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Chapter Directory 212 Period
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 10 Period

     Chapter 10 Period

     Tan Polang took a small stool and sat on the side of Bai Mo, and asked lowly: "Brother Mo, why do I find the atmosphere so weird?"

     Bai Mo glanced at him, then sighed, and said in a voice that two people can only hear: "If you think it's not weird, it's probably unlikely."

     "They..." Tan Polang cautious and solemn glanced back at the family of three sitting on the big sofa, only to find that Dong Yin was staring straight at him. Her face was originally gentle and beautiful, with a soft charm like a little bird relying on people, but at this moment, there is a cold light in her eyes that makes people heart alarmed, trembling in fear. , Just staring at Tan Polang stunnedly, making Tan Polang tremble subconsciously, then quickly turned his head back, moved the stool closer to Bai Mo, and asked in a smaller voice: "What are they doing here? ?"

     Bai Mo was always upset. Especially in the summer, if people get annoying, they get very hot, and if they get hot, they have a bad temper. Now Tan Polang is a little closer to him. He can't help but frown, "I said, brat, you should be For the winter, what are you doing so close to me, isn't it hot?"Tan Polang only felt that Dong Yin's glitter like frost and snow gaze would see two holes in his back. He smiled bitterly: "Brother, I don't want to be so close to you, OK, but... But... …" He looked at Bai Mo with a look of embarrassment, hoping that he could understand his own difficulties.

     Bai Mo saw Tan Polang's shit look, followed his gaze and turned his head to look, and then also saw Dong Yin's gaze, his frowning brow tightened, he turned his head and stared at the TV lightly He snorted softly: "I still treat myself as a golden lady'> Ah, who will show her face, I really don't know what the previous life owes her family."

     "What's the matter?" The more Bai Mo was like this, the more curious Tan Polang became.

     But Bai Mo didn't know where to start. After thinking about it for a long time, he had to sigh, "Let's talk about it in the evening, you will understand after a while."Although I really don’t want to have anything to do with Dong Yin’s family, I can’t put them in the living room and stare at them. What's more, Ye Ci and Zuo Xiaolan confirmed that this family, even if they In the living room alone, not to hear, not to question, they will never leave because of cold reception. All in all, this family is simply a family who will never give up if they fail to achieve their goals. Just like the previous Ruined Castle strategy, how many ways did their family think of, and in the end, even Ye Ci was a little embarrassed to refuse. They are still there. Diligent and never slacking, persevere unremittingly make the last effort, in terms of such a spirit, Ye Ci really admires it from the heart.

     Of course, of course, if the person who is dealing with this kind of spirit is not her, then she will admire it even more.

     Ye Ci thinks that her cheek is not thick enough, or that she is not the thickest, so she can't stay in her house for a lifetime. Even if she wanted to do this, Zuo Xiaolan would never allow her to do so.

     Isn't that right? She was lying on the bed and flipping through the cartoons. Zuo Xiaolan was already standing at the door, leaning on the edge of the door frame and looking at her coolly: "I said, girl, when do you want to get mixed up?""Will they leave." Ye Ci just glanced at his mother, and then focused all of his attention on the comic book in front of him: "Aren't you going to bring mung bean soup? How come the mung bean soup is cooked to mine Is it in the house?"

     "I can't hide in the kitchen for a lifetime, right." Zuo Xiaolan sighed: "The mung bean soup has already passed. I see you are not there yet, so come and see you."

     "Why are you looking at me? Anyway, they came to you and my dad. It has nothing to do with me." Ye Ci turned around, turned his back to his mother, and continued to read the comics, muttering: "I'm blind." My mung bean soup, it’s rare for me to wash mung beans when I get up early in the morning, and now it’s all ruined..."

     "Why are you looking for us? For the sake of face, it means looking for us, but we know that people are actually looking for you. We are a Life Player, and we have not played for a long time. There are many things in the game that have not been figured out, and, Most of them don't know that your dad and I are playing games." Zuo Xiaolan looked at Ye Ci's back and said in a low voice.

     "So what? I didn't tell me directly. I didn't know. I'm the most annoyed of people with intestines and eighteenth bends on the mountain road. What do you want to do? Just say it. , Is this necessary?". Ye Ci snorted coldly."It's not just that I have known each other. I have known each other for so many years. You don't know what kind of person their family is like. Why should it be like this? Let's go out and let it go." Zuo Xiaolan saw Ye Ci still not moving. He walked directly into the room and sat beside Ye Ci, patted her on the back, and asked her to solve it quickly.

