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Chapter Directory 215 Chapter 13 Finding Bella
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 13 Finding Bella

     Chapter 13 Finding Bella

     "In fact, I really want to know how you became Fatal. Even someone like me who has been dealing with him for so many years has never seen that you are in disguise." Andre severely ate a few. After eating horse meat, it seems to have some spirit. Once a person has energy, he will do a lot of things. For example, the current Andrei wants to find someone to chat, probably because he has been in jail for too long, and he hasn’t spoken to anyone for a long time, so as long as the environment Relatively safe, once the spirit relaxed, he began to open the chatterbox to the people around him. Regardless of whether this person is a good chat partner, in short, the current Andre doesn't want to idle his mouth every minute, either eating meat or talking.

     Ye Ci twitched her mouth. She didn't want to answer this question at all. Ye Ci didn't want to tell anyone about this secret. Of course, this anyone also included this Andre who had just been rescued by herself. However, in the face of the NPC in the most important link in her own epic Quest, she still can't be too perfunctory, or it might affect the entire Quest process.Therefore, Ye Ci pondered a little, then smiled and said, "I just said that I am a businessman. The businessman must have many secrets that others cannot let others know. Otherwise, what would he use as a bargaining chip for his business?"

     "That's it." Although he didn't know the secret as he wanted, Andre didn't seem to be disappointed. He just tilted his head to look at Ye Ci and nodded thoughtfully.

     "I believe that Andre, you are a person who does big things, and those who do big things must be not bother about trifles. In that case, how about making this matter a secret?" Ye Ci said slowly, but in his voice With irresistible dignity: "It's your secret, what do you think?"

     "It's not a big deal, why can't you say it?" Andrei is obviously an NPC with a low IQ. It seems that he hasn't figured out what Ye Ci's words mean.

     Ye Ci couldn't help but sighed inwardly, so she said that she didn't like dealing with fools at all. If the person who is talking now is replaced by a savvy guy like Moon Green Hill or Zero Arsenic, she must have understood what she meant, but when faced with this Andrei, she could only speak more bluntly. Then it's whiter."In that case, Andre, you don't mind that people all over the world know that you, a smashing big man who can't even walk in the prison of Red Lake City, is a soft-footed shrimp?" Ye Ci didn't look at Andre, but was eating horse meat quietly. Her movements were gentle and graceful, and she looked like a well-educated nobleman.

     As soon as Andre heard Ye Ci's words, his face turned pale. A very arrogant NPC like him actually has a weakness, that is, he does not want to let anyone know or see the weak side, so compared to Andre, this matter can never be told anything. Human.

     He shook his head quickly and waved his hands again and again and said, "No way, no way, how can I let others know about such a shameful thing? You can't tell anyone."

     "I said I was a businessman." Ye Ci narrowed his eyes and looked at Andre again: "Shall we make another deal? Few words"

     "What deal?" Andre suddenly felt that the female elf in front of her was not kind at all. Not only was it not kind, but she was also a very treacherous talent. However, this was just a passing feeling, because immediately Andre's entire attention was attracted by Ye Ci's proposal.Ye Ci did not speak, but looked at Andre quietly. She felt that she had given too many tips. If Andre couldn’t even think of this and had to tell him by himself, then he was a real fool from head to tail.

     Fortunately, Andre’s only IQ is not that high, he is not an idiot, nor is he a fool with zero EQ. At first, he thought this female elf was really strange, so he just looked at what he was doing. Did he have flowers on his face? He stretched out his hand, wiped his face, and suddenly reacted. He connected the two things that the female elf said just now, and after thinking about it, he understood what the woman was talking about. He laughed loudly: "Oh, I see, what you mean is, I keep the secret of how you rescued me for you, and you keep the secret of the fact that I'm not very beautiful in prison for me Right? This is the deal you are talking about, right?"

