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Chapter Directory 217 Chapter 15 Happens Too Fast
    Chinese Name: 猎者天下  Author: 那时烟花(Nà shí yānhuā, Fireworks of Then)
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Chapter 15 Happened Too Fast

     Chapter 15 Happened Too Fast

     Bai Mo stopped. And Ye Ci also stopped.

     The two stood in place, quietly watching the crowd that flanked back and forth.

     "It seems that we are in trouble." Bai Mo's face was cold, but there was a smile on the corners of his mouth. He looked at Ye Ci and tried to make his expression calmer, hoping that this would make Ye Ci not too nervous. . Perhaps, Ye Ci in the game is too powerful, causing many people to ignore her own gender, but no matter what others think, Bai Mo will definitely remember this.

     Ye Ci is a girl, in the game, and even more so in reality.

     If she is strong enough to support many people in the game, then in reality, she is just an ordinary girl.

     In this situation, the situation is not bright and the situation is very critical. Bai Mo's first thought was to create an opportunity for Ye Ci to leave quickly, so he whispered to Ye Ci who was standing aside, "I will Hold them, you take the opportunity to run quickly."Ye Ci on one side didn't seem to hear it, she just stared blankly at the young people in front of them who were slowly walking towards herself and Bai Mo. But in her mind, it seemed to be back to the last life, back to the distant past. At that time, it seemed that she had offended someone who shouldn't be offended in the game, and was later traced to reality. She also encountered such a thing on the way home. And how did she spend it at that time?

     Ye Ci took a deep breath and thought hard, but she couldn't remember exactly what happened that night. In the end, she only remembered that she was taken to the hospital by a stranger, covered in injuries. Looking back now, the last thing she did without mercy was probably related to that time.

     From that time on, she thought that if she did something and didn't kill people all at once, she would burn once more, it will cause no end of trouble. For this reason, she was hailed as the most cold-blooded and ruthless top player in Fate.

     And what about things now? Because of what?

     Ye Ci can't think about it, because those people are getting closer and closer.

     "Xiao ci" Bai Mo saw that Ye Ci didn't pay attention to him, and gave her a slight push, hoping to get her attention back, but he didn't expect it to be a little okay. He couldn't believe what happened next. It's what my own eyes sooner said than done.

     At the moment when Bai Mo gently pushed Ye Ci, a young man walking in the front had no idea where he pulled out a baseball bat, and he smashed it into Ye Ci's face.

     "Hey, this little girl is completely scared..." The young man in the lead said to the person behind him while waving a baseball bat. But his baseball bat didn't fall down, and he didn't finish his words. He just felt that his neck was hit with a sudden blow, his brain went blank suddenly, and the whole person fell backward like this.

     At the same time that the baseball bat fell. Bai Mo had already blocked Ye Ci with his arm, and the other arm was about to hug Ye Ci to get her out of the battle, but when he stretched out his hand, he didn't expect to grab a handful of air. Bai Mo didn't believe in his eyes at all, and didn't believe that what he saw was happening in front of him alive. I only saw Ye Ci who was still standing next to her. When he blocked the stick for her, she no longer knew where she had flashed out.If it was just a flash, the action would be neat and Bai Mo wouldn't be too surprised, but what happened after Ye Ci flashed past was too far from Bai Mo's own expectations. I saw Ye Ci lift up a leg abruptly and kick it right on the throat of the young man brandishing a baseball bat.

     Her movements were clean and tidy, and she was out of practice at first glance. That posture and strength were all standard Sanda. And the strength of that foot is not small, because just this foot made the young man who talked a lot just now rolled his eyes, and his body fell softly. And the baseball bat in his hand fell to the ground with a bang.

     This anger happened so quickly that no one could react. Therefore, when the headed young man fell, Bai Mo was sluggish, and the other youths were also sluggish. If we say that the only one who didn’t stunned was the first person to bury funerary dolls. ――Ye Ci.

     She quickly retracted her leg, squatted down immediately, and picked up the baseball bat that had fallen not far from her. Then she grabbed Bai Mo and said in a low voice, "What are you in a daze, why don't you run away?"Bai Mo is completely confused now, he simply doesn't know how to see what he sees in front of him. If it's a game now, he wouldn't be surprised at all, anyway, Ye Ci is a tough female hunter, PVE Niu X, PVP is Niu X. But, it’s not a game now, it’s not a game at all. Why did Ye Ci kick over a burly young man who seemed to have at least two of her, just like opening a plug-in. How did she do it?

