Time, Fleeting Time has never liked to worry about things in Guild, so Once Absalom wants Fleeting Time to run errands for Guild, he must have the corresponding chips, otherwise, Fleeting Time will not let him go.

     "Pick up a girl." Fleeting Time squinted at Absalom, his eyes flashing a playful light.

     "Ahhhhh..." Absalom was suddenly excited. You know, he has known Fleeting Time for more than twelve years. This man seems to have never been interested in the opposite sex, and his private life is clean, even he thinks he is actually interested in the same sex, but now this kind of words are coming out of his mouth, it really makes Absalom seem to see the red rain Surprise. "Are you serious? Are you serious? How come I feel so untrue"Fleeting Time looked at Absalom's wicked expression, and suddenly felt very happy. He admits that he is not a good-hearted person, and likes seeing other people's madness.

     "God, my goodness, what day is it? How come I suddenly learned such horrible news, how can it make me good?" Absalom grabbed his hair, and didn't even notice the corners of Fleeting Time's lips. With a faintly mischievous expression, he just kept immersing himself in his excitement. He walked around in front of Fleeting Time, like an ant on a hot pot. Suddenly he stopped, grabbed the arms of Fleeting Time, and began to ask carefully: "Brother, you tell me, you How did you get it?"

     Fleeting Time raised his eyebrows.

     Absalom immediately shook his head again, denying the question: "No, no, this is not important, why did you get acquainted with this is not important, what is important is what type of woman do you like? The one with big breasts? The coquettish one. Kind? Or the kind of youthful and cute? Or the kind of amorous feelings? Or the kind of girl next door? Which one do you want? As long as you can tell, I will find this kind of woman for you immediately, we Guild has so many beauties. I believe that as long as you say that you want a girlfriend, they will never refuse. Tell me, what type do you want?"Fleeting Time endured a strong smile and looked at Absalom solemnly. He always felt that Absalom was really an outstanding representative of a cock man, but it was a pity that he was born in the wrong time and gender, otherwise he would go to the street office and be a close sister.'>Should Is his best destination. Seeing how Absalom looks like this now, Fleeting Time feels that it is enough. Although he is still reluctant to help Absalom run errands for this kind of chores, he just moved for the sake of his such an interesting performance.

     "Are you sure you want to know?" Fleeting Time raised his eyebrows again and sighed, rarely showing a trace of hesitation.

     "Of course." Absalom's head was pounded like garlic.

     Fleeting Time squinted at Absalom, not knowing why, a name overflowed from the corner of his lips: "I want childe'>you."

     "Huh?" Absalom was dumbfounded, staring at Fleeting Time blankly.

     In fact, not only Absalom, but also Fleeting Time himself was slightly taken aback. He never thought he would say the name. In fact, he was joking with Absalom from beginning to end, but, I don't know why, when Absalom asked him, her name appeared in his mouth.Looking at the dumb Absalom, Fleeting Time suddenly had no interest in bullying Absalom anymore. He didn't know why there was a ripple in his heart. A question kept circling in his mind, and he couldn't find the answer.

     Why do you call her? Why do you call her?

     However, when he thought of childe'>you's sharp and ambitious face, he suddenly smiled, especially when he thought of such a face being forced to curse by himself, he became more happy. He suddenly felt that there was no reason.

     childe'>you, it really is very good.

     Fleeting Time has never been a person who needs to get to the bottom of a question. As long as he can find an answer that makes him convincing and happy, he will not worry about other things, and thinks that this is his only answer, as for other things. No idea will appear anymore.

     Absalom looked at Fleeting Time with a calm face and couldn't believe the answer he heard. He stretched out his little fingers and clasped his ears. He thought he must have not taken a bath for a long time, so too much earwax hindered him. hearing. He asked unsurely: "What you just said was childe'>you."


     "Aren't you kidding me?"

     "Then do you think I said you are better?" Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes, with a hint of warning."That's childe'> quiet." Absalom touched his nose immediately. Although he had always suspected that Fleeting Time was not interested in women, he never felt that he would arouse the interest of Fleeting Time.

     "Aren't you going to help me with the line? You can try." Fleeting Time thought Absalom's surprised expression was really interesting, and finally decided to tease him by the way while he was packing up.