     "Mom, what are you doing here?" Ye Ci put down the comic book in his hand and turned to look at Zuo Xiaolan.

     "Pull a back cushion." Zuo Xiaolan smiled and looked at her daughter, making sense.

     Ye Ci was full of black lines, she knew that her mother would never come to see her because she was worried about her mood, she really came to find a back.

     "Do you think they can get rid of it in a few seconds?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows and looked at Zuo Xiaolan, "This is our house. If they don't leave, we can't all move with the family."

     "It depends on your ability." Zuo Xiaolan also knows that Ye Ci is telling the truth, but now this problem is not completely solved by worrying so much. She thought for a while, and then tentatively said: "Xiao ci, or you just follow their wishes, why bother to die, even if you don’t like their family, but Dong Yin’s father said that investment seems to be a It’s a very good plan. We don’t need to have trouble with the money, right.”"Mom, we really don't have to worry about money, but you confirm that Dong Yin's father said that he will definitely make money? You are not clear about his kind of person. When did the real money-making business think of us? Retire Ten thousand steps, even if this investment is really good, I will definitely not help." Ye Ci shook his head resolutely.

     "Why?" This makes Zuo Xiaolan strange. She naturally doesn't know the twisted roots and intertwined joints between Ye Ci and Dong Yin, nor the grievances between Ye Ci and Thousand Sunsets. It's just that it's strange that Ye Ci has nothing to do with Dong Yin's family when he bites like this. Putting it on her own body, even if Dong Yin’s parents will no longer be humans, at least there will be a relationship between herself and her husband for many years, not for the monk's sake but for the Buddha's sake, as long as it is not excessive, they are very willing. Be a good one.

     "Mom, there are some things I can do, and some things I can't."

     "Xiao ci, since you said it was helping, you don’t ask for rewards, so that you will be mentally balanced. If you help you must ask the other party for rewards, then you will never be happy.” Zuo Xiaolan thought Ye Ci was biting and not helping. But it was because the Dong Yin family accepted their own help that they thought it should be, so they were reluctant and persuaded Ye Ci.But I don't want Ye Ci to shook his head: "Mom, if you help out for the sake of repaying, then it is not a help. Moreover, Ye Ci is not such a caregiver. I said I can't help, I don't care about such trivial things , But because of..." Ye Ci said here for a while, and then told her mother very tactfully: "It is because, after some help, not only will you not be able to lose any benefit, but you will be lost."

     "A thousand catastrophes are over?" Zuo Xiaolan was a little surprised. She didn't understand what Ye Ci was referring to, but she had a feeling of heart alarmed, body leaping just by hearing these words: "Don't talk nonsense. It’s so scary."

     Ye Ci sat up and looked at Zuo Xiaolan quietly: "Mom, you guys only play games. It's only a game. However, many people don't think of this as a game, but as a tool for making money. , Or the way of life that depends on survival, as long as a thing involves interests, it will not simply go anywhere. Therefore, you cannot use your pure mind to play games to measure all people. At this point, you It’s definitely different from Dong Yin’s parents. You are to be happy and to pass the time, while Dong Yin’s parents are to make money and make more money.""Xiao ci, I, I don't quite understand what you said, do Dong Yin's parents treat this game as a business?". Zuo Xiaolan's life has never been complicated, so she doesn't quite understand what Ye Ci said. She just faintly feels that things are really different from what she imagined.

     "Forget it." Ye Ci groaned for a while, then looked up at Zuo Xiaolan and suddenly said, "Mom, do you know how Dong Yin and his family came from today?"

     "Ah? How do I know this? Let's drive. Their house is the first one of our few to buy a car. It has been a very expensive car for many years..." Zuo Xiaolan sometimes likes to talk about this and that. Point, this is Ye Ci's most taboo.

     So Ye Ci interrupted Zuo Xiaolan's words directly: "They entered our community on foot. I guess they came by bus."

     "No way" Zuo Xiaolan stared at Ye Ci: "Dong Yin's mother is very squeamish. The place where you can ride in a car is definitely not one step away..."

     "Do you know where their car is?".

     "I, how would I know""If I didn't guess wrong, it was probably sold, and their property is probably almost sold." Ye Ci lowered his head and buttoned his nails. Later, she went to Moon Green Hill to find out about the situation. She knew that Dong Yin and Yi Cang had suffered a lot because of the defeat of Thousand Sunsets. It would not be an exaggeration if even the crotch was pawned. Of course, she would never let her parents know about the rise and fall of the terrain and how she knew about it.

