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Chapter Directory 213 This Is An Option
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 11 This is a choice

     Chapter 11 This is a choice

     I don't know if Dong Yin deliberately initiated the Concealment, or Ye Ci has no intention of paying attention to the existence of Dong Yin. In short, Ye Ci has never heard of Dong Yin since that day. It was like this from Liu Chang and it was like this from Moon Green Hill. As if this person had never appeared before, Dong Yin seemed to have completely disappeared from Ye Ci's life.

     Ye Ci didn't feel so melancholy, nor did she feel embarrassed at all, because she is really busy now.

     In addition to doing the Epic Level Quest of the Dolan Rogue Club every day, and the branch Quest of Red Lake City, more importantly, now in Guild, in order to accumulate equipment to prepare for the next Dungeon group, almost every day Pushing this.

     However, probably because First Kill was the reason that Guild took it away. Everyone didn't think this kind of tweaking was so boring, but rather excited. After all, who wouldn't want to wear brand-new equipment?Tan Polang has also joined Upward Ho, and his name has gradually increased in his friend column that had been emptied. However, sometimes, when he looked at the full of names, he still couldn't help but miss his former friends and comrades-in-arms on another continent. It's just that these emotions were hidden secretly by him, and no one ever mentioned them.

     Ye Ci has never asked Tan Polang's character-why the Asian Fog didn't come to Upward Ho, and never asked what kind of story is behind this ID. First, she has never been a gossip person, and second, everyone must have something they don’t want to mention, or they don’t want to share with others.

     Ye Ci respects everyone's secrets, just as everyone respects their own secrets.

     It's like she is now using a fraud brooch, a similar bug, to complete her Quest. Of course, she wouldn't tell anyone.Compared with the completion of the branch Quest in Red Lake City, the Quest in Dolan Rogue is actually a bit more difficult. After all, using a fraud brooch to deceive players cannot be successful every time. Compared with the first few times of success, the players have gradually learned to behave. Even if Ye Ci wanders among them, few players will attack Ye Ci. However, everyone knows that as soon as the bandit captain disguised by Ye Ci appears, there must be players who will violent death. Therefore, players who often come to the tin and silver veins to level up or mine medicine will be far away when they see Ye Ci appear. Run away to avoid unnecessary deaths.

     Only a few new players here will occasionally be fooled, but people are animals that are easy to learn...

     After all, being bullied by monsters and being deceived by monsters is really uncomfortable. What's more, these players are not high-level, and the experience and equipment dropped after a few deaths can make people feel distressed. Therefore, after several successes, Ye Ci's method of attracting monarchs into the urn was not very effective. No way, she had to find another way.

     Since always bullying players can no longer complete Quest, Ye Ci can only focus on the other two options. The first is to rob Red Lake City NPC, and the second is to kill the designated Red Lake City NPC.Compared to killing the NPC designated in Red Lake City, robbing the NPC in Red Lake City is much simpler. First, there is no need to kill NPCs, and second, the number of requirements is relatively small. Ye Ci is also smarter. She never robbed NPCs in Red Lake City, but looked for idle residents in villages near Red Lake City.

     These residents have no offensive power, and they don't know how to use weapons. They live relatively far away, so it is very convenient to start. What's more, what Dolan Rogue will ask Ye Ci to do is to rob very NPC items, so it will be done soon.

     But after doing it for a while, just like the players, the NPCs in these surrounding farms or villages also began to guard against Ye Ci. They assembled young men with armed forces to patrol, or hired some guards to stand guard, so that Ye Ci would not be so easy to succeed.

     It seems that neither the player nor the NPC is so easy to bully.

     There was no way, Ye Ci had to go back to lie to the players. Fortunately, the last wave of players had basically left the tin-silver vein, and now the players in the tin-silver vein are a new wave. Although this incident has been reported on the forum, everyone has forgotten about this incident for the bandit squad leader who has been silent for a long time.

     After all, the player is a creature that forget past pains once the wound has healed.Therefore, there must be new players deceived, and new players will help Ye Ci complete a new round of Quest.