     "Hey, you wouldn't be the Eastern Continent childe'>you, right"

     "Isn't there only one childe'>you?".

     "You won't be serious, are you"

     "Why can't you take it seriously?"

     "I always thought you were just joking, you were just teasing her, don't scare me" Absalom thought the more it became more inconceivable.

     "Then have you seen me joking with other women?". Fleeting Time speaks forcefully and with justice, and even I am almost convinced by myself."But... but..." Absalom thought, it was indeed such a thing, but he still couldn't figure it out: "Why would you like childe'>you kind of woman? A woman who can be respected as a great god, or The style is not right, or it’s very strong..." Absalom consciously changed his words in the warning eyes of Fleeting Time: "Of course childe'>you should belong to the latter kind. Why would you like such a strong woman? Not all men. Is it a woman who likes like a little bird relying on people?".

     "Can I like the queen?"

     Absalom was blocked by Fleeting Time again. He even felt that something was flowing in his nose. He thought his nosebleed was going to spray out. While rubbing his nose, he looked at Fleeting Time ambiguously: "Fleeting Time, hello Heavy taste..."

     Fleeting Time's eyes narrowed again, and he suddenly had the idea of beating Absalom. After knowing this man for so many years, how come he now realizes that he is not only a dick, but also very nasty?

     And Absalom seemed to find that the Fleeting Time was wrong at all, and continued to say: "However, I think the childe'> secluded figure is not enough to be a queen, she is too peaceful..." Absalom's words have not been finished, only his face With severe pain, he staggered backwards, and then fell on his back to the ground."Fleeting Time, why are you hitting me with nerves?" After a few seconds, Absalom sat up with his nose covered. This time he didn't need to think about it. His nosebleeds had already spurted out.

     "If you give me indulge in fantasy or make a random comment, I'll beat you to a peach blossom." Fleeting Time squatted in front of Absalom, with a cool smile on his lips, warning of half true and half false. He: "I'm talking about reality..."

     In reality...being beaten...Absalom felt like he was full of black lines.

     However, Fleeting Time had already stood up, turned around and prepared to leave Dungeon, not shutting down Absalom at all, still screaming at the back.

     Although I hate Absalom for being such a cock, Fleeting Time decided to help him perfunctory a little since he agreed. After leaving Dungeon, he sent a message to the Asian Mist: "Where is it?"

     "In the bank in the city."

     "Then you wait for me there."

     "Okay." Asia Minor sighed and looked up at the sun shines brightly sky, feeling a little heavy. It seems that things that are to come will come sooner or later, and they will come no matter how delayed.Not much time, the Asian fog saw Fleeting Time riding a silver-white unicorn appearing in his eyes. To be honest, the unicorn is indeed the most suitable mount for elves. It is elegant and beautiful, it moves quickly, and its attack power is not low. It is really a very ornamental and practical mount.

     And this kind of mount must be the wind, it must be the envy of MM, so when Fleeting Time rode a unicorn into the city, it immediately caused countless women to chase and scream. However, Fleeting Time seems to have long been a common occurrence for this situation, and he ran towards the Asian mist without even raising his eyes.

     Looking at this posture in the Asian Mist, he suddenly felt that standing on the street and waiting for Fleeting Time was nothing more than a good thing. Everyone knew that women’s jealousy was the most terrible. If these women were to know the purpose of Fleeting Time It’s me, even if I’m a man, I’m afraid there will be no good end. Sure enough, when Fleeting Time stopped in front of the mist of Asia, he immediately felt countless killing eyes shooting towards him.

     "Find a quiet place, I have a conversation problem." Fleeting Time lowered his head and looked at the mist of Asia.

     Asia's misty head twitched the corners of his mouth, and then asked one of the most idiotic questions in his life: "You take me away?"Sure enough, Fleeting Time's face turned dark, and he twitched the corners of his mouth: "My mount does not carry a man."

     Asia mist touched his nose. Okay, he's two. As long as he stays with these people, he will get two more each day. "I only have a normal horse, not as fast as yours."