     Fortunately, this NPC is not too stupid to be hopelessly stupid. Ye Ci exhaled, as she let go of the stone in her heart, she nodded: "You are right, how about it? Do you want to make this deal with me.""Of course you can rest assured. My Andre's mouth is very strict. You saw it in the prison just now. I didn't let go of Fatal's super bastard. So, for this little thing, I absolutely Will guard one's mouth like a closed bottle." Andre patted his chest to make sure that Ye Ci was relieved. However, he soon became worried about Ye Ci: "I am worried about you. Will you guard one's mouth like a closed bottle for my business?"

     "I said that I am a businessman, and the most important quality of a businessman is honesty. Therefore, I will never reveal a word about what I promised you." Ye Ci also vowed to guarantee.

     "It's so good." Andre relieved, as if he felt hungry again, so he lowered his head a few times and ate the horse meat in his hand, but still felt that he was not full enough. He watched Ye Ci's campfire was still roasting a large piece of horse meat, now it was simmering, and his greedy saliva fell off. But he wasn't too embarrassed to sit there, so he could only sit there and smell the fragrance, sniffing and swallowing.

     Ye Ci glanced at Andre from the corner of the eye, and then sent out an invitation again: "Come and eat horse meat, it's about to be roasted.""No, no, you have helped me too much. I, I have eaten enough." Although Andre is a reckless man, he still gave birth to Ye Ci, who is a woman and his lifesaver. The gentleman's demeanor, although he was still hungry, he still suppressed those emotions and waved his hand pretentiously.

     Ye Ci still invited him warmly, and didn't give up because of Andre's polite refusal. Because of this open Quest, any conversation between you and the NPC will affect the NPC's emotions towards you in the future. Especially for NPCs like Andre. Although the bandit of the tin-silver vein is only a small branch of the Dolan Rogue Club, since he can be the leader of this branch, he must be a more important player in the Dolan Rogue Club. NPC,

     In the face of such NPCs, you must be pleased, you must be flattering, and you must try to cultivate their intimacy with yourself. However, these NPCs have been endowed with normal human emotions. If you can please and flatter, you may not get the NPC's approval. It is easy to gain the gains do not make up for the losses. Therefore, for such NPCs, in order to increase intimacy with them, in addition to fulfilling their desires, the more important thing is to do what they like, don’t deliberately let the intimacy grow very naturally. Only in this way will we get the most benefit."Whether it’s in Red Lake City or not, I don’t think there will be a good time to eat as long as it’s in prison. Look at what you look like now. If you are seen by Midara and your brothers, you will definitely It hurts very much. We live, sometimes not just for ourselves, so even for your brothers and eat a little. And this horse is really a bit big, I can’t finish it myself, so you should help. How do I eat?" Ye Ci smiled. Sometimes she really feels that she is really suitable to be a lobbyist, because she is also hypocritical enough.

     Hearing what Ye Ci said, Andre didn’t seem to have any reason to continue to refuse. He looked at Ye Ci and scratched his hair, laughing a little awkwardly: “It seems that you are also very reasonable, then I will I’ll help you eat some more.” After that, he hurriedly made it to the opposite side of Ye Ci, grabbed the horse meat on the campfire, smiled at Ye Ci, and then the wolf down one's food turned towards Throw it in his own mouth.

     While eating meat like this, Andre did not forget the big finger pointed at Ye Ci and praised it without hesitation: "Elf, although you are from Red Lake City, you are really a nice person. The cooking skills are also very good, and I find that I don’t hate you anymore."While listening to Andre’s words, Ye Ci quietly opened Andre’s character panel and found the option of his intimacy with him, and found that the intimacy inside had changed from aggro in the beginning to intimacy. Now, I can’t help but, as Andre continues to eat meat, his favorability is still rising. Ye Ci believes that as long as she pleases Andre in not a word or movement, her goodwill with him will soon reach the level of life and death.

     As long as the friendship with Andre reaches the level of life and death, then she can get a lot of benefits in Dolan Rogue in the future. In fact, in the area of prestige, this snobbery reputation often brings more benefits to players, but this reputation is very difficult to increase. Even in the previous life, players who can reach the prestige of these forces are very close. Less, and the respected one can be counted on one's fingers.