     Another massacre is over. Ye Ci did not take off her pretense. She just sat in a hidden corner of the bandit’s den and ate apples. To be honest, the cycle comes back to the start Quest has gradually made her feel a little bored. It is repeating the same thing, there is really no new feeling. If it hadn't been for the final rewards of Epic Level Quest and Branch Quest, she would have been there to tempt her, otherwise she would have given up these two Quests a long time ago.

     Sometimes, behind the so-called heaven-defying reward, there will be sadness and hard work that ordinary people can't imagine. Ye Ci lifted the apple and took another bite on it. Although everything in the game is virtual, I have to admit that Fate's game is really the crystallization of human wisdom, just like the apple in her hand. In the past holographic games, every apple tastes The same, because the unified overview and name of the system is Apple. And apple is a taste.But it's different in Fate. You can't find the same two leaves here. Of course, there is no way to find two apples with the same taste. Everything here seems to be the same as in the real world. It often makes people forget that this is just a game brought by high-tech pornography, so they are addicted to it and can't get out of it.

     From the place in front of the bandit den, there were waves of screams from the players, and the sounds of various skills, Ye Ci felt a little numb. When this happened for the first time, she was somewhat guilty and even went out to watch the excitement, but now, for her, it was just a repeating journey year after year.

     Just when Ye Ci took another bite of the apple, a voice suddenly rang across from her: "Every time I meet you, you are either discovering bugs or exploiting bugs."

     There is no one on the other side, but someone is talking, and the voice of the talking is so clearly conveyed to Ye Ci's ears. This situation is really weird. Could it be that the game has also begun to be haunted? In this situation, Ye Ci was slightly stunned, but fortunately, she was a reborn person. It is not an exaggeration to say that she was experienced and knowledgeable in Fate.Therefore, she quickly got the answer from the other party's language and vocalization. The other party is actually a GM, and the invisibility system is definitely turned on. At this moment, the person is opposite to her.

     Now that the identity of the other party has been confirmed, she is no longer anxious, just continue to eat the apple quietly, and then indifferently said: "Come out and talk, don't dress up as God, play the devil."

     The other party had no voice, and then there was a loud laughter, and later, a first-class human appeared opposite Ye Ci. This character is very ordinary, just like all human trumpets built by random, there is no difference, if it weren’t for him to be in a high-level area like this, it’s not surprising, it would almost make people think that there will be new NPCs. Up.

     Ye Ci squinted at the human trumpet, and then said, "Looking south?"

     "Oh? How do you know it's me."

     "Because I can't think of any other plan that would be so boring and so..." Ye Ci's originally squinted eyes narrowed even more at this point, and her tone became a little unpleasant: "Please Dislike it."

     "Oh, don't you say that. At any rate, we are acquaintances. It hurts feelings to say that." Wang Jiangnan sat on the wooden box, Rude reached out and took out an apple plug from the fruit basket beside Ye Ci. When he reached his mouth, Kaka scratched his mouth."Why don't I think we are acquaintances." Ye Ci snorted. Although he knows that this person will be brilliant in the future, as a hardcore player, there is still a certain amount of anger at planning such an identity. These people will only be fine. Holding the player to play, other business seems to be doing nothing.

     "You said that I'm going to be sad." Wang Jiangnan smiled happily: "If I am sad, I may not be able to control my mouth, and I will use BUG to brush your reputation. Things are poking out..."

     So planning is not a good thing.

     Ye Ci sneered and didn't seem to care at all: "Really? If that's the case, then I have to complain to Honor Group, Customer Service No. 094, and just check my game trajectory. No cause, no reason disturbs my game. Life.” As she spoke, she showed a faint smile again: “I don’t know whether for your plan, is it the serious point of the player’s trajectory that is privately inquired about the seriousness of the error? Or is it a big credit for finding a dispensable BUG? A little bit?"

     "Hey, hey, has anyone ever said that you are horrible." Wang Jiangnan's eyebrows rose.

     "Aren't you talking now?""I'm just kidding, why bother." Wang Jiangnan touched his nose, then turned his ears to listen to the tragic voice of the NPC slaughtering players in the bandit's den. He couldn't help but patted his brother control: "Hey, listen. , How pitiful and terrible the outside voice, you are the first person to bury funerary dolls of all this, don’t you have any guilt?"

