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Chapter Directory 216 Chapter 14 What Is Bella?
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 14 What is Bella?

     Chapter 14 What is Bella?

     In this kind of place where the earth is not working and the ground is not working, if you encounter a problem that makes people headache, there are only two ways to solve it. The first is not to solve it, it can't be solved anyway. The second is to consider from all angles and finally solve it by yourself.

     Obviously, Ye Ci is not the first type of person. Although this Quest's instructions are very cheating, the person who released the Quest is very cheating, and even the "person" who completed the Quest is also very cheating, but it does not mean that Ye Ci will bow to this cheating Quest and express that he has surrendered.

     For Ye Ci, there has never been a sentence in her dictionary that gives up without trying. She jumped up from Ol' Four, walked around the short tombstone several times, checked all the top, bottom, left, right and left of the graveyard, and finally was covered with thin soil under the tombstone. A clue was found on a covered stone slab.

     The slate is obviously not new anymore, but because the wind in the blade hills is so strong, the stone is weathered so badly that Ye Ci can't see how long this slab has existed. However, these are not the main points. The main point is that there is a strangely shaped dent on this slab that is the same as the medal in Ye Ci's hand.If Ye Ci still doesn't know what to do, Ye Ci can only report doubts about his IQ. Such an obvious problem can be said to be understood by everyone. So, if there is something similar in those TV movies, the protagonist still has to consider from all angles for a long time. It can only be said that the screenwriter and director are infinitely lowering the audience’s IQ offline, and also, endurance. ’S offline. Oh, it seems to be a long way off, but I have endured this point for a long time. I just want to say, don’t treat readers, audiences and ordinary people as fools, okay? Those directors and screenwriters now, please improve your quality and IQ appropriately...

     Oh, well, I have pulled too far.

     We still withdrew the topic, now Ye Ci.

     When Ye Ci found the dent, she immediately took out the medal from the package and put it in, and then she squatted in front of the tombstone and waited expressionlessly. According to her understanding of the various dog-blooded bridges in TV dramas, movies, and novels, at this time there should be a situation where the mountains and the ground are shaking, and then a large rock is slowly moved away, revealing a dark cave, letting People shudder. Or, suddenly there was lightning and thunder, wind and rain, and then some amazing treasure appeared, giving the discoverer the highest reward.There will not be such a bloody part in this game, will it? Shaozi Ye Ci just squatted there and waited quietly.

     One minute passed and nothing happened.

     Two minutes passed and nothing happened.


     Five minutes passed and nothing happened.


     Ten minutes passed, but nothing happened.

     Ye Ci is angry. This is just a joke. Although she thinks that the bridges designed in TV dramas and movies are really outrageous, but if you don't design anything, isn't it even more outrageous and outrageous?

     Just like Ye Ci now, she only feels something is burning in her chest. She stood up abruptly, squinting her eyes blankly at the tombstone. She thought that if she were a man, she would definitely pull up the belt, unzip the zipper, and then take out "" to release water on this thing to vent her anger. However, she happened to be a woman who was not born with this tool. She could only step on the tombstone with one foot, and severely said: "Hey, the one named Bella, I don't care if you are a dead or alive, or It's a tombstone, you can come out quickly, otherwise, I will dig your grave directly."

     However, in response to Ye Ci's fierce action, except for the wind of the blade hills, there was nothing left.The howling wind blew over Ye Ci's ears, as if laughing at Ye Ci, making Ye Ci even more angry. She knows that sometimes planning can be a bit nasty, making some small jokes (of a defect etc) to be of no great matter, but since she has never suffered, she feels there is nothing wrong with it, at least she can adjust her life. . However, when such a bad taste happened to him, Ye Ci began to think that all planning should be invaded the pig cage, especially the guy named Wang Jiangnan, especially the pig cage.

     Wang Jiangnan, who was writing the program, felt that a gust of wind blowing from behind him made him shiver and knocked off the teacup beside him. With a snap, all split up and in pieces. No one noticed this sound in the Fate expansion design work hall, which was noisy as much as the vegetable market. At most, it attracted the attention of a planner sitting next to Wang Jiangnan. He looked at Jiangnan and said, "What's wrong? It's still chilling on a hot day. Are you convulsing?"