     As for Ye Ci of the previous life, because of his own personality paranoia and excessive pursuit of fame and wealth, no power has a reputation that is more than intimate. It is just that when I read the post on the forum, I saw some players who have reached the reputation to share their experience. , The reputation of these forces reaching closeness or above will have various benefits, but I have been envious.And Ye Ci in this life cares more about enjoying the entire game process, so of course she will not let go of such an opportunity, and she must increase her reputation in the Dolan Rogue to be the best. Andre in front of her is her best opportunity, she must seize it tightly.

     When Andre was almost done eating, she took out a pot of expensive wine from her package and threw it towards Andre: "Although you hate the people in Red Lake City, Red The gin in the One-Eyed Jack Tavern in Lake City is very famous on Eastern Continent. I don’t know if you hate this kind of wine?"

     "I've always had a good sense of grievances. Although I hate everything about Red Lake City, I hate Red Lake City even more, but I don't hate Red Lake City's wine at all." Andre was full of surprise. He obviously did not expect that Ye Ci had prepared such a good gin. He raised his hand and caught the jug thrown by Ye Ci, then immediately opened it, put his nose to the side of the jug, and smelled it deeply. He took a mouthful, then closed his eyes with a look of intoxication. After a while, he opened his eyes and looked at Ye Ci with a smile on his face: "Good wine, I don't hate good wine at all, just like you, I don't hate it at all."Sure enough, the act of delivering wine immediately increased Andre's favorability for Ye Ci. Although there is still some distance from the life and death relationship, it is not much. But the only pity is that this method of ingratiating and increasing favorability can only greatly improve favorability when you use it for the first time, but when you want to use it again later, the increased favorability will not be much. However, you can continue to use it. Just be aware that if the same method is used too much, not only will the increase in favorability become slower and less, it will even make the NPC feel annoying, but it will reduce the existing goodness. Sensitivity.

     Ye Ci doesn't have so many good wines on his body, so this method is not impossible to use again. She waited quietly for Andre to be full of wine and food, and then proposed to Andre: "Andre, it's getting late and late. Let's take advantage of the early days and go back soon."

     "I want to sleep for a while." Andre said the truth. There is such a saying that if you are full of food, as long as you are full of food and drink, and if you are relaxed, you will easily want to sleep. This happens to be the case for Andre now: "Simply, I will sleep for a while, and we will go back later."Ye Ci frowned, jokes, she doesn't have so much time to accompany an NPC to eat, drink and sleep with Lazarus. Now she just wants to quickly send Andre back, and then quickly get this Epic Level Quest. The next step is For other things, she has no patience and mood.

     However, in the face of an NPC like Andre, she couldn't directly refuse his request, so Ye Ci thought of a good way as soon as his eyes turned. She sat on the rock and looked at Andre, who was about to fall asleep leaning on the rock, and said, "This is a vein of tin and silver, right."

     "Yes, the tin and silver veins, the sunshine here is the best." With a smile on his face, Andre leaned against the rock in a very peaceful way. He didn't look like a Rogue leader at all, but rather like An ordinary middle-aged man.

     "However, this is still within the scope of Red Lake City."

     "Cut, what's wrong with the range of Red Lake City, I don't care." Andre closed his eyes, but he snorted heavily. It could be seen that he didn't care about Red Lake City at all.

     "That said, you must sleep here?" Ye Ci squinted at Andre, looking at his happy and calm face, she suddenly felt like he was going up and smoking him, but she I held back and continued to ask not a word or movement.

     "of course."

     "In any case?""Of course." Andrei was obviously very dissatisfied with Ye Ci's constant chatter disturbing his sleep. He frowned and looked at Ye Ci: "Elf, what do you want to say, hurry up, don't Disturb Andre’s sleep, I’m really sleepy, you know, I’m in a prison in Red Lake City, and I’m tortured by that damn Fatal every day, but I haven’t slept for a good night’s sleep. If you disturb me again It would be too unkind, don't you think?"

     "Of course, I don't want to delay your sleep. I just want to remind you that when I went to save you just now, I put on makeup while Fatal was going to take a nap." Ye Ci smiled and looked at Andre. .

     Andre opened one eye and looked at Ye Ci: "What do you mean?"