     Bai Mo's mind is muddy now, and he can only run with Ye Ci. As he runs, he asks: "How can you fight when you learn Sanda?"

     Ye Ci didn't know how to answer. In fact, Ye Ci didn't learn Sanda at all at this time, and he didn't fight. Even if she is arrogant in the game, but in reality, she is an ordinary girl who can't be more ordinary. However, after she was beaten in the last life, in order to avoid being beaten again, after she was discharged from the hospital, she found a good Sanda coach and learned Sanda for several years, which made her tough in life.

     However, those are all things in the previous life, and have nothing to do with this life. What happened just now was so sudden, and suddenly Ye Ci's brain didn't react, and her body had already made the most accurate judgment on her behalf.The neck, which is the part of the throat, is indeed one of the few positions that cannot be attacked in martial arts competitions. Because one of the weak links of the people there, if you don't control the strength, it is easy to kill people.

     But for Ye Ci in the previous life, although the coach repeatedly told her about these attention issues when she was learning Sanda, in actual combat, Ye Ci still likes to hit the enemy with one blow, so she likes it the most. Do weakness attacks, and when there is a fight in the neck area, there are often people who are too late to defend and are easily attacked. Therefore, this is one of Ye Ci's favorite parts to attack.

     Based on the above reasons, even if Ye Ci has never had a fight or exercised much now, the movements that have been reflected in the bones of the last life have all become Ye Ci's subconscious movements. This also caused her to kick over just now, and the goal was an important reason for other people's necks.

     "I haven't learned Sanda before, but I watched it on TV." Ye Ci quickly perfunctory: "That's just kicking and kicking in the house..."

     "By the way, you kicked his neck just now. Will it be dead?" Bai Mo suddenly thought of a more important question."No, I don't have much strength." In fact, Ye Ci said with a guilty conscience about this question. Although the current Ye Ci does not have much power, she still has ten kilograms under this foot, and she does not know what happens if a person's throat is hit with ten kilograms of force. ...

     "Can't run, they are too many people." Bai Mo saw the boys quickly outflanking, he grabbed Ye Ci and snatched the baseball bat from her hand: "I learned. A few days of martial arts, I will deal with them, you run quickly"

     "It's okay..." Ye Ci felt that if he continued with this subconscious reaction, he should be able to fight well, so Bai Mo's proposal was not considered at all.

     It’s just that she was pushed away severely by Bai Mo before she finished her words: "Hurry up and I will be beaten to death if I don’t leave."

     Ye Ci was pushed by the sudden force of Bai Mo and took a few steps before she stopped. She turned her head and saw that Bai Mo was surrounded by people. He also wielded the baseball bat in his hand and fought with them vigorously. At the same time, she immediately wanted to rush to help, and Bai Mo seemed to have known she was going to do it. Her steps hadn't moved yet, Bai Mo said loudly without looking back, "Ye Ci, you hurry up and find someone , Or just wait to collect the corpse for me"Although Ye Ci was not reconciled, he couldn't do it for a while, so he turned around and ran. When the people behind who were chasing her saw her running away, they turned around and besieged Bai Mo. This also gave Ye Ci valuable time. She ran and took out the phone.'>Call 110 to the police. After smoothly informing the location of the accident, Ye Ci turned and ran back. Generally, it takes at least five minutes for the 110 police to reach where she is. She can't guarantee that if she doesn't help Bai Mo in these five minutes, Bai Mo will still see the sun tomorrow.

     Even if she goes back to help, although she doesn't necessarily have much chance of winning, it is always better for two people to face the enemy than to face so many people alone. As she ran back, she picked up the wooden stick discarded by the roadside.

     The place where the accident happened was getting closer and closer. Far away, Ye Ci saw a group of people ganging together, but Bai Mo could not be seen. Ye Ci was anxious and rushed faster. She held a wooden stick and rushed to the side of the melee crowd. Without hesitation, she slammed them on their shoulders, back and knees. Will not kill people, but it can make people very painful.

     Bang Bang Bang, a few sticks down, the young people who were hit each grinned with pain, turned their heads, and glared at Ye Ci."The smelly son gave you a way to survive, but you didn't run away, but you came back to die by yourself, and you can't beat you to death."

     Ye Ci didn't have the time to speak quickly with them. Holding a stick, she fought against a few young people who had been diverted. She dodges while waving a stick. She really has no time to look at Bai Mo's situation. She can only beat and ask loudly: "Are you still Bai Mo Bai Mo?"