     Wang Jiangnan was also confused by some Zhang Er monks, he touched his forehead, there was no fever, and there was no sign of cold in his body. So he shook his head and said nonchalantly: "It's nothing, it's probably a swing."

     "You won't get your head down." The planner, smirked a few times, joking (of a defect etc) to be of no great matter."Go and go, I will be head down, I guess you don't know how many times you have died." Wang Jiangnan naturally would not believe his statement, two people are joking when you come and go, and then they both bury them. Go ahead and continue writing the program.

     This is just a very small episode in the hot summer, no one will pay attention. Outside the window, I was yelling in bursts, and the sun was so bright that people's hearts began to bloom.

     Ye Ci is a person who says one and mean just that. Since this dead man's tombstone named Bella still ignores her, and her Quest can't be completed, she just keeps doing it, so she just finds one and she hasn't got it. The long weapons that went out for sale began to be used as shovel, and the grave was dug up. On the other side, Ol' Four looked at Ye Ci very curiously. When he realized that Ye Ci was digging a grave, he was so happy that he rushed up to help, using his big claws to dig up the soil. Come.

     The tomb was obviously not buried very deep, so Ye Ci had already seen a coffin after a while. The coffin is very simple, and it is not necessarily a lot of precious wood. The style is even more ordinary. Anyway, it looks like a normal coffin. While Ye Ci was still studying how to open the coffin so as not to break it, Ol’ Four, a sincere child, directly stepped on the coffin that didn't seem to be very strong with his big paws, and then...Then the coffin clicked--it broke.

     Ol' Four was suddenly excited. This sound was very similar to the sound of him stepping on dry branches in the forest. For Ol' Four, who had not been to the primeval forest for a long time, this sound really evoked it. Memories of hometown. It happily jumped left and right on the spot, and it seemed to be dancing with excitement.

     Facing the happy and excited Ol’ Four, the black line on Ye Ci's head became even darker. But she didn’t have time to black lines here, because she saw something that made her even more mad-Ol' Four actually stretched out his guilty paws against the stomped coffin, intending to make the coffin even more rotten.

     "Ol' Four" Although Ye Ci dug someone else's grave, he didn't plan to let others not a trace of body left. But Ol' Four seemed to be accused of suffering a thousand knives. Really.

     "Huh?" Ol’ Four's paws stopped in place. It tilted its head and looked at Ye Ci, with a very unhappy expression in its eyes. It was nakedly accusing Ye Ci of destroying its interest.

     "You can't come back to me." Ye Ci seldom made a face.But for Ol’ Four, who is used to being arrogant, this level of censure doesn’t seem to mean anything. As it continued to tilt its head and look at Ye Ci, its paws were already stretched toward the coffin unconsciously. While Ye Ci hadn't noticed, it clicked on the big paw again...

     "Ol’ Four" Ye Ci screamed. In case there is something good in the coffin and it is crushed by him, then it is really the gains do not make up for the losses.

     "Ah my face" and Ye Ci screamed at the same time there was another strange voice, which was sharp and sharp, but it was obviously a woman's voice.

     Where does the sound come from? Ye Ci was stunned abruptly, and the first person to bury funerary dolls Ol' Four seemed to be stunned. It stood on the spot, lowered its head and sniffed at the dilapidated coffin. What happened now, the expression is extremely incomprehensible and curious.

     Ye Ci quietly looked at the coffin on the ground, because just now, she saw a fragment of the coffin board that moved. What a horror.She was looking at it, and when Ol’ Four was looking at it, she only saw a woman in a white dress crawling out of the coffin. Her body was translucent, and she was not human at first glance. Her hair was a little messy, and she started crying as soon as she crawled out: "My face is beautiful and youthful, delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade, how could it be trampled on, I will not live, I will not live anymore "

     For this kind of crying, Ye Ci only feels that he has fallen into a baffling circle. Why is everything so weird and scary?

     Not a soul in sight blade hills, deserted north, a short tombstone, a rotten shapeless coffin, and a woman who keeps, female ghost. What are these factors? What are these characteristics?

     Is this making a horror movie? Still making a reasoning movie? Should I make another literary film, or a comedy?

     It took a while for Ye Ci to finally get a clear idea of the current situation. Facing the female ghost who was still rolling on Ol' Four, Ye Ci cleared his throat lightly, and then used what he thought was the most normal voice. Asked: "Are you Bella?".Probably because Ol’ Four was too big, until Ye Ci spoke, the female ghost did not realize that there was another person. When Ye Ci talked now, she turned her head to look at Ye Ci, looked up and down, and for a while, she said in a daze, "Where did you come from?"