     "I mean, it's been a long time since we left Red Lake City prison. Probably Fatar's nap has woke up." Ye Ci continued to smile, according to her understanding, although this is safe Dre hates Fatar very much, and disdain as beneath contempt to the people of Red Lake City, but from the heart, he is still very afraid of the consequences for Fatar.

     Sure enough, after hearing this, Andre's eyes were already opened: "Fatar wakes up?""I think it's more than just waking up. If he knows that Andre, the felon, has escaped from prison, he might be furious." Ye Ci still smiled, as if this incident had nothing to do with him at all. same.

     Andre sat up, staring at Ye Ci's smiling face: "What, Fatal is going to be furious."

     "It's still light. Think about it, if you are Fatal, and a felon like you, who is as important as you, runs away from under your eyelids, do you think you will give up?".

     "of course not"

     "If Fatar couldn't, what would he do?" Ye Ci gently dragged his chin and looked at Andre with a smile: "According to my Red Lake City people's understanding of Master Fatar If you do, he will definitely catch you back by unscrupulous means. Maybe, at this time, a large number of soldiers are being assembled to go out of the city to search..."Before Ye Ci had finished speaking, he saw Andre, who was still lazy, jumped up and yelled at her: "Oh my God, fairy, you are such a smart man, you are still my good friend. If it weren’t for you to remind me, I would definitely fall asleep here, do you know? The last time I was caught by Fatar was because I ate meat and drank too much wine, fell asleep in the wild, and then fell asleep Those damn farmers were caught by Fatar only after they reported it. If I get caught like this again this time, I really don’t have to live."

     While yelling like this, he ran towards the mountain, "Elves, hurry up, we are going back to the camp"

     "The sun here is so good, don't you sleep for a while?". Ye Ci asked calmly, this made Andre's face blush: "No, no, hurry up, my good friend, it's better for us to go back to the mountain now."

     This is the purpose of Ye Ci. Now that it has been achieved, Ye Ci will certainly not continue to struggle and delay. She also stood up, dispersed the fire on the ground, and threw the leftover horse meat and horse bones into the side of the col, and then turned and chased Andre and ran towards the bandit's den.For Andre’s return, the bandits of the entire tin-silver vein have long been looking forward to it. Therefore, after seeing Andre and Ye Ci come back, the whole bandit's den was boiled. The joyous atmosphere is even more enthusiastic than the great value delivery in Red Lake City.

     Of course, Ye Ci cannot be the protagonist in this scene, and she doesn't want to be the protagonist. She just wants to get Jiang Lie quickly, and then she will get the next Quest. However, now this Mirada does not have the leisure time to take care of him, because they are all immersed in the joy of Andre's return.

     Although Andrei was also very excited, this man was still very loyal. He actually solemnly introduced himself to all the bandits and bandits at the subsequent celebration: "This elf, is my savior, Although she was entrusted by Mirada to rescue me, but you don’t know how terrifying the prison in Red Lake City is. It was the elf who used her wisdom and kindness to finally take me from which hell on earth. Rescued, so this elf is a friend of my Andre, and also a friend of all the people in Dolan’s Rogue.”Obviously, what Andre said was more useful than Mirada. With just a few simple words, Ye Ci found that his reputation in the Dolan Rogue Club suddenly developed from friendly to intimacy. Such an impact, it is Ye Ci who has experienced the big storm in his heart secretly stunned, and sure enough, it is better to work hard to find the right way. I look at myself, I'm just pleased with a key person, and I'm so excited that I have improved my reputation so much.

     Based on this, Ye Ci doesn’t care if he is going to be here for a while, anyway, in this place, he has become a guest of the bandits, and there is good wine and good food to greet, but there is nothing wrong with it. Happy.

     The celebration took a long time. Ye Ci went offline to eat and sleep midway, and went online the next morning, and they came to an end. And when Ye Ci stood in Mirada's original house, the person sitting there was no longer Midala but she rescued Andre."My dearest friend, I know the rise and fall of the terrain about you very well. I thank you for your righteousness and everything you have done for me. I, Andre, will assure you that you are My forever friend is also Dolan Rogue's forever friend." Andre changed his clothes, and his hair was neatly combed. He looked like a talent of Pose. He nodded at Ye Ci, and his tone of voice to her was respectful.