     "How did you know"

     "Let me put it simply, they failed to invest, and they lost money invested in Steel Blooded Battle Spear." Ye Ci stated the fact faintly.


     "Otherwise, why do you think they would come to us." Ye Ci squinted his eyes: "According to Dong Yin's personality, he had torn his face during the last meal, but now he came to us again. It can only mean that they have been at an impasse, so they will come to us cheeky. Give medicine to a dead horse."

     "So..." Zuo Xiaolan understood what Ye Ci meant: "So, can't you help me with this favor?"

     "If you want to help me, it's okay." Ye Ci looked at Zuo Xiaolan and said with a smile."Bad girl, what are you talking about, our money is not blown by the strong wind, why help people fill the hole?" Zuo Xiaolan raised her hand and patted Ye Ci on the back, then stood up and said to her: " I'll go out to see your dad, don't let him talk nonsense and promised something, you come out quickly."

     Ye Ci was still feeling dispirited, and lazily agreed to Zuo Xiaolan.

     While Ye Ci was still sitting on the bed in a daze, he suddenly heard heavy footsteps rushing to the door of his room, and then the door of the room was suddenly opened. Looking back, she only saw Dong Yin standing at the door. She flushed and looked at Ye Ci angrily. Her chest was up and down, as if she had just been bullied.

     "Yinyin, Yinyin, don't do this, this is not our house, don't run around" Dong Yin's mother followed and chased to the door, while Zuo Xiaolan followed her.

     Zuo Xiaolan stood on tiptoe behind Dong Yin with a look of food on her face, stretched her head to face it, so embarrassed: "Xiao ci..."

     Ye Ci shook her head, beckoning her not to talk too much, and then turned her gaze to Dong Yin. Dong Yin turned to look at his mother and roared: "Mom today, I must ask her to make it clear, can you leave me alone?"

     Dong Yin's mother was so stunned by her that she couldn't say a word for a long time."Close the door." Ye Ci still sat on the bed, waking up and not moving, but said to Dong Yin lightly, as if nothing had happened between them.

     Dong Yin’s anger is like a huge fist, but Ye Ci’s indifferent attitude is like a cotton quilt just played. Even if the fist has any strength, it will hit the soft and fluttering cotton cup with all the strength. Suddenly disappear without trace. She just stood there, staring at Ye Ci for a long time, and then closed the door heavily.

     There was a loud noise from the door, and Ye Ci could even feel that the wall would sway twice under the loud noise, and eventually collapse. Fortunately, although this house is a few years old, but the quality is not bad, except for a lot of ash, there is no change.

     Dong Yin leaned against the door, still staring at Ye Ci in a daze, without speaking or making any movements. Ye Ci looked at her gaze and said lightly: "Let's talk, what's the matter with you."Dong Yin bit her lip and looked at Ye Ci with a bit resentment, but she still didn't speak, let alone squeak. Ye Ci sighed secretly. She was the most annoyed of such silent protests. It's great to say something but not to flash others. You just look at me without talking, even if there are thousands of words in your eyes, I am not the roundworm in your stomach that can understand be very clear about sth. But there is such a person, thinking that if she doesn't say it, you have to understand it, otherwise you are guilty of terrible crimes, and you will never recover.

     When encountering such things, Ye Ci never buys it. Anyway, there is no loss for her to be seen, she won't lose two catties of meat, let alone guild leader. Since others like to study the diversity of eyes on her, she simply acts as a display All right.

     Based on this calm thought, she leaned against the bed, picked up the comic book just now, and continued to read it.Dong Yin has never been so cold before. Even Thousand Sunsets will take into account her mood and will never make her feel embarrassed. But in front of Ye Ci, her self-esteem and her face seem to be worthless. , She never cared, nor did she follow her temperament to respond as it should be. In other words, in fact, everyone is the same. In front of Ye Ci, she is like no one else. It turns out that she once thought that Ye Ci has a personality like this, but today she feels that such a personality is really annoying.

     "Hey, can't you just listen to me attentively?" Dong Yin became more angry as she thought about it. She patted the door heavily, trying to tell the other person in the room how dissatisfied she was. But this didn't make Ye Ci change anything. She didn't even lift her eyes. It made Dong Yin's hands numb with pain, and by the way, the people outside the door were shocked.

     "You haven't said anything yet?". Ye Ci didn't care at all, anyway, she never took them seriously. This is a disease that can be cured.