     Bai Mo has actually been beaten a lot at this time and hurt all over his body. However, he continued to persevere, just wanting to buy Ye Ci some time for her to run farther and faster. Unexpectedly, I heard Ye Ci's voice again, and when I turned my head subconsciously, I saw Ye Ci wielding a wooden stick and fighting with a group of young people. He had a surprise and immediately yelled: "What are you doing didn't you let you run..."

     Because of this moment of distraction, Bai Mo only felt a heartache in his head, and everything he could see in front of him was blurred. He also seemed to have lost all his strength. His consciousness gradually flowed from his body like flowing water... Just before he felt that he was about to plunge into darkness, only Ye Ci's screams were heard in his ears: "Bai Mo"Ye Ci heard Bai Mo talking, and immediately looked back, but saw a young man waving a baseball bat and knocking on his head. She yelled in fright: "Bai Mo" It's just that she was still too late. Some, when she called out, she had already seen Bai Mo with his head and face covered in blood, like a puppet with a thread removed, slowly falling down like this.

     For a moment, Ye Ci only felt that her world had become empty.

     Between heaven and earth, she had only one thought left.

     Bai Mo is dead again? Bai Mo because she died again? Did Bai Mo leave her like this again?

     She couldn't believe it, and she didn't want to believe it. At this time, her body seemed to make all the decisions and actions on her behalf. Everyone who rushed toward her was ruthlessly beaten vital part by her body, but there was only one idea in her mind that kept going. repeat.

     She is going to see Bai Mo. She is going to see Bai Mo.

     "No Bai Mo" Ye Ci screamed, her stern voice like the sharpest blade cutting through the peaceful black curtain of the city. She rushed towards the people who had attacked Bai Mo just now, as if going crazy, the stick in her hand swung even harder."It's too fierce to rely on this scumbag, everyone hurry up and solve the problem a few times," the gangsters yelled all the while, carrying the stick and rushing towards Ye Ci.

     Two fists were hard to beat four feet. Ye Ci was quickly kicked from behind. Her body could no longer be balanced. Severely fell to the ground. The stick fell on Ye Ci's body like raindrops, but she I don't feel any pain. She lay on the ground, her eyes widened, and looking through the gap between everyone's legs, she only saw Bai Mo lying on the ground lifelessly, as if dead.

     Or, he is dead.

     Ye Ci's heart was desolate. She never knew that the feeling of losing again would be like this.

     Compared with the emptiness in her heart, the pain in her body seemed to be nothing great, and all the sounds and images quickly faded from her eyes. Only Bai Mo is left in her eyes, and only Bai Mo is left in her consciousness. At this moment, there is only Bai Mo in her world.

     "How are you? Are you okay?" Suddenly, someone helped her up, and the caring voice invaded her with distant and unfamiliar warmth, pulling her back from her thoughts in a few strokes. Ye Ci looked back hurriedly, only to see a young police officer in a police uniform helping her up and asking with concern."Bai Mo, Bai Mo" Ye Ci's mind was empty, only this consciousness was left. She vigorously pointed the direction in which Bai Mo was lying: "Help him, help him."

     "Bai Mo?" The police officer didn't seem to understand Ye Ci's meaning, but when he saw the direction of Ye Ci's finger, he immediately understood what she was going to say, and immediately comforted her: "It's okay, we sent him to the ambulance, and you too Go ahead."

     "Where's Bai Mo?" Ye Ci couldn't hear what the police officer was saying at this moment, but found that after turning his head, the thing that Bai Mo, who was still lying on the ground just now, had disappeared has disappeared and is still being left. A pool of scarlet blood reminded her of the shocks the eye, astonishes the heart that had happened here: "Police officer, Bai Mo?" She could no longer control her emotions, yelled, turned her head and grabbed the one who was holding her. The police officer yelled out of control.

     Never underestimate the explosive power of a person who is out of control. Even if she is a woman, even if she is a young woman, her explosive power is amazing. Just as Ye Ci screamed and shook the police officer, the burly police officer was shaken and lost his balance.

     "Hurry up and two people to take her into the car." The police officer was shaken by Ye Ci and was already unsteady. He could only call a few colleagues to help.

     In this way, three big men restrained Ye Ci together, and she was finally immobile and escorted to the ambulance.There was already a person lying in the ambulance. When Ye Ci was taken into the ambulance, he saw this person at first sight. After seeing this person's face, all her violent and frantic emotions seemed to calm down all at once. Come down.