     "It's okay, I'm waiting for you." Fleeting Time reported a place name and turned around and left, leaving only the mist of Asia alone, tearfully facing a woman's pointing point on the street. He really wants to yell, he and Fleeting Time don’t have the kind of relationship that you think. They are just Guild’s. These women shouldn’t look at him with that strange look.

     When the mist of Asia arrived at the place agreed by the Fleeting Time, the man was cooking on the edge of a bonfire. He smelled the scent from afar, and next to him was a huge bat, impossible to take one's eyes Looking off at the pot in Fleeting Time's hands, it seems that the saliva will flow down.

     "Sit down." Fleeting Time didn't lift his head either. He pointed directly to the stone opposite to him, and signaled Asia Misty to sit down.

     Asia Mist sat down, but didn't know what to say, so she could only be so silent.

     Then Fleeting Time threw him a piece of rhinoceros that had just been tested: "Eat it while it's hot, the recipe I just learned, it tastes good."The Asian Mist took the rhinoceros, and suddenly felt something evil staring at him severely. When he looked up, he saw the bat beside Fleeting Time glaring at him. To be precise, it was glaring at the meat in his hand. The Misty of Asia suddenly felt even more tragic. Why did I seem to end up robbing a pet for meat?

     "Xiao Wu, you're here, don't look at that kind of look." Fleeting Time reached out and patted the bat's head, then threw a few pieces of meat in front of it, beckoning him to be more generous. However, Xiao Wu obviously has never had a good impression of people who robbed him of his food, so he hummed his nose heavily before lowering his head to eat meat.

     "I'm looking for you, you should know better than me." Fleting Time is really not the kind of guy who is suitable for finding people to talk to. He eats barbecue while directly inserting the subject: "You can tell by yourself, don't let me ask. you."

     Upon hearing this, the Asian Fog felt that this piece of barbecue could not be eaten even more. He sighed: "I don't know where to say it."

     "You are very short of money?" Fleeting Time squinted his eyes and looked at the mist of Asia. His face was full of childishness, and he should still be a small child.

     "It's okay." Asia Misty smiled, and then began to eat barbecue quietly."If there is a problem at home, just say that money is the bastard, you don't have to make trouble for it." Fleting Time retracted his gaze and continued to eat barbecue: "I still have one million here, is it enough..."

     "Brother Fleeting Time, no, I don't have a problem at home." The Mist of Asia quickly interrupted Fleeting Time.

     "Then what do you do when you transfer cash at the bank?" Although Fleeting Time doesn't ask about some things, it doesn't mean that he doesn't know anything.

     The Mist of Asia was silent. After a long time, he seemed to have made up his mind to say to Fleeting Time: "Brother Fleeting Time, I know that my lack of equipment for so long has a great impact on Guild's combat effectiveness, but... , I have my own reasons."

     "Can you tell me the reason?"

     Xia Mist took a deep breath, and then slowly said, "Fleeting Time, I am going to Eastern Continent."Fleeting Time was stunned by the words of the Asian fog. He looked at the boy with a childish face in front of him, and did not speak for a long time. They have actually known each other for many years, but when they really became familiar with them, it was when they entered Fate. The Asiatic Fog has always been a cheerful person. Although he seemed to have something on his mind in the first half of the year, he quickly adjusted it by himself. Although Fleeting Time doesn't have much contact with him, I can still feel that this is a very good game seed. If he is given ten years to hone, maybe he can be above himself.

     "The reason is the reason that can be said?".

     "Yes, it’s at home." Asia Mist hesitated for a while and finally gave Fleeting Time an ambiguous answer: "I have been with you since I entered the game. You are my best friend and My dear, I have been very hesitant whether or not to turn around."

     "The reason for turning over must be very powerful." Fleeting Time suddenly laughed: "Although you don't want to talk about it, I believe this reason is very important to you.""Yeah. Because that is the reason that is very important to my life." Asia Misty nodded, showing a wry smile, then he lowered his head: "But, I still can't bear to go, I can't bear to leave you. Especially, When I thought that if I moved to the mainland, all of you names on my friend list would disappear. At that moment, I didn't want to leave at all."