     "This is a loophole in your game design. I just happened to find this loophole and use it reasonably. What's the guilt?" Ye Ci faced Wang Jiangnan's sighing face instead of a trace of guilt, but said it as it. should be by rights, "Moreover, as a player, either kill monsters or be killed by monsters in the game. It's all the same anyway, so why bother about it too much."

     "Ohhhhh, you are so cold-blooded." Wang Jiangnan jumped out of the box, walked up to Ye Ci, and looked at her quietly. Suddenly, his hand do sth when least expected stretched out.

     His movements were so fast that even Ye Ci did not react, and his hand had already pinched the gray brooch on Ye Ci's chest. Although Ye Ci still pretended to be the bandit captain, she was still surprised by Wang Jiangnan.

     She immediately leaped back and left Wang Jiangnan far away, her voice became a bit sharp: "What are you going to do?Wang Jiangnan seemed to realize that his actions were indeed inappropriate at this time. He became a little embarrassed. He gently scratched his hair, then returned to the box, sat down again, and repeatedly expressed his apologies. : "Sorry, sorry, I was abrupt. I just thought of it suddenly. In fact, the existence of this fraudulent brooch itself is a BUG."

     Only when Wang Jiangnan had returned to the box and sat down, Ye Ci's heart fell. She slowly exhaled and walked to the place where she had just sat and sat down again. Then not a word or movement said: "Why? Want to harmonize?"

     "I have this idea."

     "Whatever you want." Ye Ci didn't have any emotional fluctuations, but Wang Jiangnan knew that Ye Ci, a woman, would never allow others to pick up the meat in her bowl, so he didn't say anything, just quietly He looked at Ye Ci and waited for the words from Ye Ci. Sure enough, Ye Ci only paused slightly, then lowered his head, gently pulled the fraud brooch on his chest and slowly said: "Actually, I also think this kind of thing is heaven-defying to the existence of BUG."

     It's rare to get Ye Ci's same opinion as himself. This surprised Wang Jiangnan. It seems that he still underestimated this woman. She is not only against the system and planning, but also has very pertinent ideas."As a game planner, it is a correct idea to want harmony. In fact, if I were the master planner, I would also have the idea of harmony." Ye Ci smiled. She looks so good to talk. If it weren't for the limitation of her figure, her smile now really looks like a Maitreya Buddha with a big belly that can tolerate things in the world.

     "What are you talking about?" Wang Jiangnan hesitated. Although he said he wanted to harmonize this heaven-defying thing, as long as he submits it, he will soon receive approval and he will be able to harmonize. Players are generally not easy to deal with.

     "Of course it's sincere, don't you think I am sincere?" Ye Ci blinked and looked at Jiangnan. It was indeed very sincere.

     However, Wang Jiangnan didn't think so. Whether he used normal human thinking, Ye Ci's thinking, or planned his own thinking to think about this question, the final answer he got was the same. As long as the person has no problems, it is absolutely impossible to agree to this kind of thing.

     "I think you are sincere, but you are not as sincere as I thought." Wang Jiangnan told the truth."Why?" Ye Ci raised his eyebrows and looked at Wang Jiangnan with a smile: "The fraud brooch is a special product of the sand scorpion, but the explosion rate is very low. Therefore, your harmony and disharmony will not be for future players. There is no big deal, is it?".

     "I mean you..." How smart Wang Jiangnan is. Of course, you can understand it. Ye Ci means agreeing to their cheating brooch after harmony, not the one in his own hand. However, according to Wang Jiangnan's In other words, if you want to be harmonious, it is best if all the fraud brooches are harmonized. However, it is obvious that Ye Ci now disagrees with this statement.

     "What's wrong with this one of mine?" Ye Ci narrowed his eyes slightly: "If I remember correctly, I obtained this one through normal channels. Although the process is a bug, it is a law-abiding one. Player, I have already reported it to you. If I remember correctly, the person who submitted this bug is not someone else. It is you who planned Wang Jiangnan on the 094. Have you forgotten it?"

     "Of course not, but..."

     Ye Ci quickly interrupted Wang Jiangnan's rebuttal: "But what? Could it be that no one paid attention to this brooch when it was designed?".This is of course impossible. For a game like Fate, there are hundreds of people in the planning alone, and there are tens of thousands of designers in the game. Every item is produced through countless processes and countless individuals. , How could it be so easy to not be noticed.