     "You..." Dong Yin bit his lip severely, looking at Ye Ci, his eyes could not help being stained with a layer of mist: "How can you bully me like this"This time Ye Ci finally raised her head and looked at Dong Yin. She sighed, “I don’t have a few hundred pieces of lipstick here. I beat you, but I suffered a big loss." At this point, she sighed again: "As for bullying...Dong Yin, there is nothing wrong with you. When did I bully you?"

     "You have, you have, you are bullying me at any time. You don't help me at any time, and you don't care about me. You won't find a way to help me solve my problems. You bully me." I was so angry that I finally started to cry.

     Ye Ci is the most annoying for others to cry, especially the tears of a beautiful young lady. She is even more annoying. She frowned: "You said this is not my responsibility, shouldn't this all be done by Thousand Sunsets? He is your boyfriend, it's my shit."

     "He wants to care about me, shouldn't you care about me? Aren't we best friends? How can you not care about me at all, don't care about me at all"

     Ye Ci only thinks that his head is big. What and what is this: "Best friend?" She sneered after listening to the ridiculous words in it: "Then can I ask you to care about me?""Don't I care about you enough? You got scolded in the forum and I even tried to make you too much. Thousand Sunsets is trying to trouble you. I have also discouraged you. Don't I care about you?". Dong Yin became more angry and cried like raindrops on a pear blossom: "And you, what have you done for me? I beg you to find a strategy for the giant tortoise. If you don't say it, you still teach me , I let you stay in Steel Blooded Battle Spear, we have a caring for you, and you directly flashed people, and didn’t even say hello to me, I asked you for the strategy of Ruined Castle, you won’t give me a guide, you will eat that day It was so embarrassing for my family. Today I personally came to see you. Please help invest a little money in the iron-blooded Guild, or help them to stand firm. You avoid seeing it. What is it to hide here?"

     Ye Ci listened to Dong Yin’s accusation, as if every word was filled with blood and tears. She only felt helpless and upset. Finally, when Dong Yin stopped the accusation and started crying, she said impatiently: “Hard Whether it’s the strategy of the giant tortoise, whether you stay in Steel Blooded Battle Spear to take First Kill, whether it’s the strategy of Ruined Castle, or invest in the iron-blooded Guild, these are all Guild’s things, you are an ordinary member, It’s all about you."Dong Yin did not expect that not only did she not receive Ye Ci’s apology for her complaint, but was scolded, she was even more wronged and unwilling. She shouted: “Yes, I’m an ordinary member, but, but, I’m the daughter of Thousand Sunsets. A friend means that I am the boss of Steel Blooded Battle Spear. As long as things are good for Steel Blooded Battle Spear, things that are good for Thousand Sunsets are not my business."

     "Girlfriend? Boss?" Ye Ci's eyebrows were raised, and the smile on the corners of her lips became more and more ridiculous. There was one sentence that she never said in her heart. Whether it’s a girlfriend or a proprietress, it’s probably just Dong Yin’s own believe oneself infallible. Thousand Sunsets seems to have never promised anything from beginning to end. What's more, even if Thousand Sunsets promised something, like their kind of family. Is it possible that people’s marriage is in their own right?

     There is no need for Ye Ci to say these words. After all, it is definitely not a moral thing to expose a person's dreams. Although she is not a good person, she will not be nosy to do such meaningless harm."Is not it?". Seeing Ye Ci's raised eyebrows, Dong Yin knew that she was a little ridiculed, and these ridicules seemed to be a sharp thorn in her heart, causing her to jump into thunder immediately. He even said without a word: "Ye Ci, you have never been in love at all. You don't know how beautiful and important love is. Your life is completely naked for self and selfish profit. If you continue to do this If you don’t know what love is like in your whole life, that’s the real sadness.”

     Ye Ci really doesn't understand what Dong Yin's brain is made of, why talk about this and that just talk about nonsense that doesn't make any sense. She sighed and was bored: "I am in love or not. It's a matter of your ass. It's okay, don't talk to me. What are you going to do? Just say, I'm not in the mood to listen These nonsense."

     "You weren't like that." Dong Yin suddenly changed her tone. She looked weak and pitiful, and she was very charming: "You never talked to me like this, you never said these things that I don't like to hear, no. Saying these things that hurt me"

     "I'm not a fortune teller in the square. I can't tell you so many things you love to listen to." Ye Ci couldn't help but snorted coldly. Which original is she referring to? Last life? If it is replaced by Ye Ci from the previous life, it is estimated that Dong Yin will not be able to tolerate nonsense here."You used to be so good to me. No matter what happened to me, I was always the first to rush out to help me. As long as my request, it will help me realize it, and as long as I put forward the problem, it will definitely help me solve it most quickly. Drop, you used to treat me like that, now how can you cry to me like this? "Dong Yin is crying more and more sadly, exerting extreme saturation of her dodder-like weakness.