     Ye Ci is a little crazy. What does it mean to come out from?

     Faced with such a female ghost who is obviously not very clear-headed, Ye Ci spent twelve minutes on Stamina talking nonsense with her for a long time, and the female ghost finally admitted that she was actually Bella. She is Andrei's confidant and has been guarding the treasure for him here, but she has died long ago, but in order to show her loyalty, her companion buried her here, and then set up a camp not far away.

     Ye Ci then realized that the camp for the players to replenish was actually a subordinate unit of the Dolan Rogue Club...what and what is this, it's really messy.

     When Ye Ci pulled out the medal from the slate and gave it to Bella, she actually looked at the medal for a long time before she was embarrassed and said, "What is this?"

     what is this?

     Ye Ci wants to look up to the sky and roar, Nima, who designed this Quest? Who designed this NPC for Nima, why didn't you just give her a knife and let her stabb her?"Andre asked me to give it to you." Ye Ci took a few deep breaths before stabilizing her emotions, and quietly answered Bella's question while keeping her voice unchanged.

     "Andre gave it to me?" Bella looked at the medal and seemed very upset. She stared at the medal for a long time before saying to Ye Ci: "You have to make me think about it, is it?"

     Relying on Ye Ci is really going to get angry. Is she so bitter? She just wants to get the reward of the second stage, how can she get involved in such a puzzling Quest, and now this guy actually allows herself to give her time Consider, is she thinking of national affairs?

     Just as Ye Ci's words were about to vent, her whisper channel rang, and Bai Mo was speaking: "I said, is your Epic Level Quest tangled up yet?"

     "If you end up entangled, it won't be called Epic Level Quest." Ye Ci's voice is full of gunpowder. As long as there is a spark, she will immediately destroy herself.

     "What's wrong? He sounds very uncomfortable." Bai Mo asked casually, but he didn't expect to get Ye Ci's roaring grievance immediately. He pulled his ears while listening and thought, Ye Ci was really caught by this Quest. Driven crazy, otherwise, how could she, who has always been cautious and cautious, appear so gaffe."Then you give her time, let's come to print the copy first. Anyway, Quest Item can't be found by others, so you can rest assured to give it to her." After listening to Ye Ci's rant, Bai Mo gave it conscientiously. A good suggestion, "As you describe such a two-dimensional NPC, I guess, even if you visit her tomorrow, she won’t remember it. Moreover, it’s a female ghost. You have to know that female ghosts don’t have a good memory. It will be great."

     "Well, now it seems that there is no other way." Although Ye Ci still wants to beat Bella fat, but now, she seems to have to accept Bai Mo's way to fight Dungeon first. .

     The Dungeon game that day went so smoothly. It didn't even finish at ten o'clock in the evening. The whole group got good things, and everyone was very happy. After leaving Dungeon, Ye Ci went straight to Blade's Edge Hills, wanting to see if Bella had figured it out. However, when he arrived at Blade's Edge Hills, she found that Bella was still sitting there, staring at the medal with a face. Of distress. Looking at this expression, Ye Ci knew that this guy hadn't thought of it at all, but she still asked a little unwillingly: "Bella, what do you remember?""Without me, I just started to think, how could it be possible to remember so soon? You have to know that I have been dead for decades. Those things are for me, but they are very far, far away before..." Ye Ci waved her hand to stop her before she rushed out of the mainland, she smiled bitterly.

     "Well, Bella, you continue to think, I will come to visit you when I have time."

     "Well, yes, you go, I want to continue to meditate."

     Ye Ci once again glanced at this neurotic NPC who didn't do anything serious, then turned around relentlessly and left.

     Back to Red Lake City, offline. Bai Mo and Tan Polang have already used the bathroom, but Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan seem to have not come down in the game, so she went in and took a bath. Ye Ci prides itself on moving faster, anyway, when she came out of the shower, she saw Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan were already sitting in the living room. Everyone was sitting in the living room and didn't know what to say. They laughed.

     "Parents, are you offline?" Ye Ci walked into the living room while wiping her hair, and saw a bowl of iced white fungus soup in front of everyone.