     However, Wang Jiangnan can’t say this now, because if he says it, it’s equivalent to denying the game himself. Although he did not participate in the main planning of the game in the early stage, it does not mean that he can deny it casually. People's work.

     Since Wang Jiangnan didn’t speak, Ye Ci regarded him as tacit approval, so she nodded and smiled: “It’s like such a heaven-defying thing was made, but no one has considered his consequences. It was reasonable at the beginning of the design. Since its existence is reasonable, and my income process is reasonable, then as a plan, you can't just use what has become my object to give harmony to what has become my object. Drop."

     Wang Jiangnan was speechless. Because every sentence of Ye Ci complies with the rules of the game, what did he say? The rules of the game are used to restrict ordinary players, but the rules of the game are also used by players like Ye Ci.

     It turned out that she had confirmed this, but now, she has confirmed it again.An old fox understands the trap. Yah, get out of my way, cause you are stepping on my nine tails!
"As for the things that haven't been produced, how to restrain is something you plan, and it has nothing to do with me, an ordinary player. You don't need to discuss with me, and there is no need to inform me. But, what I have Once the harmony of such no cause and no reason is lost..." Ye Ci smiled slightly when he said that.


     "If you didn't watch my game track, how do you know that the fraud brooch is a BUG, if you don't know that the fraud brooch is a BUG, how would you think of harmony this thing?" Ye Ci smiled: "Speaking of which, you still use And monitor the player’s ** so as to pave the way for your job promotion. This is no longer a matter of violating the rules of the game and work rules. This is a moral issue. Are you saying that, dear Customer Service No. 094?"

     Wang Jiangnan's face turned green. He looked at Ye Ci with a wry smile: "Hey, it's too ugly for you to say that. I haven't said to be harmonious yet..."

     "No, no, I'm very in favor of your harmony." Ye Ci walked to Wang Jiangnan's side, patted him on the shoulder, with a nice smile on his face, but he didn't let this kind of smile let him. Wang Jiangnan felt relaxed, but he became heavier."You can submit this bug, or I can pretend not to know that you checked my game track..." Ye Ci smiled like a fox: "But, in return..."

     "You want to keep your brooch?"

     "No wonder people say that you are a genius. I found that you not only have high IQ, but also good EQ." Ye Ci nodded repeatedly.

     "Hey, this is very troublesome." Wang Jiangnan immediately protested, this kind of procedure is very difficult to do. While keeping an item, deleting all its future existence is more cumbersome than deleting all of it. Wang Jiangnan does not want to take such trouble.

     "Wang Jiangnan, killing the witch doctor Bru, I seem to have used the Concealment ID choice, but why did there be a betting post on the homepage of the forum?" Ye Ci didn't care, just gently digging. Holding her nails, she described all her threats as sketch in light shades.

     "Hey, hey, don't talk nonsense, I didn't do that." Wang Jiangnan waved his hand again and again.

     Ye Ci didn't believe it. She didn't speak, but looked at Wang Jiangnan with a smile, but that smile made Wang Jiangnan shudder.

     The two stood in a stalemate for a long time before Wang Jiangnan sighed: "Okay, OK, I know, I will do it."This answer made Ye Ci very satisfied. She nodded, then turned and walked towards the bandit den: "Then I will leave."

     "By the way, I still have something to do." Wang Jiangnan watched Ye Ci was about to leave, and suddenly stopped her.


     "You said, if one day, Fate becomes a game that everyone can play, is this feasible?" Wang Jiangnan looked at Ye Ci, his eyes full of sincerity and urgency.

     This is a moving emotion, because this emotion comes from something called a dream, and not everyone has this kind of dream. Therefore, Ye Ci always feels moved when he sees this kind of gaze. Although Wang Jiangnan was very vague, Ye Ci knew what she meant, and she even knew Wang Jiangnan was already moving towards his dream.

     So she smiled: "Why not big?""I mean, I mean..." Wang Jiangnan looked at Ye Ci's smile. The smile seemed to glow, making it hard to move his eyes. This made his nervous heart relax: "I That is to say, although there are many people playing games now, it is the same as decades ago. In fact, the penetration rate of games is only high among young people, but not high among middle-aged and elderly people, but we cannot ignore that. The elderly group is actually larger than the young group, but they will not accept the game so easily..."