     This person has an oxygen mask on his face, his head is full of blood, and there is no place on his body. However, Ye Ci still recognizes that this person is Bai Mo.

     It was Bai Mo who was holding her in her heart and had promised to accompany her all her life. She almost jumped on rolling and crawling, no matter what she was, she felt heartache everywhere, "Bai Mo..."

     "Oh oh oh, don't mess with him. What are you doing?" A nurse on the side caught Ye Ci immediately and said harshly, "Do you want him to die or want him to live? What are you doing? "

     Ye Ci was yelled by her, no arrogance at all, and immediately nodded obediently, and sat aside: "Okay, okay, I won't disturb him. I'll just take a look."

     The nurse let go of Ye Ci, and another doctor climbed into the ambulance and closed the car door. He looked up at Ye Ci and saw that she also shocked the eye, astonishes the heart, although she was still in good spirits. , But didn't know the specific situation, so he immediately called another nurse to come over and pressed Ye Ci to the ambulance bed, and hooked up various tubes.While the doctors and nurses are busy on their own. Ye Ci turned his head slowly, only to see Bai Mo lying close to him. His ECG detection machine was placed on the side of his head. Ye Ci could just see it. Only the curve above it was beating constantly. Although it was unpleasant, it was beating all the time. This proves that Bai Mo is still alive, he is still alive. Ye Ci stretched out his hand, searched for Bai Mo's hand, and then held his hand tightly.

     Bai Mo's hands are cold, but there is still a bit of human temperature. There is a viscous liquid in his palm that slowly seeps out, and it faints in Ye Ci's palm with scorching moisture.

     For an instant, Ye Ci only felt her tears lost, and big tears rolled down from the corner of her eye. She never remembered crying, and this time it seemed to stay in the memory of her life. At first, she just shed tears silently, unable to tell whether she was happy or sad, but when she cried, she couldn't restrain her emotions at all. The cry of crying became louder and louder, and even her body twitched.

     "What's wrong with you? Is it particularly painful?" The nurse taking care of Ye Ci hurriedly approached Ye Ci's face and asked quietly.Ye Ci wanted to shake her head, but she couldn't control her body, she could only cry like this, and could only twitch like this, making outsiders look terrifying.

     "Hurry up and give her a tranquilizer." After a simple examination, the doctor confirmed that Ye Ci's body was not in any serious condition, and ordered the nurse.

     The nurse nodded, and immediately took out the tranquilizer and plunged Ye Ci in. The needle method was absolutely fast and accurate. The draw blood on the first prick made people simply unable to react. The tranquilizer is really effective. When the tranquilizer was slowly injected into Ye Ci's body, her body began to relax, her stiff muscles began to soften, and the power to cry gradually decreased. . Ye Ci gradually felt tired, so tired that he lost the power to breathe.

     Just before she was about to plunge into darkness, she only saw Bai Mo's peaceful sleeping face.

     There was uncontrollable pain all over his body, and Ye Ci felt like he was dying. She frowned and couldn't help but want to curse.

     "Wake up..." Ye Ci's ear heard Zuo Xiaolan's voice. She opened her eyes strenuously, only seeing Zuo Xiaolan's fuzzy figure swaying in the dazzling sunlight: "Xiao ci, what do you think?"Zuo Xiaolan, who had been sitting for the whole night, saw Ye Ci wake up, quickly wiped away her tears, and approached her daughter carefully and carefully inquiring.

     It took Ye Ci a long time to see the person in front of him clearly. And it seemed that it took a long time for her brain to figure out who this person was. She opened her mouth, but found that her voice was as rough as sandpaper polished: "Mom..."

     "Okay, okay, just wake up, don't say anything. Are you thirsty? Would you like to eat something?" Zuo Xiaolan's face was smiling, but her eyes were still full of tears. Wipe dry.

     "Where is Bai Mo?" Ye Ci looked at Zuo Xiaolan, Ye Nantian and Tan Polang's concerned faces, and asked slowly for a long time.

     "In the ward next door, here is the female ward, and over there is the male ward." Zuo Xiaolan answered Ye Ci while wiping her tears.

     "Why don't you take care of him?" Ye Ci now saw Bai Mo's bloody face as soon as she closed her eyes. She only felt extremely uncomfortable in her heart.

     "Your aunt and uncle are here, they are on the side."