     "Nothing, this is what I should do." Ye Ci did not choose to skip the conversation with Andre, but carefully studied every sentence he said, and then he was very cautious. Reply.

     In doing so, Ye Ci actually has her own purpose. The biggest difference between this kind of Epic Level Quest and ordinary Quest, in addition to the difficulty and length of the Quest, there is also a very important point that Quest has staged rewards.It’s as if Ye Ci received this Quest from Red Lake City at the beginning, and then she went straight to Black Mud City. After doing a lot of work in Black Mud City, she ended the first stage of the Quest. When Quest Completed, she got a purple-quality skinning knife. This skinning knife actually has no combat effect, but it has great benefits in the process of skinning and shading. First of all, it can greatly increase the speed of peeling and shading, and for those who cherish the carcasses of species, it will also greatly increase the production rate of meat and other things. In short, although this thing does not have any fighting effect, it is really a rare good thing for Ye Ci, a hunter who deals with Buding skin every day.

     It is important to know that the corpses of some rare species often ding and skinning many unexpected precious materials, and these materials are necessary for refining equipment, enchanting equipment, and improving equipment attributes. However, these things tend to have extremely low burst rates, and the scale of player demand and its production in the entire game are simply priceless.And now it’s hard work in the tin-silver vein, and it’s finally time for the second stage of Quest to end. I don’t know, what will be the reward this time? Sometimes, Quest’s rewards are directly related to the dialogue between players and key NPCs. That’s why Ye Ci is always cautious and solemn when talking to Andre. He definitely doesn’t dare to say anything that shouldn’t be said. Avoid affecting the quality of the reward for a while.

     "My friend, you are always so loyal and polite. How can I repay you with my gratitude?" When Andre said this, tears came out in his eyes. Although they didn't flow down, they were in the circles of the eyes. Turning around, Ye Ci, an outsider, was really moved. He was quite sad for a while before he took out another letter and handed it to Ye Ci: "This is my reply to the lord Moore in Heimu City. You take it back to the person who handed it to you, he I will naturally tell you what to do next."

     This is the opening of the third stage Quest. Ye Ci certainly wouldn't refuse, she even accepted the letter a little respectfully. This letter looks so light, but in her hand, Ye Ci has a feeling that it weighs a thousand pounds, because she doesn't know what kind of difficulties are waiting for her in the future of this Quest."My dear friend, you and I are about to be parted. Although I welcome you to come back and see my old friend very much, but I think you will be very busy for some time in the future, and you probably won't have the opportunity to come and visit. Mine." Andre said, his eyes flushed again. This makes Ye Ci a little unacceptable. In any case, Andre is also a big man, the overlord of the party, a handsome seven-foot man, who actually shed tears like this, which planning and design was this?

     It's fine if his crying appearance is more beautiful, and the appearance of him crying is really ugly enough, how can people accept this? Ye Ci has always been very sad with Andre's sadness on her face, but this can't Concealment the goose bumps on her whole body.

     It's disgusting.

     Andre cried for a while, and then took out a very strangely shaped iron block with a strange pattern carved on it. "My good friend, before you leave me, can you do something for me?"."What's the matter?" Ye Ci was slightly taken aback by this request, but she continued to follow Andre's words. Although, according to Ye Ci's estimation, this should be the time for Andre to pay her second-stage Quest remuneration, but no one knows what the remuneration situation is. Andre, the key NPC, has his own way of thinking and behavior, so Ye Ci cannot discuss two disparate things together with other NPCs.

     "Take this medal and go to the north where Blade's Edge Hills goes to find a man named Bella, and he will tell you what to do." Andre quickly said his request. And after he finished his request, no matter what Ye Ci was saying, he just nodded to Ye Ci with a smile, and said by the way: "Oh, old friend, I’m so happy to see you again. ."

     This performance means that Andre’s dialogue here has ended, and only Ye Ci will come to him with the information after completing the Quest in order to continue the following things.