     "Why wouldn't you accept it easily?" Ye Ci turned around and looked at Jiangnan quietly: "Where did you learn that they would not accept it?"

     "At least, my parents are unwilling to accept it." Wang Jiangnan smiled bitterly. This is really ironic. As Fate's planner, his parents have a great prejudice against the professional newspaper game."Not everyone in the world thinks the same. Your parents can't represent all people of this age. Why stand still without advancing for this kind of thing? How beautiful are your dreams." Ye Ci didn't want to say much about the future, she thought. , The kind of Wang Jiangnan who needs his own enlightenment to grow, I am afraid it will not be the domineering master planner in the previous life. This is Wang Jiangnan's dream, this is Wang Jiangnan's life, she doesn't need to be the protagonist in it, let alone intermingling, she has done everything she should do just by giving a little advice.

     Wang Jiangnan just sat on the box, quietly looking at Ye Ci, looking at her smile, looking at her chic. Finally, after watching her wave at her, she walked away without reluctance. He couldn't help but smile, he thought, he actually came to the childe today to do something very right.

     Of course, he would never tell the childe'>you, today he came to her, the so-called harmony bug is just a ridiculous excuse, his real purpose is just to listen to her advice. She once encouraged his dream, but now when his dream is a little hesitant, Wang Jiangnan thinks of her without any hesitation, because he needs her affirmation.

     As if there was a light on her body, as long as he got a little ignition from her, he would have the courage to continue."Thank you, Ye Ci." Wang Jiangnan lowered his head, muttering silently in his own heart, and then his figure disappeared in this tin-silver vein.

     Sure enough, the next day, something like a fraud brooch was harmonized. Of course, there is nothing wrong with Ye Ci. When it went online, Ye Ci saw the updated patch. The above was nothing more than a correction of some minor problems, but what made Ye Ci the most noticed was one-some things that shouldn't exist, but also returned to the world where it shouldn't exist went.

     Regarding this article, no one knows what it is. Everyone's opinions differ.

     In other words, in fact, except for Ye Ci, the holder of the first fraudulent brooch, who knew what it was saying, everyone else didn't understand what the official announcement was saying. But no one will pursue it, because it doesn't make any sense.

     In the middle of the summer vacation, the Guran Arena that players were looking forward to finally showed its true colors.

     As the largest Arena at this stage, it has already attracted the attention of players before it withdraws. After all, this is not the same as the original Arena. The Gulan Arena not only regulates the various modes of the players as a battle, but also has more venues to choose from. In Gulan Arena, players can not only have friendship and exchanges with players on the alliance continent, but also face the players on the hostile continent.The competitions of Gulan Arena are divided into five types: one-person battle, two-person battle, three-person battle, five-person battle, and ten-person battle. Each kind of battle will test the players' different focuses, and the honor points that can be obtained will be more, and there will be more opportunities to exchange for advanced PVP equipment.

     In addition to the fun of the players who go to the Gulan Arena, many people actually go in exchange for PVP equipment. Although the war between continents has not been officially opened from the beginning of the game to the present, it has been through several battles in various ways. It is obvious to everyone that the player wearing PVE equipment is the same as the player wearing PVP equipment. In the case of PK, it really suffers too much, so everyone pays more attention to PVP equipment.

     After all, the future war between the mainland and the mainland will be a key part of the whole game. If you don't save more PVP equipment before opening, it will be as sad as losing the opportunity after the mainland war. No one wants this, so at the beginning of the Gulan Arena debut, besides pushing Dungeon, the most popular place for players to go to is the Gulan Arena.Ye Ci didn't join in the excitement at the beginning. The first reason was that there were too many people at that time. Every battle in the Gulan Arena had to go through a long queue before entering. Ye Ci didn't want to waste this time. Secondly, at that time, her Epic Level Quest and branch Quest reached the most critical moment. She really didn't want to be distracted at this urgent and important moment.

     "After such a long test, I finally feel your sincere sincerity." Mirada looked at Ye Ci standing in front of him and quietly said how he felt.

     Ye Ci exhaled and thought, now I can finally move on to the next step. But Quest is cheating, and NPC is cheating. Mirada did not hand over the next Quest to her as Ye Ci had imagined, but changed her conversation and said: "But in order to test your sincerity for the last step, I still have a small request, hope You can agree."