     While talking, he only heard a rush of footsteps walking into the ward, and then Ye Ci heard the voice of his aunt Zuo Xiaoqing: "Is Xiao ci awake?"."Aunt..." Actually Ye Ci hasn't seen Zuo Xiaoqing for many years. She is a goddess. Compared with Zuo Xiaolan, she is more like a younger sister. She always takes her husband to travel all over the world. , When there is no qualitative. In Ye Ci's impression, Zuo Xiaoqing always has exquisite makeup painted on her face, and the clothes she wears must be fashionable and high-end, and she looks good when she smiles and is warm.

     But when Ye Ci saw Zuo Xiaoqing now, she couldn't believe her eyes. She was unkempt, with no makeup on her face, she seemed to be a lot older overnight, her skin was also yellow, and the beautiful clothes on her body were even more crumpled.

     Ye Ci thought, she must be very anxious and sad for Bai Mo. No matter what kind of mother she is, no matter what she usually presents to everyone, but when something happens to their children, they will reveal the nature of the mother.

     Just like Zuo Xiaoqing, just like Zuo Xiaolan.

     "Child, my good boy." Zuo Xiaoqing sat on the edge of the bed, tightly holding Ye Ci's hand, stretched out his hand and gently pushed the hair off Ye Ci's forehead and sighed: "If you don't wake up again , My aunt is going to be worried to death."

     "Auntie, where's my cousin?" Ye Ci felt somewhat relieved when he saw Zuo Xiaoqing."He woke up early, much earlier than you, and now he fell asleep after eating something. When he wakes up, he will ask you, knowing that you are not awake yet, and you are not at ease when you fall asleep." Zuo Xiaoqing said Tears couldn't help falling again.

     "What are you doing, Xiaoqing, the child wakes up. The doctor didn't say that as long as you wake up, even if the dangerous period is over, what tears do you shed." Standing next to Zuo Xiaoqing is Bai Mo's father Bai Zixuan. He sees his wife'> again She started to cry and gave her a quick hit.

     "Yes, yes." Zuo Xiaoqing quickly wiped away her tears, sniffed, and cut to the topic: "Xiao ci, my aunt wants to ask you, do you know who beat you?"

     Ye Ci was taken aback for a moment. She hasn't had time to think about this issue yet, so she shook her head slowly: "I haven't had time to think about it."

     "Your uncle and your parents, and I thought about it all night last night but didn’t figure out whether you offended Who. When Bai Mo woke up in the middle of the night, I also asked him. He couldn’t tell why he came, so my aunt wanted Ask you, do you know?". Although Zuo Xiaoqing likes to eat, drink, play and have fun on weekdays, he is not a soft persimmon, and with some real power in the hands of her husband, she is actually a powerful woman.

     Ye Ci could only shook his head: "I have to think about it.""Okay, think about it slowly, don't worry, the aunt and uncle have been there all the time, this can't be the case." Zuo Xiaolan wanted to ask something, but Bai Zixuan shook his head and motioned to her to let Ye Ci rest. Had to sigh and gave up. Knowing this matter can’t be rushed for a while, and we should give everyone time to sort out our thoughts.

     "Nan Tian, you can go to the police station with me. Didn't you catch a lot of punks yesterday? Let's see how they are doing the trial?" Bai Zixuan saw his wife's mood stabilized a bit, and turned his head. Said to Ye Nantian, anyway, the two big men staying in the hospital won't help much. It's better to go directly to the police station and see if you can find any clues.

     This happened to go with Ye Nantian, and he nodded: "Well, I think so too."

     After all, the two let their wives take care of the two children and hurried to the police station.

     It's not as simple as it is on TV. The people caught in the police station were all punks who took people’s money to help people out of disasters, and their money was also taken from the upper level punks, and in the end Who instructed them to do so, they simply I don't know.In this way, the clues of the matter are cut off. Although Bai Zixuan and Ye Nantian moved around and thought of a lot of ways, but the other party seemed to have a perfect plan, and couldn't find out the situation at all. Finally, Bai Zixuan and Zuo Xiaoqing had to return to their city and think about a way.

     Although Bai Mo and Ye Ci were beaten very badly, but fortunately, they had a lot of fate. They were all skin traumas. The more serious one is that the calf bone was fractured, and the more serious one was that Bai Mo had six stitches on the head. Needle, nothing else.