     "So, you don't want to equip you all the time?" The smile on Fleeting Time's face was gentle: "You are afraid that you will be more reluctant to equip you, or you want to make yourself feel less guilty."

     Asian Mist felt that there was something blurred in front of his eyes. He stretched out his hand and rubbed it vigorously. He lowered his head and smiled and said, "Brother Fleting Time, you really hate it. Why do you say it so white? You are not subtle. can you?".

     "Inferiority? That's what a lady did. I'm a pure man, I don't do this kind of thing." Fleeting Time laughed.

     The Asian mist smiled happily: "Who said that, in fact, women don't necessarily have to be reserved." He raised his head and looked at Fleeting Time with a strange smile: "I know a woman who doesn't know how to speak implicitly. The biggest goal is to retaliate against me in one day. The whole person's style is as strong as a man, which is really annoying.""However, you admire her very much." Fleeting Time drew blood on the first prick and said the answer behind the Asian fog.

     Asia Mist did not say a word, just sniffed, eyes red. Fleeting Time sighed, stretched out his hand, and gently rubbed his hair: "Okay, I didn't see anything. What is your expression, it's really ugly."

     "I know." Asia Mist raised his elbow and rubbed his face vigorously, but there was a trill in his voice: "I know. No need for you to say."

     "Should I talk to Absalom?".

     "No, no need." Asia Mist took a sniff, then raised his head resolutely, and there was unyielding power in his eyes looking at Fleeting Time: "I am a man, and I am also a pure man. You don't need your help for this kind of thing."

     Fleeting Time looked at this childish boy who didn't admit defeat, and couldn't help feeling a little bit of sorrow. I won't see this face again in the future. He moved his lips, trying to say something, but in the end, he only suffocated one sentence: "Take care."

     "Fleeting Time, so are you."

     "See you later..." Fleeting Time paused, then pretended to say relaxedly: "See you again later, I won't start off leniently."

     "Me too" Asia Misty showed a big smile. "I will definitely defeat you.""Just rely on you, haha" Fleeting Time laughed out: "Okay, then you work hard, don't let me down."

     Suddenly the mist of Asia revealed a strange expression: "Fleeting Time brother, Eastern Continent has a childe'>you."

     "What's the matter then?" Fleeting Time squinted his eyes and tried to swallow the meat that almost let himself squirt out, trying to calm himself down. He didn't understand that the Asian mist suddenly brought up this topic.

     "I think you seem to be very different to her. Would you like me to help you find out about her? I mean all the news..." Asia Misty's expression became more and more weird, and the smile even felt a little ill-intentioned.

     Fleeting Time froze for a while, then laughed a few times, and shook his head again and again: "I have nothing to do with childe'>you, so there is no need for this."

     "is it?". Asian Mist looked a little disappointed. He looked at Fleeting Time and repeatedly confirmed: "Is there really nothing between you and childe'>you?".

     Fleeting Time became more and more embarrassed, he hurriedly haha and changed the subject, "We only fought a few times, there is nothing, you think too much."

     Asia Misty sighed: "I thought, at least this way I can keep in touch with you. It seems that I won't have any chance to communicate with you in the future."Fleeting Time can only laugh completely this time. He hahas a few times, really wanting to wipe his forehead, and can't help but sigh. Now the kid doesn't know what he is thinking. He, he actually didn't show anything. Isn't it? Isn't it...

     After bidding farewell to the Asian Mist, Fleeting Time planned to go to leveling, but before leveling, he still ventilated the Asian Mist matter to Absalom through a whisper, because he was really afraid that this guy would be prepared to hear it if he didn’t have a bit of heart. This news will be crazy. However, Absalom's performance after hearing the news made Fleeting Time impressed. He was not very surprised. On the contrary, he was relieved: "Fortunately, I thought it was him who had any opinion on Guild but was not easy to mention. It turned out to be the case. ."

     "What? I listen to you, as if I guessed it a long time ago?"

     "I didn't guess it a long time ago, but there is a faint feeling that the fog is about to leave, but I didn't expect it to be like this." Absalom sighed, "It's a pity, this is a good boy, and he has no character and skills. I have to say, Eastern Continent is really cheap."