     Ye Ci looked at Dong Yin, only to feel upset. She thought that men and women are really different. When encountering this situation, men will surely become soft, but when women encounter this situation, they can't wait to throw her downstairs.

     "You have a wrong memory, or you beautified me, I have never done what your boyfriend should do, and I am not omnipotent, I can't do what you said." said Ye Ci She got up from the bed, because she found that if she continued to lie in the bed, Dong Yin would always have an advantage in height, which was not conducive to ending the farce soon. So she thought she should quickly sword cuts through tangled hemp, and just let Dong Yin give up all at once.She is taller than Dong Yin, and because Dong Yin is not wearing high heels now, she looks more petite and lovely when standing in front of Ye Ci. Ye Ci walked in front of Dong Yin, stretched out her hands and pressed her shoulders, secretly exerting gravity, and she said in a voice that could not be violated: "Dong Yin, let me say it again, say your request, don’t Keep talking nonsense and don’t challenge my patience."

     Dong Yin raised his head and forgot to cry, because the Ye Ci printed in her eyes turned out to be unpredictable, and the pressure oozing from him made Dong Yin feel a little difficult to breathe. The person in front of him is indeed Ye Ci, but Dong Yin feels that this person is not Ye Ci at the same time. She made herself familiar and unfamiliar. The familiar one is probably her appearance, but the strange one? I don't know, Dong Yin can't say clearly, probably no place is unfamiliar.

     Dong Yin didn't know why she had a trembling feeling. In these dog days, she shuddered suddenly and shivered, as if she had gone deep into the cold winter.

     "Ye Ci, please, help our family. We invested in Steel Blooded Battle Spear, but lost everything one invested."

     "Steel Blooded Battle Spear has already got the First five, how can you lose?" Ye Ci's eyes are as dark as a pool of bottomless water, and her voice seems to carry the most terrifying magic power. Take it all out."No, Ye Ci." Dong Yin doesn't doubt Ye Ci's problems. After all, the issues about Mad Willow and Thousand Sunsets are the secrets of the rich. Even as her, she doesn't know very well, so she concluded that Ye Ci doesn't know at all. "You don't need to know the specifics, you just need to know, as long as the first five is not Qianshan, we will lose."

     "Oh" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows, not to accept as correct.

     "And, Qianshan did not get First five this time, the big reason is because of you"

     "Because of me?" Ye Ci narrowed his eyes.

     "If the first time Yi Cang and I came to see you, you agreed to take us with Dungeon, then the one who got the First five this time must be Qianshan, no, even the one who got the First Kill was Qianshan. In this case, our family will not lose money, and Qianshan will certainly reward you with a large sum of money Ye Ci, can you deny that this is not your responsibility"

     What kind of shit robber logic is this

     "So?" Ye Ci almost laughed with anger.

     "So, this time you must help me." Dong Yin's eyes became sharp: "You can hear clearly, it must be that I am not asking your opinion, but telling you what you should do..."Dong Yin hadn’t spoken yet, she only felt that her cheek was pinched, and the back of her head slammed into the door heavily. The pain in her heart made her almost scream out, but when she saw the person in front of her clearly, everything It’s as if it’s been turned off, and nothing can be heard.

     "Dong Yin, I will only say the following words once, and you will listen to me." Ye Ci's eyes were full of chills, which made people shudder. "I never owe you anything. I have never used your gangster logic to buckle me. Even if you think so, you should remember it, and I don’t approve it. As long as I don’t approve of things, there is nothing to do, and nothing What must be. Whether Thousand Sunsets can get First five has nothing to do with me. It's as if your investment fails and it has nothing to do with me at all." She squinted her eyes: "Don't you know between us? Has his face been torn long ago? In that case, can you still ask me to do something meaningless to me as if nothing had happened? You can't."

     After speaking, Ye Ci let go of Dong Yin’s cheeks and looked at her coldly: “Now, take your parents and get out of my eyes, never let me see you, otherwise, don’t blame me rude ."Dong Yin seemed to be immersed in Ye Ci's aura and didn't recover, until Ye Ci looked at her again and said coldly: "What? Haven't you heard it yet?".