     "you said."

     "My brother, Andre, who is the real master of the tin and silver veins, was captured by Fatar, the warden of Red Lake City. I hope you can help me save him." Mirada said as it should be by rights, as if this thing is as simple as eating and sleeping.But Ye Ci's eyes widened after listening to Quest, didn't he, this guy asked her to go to the Red Lake City prison to save someone? In other words, let her help the real bandit leader Andre escape from prison or do it from the men of Red Lake City's toughest NPC Fatal.

     Fatar's level is 100, and it is an elite-level NPC. Not only does he have a strong offensive power, but his biggest magic weapon is to summon soldiers. Although he does not have as many summons as the city lord and the municipality, it is also quite a lot. Yes, it is enough and to spare for at least one Ye Ci.

     This is too much. Even if it is an Epic Level Quest, it is necessary to arrange a Quest that can be completed, OK? Like this kind of Quest that can't be completed at all, the arrangement is basically equivalent to making no difference.

     Just when Ye Ci was having a headache, Mirada suddenly began to speak again: "I think, my brother Andre has never seen you, so even if you save him, he will not necessarily follow you. , So, I will give you something, and with him, you can get his trust."After Mirada had finished speaking, Ye Ci saw two options in front of her eyes. The first one was a pack of potent poison, and the above explanation was also in place. Jù Dú’s poison can kill people with just a little bit, and it is a great weapon against Fatal and his minions.

     The other is a ring, which is also explained. This is Mirada's ring. This is the ring that Mirada's mother gave Mirada. Andre also has one. If Andre sees it, he will be very happy.

     This is a choice.

     Different choices will bring different results. Games are like life, full of different choices all the time. As long as you make a slightly wrong choice, you are likely to lose everything. Therefore, people must be very careful when making choices.

     Ye Ci quietly looked at these two choices, whether to choose poison or choose the ring?

     If you choose Poison, then according to the instructions on this item, killing Fatar and the guards will become very simple, maybe, you can also earn a lot of Dolan Rogue's reputation. However, Fatar is the warden of Red Lake City. If he is killed, Red Lake City will no longer spawn such a hundred-level elite NPC. Then Ye Ci, a resident of Red Lake City, has to I am worried that this will have any negative impact on the development of the entire Red Lake City and its future prospects.In Fate, important NPCs in each city will not be refreshed after being killed. It is like that once a warden like Fatar dies, it means that no one will guard the prison again, and no one will send anyone to defend the entire Red Public order in Lake City. The result of this is only the turbulence in the entire Red Lake City, and players will also be affected by the turmoil of the city.

     Unless the Lord of the City can find another NPC that can replace Fatar from another city or in the wild to re-appoint as the warden, this situation will be eased. However, in view of Red Lake City’s Lord Sarkargel’s disposition of the shopkeeper, it is estimated that he would not care about this matter. If he doesn't care...

     Ye Ci's mind immediately thought of the declining economy of Red Lake City and the miserable situation of Rogue. At that time, not only players would be disappointed in Red Lake City, but they were also the residents who depended on Red Lake City to survive. In other words, it will suffer a heavy blow in terms of prestige and income.

     It was for this reason that the option of poison was immediately denied by Ye Ci. Although this option is very convenient, it is definitely a waste of thousands of years, and you must not be so short-sighted.

     And the rest is the ring option.Since you can't choose poison, then there is nothing to hesitate, Ye Ci can only choose the ring. Soon Mirada put a badly worn gold ring in Ye Ci's hand and greeted her to go down the mountain.

     Quest does not have a time limit, which is a great blessing in misfortune, because it allows Ye Ci to have enough time to think about what to do to make this Quest continue.

     Recalling the previous strategy, the player who completed the Epic Level Quest did not clearly inform the whole process. After all, not everyone can meet the Epic Level Quest, and it doesn’t make much difference. So, he is Spent a lot of space to show the final reward.

     Noncommittal, it was really tempting.

     Ye Ci even thought that she was a greedy person. If it weren't for those rewards, maybe she wouldn't be so concerned about this Epic Level Quest.

     Chapter 11 This is a choice

     Chapter 11 This is a choice