     After working hard for so long, I didn't get any rewards. Instead, I took another Quest that didn't know whether Epic Quest or what kind of Quest, and it started errands, which made Ye Ci somewhat dissatisfied. However, she didn't show it to Andre. She still followed the rules, saluted, and then left here quickly.

     Blade's Edge Hills.Ye Ci here is not unfamiliar at all. It is not only a good place for leveling, but also the place where I met Black Night White Day last time. It is also the place where Ye Ci took off when the Western Continent counterattacked Eastern Continent. Ye Ci took a look, and now there is still a little time to start the team fighting equipment in the afternoon, and considering that Blade's Edge Hills is driving the teleportation point by itself, he just went there directly.

     Although more than a month has passed, there are still just a very few players who can reach the level of Blade Edge Hills. The terrain here is more dangerous, and there are not many players here. Therefore, when Ye Ci comes out of the teleportation point of Blade's Edge Hills, he can only have one feeling immediately.


     It's so cold here. The biting cold wind blows everywhere, and it hurts deeply.

     And here is also deserted.

     The teleportation point located to the northwest of Blade's Edge Hills is located in a small camp. There are various NPCs in the camp for players to buy and sell things, repair equipment and the simplest supplies. There are some NPCs that are Quest NPCs. However, the Quest Ye Ci here has all been done. From Ye Ci's point of view, the NPCs here are just decorations to make this deserted camp a little more lively.

     Except for Ye Ci, there is no more player in the camp.Ye Ci stood in the camp, rubbed his arms, then walked to the grocer, where he bought some anti-wind pills for a small amount of money. This is a pill unique to Blade's Edge Hills, specially designed to deal with the biting cold wind of Blade's Edge Mountain. As long as you eat, you can walk in the wind without any danger, otherwise, it is easy to cause unnecessary deaths and injuries due to the dangers brought by the cold or other storms.

     Ye Ci recruited Ol' Four, gave him an anti-wind pill, and then put another one in his mouth, and jumped onto Ol' Four's back one by one, and ran towards the north. .

     The place specified by the NPC in Fate is generally not very clear, such as which direction is northeast or northwest. In short, it will never tell you where this place is. I will never tell you what landmark buildings or landmarks are next to this place. Everything must be explored by the player. Therefore, in Fate, if a player arrives on a new map, he must do the first thing. One thing is to be familiar with the map. Try to use your memory as much as possible to write down all the positions and things on this map, otherwise when you do Quest in the future, you will just wait and cry while running.Ye Ci has one advantage. This Quest has been completed in her last life. Ye Ci at this time is a Fate's ** GPS, no matter where she is going, she basically can't go wrong. However, basically there is no error, which does not mean that Ye Ci is not at all wrong. It seems that the Bella that I need to find now makes Ye Ci very depressed. Because she couldn't remember how, there was an NPC named Bella on the north side of Blade's Edge Hills.

     Such depression has been accompanied by Ye Ci's running back and forth within the northern range of Blade's Edge Hills. It took a lot of time before she finally found this NPC named Bella under an extremely remote mountain wall.

     But when she saw this NPC, Ye Ci's face was full of black lines, she said why she couldn't find this NPC, because this was not a living NPC at all, but a very low tombstone. , And the two words "Bella" are written on the tombstone.

     For a moment, Ye Ci felt as if ten thousand grass mud horses were roaring and charging past, laughing and galloping on the beautiful Mary Gobi. Too cheating. Has anyone come to find the tombstone? This is simply playing tricks, okay?This Andre... Ye Ci almost gnashing one's teeth, she now feels that if this guy is either a natural second-hand, or a slut with a good Concealment. Otherwise, how did he come up with this test of Quest?

     However, finding Bella is not over. The important thing is to complete the Quest only if you hand this odd-shaped medal to him. But isn't this more cheating? The so-called Bella is a tombstone. No, in other words, a dead person lying under the ground, she is a big living person, how can she give something to a dead person?

     Who will point her to this proposition?

     Chapter 13 Finding Bella

     Chapter 13 Finding Bella