     At this time, she came back to her senses, but Dong Yin's courage was not as small as she showed. Facing such Ye Ci, she actually asked: "You mean to cut justice with me. ?". There was a strong threat in her tone.

     "Aren't we severing grace a long time ago?". Ye Ci turned his head, stretched out a hand, and raised Dong Yin's chin frivolously. She is very close to her, and even the breath she exhales can spray on Dong Yin's face: "Finally, let me say one more thing, I am very rebellious, and the most indifferent thing is threat."

     "You" Dong Yin's eyes widened, her chest undulating rapidly, she severely waved Ye Ci's hand, pushed her aside, and opened the door. Outside the door, Dong Yin's parents, Ye Ci's parents, Bai Mo and Tan Polang all stared at the two people with their eyes wide open.

     Dong Yin stretched out his hand while pulling his parents, and rushed towards the door: "Parents, let's go."

     "What's wrong with Yinyin Yinyin?" Dong Yin's parents were confused by the sudden reversal, and had to turn their heads to make a smile with Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan. And Dong Yin roared: "Don't be ashamed, don't beg them again"Ye Ci also walked out of the bedroom door, looking at Dong Yin indifferently at the furious Dong Yin, pulling his parents to the hallway. Suddenly, Dong Yin stopped, she turned her head, and said to Ye Ci with a fierce and vicious way like never before and said: "Ye Ci, you will remember it to me. What you gave me today, I must have thousands of things. I'll give it back to you."

     Ye Ci didn't care at all, she even raised her hand and waved to Dong Yin: "Walk slowly, don't give it away, by the way, never see each other."

     And to Ye Ci's answer was the sound of door panels closing loudly.

     Tan Polang was covering his ears, shrinking his neck and looking at the hanging picture hanging by the door. He faltered. After a while, he said, "Can we get her to pay if the door of our house is broken?".

     Ye Ci looked at him with a smile and didn't answer. He walked directly to the balcony and stretched his head to look down. I saw Dong Yin dragging her parents all the way to spitting anger and rushing out of the community. She disappeared for a few moments. Then she retracted her head and looked at Tan Polang and sighed: "I'm afraid we can't, because we may never be with each other again. She met."

     "Forever?" Zuo Xiaolan was taken aback for a moment, "What did you say?""It's nothing, I cut off all her thoughts, I'm afraid she hates me now in her heart, if she can, she will want to kill me." Ye Ci walked into the living room, sat on the sofa, and put on the coffee table. There was iced mung bean soup, no one had moved, she rude, picked up a bowl and drank slowly.

     There was no one talking in the room, and the atmosphere at this time was really weird. After a while, Ye Ci turned around, looked at his parents, and carefully apologized: "I'm sorry, Mom and Dad, because of my relationship, your friends of decades may never have a future."

     Ye Nantian sighed, walked to Ye Ci and sat down, patted her shoulder: "Don't worry about it, friends are all stages. The gap between us and them is too big and we can't do it. Friends. The so-called friendship is actually just an old saying 20 years ago. Now people look down on people like us, and we don’t want to cling to such people. Everyone is no longer on the same road. It’s fine if you can’t be friends. , It’s just you..." He paused slightly: "You and Dong Yin..."

     "Persons who walk different paths cannot make plans together." Ye Ci turned his head and calmly put an end to the friendship between himself and Dong Yin.

     The atmosphere of "Sister Ye Ci, I want to join" was very heavy. Tan Polang saw that such an atmosphere is really not conducive to the stability and unity of the family, so he hurriedly jumped out and said."You?" Ye Ci looked at Tan Polang a little surprised: "Don't you even tell us what you call?".

     "Hey hey, I want to join, I want to join~~" Tan Polang didn't answer Ye Ci, turned around and ran towards the bedroom: "Hurry up and add me online"

     Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan also looked at Ye Ci and Bai Mo and smiled: "Go ahead."

     Ye Ci and Bai Mo walked to the bedroom one after another. Bai Mo suddenly stretched out his hand and took Ye Ci's shoulder. Ye Ci looked back at him: "What?"

     Bai Mo's face was calm without any emotions, he said faintly: "What are you going to do?"

     "If I say that I want to completely block them, don't you believe it?" Ye Ci's face is gentle, it doesn't seem to be such a cold word.

     "I believe."

     "Oh?" Ye Ci was a little surprised.

     "Because you are Ye Ci."

     Chapter 10 Period

     Chapter 10 Period