     The doctor let them stay in the hospital for two weeks, and sent them home to recuperate. Bai Mo insisted that he didn’t want to go home and wanted to stay here at Ye Ci. Bai Zixuan and Zuo Xiaoqing didn’t say much, but respected their son’s choice. The two waited until Bai Mo was discharged from the hospital and they talked to Ye Nantian and his wife behind closed doors. At night, I left the city.

     Back at home, Ye Ci lay on the sofa and watched TV, while Bai Mo lay on the other side. Tan Polang, who came home on the weekend, worked hard without complaint for two people. He served tea and poured water, and delivered books and newspapers.

     "How come you always feel that someone is wandering outside our community in the past few days." Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian returned from shopping, and they mumbled and discussed as soon as they entered the house."No, the law and order during this time doesn't seem to be very good." Ye Nantian nodded and asked the only child in the family who is still intact: "Polang, it's over eight o'clock in the evening, no, you can't go out after seven o'clock."

     "Oh, I see, godfather." Tan Polang nodded obediently.

     "Mom, what did you just say?" As soon as Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian entered the room to discuss, Ye Ci and Bai Mo had already exchanged glances, and their hearts began to feel uneasy.

     "What do you mean?"

     "That's when you said that someone was wandering outside our community when you entered the house?"

     "Isn't it? Recently, there have been a lot of young people who don’t know each other outside our community. That dress and that look is not a good person. People in the community are saying that they might be stepping on something to steal something at night. Even the security of the community became nervous, and a lot of people were added." Zuo Xiaolan grabbed a handful of lettuce and stood at the door of the living room while choosing vegetables, said to Ye Ci.

     Ye Ci and Bai Mo fell silent, neither of them looked very good.

     "What's the matter?" Ye Nantian found that the faces of the two people were extremely ugly. He was a little surprised and asked quickly. He thought that these people would not be thieves like what he and Zuo Xiaolan had just guessed. They must have some other purpose."Parents, let's go out today."

     "Where to go?" asked two people with different mouths, same voice.

     "Go to major sales centers and second-hand housing trading centers." Bai Mo answered the questions of two people instead of Ye Ci.

     I don't need to talk about other things anymore. Just a few words have changed the faces of Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian. They understood what Ye Ci and Bai Mo meant.

     "Are these people the same group as the one who beat you?"

     "We don't confirm yet, but we're better off moving at this time." Ye Ci squinted, with a little bit of anger that is imperceptible: "Because too many people know where we live now."

     Now that the purchase of a house has been settled, the family began to look around the house. Ye Ci is not particularly convenient, so people at home always push her around.

     When they go out, it's just like shopping, there is no special difference, but when they go out, they should look around carefully and don't let people keep up. After a few days of activities like a thief, Ye Ci finally finalized two houses, a new house and a second-hand house.Although Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan did not agree to buy so many houses at once, they did not say anything at the insistence of Ye Ci. These two houses were decided by Ye Ci after careful consideration. Two houses, one in the South City and the other in the North City, are still a little far apart, but they are both in good locations. The surrounding supermarkets, hospitals, banks, schools, and vegetable markets are very convenient, and of course the prices are not cheap.

     But for Ye Ci now, although the money from these two houses will spend all of her savings, she is also delighted to (do sth, idiom). After all, this is a matter of family life, she Naturally not sloppy.

     The new house of these two houses is still under construction, and it is about a few months before the final delivery. The second-hand house is a newly completed community. The owner has to move to another city for personal reasons, so Sold the newly renovated house directly. In fact, the house that Ye Ci really liked was the second-hand house. But, as the common saying said, a crafty rabbit has three burrows, she doesn't want to fix it in one place, and was easily found by others.

     The decoration of this second-hand house is not bad, but Ye Ci doesn’t like the decoration style very much. But when he doesn’t care about this kind of thing now, what Ye Ci fancy is that everything in this house is complete. You can move in with your bare hands.If you have money, you can do things very quickly. After Ye Ci paid the money, he paid the owner of the second-hand house a little more and asked him to buy the electrical appliances in the house. Although this is a hard work, the seller thinks Ye Ci is a good talking owner. Happily, coupled with the generous money for buying electrical appliances, he agreed, and the two parties agreed to move in the next day.

     Sitting in the living room at night, Zuo Xiaolan looked a little sad. Looking at the old house where she had lived for decades, an indescribable sentiment emerged in her heart for no reason.

     Chapter 15 Happened Too Fast

     Chapter 15 Happened Too Fast