     Zuo Xiaolan waved at her: "Xiao ci, come here, have a cold drink here, and go to bed soon after drinking."Ye Ci walked to the coffee table and sat down and started drinking white fungus soup while agreeing, while Zuo Xiaolan was still discussing with Bai Mo, Tan Polang and Ye Nantian about the problems in the game. After all, their husband and wife are newbies who have just entered the game. Although Bai Mo and Tan Polang are both children, they know more than themselves. Therefore, the husband and wife are not ashamed to ask various questions about the game as soon as they have time.

     Ye Ci drank white fungus soup while listening to their discussion. She felt that this kind of life was very happy and beautiful. It seemed that all the good things were concentrated in the present. In retrospect, there has never been such a colorful and happy life in the last life.

     "By the way, Xiao ci, you and Bai Mo will get up early tomorrow."

     "What?" Ye Ci looked at Zuo Xiaolan curiously. Now she is on summer vacation. Although she doesn't have the habit of sleeping in bed, Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian are very happy with Ye Ci and Bai Mo who have gone to college and Forgiving, they usually don't wake them up in the morning, they just yell Tan Polang to get up and read the book. Regarding this issue, Tan Polang behaved very sadly, but who told him that he was going to be raised three times soon..."Polang is about to start school. You two will send him to school tomorrow, and hold a parent meeting by the way." In previous years, Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian did this kind of thing, but now the two of you are indulging in games, so , As it should be by rights, entrusted this kind of thing to the other two children in the family.

     "No, mom, people let the parents go." Ye Ci only feels that today he has been spent in the black line, whether in the game or outside the game.

     "You are elder brothers and sisters, and you are considered as parents. And before the holiday, I have already called his class teacher'>. Polang's grades are very good and his performance in school is also good. You don’t need to worry about your headaches, you just have to go Just sit there and pretend that someone is there." Although Zuo Xiaolan doesn't go to school to hold a parent meeting, it doesn't mean she doesn't care about Tan Polang. Regarding the children, Zuo Xiaolan definitely implements the kite policy. The thread is absolutely tightly held in her own hands, and the other things are left to the children to develop themselves.

     Hearing this, not only Ye Ci had a black line on his face, but Tan Polang also had a black line on his face. He thought Zuo Xiaolan didn’t want to care about him because he was playing games, but he didn’t expect ginger gets spicier as it gets. older, it turns out that everything has been firmly grasped..."Why? Are you unwilling?" Zuo Xiaolan finished speaking, but saw the three children silent, so she raised her eyebrows and glared at the three children sitting in rows to implement a high-pressure policy.

     "No." The three people immediately shook their heads unanimously, and then answered with different mouths, same voice, which is called a neat one, and a loud one. This kind of performance made Zuo Xiaolan very happy, so everyone enjoyed a bowl of iced mung bean soup.

     Early the next morning, Ye Ci and Bai Mo were dragged up by Zuo Xiaolan, urging them to wash and eat, and then hurry up on the road, otherwise it would delay Tan Polang's registration time. After the three people were packed and thrown out of the house, Ye Ci still had the feeling of not waking up.

     With a big yawn, Ye Ci looked at Tan Polang and said, "I said, you started school really early. Now this summer vacation is only half past, you will start school."

     "This is pretty good. It's not bad if I don't let it go for a day." Tan Polang also yawned: "I really don't know when China will not be able to pass the college entrance examination. These days are too unpleasant."

     Bai Mo stretched his waist and said, "Okay, just dream. This college entrance examination started in the last seventies, that is, when grandparents and their grandparents started. Just abolish it, it is absolutely impossible.""Do what you should do at any age." Ye Ci patted Tan Polang on the shoulder: "You don't want to think about such unrealistic problems, study hard and stay for another year, you will be completely liberated. "

     "Just like you?"

     "Well, almost."

     Several people walked and chatted, but the atmosphere was good. Because it’s a bit far from Ye Ci’s home to Tan Polang’s school, the three of them waited for the bus. A little sigh, life is really not easy.

     Finally, when I arrived at Tan Polang's school, there were a few long queues in the place where I signed up. Tan Polang's school is a well-known key high school in the province. The students who go to this school every year squeeze their heads. This is because each grade starts at a different time. Otherwise, the registration will be too messy.