     Fleeting Time just smiled, and didn't answer Absalom. In fact, compared to Absalom, he is really uncomfortable now. A team partner has left another.He raised his head and looked at the red sun on the horizon. It was sinking slowly. Suddenly, Fleeting Time severely smoked the unicorn, and then rushed towards the red sun. It seemed that he was only in such a rapid experience. Those feelings of disappointment will disappear without trace.

     Tan Polang took the bank card, looked at the money inside, counted the numbers carefully, and finally exhaled a long breath, and finally got enough. I really didn't expect that it would be so expensive to transfer to a continent, and it would cost him 100,000 real coins. It took him so long to collect it. This Glory Group is really not worthy of life.

     After returning his bank card from the ATM, Tan Polang carefully put the card in his wallet, and then carefully checked the ID and memory card he was carrying, and after confirming that all the required IDs were complete, he Just walked towards Fate's service shop in this city.

     When he arrived in the shop, the service staff inside quickly completed the business he was going to handle. The time it took was only one-third of his time in line, which was really embarrassing. Coming out of the service shop where there are still dense lines, Tan Polang stretched his waist greatly. Finally, all the things he worried about were done. The important thing now is to hurry home and watch the game, and finally give it to Ye A big surprise for Ci and Bai MoThinking about this, Tan Polang took a brisk pace and started walking towards the home.

     Go upstairs and open the door.

     "Godfather, godmother, I'm back." Tan Polang stood at the entrance of the hallway while changing shoes, while greeted as if looking at the sky, but he was stunned when he lowered his head. There were three pairs of unfamiliar shoes at the door. The quality of the shoes was very good, and the brand on it was Tan Polang, a famous brand only seen on the Internet and on TV. Even if Tan Polang could not guess the specific price, he knew it was very expensive. of.

     He is a little curious, what kind of guest is here?

     There is still a long way to go from the hallway to the living room. This is the irrationality of the original design of the old house, but today this corridor gives Tan Polang enough suspense. He has been guessing what kind of guests are coming. Before the corridor was finished, and before he approached the living room, Tan Polang heard a familiar voice coming out.

     "Lao Ye, Xiaolan, please help our couple. Everyone has been friends for so many years. I have never asked you anything. This time, I took off my old face and beg you, please help me. "This sound seemed to have been heard somewhere before. Tan Polang cautious and solemn approached the living room. When he stretched out his head, he saw Dong Yin and his parents sitting on the big sofa in the living room. And Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan are sitting on the small sofa next to the coffee table. Now Dong Yin's father is holding Ye Nantian's hand and begging low.

     And he glanced at it, Ye Ci was leaning against the window next to the TV, looking outside absently, while Bai Mo was sitting on a low stool by the side of the coffee table, constantly changing TV channels.

     Why is this family here? This was Tan Polang's first thought, and the second thought was, what do they come to find godfather and godmother to help? Is it possible that such a wealthy and generous people would also beg for ordinary people like them to do things? Could it be that the world is raining red.

     However, no matter what was going on, it was obvious that no one heard the greeting he had just said. So he said hello again: "Godfather and godmother, Ye Ci sister, Bai Mo brother, I'm back."

     "Ah, Polang, you are back." It doesn't matter to say hello, but what happened next made Tan Polang flattered. All four members of the family stood up and rushed towards him.

     "Polang, it's so hot outside, mom is cooking mung bean soup, sit down, mom will serve it for you."

     "Wife'>, you sit there, you have a hard day, or I will go to Sheng.""Polang, I bought a new e-sports game, I will show it to you"

     "Cousin, let me go, respect the old and love the young..."

     Tan Polang dumbstruck was standing there, watching the family smile at him like a brilliant peach blossom, only to think it was really weird, really weird.

     In the end, Ye Nantian didn't snatch Zuo Xiaolan, and Bai Mo didn't snatch Ye Ci. The two women ran out of the living room in a hurry, as if there were some terrible super bacteria here. Only the three men at home and the three "guests" with sullen expressions were sitting or standing in the living room with big eyes and small eyes.

     Tan Polang swallowed, his thoughts were still the same.

     What happened today is really weird.

     Chapter 9 The Mist of Asia

     Chapter 9 The Mist of Asia