     Ye Ci also graduated from this school back then, but for the current Ye Ci, this is already very far away, after all, it was a matter of the previous life. She stood at the end of the crowd and couldn't help but slap her tongue: "My god, your school doesn't charge money for studying?"

     "You don't need money for studying." Tan Polang gave Ye Ci a blank look. "It's true that our school doesn't need less money.""So many people squeezed to sign up, just like a money printing machine." This situation made Bai Mo also very touched. Although he was not to be inferior in any aspects when he was studying, he was not a bystander at that time. Now, when I look at it as a bystander, I feel that the crowds are scary.

     The three of them found a relatively small team and started to line up, talking about this and that as they lined up, and then went to the game.

     "Polang, you can't play games when you get to school, right? Few words" Bai Mo is a guild leader and an older brother. In addition to Tan Polang's learning situation, there is another point to make arrangements for the entire Guild's schedule. Upward Ho didn't have a particularly good Rogue before Tan Polang came. Although they were all good, they were just passable. Therefore, after Tan Polang came, it was just one Dungeon process that made the entire Guild praise him very much.

     A Guild, if a team has an excellent Rogue, it is equivalent to greatly improving the survivability of the team, so the appearance of Tan Polang for Upward Ho, not only has a great Dungeon improvement, but also he is not stingy with other Rogues. Yu's guidance also brought out several relatively high-level Rogues for Guild.

     If he starts school now, how to get his position, Bai Mo is very troubled by this problem now.Ye Ci naturally understands Bai Mo's thoughts, and Tan Polang understands even more. He sighed: "Brother Mo, I am a senior in high school. You can't expect me to be online every day. Even if I have a helmet in the dormitory, I am studying now. Quest is very heavy. I can guarantee that three hours on the weekend night is the maximum."

     "I know I know, that's why I have a headache." Bai Mo nodded, and then said to Tan Polang: "Okay, don't worry, take your class well, we will come back and find a way."

     Ye Ci also said: "Well, let me figure out how to do this. Polang will take classes with care. If the mid-term final exam is not good, it is a trivial matter to not be able to play games. Think about me like a Yasha, you know. How uneven is your future..."

     Suddenly, Zuo Xiaolan's frenzied appearance appeared in several people's minds, completely speechless, it was... terrible.

     "By the way, Sister Ci, what do you think of Fleeting Time?" Tan Polang didn't know why he mentioned Fleeting Time.

     "Fleeting Time?" Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment, then baffling looked at Tan Polang, "Why are you asking this suddenly?""Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Tan Polang paused slightly, he couldn't tell Ye Ci, he turned out to be Guild with Fleeting Time. He laughed a few times: "I think it's interesting that you always interact in the world, so I want to ask if you guys..."

     " really have gossip potential." Bai Mo nodded and looked at Tan Polang approvingly: "I didn't find out, you still care about the news in the world. You can work with such heavy schoolwork. You also pay attention to these things, you are like the reincarnation of the god of gossip."

     Ye Ci squinted and looked at Bai Mo’s smirking face. His head was filled with several fights and conversations with Fleeting Time. In the end, her eyes were darkened. She looked at Tan Polang with a dark face: "You really want to know?"

     Seeing Ye Ci look like this, he dared not nod even if he lent Tan Polang ten courage, he waved his hand again and again: "No, no, I just ask casually, aren't you all great gods, so,'s easy Think of it together..." The more he explained, the smaller his voice became, and in the end he couldn't hear anything at all.

     "He is a bitch. I will kill him next time. I will kill him to level zero." Ye Ci had a dark face, gnashing one's teeth. He seemed to be ignited with a raging flame behind him. That terrible look is more than crawling from hell The asura who came out was even more terrifying.Tan Polang's face was pale, he looked at Bai Mo quickly, his face weeping, he knew he had said the wrong thing, and he would never ask such a question again. Looking back slightly at Ye Ci who was still standing there, Tan Polang decided not to provoke the evil star for the time being, but said to Bai Mo, "Brother Mo, are you hot? I'll buy you a cold drink."

     Bai Mo said with a smirk: "Actually, you should ask her, how have you developed with Fleeting Time? Fall in love and kill each other, so cute~~"

     Tan Polang's face immediately turned pale. He glanced at Ye Ci, who was still immersed in his own small world, and then quickly turned to cautious and solemn and asked Bai Mo: "Then if I ask like this, I What will happen?"

     Bai Mo raised his head and thought about it seriously for a while.

     "Does it take so long to think about it?".

     "I'm just thinking about how she will kill you." Bai Mo spread his hands and shrugged his shoulders, speaking very easily, as if this matter had nothing to do with him from beginning to end.

     Tan Polang's face is also dark. He turned around silently and lined up silently by himself. Now he really hopes that he has never known these two people. Why are they so unreliable...

     The more Tan Polang thinks about it, the more he feels that he is very hard. Who is he offending? He just asks casually...

     Tearful.Finally, I signed up and held a parent-teacher meeting. It was already 5:30 in the afternoon. Seeing that it was time to eat, Ye Ci called his parents'>, reported today's situation, and then explained that the three of them had eaten outside and would not go back. Zuo Xiaolan seemed very happy about this, because she didn't have to cook.

     Ye Ci hung up the phone'>, feeling really sad and reminded, mother played the game and ignored them...

     There is never a shortage of small restaurants outside the school. In order to reward Tan Polang for being scared into a small mind today, Bai Mo kindly decided to invite Tan Polang to have a good meal and suppress his shock. So the three of them chose a good Cantonese restaurant and ordered a table of dishes, gorgeous oneself.

     By the time the three of them had dinner, it was seven o'clock, and the time for self-study on Tan Polang was coming soon, so the three said goodbye. Tan Polang hurried back to school, Ye Ci and Bai Mo planned to stroll home. Anyway, today's day has been deserted, and I don't expect to fight Dungeon any more, so it's good to walk like this.

     "Unexpectedly, it would be very comfortable to walk out at night." Ye Ci can't remember how long he hasn't walked like this in real life. It was a joy to walk like this."No, we all play games every day. We feel the spring, summer, autumn and winter in the game, but ignore the real life." Bai Mo also took a deep breath, then closed his eyes, and slowly spit out Go, it seems that all the exhaust gas in the chest has been vomited out.

     The two walked in the evening breeze, everything seemed so beautiful.

     It's just that Ye Ci always felt that something was wrong. She looked back several times, but found nothing. And Bai Mo's footsteps were also getting faster and faster. After passing a section where there were no street lights, he grabbed Ye Ci's arm and started rushing forward.

     "What's wrong? Bai Mo" Ye Ci also felt uneasy. She was still looking back, but she still didn't notice anything special, but the panic in her heart began to expand and expand.

     "Don't talk, run quickly, and go to a place with lots of lights. Let's take a taxi and go back." Bai Mo dragged Ye Ci and dashed lifelessly.

     "How do I feel weird, it seems that someone is following us." Ye Ci whispered his thoughts while running following Bai Mo."Did you feel it? I found out half an hour ago that someone was following us again. Look at those young people in T-shirts. Although they look normal, you didn't realize that they seemed to be behind us all the time. Did I think I felt wrong at first, but we were in the pedestrian street just now, and we couldn't get a taxi." Bai Mo's face was green, and he ran Ye Ci continuously: "Stop talking, don't say anything. It’s exhausting to run while talking. Let’s run quickly."

     Bai Mo said so, Ye Ci also found that seven or eight young people have been following him. Although she is not afraid of what will happen, but now there are so many people on the other side, if something really happens they are afraid they will suffer. Reality is not a game after all. In the game, Ye Ci can bring down a few of them directly. But in reality, the only thing Ye Ci can do is to protect himself from injury as much as possible. If you can't escape, you can't escape.

     The two ran faster and faster, but fewer and fewer people in the back, as if they were thrown away.

     Ye Ci looked back at the people behind as he ran, "It seems that we haven't followed up. Have we escaped?"

     Bai Mo suddenly stopped with a cold face. He gritted his teeth: "I'm afraid it won't be that easy.""What?" Ye Ci stopped abruptly because of Bai Mo. She was about to fall over by inertia. But when she heard Bai Mo's words, she was slightly startled and raised her head quickly. It didn't matter if she saw her scalp. It's hard.

     I saw a young man walking out scattered in front of them and didn't know where. Although they are lazy, Ye Ci still keenly feels that they are a group

     I looked around, and the neighborhood was extremely deserted. No Who passed by. It seems that these people have been waiting for them in this place a long time ago, just waiting for them to run in by themselves...

     Chapter 14 What is Bella?

     Chapter 14 What is Bella?